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ICYMI: Should Western writers give in to Chinese censorship to have their books published in that booming market? http://t.co/ZM0dgXvww0@nyt asks: can scientists restrict ethical use of their discoveries? #crispr Cc @faspenews @JournalofEthics http://t.co/18CfK9pwE7
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"Can a discovery be reined in once the basic science has been published?" http://t.co/kTdmXlOBGH
Retweeted by Room for DebateBring back the Office of Technology Assessment: http://t.co/5ngPCoQc70Can scientists control the use of their own scientific breakthroughs? http://t.co/KiuDwuGluaBioethicist Alexander Capron on Asilomar and lessons for ethical application of today's cutting-edge research: http://t.co/XqjQjbg6dNCan scientist ever control the ethical use or ramifications of their research? http://t.co/6nbxu6KzioThe inventor of a genome-editing technique asked for a moratorium. Can scientists control how their work is used? http://t.co/wgFNCpzGf2Great section debating scientific ethics in the @NYTimes today. If we can build it, should we? Can we unbuild it? http://t.co/FQCYsViZYS
Retweeted by Room for DebateScientists Curbing the Ethical Use of Science http://t.co/PJLZHzfJnt
Should Western writers allow for censorship of their work to get published in China? http://t.co/BO8YhoriJsWith BEA starting & @penusa report out, timely @nytimes Room 4 Debate exchange on censorship/book publishing in PRC http://t.co/071HFOKrfH
Retweeted by Room for DebateIs it ever right for Western authors to cooperate with Chinese censors? @roomfordebate http://t.co/99prqO2Teh?
Retweeted by Room for DebateChina's book market is booming, but Western writers must often submit to censorship in their translated works. http://t.co/kt3i8sDNJUShould Western authors allow Chinese publishers to censor portions of their books? http://t.co/j00lNo3ABiShould Authors Shun or Cooperate With Chinese Censors? http://t.co/SLLG7yKLZN
How to commemorate the Reconstruction era after the Civil War: http://t.co/7RhuZ2rFIn via @roomfordebate
Retweeted by Room for DebateNYT found some really sharp folks for this @roomfordebate on how Americans should remember Reconstruction: http://t.co/71jBWk2d0D
Retweeted by Room for DebateWe need a national reckoning to counter the years of disremembering the Reconstruction era after the Civil War. http://t.co/JlmnkKPSUN
Retweeted by Room for DebateReconstruction, the effort to reunite a nation shattered by civil war, barely exists in our historical memory. http://t.co/obAangFGWoI have some short thoughts at the @nytimes on how to remember Reconstruction. http://t.co/JDScmq8Jy7
Retweeted by Room for DebateDuring Reconstruction, hundreds of black women publicly condemned white men for sexual crimes. http://t.co/KVsmFlRBDqThe reason to celebrate Juneteenth: http://t.co/1HGP1XaekLCommemorate the Reconstruction era through national parks: http://t.co/GeJIlv4uZxIs being a child prodigy a blessing or a curse? BC psychology prof. Ellen Winner for NYT @RoomforDebate: http://t.co/YYkR09Y1la
Retweeted by Room for Debate@natasharaheja We'd love to read it, but the link isn't working. Please feel free to pitch us on future topics!Last week’s @roomfordebate on Iraq intervention is going to be relevant for a long time http://t.co/pu0C7nfwt3
Retweeted by Room for DebateAcknowledge the white supremacist violence that undermined African-American freedom after the Civil War: http://t.co/moUYAp1GFAThe Reconstruction era gave us Jim Crow. The best modern day antidote? Restore the Voting Rights Act. http://t.co/tZhfv3wf0NHow to commemorate Civil War Reconstruction: http://t.co/FTdf1PwT7E w/ Gregory Downs, @KidadaEWilliams, @jbouie and othersHow Should Americans Remember Reconstruction? http://t.co/YOquPAUFaJ
Ireland could vorte to legalize same-sex marriage Friday. Would the Catholic Church's authority survive such a move? http://t.co/M1YDQGOKVh
Same-Sex Marriage and the Future of Irish Catholicism http://t.co/HAXKLp1B8KThe Benefits and Pressures of Being a Young Genius http://t.co/50w6au2dKh
Bosses sneer at high heels. Cannes sneer at flats. Who are the real heels?http://t.co/Z0QBa3Jxqz #heelgateDavid Caron: The U.S. Must Ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty #UNCLOS http://t.co/WmdJHL6HGK
Retweeted by Room for DebateThe ever-reasonable @faizaoulahsen speaks out in the NYT: Stop the Oil Nonsense in the #Arctic http://t.co/Z4JY338CPa
Retweeted by Room for DebateCan we drill in the Arctic and still protect the environment? http://t.co/7FnAIi5adS http://t.co/LJBVzS66JQThe last time Shell explored the Arctic for oil, the company was haunted by one failure after another. http://t.co/tU1bt4GvqNA ban on drilling in the Arctic may seem like a quick fix, but it is neither realistic nor desirable: http://t.co/FEW8fxUM3BShell may get to drill for oil in the Arctic. How does that affect the other Arctic Council countries? http://t.co/5IBWGfQXIxA debate on balancing drilling and environmental priorities in the Arctic: http://t.co/N2jrJToVXPGlobal Priorities in the Arctic http://t.co/PqgM4YowIG
.@dpletka in @roomfordebate re: #Iraq: Intervention Requires Knowing How to Finish the Job. http://t.co/VkFtDZBPa1 http://t.co/1OaHGxmhOn
Retweeted by Room for DebateLearning the wrong lesson from the wrong war: remaining disengaged in Syria, w/ so many killed, is not policy neutral http://t.co/APjY0B70MS
Retweeted by Room for DebateThe Iraq War was always unnecessary, toppling Saddam was also unwise: http://t.co/BCSalx8pw0How to talk about Iraq? What has been learned? http://t.co/I9a4mdNG9O http://t.co/4pRAs6bLpYThe US military can topple fragile governments, but it is largely useless for nation-building in foreign countries. http://t.co/A8MdnaS7sa"Iraq is a warning of the unintended consequences of action as well as non-action." Emma Sky on lessons from Iraq: http://t.co/x73lSYTkDNMy new @nytimes piece on the legacy of #Iraq and the dangers of learning the wrong lessons from the wrong war: http://t.co/OQoavmyGBJ
Retweeted by Room for Debate"Adjunct faculty are the new working poor. Twenty-five percent of adjuncts get public assistance." http://t.co/0KnSnxCeed @roomfordebate
Retweeted by Room for Debate"The Iraq war was a failure of policy, not intelligence." - @StephenWalt http://t.co/bYOd1XvFAAJeb Bush is struggling to talk about Iraq. Was the war a warning about U.S. foreign policy, or a unique disaster? http://t.co/gQpZ6UXazmWas Iraq a unique mistake based on bad intel or an example of overly aggressive policy we might repeat?http://t.co/Y7tYlKv6NeWas Iraq a unique mistake based on bad intelligence or an example of overly aggressive policy we might repeat? http://t.co/Y7tYlKv6NeIraq, Bad Intelligence or a Lesson in Bad Policy? http://t.co/guCcqEblKN
Should grad student teaching assistants and adjuncts unionize for better pay? http://t.co/teCLJmmCIs via @roomfordebate
Retweeted by Room for Debate"Adjunct faculty are the new working poor." https://t.co/IAU9tzd4gT
Retweeted by Room for DebateToday's forum I worked on: Should Graduate Students and Adjuncts Unionize for Better Pay? @roomfordebate @nytimes http://t.co/Yod2t9wo8U
Retweeted by Room for DebateWhen teaching comes cheap for colleges: http://t.co/kuuz2XmnElSome colleges may prefer MOOCs to unionized adjuncts and teaching assistants. http://t.co/02j0FNbBxHShould adjuncts and grad students unionize? http://t.co/9MJzCpLOZJMany colleges ignore the critical role of adjunct faculty in student success. http://t.co/ByvWljFV8JNontenured instructors account for more than half of all teaches on college campuses. Should they unionize? http://t.co/JAIodpHXOE25% of adjunct professors receive public assistance, but now they are unionizing in unprecedented numbers. http://t.co/k0hbJLGOmEShould Graduate Students and Adjuncts Unionize for Better Pay? http://t.co/ho2tJaB4wq
ICYMI: Should students of for-profit colleges accused of fraud have their loans forgiven? http://t.co/j6HjjyLG7QWe have to acknowledge our complicity in resurrecting the modern-day sweatshop: http://t.co/H1uiNL1tXG@hsmoghul ah! a perfect opportunity slipped through our fingers....The country as a whole isn't broke — only its workers are. http://t.co/YgEDjQy6Oj http://t.co/IcUf8o21V1Raising the minimum wage deprives teenagers and low-skill individuals of the only jobs they can get. http://t.co/GKsPCv1DiGLow, stagnant wages are not the result of benign, abstract economic forces: http://t.co/9qVAyGPv6H http://t.co/9qVAyGPv6HDesperation Felt by Workers and Consumers http://t.co/HRu0ZegpdrIf the Price Seems Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is http://t.co/jv8v9ZKrJeShould Prices at Nail Salons and Elsewhere Reflect Their True Cost? http://t.co/jRQutjMZNm
Even before a new king raised fears of radicalized Saudi Arabia@roomfordebate asked if it was an ally or a threat http://t.co/tTXFCAiWBa
Israeli Extremism Will Encourage Global Boycott http://t.co/fz8SSCZAdPThe tension between Washington and Jerusalem is not simply about lack of chemistry between leaders: http://t.co/XRyy6GmB9jPalestinians are turning away from mediated peace efforts and toward intervention at international agencies. http://t.co/3igI7lZEd9.@JSchanzer: Israeli voters reacted to the threats they face. http://t.co/1SPJbDQ8EjHow will Israel's new government — probably the most right-wing in Israeli history — affect U.S. relations? http://t.co/z3SrkMSdu5Today, the Israeli government never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. — @SlaughterAM http://t.co/604LJDXDmhCan the U.S. Make Peace With Netanyahu's New Government? http://t.co/abMVEyAXKt
Timely, as Corinthian joined by another for-profit fold this am. When For-Prof Colleges Close, Debt Shld be Forgiven http://t.co/e9H4lMHEny
Retweeted by Room for DebateAfter Corinthian's collapse, do students at for-profits accused of fraud deserve loan relief? http://t.co/y1i5zAIEGq
Retweeted by Room for Debate.@tamarnyt @roomfordebate The moral hazard is asking vulnerable students to carry the risk of improperly regulated for-profit schools.
Retweeted by Room for DebateIf an institution's students cant pay back their loans, the school should be on the hook to pay some of the balance http://t.co/1OH9N5uEHYWhen for-profit colleges close, student debt should be forgiven -- @OsamudiaJ http://t.co/Yp25OU01AKWhile I sympathize with the Corinthian students, forgiving their student loans would be a big mistake: http://t.co/bxHV0juJnqStudents who take loans from the government have a reasonable expectation of protection. But they don't get it: http://t.co/qFPFAewUOW.@RoomforDebate asks: Should Britain change the way it elects its leaders? http://t.co/82PEGIPbvD
Retweeted by Room for DebateThousands of former Corinthian students want debt relief from their loans. Should they get it? http://t.co/QSYEYrcQaQGood NYT Room for Debate segment on forgiving loans at closed for-profits, featuring @EduBenM and @AndrewPKelly: http://t.co/S1mTeVLGdZ
Retweeted by Room for DebateIn the wake of #Corinthian mess, would forgiving federal student loan debt by basic justice or moral hazard? http://t.co/jrv8QySeyt
Retweeted by Room for DebateThe Government Should Actively Notify Borrowers of Their Rights to Loan Forgiveness http://t.co/lp4MVbEetcWho deserves student loan forgiveness when for-profit colleges are accused of fraud? http://t.co/DpRofUeBoZForgiving Student Debt at Corinthian Colleges and Other For-Profits http://t.co/P5DmmOKonf
Would govt be more rep if it were a coalition of parties, each with a veto over policy? http://t.co/uRi12HHqpU http://t.co/NP5igcSPQk
Retweeted by Room for DebateIf you're curious about the upcoming spectrum auction, @nytimes has a Room for Debate set of opinions http://t.co/xg4d5YYBfs
Retweeted by Room for DebateQueen's Law professor @GregoireWebber in a robust conversation on the British election process @roomfordebate https://t.co/3NqydHtQ2I
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