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Martin Beeby @thebeebs Northampton

I work for Microsoft as a technical evangelist. Currently working on mobile apps.

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@ansarianish4 specifically?@peterfoot thanks mate. Sorry about the confusion. Simple mistake for an editor to make, I will endeavour to make sure we don't repeat it.@peterfoot oh my... Can you forward that to me. Martin.beeby@microsoft.comThanks @jongalloway for point out https://t.co/9x3kWYjtOf
@katie_fenn perfect :)@katie_fenn or just drop me a mail martin.beeby@microsoft.com@katie_fenn Hi, could I DM you. Just wanted to chat about an event@zoomuk I'm trying to get hold of a couple of Zoom Q8 or q4 do you have a list of resellers. Struggling to find a vendor on our SAPJust seen recce pictures of St James Theatre. The venue for #jsopenday It's going to be good http://t.co/Vwmj1clgak http://t.co/L65Hu9g2m4@teabass @StuRobson azure insights has a gem https://t.co/zdgkmXP0qO@deanleigh that's sadly not something we offer in my team. Would love to be abale to do this though.So who's coming to this JavaScript event in June? Hopefully will be announcing some speakers this week. http://t.co/Vwmj1clgak
Creating a single track JS conference is pretty hard. JS is so broad, But I'm trying, sessions here soon http://t.co/Vwmj1clgak
Check out my article about 'Continous Learning is the Key to Progressing' on TechNet: http://t.co/Hx60i8kD1w
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@benjaminhowarth perfect.Just working on http://t.co/Vwmj1clgak an all day JavaScript event. Interested in doing a 5mins lightening talk. Let me know.@zoomuk Also does the q8 output clean HDMI. Does the HDMI include audio output?
JavaScript Framework Developers Anonymous http://t.co/goShL83yBj http://t.co/cNfgzQCFHk
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@rybowden or convince your boss its personal development and free training?@rybowden we do some events on the weekend, but favor weeks because of costs and logistics.We are working on a JavaScript Open Day on the 26th of June http://t.co/qdx8zI2bw5 Still working on speakers, but you can register if keenI'm back in love with ASP .Net 5 it's so fast to work with.@brianleroux @rem @aerotwist just reading. I always thought that the R in CRUD was read not retrieve.Updating Windows 10 to a new build is faster than starting my Windows 7 machine 5 years ago.
@ryanmcdonough @m4tthall we are using 10074 and 10122 today@thebeebs Awesome talk of #SignalR #WebCamp
Retweeted by Martin BeebyAmazing... I Just left the stage with my Mic on. Luckily just went to get a diet coke rather than the toilet.#SignalR at @msdevUK Web Camp with @thebeebs and @MartinKearn http://t.co/8AaqM0dzVY
Retweeted by Martin BeebyEnjoying the great MS WebCamp hosted by @msdevUK with @thebeebs and @MartinKearn. Great info by knowledgable guys! http://t.co/8QlOW5Ufka
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@thebeebs very brave running live demos on windows 10 TP #webcamp
Retweeted by Martin BeebyMorning @msdevUK web campers in London with @thebeebs @MartinKearn kicking off with history of asp http://t.co/M09hAF6DXE
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@Camtasia @PJGCreations @MartinKearn @jongalloway we are fully paid up license holders here at Microsoft@MartinKearn @PJGCreations @jongalloway @Camtasia although remember in Reading when I had a video demo fail ;)Less than 40 seconds into @codepo8's talk https://t.co/f89W6JQ5dg I feel like he's speaking from *my* heart. Yes, yes & yes. #hitsPlayAgain
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@thebeebs Had a great time on Friday at the Webcams in Nottingham. Thanks for all the great new ideas.
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@CodeRanger no. You don't need a laptop. Our day isn't hands on... You can of course follow along if you wish.@CodeRanger can you send a mail to msdevuk@microsoft.com as this is the team that are planning registration.
@CodeRanger we have reopened registration for Thursday after securing a bigger room. http://t.co/dbl5CagQlU
@CodeRanger sorry but no. We are at capacity for the room size we have. If things change will let you know.@kev_bite @MartinKearn email azchamp@Microsoft.com
National Rail app for Windows Phone: http://t.co/4JMzczEQg0@rem @brianleroux its incredible how quickly people come to expect response outside of work hours, if you don't mange expectations.@rem @brianleroux also means it doesn't land in the other persons inbox on a weekend.@rem schedule the send so it arrives at 9am Monday. Never let anyone know you work weekends.DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper is 10 years old! Big thanks to everyone who has made the event what it is - you're all rock stars!
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@sparkycarr @MartinKearn thanks for coming along@RockMonkey how about a raw socket http://t.co/0ZsIt812Mq 5 app.@MartinKearn @RockMonkey how would you control the url. You'd need to use the container url.@PJGCreations no s on the end :) azchamp
Someone left a Sony laptop charger at todays WebCamp in Nottingham. Let me know if it was you and I will post it.Very impressed with asp.net5 looks amazing! Lets hope @thebeebs did not infect my laptop though #webcamp
Retweeted by Martin BeebyGreat @Azure and @aspnet WebCamp day in Notts with @thebeebs and @MartinKearn... Looking forward to the next one guys! Cheers!
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@RockMonkey just stole your bank details. LolReally enjoyed web camp with @thebeebs and @MartinKearn today in Nottingham.
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@brucel what dog does it make... Build in 16:9 and at worst it will squash or letterbox.@hummis_ awesome! Thanks for listening. I enjoyed it, but have no idea if it was useful or not for the audience.@Stervatov @davidfowl You would have to link to the slide that was out of date ;)@RockMonkey No... they are involved. Just not always top of mind for me.@l0af @MicrosoftUK a pleasure. Hope it was useful.Windows 10 CTRL + WIN + <ARROWS> to cycle through your open desktops... Useful for presenters. PowerPoint, desktop 1, VS desktop 2.
Introducing the LG Lancet with Cortana. Check out the new #Windows smartphone from @Verizon: http://t.co/d6oP2anHnp http://t.co/wsmcrMRTsV
Retweeted by Martin BeebyMy session on testing Microsoft Edge and IE on OS X & Linux is up on @ch9! http://t.co/hXdgf7FRqr
Retweeted by Martin BeebyThis would look great on your desk. Introducing the Designer Bluetooth Desktop http://t.co/sJf3DDGSup http://t.co/Ktzs673Jez
Retweeted by Martin BeebyMedia Capture now in Microsoft Edge https://t.co/swOhVPj1deGreat @Azure talk today by @plankytronixx in Nottingham, learned alot... Cheers! Looking forward to @thebeebs talk on @aspnet etc tmr!
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@FileHoundDM thanks :)@LeighMumford Hey thankyou !!Excellent presentation by @thebeebs on the future of .NET
Retweeted by Martin BeebyExcellent presentation by @thebeebs on the future of .NET. Lots of food for thought!
Retweeted by Martin BeebyTime Travel Debugging for JavaScript: http://t.co/5HzyAFYGnx
@Wicko73 @VisualStudioUK blast from the past!Check it out @VisualStudioUK ;) https://t.co/K0bnK53Cgo@NAlexWhite I don't know. Maybe we should ask Cortana?Also the @VisualStudioUK folk are running an event on the 20th of May in Cambridge. https://t.co/Pf5bORRlog21st of May @MSFTVenturesUK have an event in Whitechapel to explain what life is like inside an Accelerator: http://t.co/dOs7EAUsfH@paulcbetts @dsplaisted I guess because those IOT devices are constrained and chakra already lives there.@davidfowl yep the goal is to merge back once stable.
A fork of Node.js using Chakra as the JS engine so that it can run on Windows on Arm: https://t.co/tNRZY9VNxP@sbisson Indeed. I have heard truly terrible things about the ignite catering.3,465 gallons of coffee were consumed at the build conference. #Lightweights"If you want to get performance on that large die you've got to vectorize control flow automatically". Well of course, any idiot knows thatWatching this session on C++ code generation... Nodding along like I know what is going on: http://t.co/jpT4xwXMRV@thebeebs @smartdevsug @joejcollins @sforth Was an excellent session, I have many ideas already.
Retweeted by Martin BeebyThank you @thebeebs for a really enjoyable talk last night @SmartDevsUg covering #roslyn #Windows10 #VisualStudioCode #MicrosoftEdge
Retweeted by Martin BeebyThanks for attending my session on Roslyn last night @smartdevsug Hereford. Was fun cc @joejcollins @RyanONeill1970 @sforth@stopsatgreen I would have paid to seen that.After 6 months wearing a smart watch, finally did the thing where I look at it forgetting I have a coffee in my hand. Spillage ensues.
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Thank you @thebeebs for hiking out to @SmartDevsUg Hereford tonight. Good intro to Roslyn and other topics.
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@hughfdjackson I don't really recall what I said. I've slept since then.Tonight only, Roslyn with @TheBeebs http://t.co/AqooExrt0C @SmartDevsUg
Retweeted by Martin Beeby
Looking forward to @thebeebs talk on #Roslyn tomorrow @SmartDevsUg
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@marypcbuk I suspect they didn't interview the sharpest tool in Googles shed.Shame BI couldn't find anyone who worked on Google Glass who understands what the HoloLens is for http://t.co/J6GgP0wabd
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@marypcbuk that's quite awkward, they completely miss the point.@MarkXA yes!
@shanselman @reybango I set that up in outlook last week. Sending faxes from outlook like a boss. If only I knew someone with a fax machine.@tmaslen @StuRobson I really love the way the site uses so much of the space but doesn't look cluttered. I wish I knew how you do that.@tmaslen @StuRobson not knocking it. I was admiring the site this morning. Truly wonderful.@tmaslen @StuRobson probably... myspace wasn't RWD ;)VICTORY! #NSA call tracking program revealed by #Snowden ruled illegal. We filed suit in 2013 https://t.co/CzRyRbJMpZ http://t.co/Etptl4gb2A
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