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Martin Beeby @thebeebs Northampton

I work for Microsoft as a technical evangelist. Currently working on mobile apps.

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@kaspersky @DJBR0 @AMDRadeon nice one kapersky hope other AV vendors are ready too... we got a lot of upgrading to do.@jasuk1970 no. Few strange things were stuff deviates from windows 8.1 but so far so good.Took me about 3 hours to download the iso. About 10 minutes to upgrade to windows 10. Fast, really fast.The IE Team's @jacobrossi does a great job of going over the new rendering engine in Project Spartan & IE11/Win10 http://t.co/86u051oUK9
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@sydlawrence @andspo awesome. We'll I'm our resident Cordova bod so if you get any Windows 8 / 10 questions do let me know.@sydlawrence that is very cool. Well done, great Cordova work sir.@onishiweb yeah of course.@onishiweb onedrive@scottisafool @mikehole @mtaulty @SlackHQ ah ok :)@mikehole @mtaulty slack?@venkatsreekanth ask me in a few days.@mtaulty we have direction now to use at all events. I have an event on Thursday so... the bullet is bitten.Moving my main machine to windows 10... See you on the other side.@nocturnalmonkey so true.In case you missed it, here's a bit of something I did over the weekend #comics http://t.co/t5CFUqYWpo
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5 years as a softie this week. http://t.co/8w3lk93Gcd
@jongalloway yep I agree.@jongalloway ? Bing seems to answer... http://t.co/abBlrcRHuO@triblondon great stuff.I'm extremely proud to announce Edge conf 5 is now open for business. If you have opinions on web stuff -> https://t.co/biC6n2PlPr.
Retweeted by Martin BeebyDid a tech check with @shanselman for #techdays he had all the crew in stitches. Funny guy Join us on the 5th http://t.co/7XOcEVBQjf@_paulverbeek yep..that is our challenge.
@fearthecowboy lol blind them with science@_paulverbeek I don't. I do know that all Windows 7 and 8 users can upgrade free to Windows 10 though."Browsers, Services and the OS – oh my…" http://t.co/dJeGKeTBP2 - we seem to concentrate too much on what browsers do for us developers.
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This is how I watched the Windows10 event. They seemed to like it: http://t.co/w27Z4BrmMxPeople keep asking: So here is everything I know about the development platform for HoloLens: http://t.co/8WvWM25fFZOur aspirations to upgrade everyone to #Windows10 will be huge for web developers battling support for out of date IE versions
Retweeted by Martin Beebyyup, that's 'a good day at the office' #windows10
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@SimonPrice33 @Windows yep here: http://t.co/JQcNdDSKk2OMG. Marty McFly used Microsoft's #HoloLens in Back to the Future II, which takes place in... 2015! #BTTF #Win10 http://t.co/7udvvs5cp8
Retweeted by Martin BeebyTHAT's why Doc was wearing those funky glasses http://t.co/g8A2HGJyqz
Retweeted by Martin BeebyYes, we're serious. HOLOGRAMS ARE REAL. #Windows10
Retweeted by Martin BeebyThis guy is weirdly ace. I like him@jasuk1970 @azure switched from my home network... and tethered to 4g on my phone... All works again.@Azure I can't seem to login to the portal on mac/safari/chrome - windows IE/Chrome... Keep getting webpage unavailable. Known Issue?@rem @jaffathecake I think you'll start to see IE move faster on new specs in future. Starting tonight 5pm http://t.co/k6okcX33nc@lurkmoophy @brendandawes weirdly me and mike are on a call together... Mike is responding.
Getting ready for Windows 10 with responsive design #wpdev http://t.co/XSKxHSkdMM
Retweeted by Martin BeebyWatch our live stream tomorrow at 9am PST, to see the new features we’re building. http://t.co/kfGRMxhj89 http://t.co/B9i9plP2oV
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@sebawita yep. mail me. Martin dot beeby at MicrosoftHoly crap... We do .net Core API reviews in public now. Awesome: http://t.co/V7wjKG5PC1@davidshariff @thierrykoblentz I tend to open up my internal console and type: setTimeout(function(){alert("Shut Up")},1800000)@davidshariff I thought I'd overrun terribly... but the video is 30:19. Awesome, my internal talk clock is firing on all cylinders.The video of @thebeebs's talk "TypeScript in 30 minutes" at #fedlondon now available. http://t.co/6AU9TsZbXZ
Retweeted by Martin BeebyOn the 29th of January I'm speaking at the @BlackMarble Tech Update Event about Roslyn: http://t.co/K0A2t2MjnE
Pleased to confirm that Martin Beeby @thebeebs is speaking at our TechUpdate on 29 Jan, on #roslyn Join us! http://t.co/X8ozLzfetG #BMEvents
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@sydlawrence yeah... that's 20 years of language progression for you.@sydlawrence I need to sit down with swift. I am hoping my basic f# understanding will help me out a bit.@anna_debenham @benjaminhollway Took me a while to get used to a larger device but I find as long as it's thin, big devices are better.
@marypcbuk ah ok... Yep, Exactly. I suspect its trying to stay relevant in Mobile with huge pressure from ARM.@marypcbuk I don't understand... I think I'm drawing a blank on a common saying.
Typescript 1.4 is out and it looks awesome http://t.co/bhhASj5xvWTypeScript 1.4 now available! Now with union types, type aliases, better inference, and more ES6 support http://t.co/G2oPxok8Yl
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@MarkXA good point, well made.@ChristosMatskas ah cool thanks. Have a nice weekend. Keep us up-to-date with that azure project.@ChristosMatskas I just tech reviewed your article. Also a good way to end a week. It passed with flying colours.@MarkXA not lager?@rauschma I tend to use fat arrows => in typescript... Means you can largely forget about the this problem.Separate work and play with multiple desktops on a single device. More coming 1.21.15. #Windows10 http://t.co/s2hb56EpYb
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@CalEvans I have a real evil one a recruiter did to me.New post: Guest post on the Microsoft UK Developers Site on DSC and Release Management prior to TechDays event http://t.co/dxMKW3vuKo
Retweeted by Martin BeebyWe have @RichardFennell joining us on the 5th of Feb for techdays Online talking about configuration as code: http://t.co/V8xtCqkJRf@scottisafool @mtaulty whoops indeed. Fixed.Working with heros: http://t.co/2gQad88c9N cc @mtaulty @shanselman@rem @addyosmani I've always said, lovely chap that @rem@marypcbuk I guess sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate.@rem @addyosmani amazing... I imagine the biggest technical challenge was getting a seat on the train.Good morning twitter, how are you today? Good I hope. Weathers frightfully cold this morning in Northampton #twitterSmallTalk
@leggetter objectiveCThe 4th annual #TechDays event kicks off in a couple of weeks! Get your free #AppDev training: http://t.co/XNE4ty3wAH http://t.co/IIGBKYWBqP
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@rem mentioned before, wanted to follow up now its live: we changed the UI/layout of IE dev tools based on feedback http://t.co/COwNtGPa8Q@leggetter nope can be anything. Just needs to be entertaining.I need to build a demo app and I'm lacking inspiration. Any one know of any interesting APIs.
@leggetter much better slides here with videos: https://t.co/qGikocx532@AurelioDeRosa @Yahoo thanks :)Really loved the talk by @thebeebs tonight at FED London by @Yahoo (http://t.co/W23BSDklgj). It was clean, concise, and to the point.
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Microsoft Surface and PayPal Here introduce new solution for small business retailers |http://t.co/tEfUWC8xmq
Retweeted by Martin BeebyFree hands-on UK Azure cloud camps. 22nd Jan is now full but more spaces on 30th Jan. http://t.co/Ljvc3MUrH0
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@davidshariff @leggetter cool. In a cab. Should be there soon.@davidshariff yep. But I haven't even got to London. Should be in Euston by 7:30. Then 30 mins to venue. Should make it by skin of my teeth.@davidshariff currently on my wat. But have been delayed. I will update you with an eta in 15@jaffathecake for what it's worth. This Microsoft bod doesn't think you're hostile.
Pizza & beer ordered for #FEDlondon by #yahoo. See you all tomorrow! Doors open 17:45. @leggetter @WebReflection @thierrykoblentz @thebeebs
Retweeted by Martin BeebyWhat is Roslyn and why should you care? We have @hercegtomas flying over to tell us all about it on the 5th of feb: http://t.co/iZjjmuR30N@mtaulty yep :)A great rundown of the dev day agenda for Tech Days Online on Feb 5th from @thebeebs. http://t.co/XfJlu4w2LV. Hope you can join us online!
Retweeted by Martin BeebyOn 5th of feb I'm delighted to be presenting on #AzureML with @deepfat on http://t.co/UU9da8xoNA #TechDays Register free! cc @thebeebs
Retweeted by Martin BeebyOnline on the 5th of feb We have @jenstirrup and @deepfat giving us the low down on machine learning http://t.co/jSZiSoIN4cJoin myself and @mtaulty on the 5th of Feb for a discussion x-Platform App dev in @visualstudio more info on my blog http://t.co/VAI1pUJ33C
We've had some amazing guests lately on the podcast. If you're a new programmer or a seasoned one, you'll enjoy it! http://t.co/R7TUSVkACV
Retweeted by Martin BeebyJoin @BiancaMDFurtuna and @martinkearn on the 5th of Feb when they explain how to Tune web apps with IE http://t.co/vvJow7x5JGJoin us online on the 5th of feb. We have @RichardFennell talking about Release Management. More info on my blog: http://t.co/y8UUMkfLQi
Slides and video of my talk from last nights @LondonMobileDev #cordova talk hosted by @justeat_tech http://t.co/oCEeNdyEcC Great Night@sebawita I think so, it says 7th on the website. Info about my speaking here: http://t.co/71Yz4THZyNPlease RT: We are running a 3 day on-line event in Feb. I'm running the agenda for the developer day http://t.co/y8UUMkfLQi@david_whitney @benjaminhowarth yeah was a good night, Nice to meet you.@somnesia @benjaminhowarth @clauer still doing the same old same old.@zfoltin @LondonMobileDev thanks mate
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