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"Come and Get It: The Best of Apple Records" is the first artist compilation in the label’s history—Stream it now 🍏 Thank YOU for giving us our Tuesday beat. Our volume is turned 👆@Matt_Bove We couldn't agree more. 👏 What kind of music are you into?.@GryffinOfficial just dropped a remix of @yearsandyears' “Desire.” We dare you not to dance. do we listen to when poppin' pigs? This @Spotify playlist: #AngryBirds2 #MondayMotivation
Retweeted by Spotify@tykoe Nothing wrong with having a 'Me Party' Don't worry, we can keep a secret!@suicidepink Electro when? Here's another one, Anna: :)@AccuWxBeck Even the high notes? In case you need to practice, there's this: That's awesome, Erin! Well always be here to motivate you. Just keep going and We've got just the thing to power you through next time, Jacqueline:
.@onedirection just obliterated our one-day streaming record with the release of their new song, "Drag Me Down" u a playlist on @Spotify that you can pig out to.
Retweeted by Spotify@_CrRowLey It's all you, all week, Jeremy. Look out for next Monday's updated #DiscoverWeekly playlist.@FabioDiCorleto Just because it's Monday doesn't mean you can't jam out. 🎶 Keep rocking all week long with #DiscoverWeekly!@AndrewProjDent What better way to kick off your week? Fresh beats to jam to until next week's updated #DiscoverWeekly playlist.@susie_colosh It's all about you, Susie. Stay tuned for an updated #DiscoverWeekly playlist every Monday!@MisterMonday So happy you like it, Will. It's all you, all week. Look out for next Monday's updated #DiscoverWeekly playlist.@Aaron_Aaron The perfect Monday pick-me-up. 👌 Stay tuned for an updated #DiscoverWeekly playlist next week!@Ayangang We're glad you like it! We think all of our fans are stars—stay tuned for an updated #DiscoverWeekly playlist every Monday 💫@Illuminastrous Yes, it does! Stay tuned for an updated #DiscoverWeekly playlist every Monday.@xioustic You're our #1 and we want you to know it. Hope you enjoy this week's #DiscoverWeekly playlist!Marriage may be a big step, but the love is real 😉. So glad you're enjoying your customized #DiscoverWeekly playlist #DiscoverWeekly—Custom playlists made just for you & inspired by music you love! Just remember, Keeli... Yay! And we hope you had a good time on Friday :)@Lofticryer Here's the playlist! We're SO sorry it's late, so we've made it extra awesome to make up for it:
On this day in ‘81, @MTV changed music history forever 🎶📺🎂
@MandyBunt We're glad you like it! We'll be jamming with you all night. 🎸@markduwe We can't disagree. Time to rock out!.@wilw talks #GodOfWar with @SonySantaMonica on @PlayStation's #ConversationsWithCreators! Looks like you'll be jamming with us all night long!.@JordinSparks We can't stop listening! Weekend jam set. 👌 #OnRepeatO.M.G. — @OneDirection just dropped the first single off their new album, "Drag Me Down" 😄😭😍 funky Prince track, ‘Stare’ - love the fade out/in in the middle of the song.
Retweeted by SpotifyI could #Stare at this photo all day!! #Prince #HITANDRUN #Spotify new single!!
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@Prince3EG @Spotify I love the song & been listening off & on all day .thankya Prince. Ur a trip 4 real☺😊😊☺
Retweeted by SpotifyAnd suddenly, there's a new Prince song in new releases called "STARE". that funky guitar ooh! those horns...oh my @Spotify. Major get!
Retweeted by SpotifyOur single "This Goes Out To You" has been added to the 'Top of the Rock' playlist on @Spotify! Check it out! #rock
Retweeted by Spotify@casualwood We love Prince as much you! Right now we only have this one track. Let's listen hard and hope he brings the rest back soon…@brakaloss We love Prince as much you! Right now we only have this one track. Let's listen hard and hope he brings the rest back soon…@Jenwifonen We love Prince as much you! Right now we only have this one track. Let's listen hard and hope he brings the rest back soon…@AdamPasifull We love Prince as much you do! Right now we only have this one track. Let's listen hard and hope he brings the rest back soon…@RyanCB85 We love Prince as much you! Right now we only have this one track. Let's listen hard and hope he brings the rest back soon…hOW LONg cAN U _________?!
Retweeted by SpotifyWe've got something special for your Thursday. Prince dropped a single just for Spotify fans! Absolutely. What are you into?@Lukesmyprincess We know who'd be proud:
Is the summer still not hot enough? Stream a playlist of July bangers & melt your speakers 🔥🔊 a killer in-office performance from Swedish super-group @Amasonband #SessionWednesday Ahh Whitney. We've got the perfect soundtrack for your day: Grease? The perfect soundtrack to these Summer Nights: Sorry about that, Tia! Try these steps to stop it from happening again:
@RJohnElvisT You mean, like THIS? Would you say that you'd never give it up?@inhalexbieber38 *blushes*@GabbyIsNotFunny TUNE.
LIVE on #Periscope: Watch @Themowglis rock out in a coffee­-break-­sized concert #DDSummerSoundtrack Spotify on @periscopeco & @Snapchat for a shot of pop/rock espresso from @Themowglis ☕ 🎶 #DDSummerSoundtrack If we reply first do we win?@JustinJasmann Hey, Justin...!@IAmAshville Well technically we make one of those for EVERYONE. But that doesn't make yours any less special...@GabbyIsNotFunny That's awesome, Gabby! What was the song?@GjallarhornRL Sorry! Try this, a playlist of songs that 100% AREN'T "Never Gonna Give You Up" - Have you tried it today? There should be 30 new picks for you to check out.@elliott_ian_16 Welcome back, Ian
Shout out to @bobdylan for pulling the ultimate punk move by going electric 50 years ago 🔌🎸😝
Start swoonin' over the retro R&B vibes of @leonbridges' exclusive new #SpotifySession Strategically placed widget there! We got you, Shana: Inconceivable! (Seriously, we're working on it: ♫ This playlist will self destruct in five seconds... ♫
We ❤ @leonbridges & you will too after hearing the exclusive live Spotify Session hitting your speakers tomorrow… today's listening way, way back with the most popular #TBT tracks on Spotify. Just remember Ellie's words: "To the edge of the universe and back. Endure and survive."
This #SessionWednesday, @jimenoacid jams with @courtneymelba @TwinPeaksDudes & @thebottlemen That's a tough one! But we've had a go - (there's some good tips at the end too)@monamimomuu Hey Mona! Sit back, relax and enjoy!@G3mma_19 This should help cheer you up: :)@natvillanuevaa Apology accepted: Too soon?
Break out your glow sticks, ‘cause the @ChemBros are back with #BornInTheEchoes, streaming now: on #Periscope: LIVE on #Periscope: @MarianHillMusic is performing a coffee-break-sized concert #DDSummerSoundt Spotify on @periscopeco & @Snapchat for an afternoon pick-me-up with @MarianHillMusic ☕🎶 #DDSummerSoundtrack
Retweeted by SpotifyGetting restless waiting to hear #MusicComplete? Subscribe to our new @spotify playlist for a hint of what's to come
Retweeted by Spotify@Neenah8784 That's awesome! Here's some more stuff to help you sink into tranquility: Woohoo!@rebeccastella Hey Rebecca! We've got you covered. Have a good... :)
Wanna know why @5SOS thinks "She's Kinda Hot"? Stream the new single, plus all their hits! @ExodusAttack's Steve Souza riff on early albums & more on this episode of #MetalTalks your #fastestmile with the latest @NikeRunning app featuring Spotify 💪🏃🎧 Learn more: #DirtySprite2 NOW on @Spotify
Retweeted by Spotify@_benjaminwood Where ya been?@skotterbutt Let's just all settle down with one of our furrrravorite albums:
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