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Season 3 of Citation Needed is wrapped. Five shows, hopefully. The celebratory photoshoot went as expected. http://t.co/vKL0Soj2bZ@jonty @iamdanw That was an episode of Bugs, I think.Here comes trouble. #citationneeded http://t.co/dIwVkAjpVv@garybrannan All true apart from the two dots on the map. I’ve actually just got a copy of Bradshaw’s from a century ago.
@dellaltrovino Mathematical proofs are obscure to the vast majority of the population, myself included. It's utterly opaque.@AnnieMouse1981 Ah, the age-old, sacred institution of marriage... (glad you liked the show!)@dellaltrovino Sure, but voting needs to be as transparent as possible. "Geeks will do it" isn't a good standard for checking democracy.
@iamdanw I think you found TUGS! https://t.co/3va4j1BCIs@dellaltrovino Great in theory, but it's incomprehensible to nearly everyone. The voting process has to be understood to be trusted, too!@gbrannanarchive Legend says that if you make the wrong turn in the NEC, the ghosts of Wolf and Jet spirit you away in an Atlasphere. #fact
@gbrannanarchive Heavens, I was all busy. Glad the dessert choice worked out!@tef (I saw two people had already replied with that, but then I remembered how the song goes and thought "sod it")@tef same as it ever was@BothersBar @cybermango @chrisnightwing Fairly sure it's the Central African Brrrrrepublic, mate.
@silas_jones Fantastic :)@ithilienorthend And oddly, the first time I've managed to miss it! Got distracted at just the wrong moment...!@jdiezlopez Hopefully! Although I'm not holding out too many hopes for that...Southern England, look up! The International Space Station crosses over at 20:32. Look for a bright dot headed east: http://t.co/8tAmQNxtRS
@SimonDWatt @LukeRobertMason Hi! No idea what I've just been roped into - email on tom@tomscott.com is the best way to reach me, though!@Prestemon @emckean Huh, looks like @camptownnews has broken! I'll try and fix it.@TambaDragon Thanks :)@SciStarborne I couldn't. Historical reasons.@nillie_kj It's a bonus, certainly.No video this week; my face still isn't quite in one piece. Finally have time to work on graphics for new Language Files videos, though!@Sunth If it's just a standard DDoS attack, then yes, that sounds right!@IAMTHESHEED Thanks - so do I! :)
@xmorpheus @unnamedculprit @TRJeffries Nope. Just a spectacularly good track: http://t.co/L4HiMe6mbS@vickyjo @unnamedculprit @TRJeffries Sure, but we were rating the songs! It might be an excellent punk track, but we’re not playlisting it.Once again @TRJeffries, @tomscott & I have listened to every entry to this year's @Eurovision. Here are our scores: http://t.co/PvdYshZZUI
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@UsrBinPRL Both Mouth Sounds and Mouth Silence are technically brilliant, even if some of it is… challenging to listen to!May have sung @neilyourself’s John Lennon/Smash Mouth mashup at @RockClubLondon’s karaoke tonight. I regret nothing. http://t.co/0mjIrtlyUg@HTMAMR38 It always has supported them, you just weren't able to type them before!@tobias_ Our old reverse-trivia format has a podcast at http://t.co/i8cWKmpVfZ, but the rest are currently just in one place on YouTube!@HTMAMR38 I'm old enough that I went to Tomorrow's World Live back when that was a thing!@TheHodge That's... that's actually a legitimate in-universe answer. I can't argue with that.@mattround Downhill, onto metal. The results are... I believe the term is "gnarly".My face stitches are out. Message to the future: could Starfleet Medical please send a dermal regenerator back about 350 years? Thanks.
@Bingy Thanks very much :)@death2fungi Thanks for the heads up!@MorRobots @bear_foot They don’t need permission! It’s a lovely article — and the person riding the coaster with me codes for them anyway :)
@Sparkalisha I’ll know in a few days when various patches, bandages and dressings come off!@edsaperia @unnamedculprit I was wondering!Sometimes, just sometimes, @unnamedculprit and I get to be legitimately proud of our coding decisions 👌👌🏻👌🏿 https://t.co/jdlo26pzaM
@loureade There’s an Instagram account that plates junk food like haute cuisine: https://t.co/0lkLJwM064I’m on stage up north at @ThinkingDigital next month, with an all-new talk. It’s always a good show: http://t.co/spzxBgr8pd@dave_lunny Strangely enough, I don't actually like rollercoasters all that much…@garylcroxford I wondered if anyone would notice! Thanks for the picture :)
@olivervscreeper If all goes well, yes!@flashboy @cr3 Petition to have it change briefly to "there's no limit" after twelve flashes of NO.@olivervscreeper Next month at Thinking Digital, most likely!@PipkinRatty Thanks very much!
@nuttyninjaboy Thanks! There's more Citation Needed filming later this month.@Oxmstr There should be a more informal set of questions at some point, but I've no idea when!@isrob No idea! I'll find out in a couple of weeks, I guess...@waxpancake Ha! I should as well. Keep forgetting about it and wondering why people are giving me weird looks…@stevyncolgan @bobbyllew And of course you two know each other! Hello!@bobbyllew Thanks for the kind words! (Nothing back from the airfield yet, by the way; I'll follow it up in a couple of days...!)(Thanks to @cr3 for being a wonderful road trip companion on that, and to the doctors of Treviso for patching me up!)New video! The Human-Powered, Giant Theme Park Playground: Ai Pioppi. One of the most spectacular things I've done! http://t.co/qPy5uPlbTSIt's the time of year when @duckoftheday starts posting pictures of tiny, fluffy ducklings. The best time of year. http://t.co/MLQN8wxWca@venividireliqu1 Planning to :)@Mouthink Thanks. So do I!@appliedhistory That'll work as long as it doesn't get me challenged to another duel.
@vickyjo Cheers! Nothing too serious, thankfully :)@TwinDewey Thanks!@Sparkalisha Thanks very much! (So do I...)@EnglishFolkfan Neither, thankfully, just a nasty egg-shaped bump that needs a day or two of not moving! Glad you're doing OK.@handcoding Thanks! :)@kujmous So am I, thank you -- and it could very easily have been much worse. It's not the bad outcome!@UsrBinPRL Thanks. Shouldn't be too bad, and I'm not sure I'd mind a small (and not too visible!) cheekbone scar...@BackSlashM @TwinDewey @snakeyem12 Particularly bad trip and fall!Tripped and fell badly (not on camera). My own fault. Suspect @cr3 is trolling me with his choice of drivin... https://t.co/BS0kU2uQoc"I Went to Italy and All I Got Were These Stitches: The Tom Scott Story" (I'm fine.) http://t.co/PZilcmY5OG@RunasSudo Not for a while, sorry!@Ed_Denholm I don’t think we’d be able to manage quite the same as that a second time!
@tweetsoutloud Absent-mindedly looked at Periscope. Got lost for twenty minutes watching the trip through the archives. Thank you so much!Welcome to 21st century Venice. Instead of roses, the hustlers are selling selfie sticks. http://t.co/ps40xLplQo
@Denverdcl Nope - weekday evening. Not this time! THanks though.@jonty @tef Oh, the look of joy on your face.@BothersBar I like the idea that @Tellycopter is inviting you personally to each of these shows and you’re just retweeting them instead.
@mrsmmartin No — too much to upload. Another time!@olivervscreeper @unnamedculprit Thanks!@iansteadman Congratulations! They seem like a lovely team there.@cr3 I don’t see “rebellious Scots to crush” anywhere in there #newformatsA stolen phone leads to accidental, massive fame in China. The modern web’s stranger than any prediction I ever made: http://t.co/B2eqwBQGtn
@ProfStephS Glad you liked it!@Pearfalse Force-quit and reload; if you've pulled that photo in before, even without tweeting it, the old version's cached for some reason.@youngvulgarian @cr3 This ain't a scene, it's a...?@nyffreeze I don't know if there's a database of ancient or protected sites in North America! Feel free to borrow my code, though :)@BCCletts tom@tomscott.com — might not be the quickest of replies though.@lbamp I don’t work there any more! (And busy today, sorry.)@BCCletts Thanks; glad you like them!@sLEOXD We’re recording more Citation Needed episodes next month!
@tajasel Not me, I’m out of the country then!New video! 7 Illegal Things To Do In A British Election: https://t.co/Xv7sHjf1rt@Mandinz Not much to say there that I haven't already! It's an interesting attack, though.@NightDaemon No idea! Personal preference, I think.
@Natbat Envious!@HuwSamuel You too - the video's amazing!@amitmoryossef I'm not a mathematician -- no idea!
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