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Martin Beeby @thebeebs Northampton

I work for Microsoft as a technical evangelist. Currently working on mobile apps.

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@tobint interview? ;)If I said. "Microsoft are Open". What would be your gut feel on that. Be as brutal as you wish.@AndySwann @surface @MicrosoftUK @MicrosoftHelps weird. When I check this morning it wasn't, now it is. The other 24w charger was Out.@StuRobson @AndySwann @surface @MicrosoftUK @MicrosoftHelps they have the 48w charger that's the one I use: http://t.co/O8wicyH5c0
Free idea: Zammo.js a JavaScript library with one function justSay(){ return "No"}If you're the sort of person that buys insurance because you get a free toy. We can't be friends.my latest web-projects all run with the new Project-Spartan browser. Well done #Microsoft!
Retweeted by Martin BeebyCurrent status... In a nightclub.
@mattgemmell that was where I was working yesterday too. Or at least it looks like Waverly gate.@paulrobertlloyd I'm hoping you also added those 140 char messages to the newsagent bulletin board ;)@HazelCoding we have a whole curriculum available over on http://t.co/0qSIgnDCm4 for beginners. Let me know how you find it.@foxprorawks @MartinKearn no... you don't need one. Just a Microsoft Account.Bit Strange from Google Maps (Zoom in) https://t.co/OpiCRnjeneInteresting Domain Specific Language to create gesture recognisers has been open sourced by Microsoft Research: https://t.co/yTayAWA9pSHad a great #WebCamp in #Edinburgh with @thebeebs yesterday. The next one is in #Nottingham on 15th May: http://t.co/wD6QidlY9V
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@YodasMyDad hi, I'm looking into this. Have forwarded on to some folks to try and find the correct escalationUntil about ten minutes ago http://t.co/ERRdCKRfpE was still available, but @thebeebs just claimed it for a demo, sorry #Scotland!
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@glenstonwells lol. nice idea. Bit of a leap though.@foxprorawks @MartinKearn martin just checked with our team. They are sent out at 5pm today.@StewartPavitt haha. Thanks for coming.@thebeebs great course yesterday finally after years microsoft gave me the free sandwiches i have been waiting for
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@philsturgeon never done bath before@deadlytoes ohhhh now that's a new one.Manchester, Edinburgh, Reading, London and soon Nottingham... Where should the M&M http://t.co/0ZsIt812Mq webcamp go next?@MartinKearn @thebeebs good day today at Microsoft Edinburgh. The new clippy for VS 2015 needs work though...
Retweeted by Martin BeebyCheers guys for presenting today @MSFTScotland Edinburgh HQ! It was bloody fascinating @thebeebs @MartinKearn #web #Microsoft #devcamp
Retweeted by Martin BeebyA guide to creating & publishing your first npm module: https://t.co/4Javm9Yy00 http://t.co/4uFZcsSPki
Retweeted by Martin BeebyHey @thebeebs do you like the picture I decided to use for the #blog post on the #IDLconf? http://t.co/HkAw8RZBvO
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@Adam__Bolton lol wow... Look at my expert contact detail photobomb.Love this talk from @thebeebs on TypeScript https://t.co/67CQwcRCje
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@reybango loads of people want to employ Martin BeefyMVC within MVC for single page web applications: Basically Microsoft Web Inception... @thebeebs @MartinKearn
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On the Microsoft Edinburgh roof terrace. http://t.co/Hfj1zpLBowPretty view from the hotel. Love being in Edinburgh http://t.co/z2tSudD1eT@RachMS @MartinKearn birmingham to Edinburgh. Why is there no webcamp in St TropezFlying with @MartinKearn up to Edinburgh for tomorrows WebCamp.Got my ticket for Edge conf. I Nearly missed booking because of email overload. https://t.co/vgIeN2UPPa
@SoftSavage lol. Nothing to do with me as far as I know.@joshholmes I use the surface too. I don't tend to have anything else plugged in whilst presenting. Hate Bluetooth clickers.@slodge I thought I was slightly verbose too. There should be a 'good with acronyms' requirement.@StephenSamson1 yep. Very strange. Can you send me an email. Martin.beeby at microsoft@Armstrong incredible tea.Ever wanted to be my boss? Well now you can https://t.co/D8GjjMuUU5@mtaulty I can't believe how wrong you are ;)@offroadcode @peteduncanson *swoon*Current status: figuring out how .net core, dnx, PCLs and nuget fit together. http://t.co/kQCTEZ8Aij
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@xmjw @leggetter No. No. No. ;) It's not better. You don't need a timer. I've owed this, the original is far better.@leggetter tip #2... Change your batteries every time you present. Or buy energiser AAA with the power indicators.This is the clicker you need when presenting. If you own any other clicker, throw it in the bin and buy this ;) http://t.co/eMgWM64VNa
At last! The answer to why the Commodore 64 has two spaces in its ?SYNTAX ERROR message: http://t.co/QBFu8Cgt3e http://t.co/28BVvFnAbf
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@ericlaw wow. That's bigger than the hard disk on some of my machines.
Hey @evanspiegel can u speak with your lawyers?I'm sure it's a good thing for U & partners to have more views (1/2) http://t.co/skt39hASO7
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Free web camp in Edinburgh in April from @msdevUK, @thebeebs, @martinkearn http://t.co/OBd1gXhoz0
Retweeted by Martin BeebyFree web camp in Edinburgh in April from the team @msdevUK, @thebeebs, @martinkearn http://t.co/O1Q6ZdmJgv
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Docker 1.6 is live, including Windows support! - "choco install docker"! Kudos to @ahmetalpbalkan & @Docker team - http://t.co/aU3nJiyrB1
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@rybowden yep. I know. You think id be getting better at this stuff not worse.So, keyless car entry isn't a security disaster waiting to happen.. it's already happened. http://t.co/4mp0KjVVI1 https://t.co/7WvxFXpy9R
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@pierskarsenbarg I prefer to experience stuff as if I were a consumer... So I just have a plain old msdn account and a credit card.A web disaster that I escaped from last week http://t.co/HzCNJ9ovCiPointer Events Level 2, now open for business (and pull requests!) http://t.co/RdJivbSzyy
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@DannyT only reason I wasn't there was my new born. Will make the next one.@bonhomme36 @DannyT I just don't like the sleep deprivation thing. Or huge prizes.I'm not usually a huge fan of hackathons... But this was some awesome work by @dannyT and my fellow UK evangelists. http://t.co/GbiCzzEsq4A blog about the day I stupidly deleted my production database http://t.co/HzCNJ96UdISamples from our Windows 10 App Dev MVA now available for download at http://t.co/PsnJCB1152 #WPDev Watch the MVA at https://t.co/zGBUBMeh6X
Retweeted by Martin BeebyoutSTANDING hijack by Age UK on FB's 'Friends' campaign http://t.co/CsWZQntLMQ http://t.co/Fe7ooCDG3J HT @totmac @jamescuff
Retweeted by Martin BeebyYou may have Chuck Norris, but we have @peteduncanson #UmbracoPeteMeme http://t.co/jWKeIDCufF
Retweeted by Martin BeebyMy - commuting is such fun http://t.co/Ip1tiuAblt
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@jongold heathrow has a Wagamamas, chain restaurant top trump
@shanselman secretly, I'm just an amateur that learned how to forge a name badge that says senior developer.@mtaulty golf clap for you mike.Big thanks to @ashic for a great talk on cassandra last night. Next up is "A lap around Roslyn" with @thebeebs http://t.co/6TPOzreDFM
Retweeted by Martin BeebyThe BBC election logo reminds me of Xamarin everytime I see it.@danpi nice view. P.S. You need a surface hub with a link back to the UK office.I support Andrew Betts @triblondon in his candidacy for the W3C TAG because I've worked with him, and know how deeply he cares about the webI'm a huge fan of the Google Material design spec. Love touches like providing fonts/layouts. We should do this http://t.co/uII6k0bR3x@YodasMyDad because I don't want to tell them... and they keep on asking.Lying to Facebook about where I live, my date of birth and where I went to university... In your face facebook.@GoodCoffeeCode without luckilyOh no. I travelled to Reading and realised to took one of baby seats... Damn!
@jmswisher @zapthedingbat trying to gauge interest first and establish if I can commit personally first but will do I think.Free web camp in Edinburgh in April from the team @msdevUK, @thebeebs, @martinkearn http://t.co/qeChcseKQz
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Office Remote lets you easily manage presentations from your Android device http://t.co/EmT0MTxz6B #android http://t.co/AkuQ3p8iOe
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@sgalineau @TommyLee I think remote working is far more common place in the UK too.@zapthedingbat @jmswisher I think the best idea would be have a theme each month... Presentation, discussion, documenting.You can now watch all six Star Wars films on Windows Phone! http://t.co/MxOEbNahdb http://t.co/EAIEAHnvF5
Retweeted by Martin BeebyThinking of setting up a monthly web platform doc sprint... Virtual and online... Anyone be interested?“@DapperHistorian: A terrifyingly accurate 1930 drawing of what life in the future would be like... http://t.co/ujDEdbAt2k” @GreatDismal
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Azure support just saved my baconCheck out this video of three young sisters covering Metallica. You won't be sorry: http://t.co/7XaE8jTI6o http://t.co/mTXlHE8WWX
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@rem there are 3 types of bug that constantly plague my programming. Date arithmetic and off-by-one errors.Nothing can stop innovation. Microsoft first commit after forking Docker (via @jjarmoc ) - https://t.co/H1l5osDQxL http://t.co/TfCE7dULm1
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It's 2015 and I'm still explaining the difference between Java and JavaScript. I give up.
"Node.js Tools 1.0 for Visual Studio" http://t.co/P8QSapXgMd
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@danpi no. Any suggestions?@danpi did you just tweet about a visa application? You know there is a form you need to fill out to do that.Great review of StaffPad: http://t.co/dq2pD8N4QQ@MarkXA @marypcbuk IE1... Never mind the OSS... I Imagine getting the thing installed somewhere would be quite the achievement.After pretending to Open Source Clippy on April 1st, thinking about pretending to Open Source more MS technologies. Suggestions welcome.
Y'know when a kid is learning to play trumpet & it's irritating but you don't want to discourage them? @Paul_Kinlan is building a web app.
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