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Angelina Chung @xAngelinaChungx Dirty South of ATL to LA

1ST OFFICIAL HANDIE GIRL 18+ NSFW XXX Bookings: ATMLA (818) 825-1239 http://t.co/J6TQE8B3x8 IG: cactx3

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@Evanstonexxx @thehandie oh I'm just happy to see you
Why does pot + pad thai go so well together
Retweeted by Angelina ChungOne of my favorite scenes ever! Sorry for the blurriness on the second picture. http://t.co/jzPZJbTDPj@xAngelinaChungx 😱💋😈 avn 2015 xo AEE http://t.co/wF9sG1eNQA
Retweeted by Angelina ChungFor your custom and Skype shows email me at angelinaxxxchung@gmail.comFollow me on IG! @cactx3@industrybyrick thank you! You're the best!! 💋@thehandie @Evanstonexxx ahhhhhh yassss! http://t.co/4NJCB8IvHC#AVNRedCarpet @katerinakayXXX @CaliCarterXXX @xAngelinaChungx @Evanstonexxx @xrayvideo @AidraFox @avnawards http://t.co/11YiTWYn6e
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@xAngelinaChungx Looking oh so fine at TheHandie booth. She's a tall one and even more beautiful in person! http://t.co/f6yeHG0cdu
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@TheGiannaNicole @tonightsgf @GiannaNicolexxx you got it mama 💋 sorry we didn't hang in vegas!!
A big THANKS to Handie Girl @xAngelinaChungx & Handie Man @Evanstonexxx for being a big part of this weekends success!
Retweeted by Angelina ChungOur industry needs to be united against violence against women,any performer/producer in support of @Clover7Xxx can put me on their no list
Retweeted by Angelina ChungThanks to everyone that stopped by the booth this weekend!
Retweeted by Angelina Chung
S/O to @FunkyColdMena for my fabulous hair and make up and to @Gregorio_83 for my red carpet dress!!!One of my closest friends in this business @EmilyAustinxxx http://t.co/Aa2XuBZEurLive on the Red Carpet @xAngelinaChungx @Evanstonexxx #AVNAwards http://t.co/lsMZvSC5M6
Retweeted by Angelina ChungLast day to see me at @thehandie both! I'll be here til 4!@thehandie you heard em guys!!!Come meet @xAngelinaChungx and see The Handie in person today between noon and 4pm. Last day!
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@heyhannerd yessss please!!@heyhannerd taaaanks ☺️I need 3 more people! Email me guys!@eurodivo I'm always in la except for this week I'm in Vegas for AVNAnyone willing to help me with a school paper? Email me at angelinaxxxchung@gmail.com I need to get multiple opinions on a health topic
AVN 2015 with @thehandie and some fans. http://t.co/G01eKtJezB@PaisleyParkerXX @xAngelinaChungx giving sexy faces to @therealJuliaAnn http://t.co/5BILPn8QZX
Retweeted by Angelina ChungGood morning Vegas!!! I'm well rested and ready to fucking rock! Meet me at the @thehandie booth today from 2-6!
@DelilahBluexoxo I'm at home rn! Let's meet up tomorrow!! Let's meet with @EmilyAustinxxx too!! #reunited@DelilahBluexoxo babe!! You're in Vegas?!AVN - Angelina Chung is Handies Spokesmodel at AEE: http://t.co/zrZlv20V5d
Retweeted by Angelina ChungAngelina Chung ladies n gentlemen! http://t.co/Z29AFxvRtd
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@FunkyColdMena text me.Come say hi to me in Vegas at the @thehandie booth! I'll be here til 4! http://t.co/JxLnR4y4re@TheGiannaNicole yay! I'll meet you there in a few! I'm signing at the handie booth from 1-4@TheGiannaNicole OMG yay!! What time are you gona be there?@lexlove88 I'm in Vegas !!! Let's party!!Night night Vegas off to bed!! 😘
Retweeted by Angelina Chung
@JamesBartholet you guys have all the fun when I leave!!@TheGiannaNicole we should meet up then!!! I need to know more people too!@FunkyColdMena DM me!@RossBiggums goood! Just starting my friend!@RossBiggums yessssss@Liv_Aguilera @DILLONFRANCIS is it Saturday?!It's always great to see those beauties @thejanicexxx @MissEvaLovia @WhitneyWestgate @theNataliaSTARR @NatashaStar69 @xAngelinaChungx #avn
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@SimoneSonay I haven't left yet, I'll be there this afternoon!
@hollyrandall @DelilahBluexoxo @Twistys I loooove her!! ❤️@SimoneSonay I can't wait to see you!!!@42_archila it's not really a spa but it's called sugar mamaSometimes I feel bad for not tweeting all day bt when I do and some of you guys respond I literally face palm and remember why I don't tweet
@ClubLuckyStarr you too! Fun working with you!!@xAngelinaChungx riding cock http://t.co/NcNYwFDulW
Retweeted by Angelina ChungGuess we're gona be at the same convention then...On top of her response saying, it's okay, class is cancelled because she's going to Vegas for the week, LOLNothing like emailing your professors saying you won't be in class for the week because you have a big convention for work@WhoisLogan my faveeee!!No traffic on the 5 or 101 at this time?! I can dig itWhen you're drunk and your dick says he doesn't wana fuck 😭
Ended up playing pool, getting drunk, and eating hamburgers in Old PasadenaWhat to fucking doHey guys! Everyone follow @thehandie for come booooty pics! Get them to 2K!!Handie Girl @xAngelinaChungx is going to need some company this year! Who are some of your favorite NEW Pornstars?
Retweeted by Angelina ChungGoing to be selling guys and gals Tees as well as Handies (right hand) and taking pre orders for Lefties at our AEE booth next week! Drop by
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@SteveRicci1988 actually my birthday just passed and I just became legal!
Check out our interview with Asian hottie @xAngelinaChungx http://t.co/cZcG5hSvpc #Pornstar #PORN #asiangirls #perfectbody
Retweeted by Angelina Chungpeople don't give brenda song enough credit 😍 http://t.co/9hjRRmoUdI
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@realdakotaskye truuuuu dat!This year is going to be amazing. 🙌👯
Retweeted by Angelina ChungYou can't fuck me unless you fuck me hard without cumming in 3 minutes. #sorry@SimoneSonay @teazeworld my hitachi has provided so much relief when I've had shitty lays.@Chimyshake @teazeworld just one of those nights@teazeworld then immmmm reaaaadyyyy.@teazeworld do you dicks lined up for me? If you're answer is yes, then ABSOLUTELY.@JGolding13 hands and mouth... They go very well together my friend@teazeworld as long as my hitachi works ❤️Also, if your finger nails are long. Take your devil hands away from my vagina.I don't understand wearing rings while giving a handjob.@teazeworld and its sometimes a bad thing!I literally want to fuck everything right now.Okay yall, it's fixed! Thank you! Now I'm just going to lay in bed forever whilst drinking wine.Packaging Handies to sell at the convention! Get yours! http://t.co/hCJpzorRe9
Retweeted by Angelina ChungI plugged in my oven into a different sockets while the lights where on and it caused a shortage now my lights won't turn on.Any electricians out there? I have some questions!The deep cleaning of my house is so intense. It's a good thing I do it naked so clothes don't weigh me down@thehandie http://t.co/VJ3EXAjsLpWelcome to our new Galaxy clients, the legendary @alanaevansxxx and sexy @xAngelinaChungx Both ladies will be at @AEexpo this coming week
Retweeted by Angelina Chung@xAngelinaChungx @shawnalenee_xxx @JamesBartholet @Britney_Amber @realdakotaskye @HeyAdamMusic @VyxenSteel @XBIZ http://t.co/Q5VN7qCHbd
Retweeted by Angelina ChungMy goal for 2015: shoot a gangbang.Be like @JoelDennis9 , @skywalkersolo , @Gregorio_83 , and @lilweeniebeanie spoil me! http://t.co/YmpwI5AZtQ@JoelDennis9 kisses for you!This set was so much fun! @MiaAustinXXX @Liv_Aguilera http://t.co/2IXVhWUNsM@xAngelinaChungx @chanellheartxxx @LotusLain @mistystonexxx #AVN2015 http://t.co/foPwK0aJ46
Retweeted by Angelina Chung
Any girls in need of a stay in LA this month- my model house has pretty much full availability
Retweeted by Angelina ChungAmerican sniper was amazingEverybody in the theatre showed their respects but staying in their seats and having a moment of silence til the end of the credits.So excited to watch American sniper!“@SHADOW_TWEETS: A REALLY FAVORITE, GORGEOUS“@xAngelinaChungx: !!!! RT @xAngelinaChungx ♥ http://t.co/j8XNxKQEQE”””@PrinceYahshua @MiaAustinXXX @jonnidarkko @EvilAngelWeb mmmhm! You know it!! 😘@MiaAustinXXX @jonnidarkko @PrinceYahshua @EvilAngelWeb this picture makes me want to kiss your face soooo bad lolIt felt good being introduced to people last night and the person would say, "Hey! Your Angelina Chung! The @thehandie girl!"
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