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"To falsely divide the world between 'profit' and 'social good' cheapens the corporate form" -@TBelinfanti http://t.co/vrQ1iiwxUl"Activist hedge funds and executive compensation packages drive the relentless focus on short-term earnings" http://t.co/XMPdUsyBoEICYMI: Bringing up baby — on the iPhone. A debate on kids' use of technology http://t.co/nyCjZL6wRVCan corporations put social responsibility before maximizing profit? Fascinating discussion from NYT @roomfordebate http://t.co/8Xs4G8l6J4
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Great debate in today’s @NYTimes. Here’s why #sustainability accounting matters, explained by @SASB CEO Jean Rogers http://t.co/j6WJnGRKmD
Retweeted by Room for DebateCompanies shouldn't have to choose between profits and purpose: http://t.co/V3BXlbOnxw http://t.co/Qq543uv7DK.@Etsy, gone public, will emphasize social mission over shareholder profits. Can they do that legally, though? http://t.co/5LH2VvpvAz
Retweeted by Room for DebateI join other scholars in debating (as from time immemorial) the law of corporate purpose, in today's Nytimes: https://t.co/MyIBxvmdXR
Retweeted by Room for DebateAs long as Citizens United is good constitutional law, shareholder primacy will be bad for society. http://t.co/OsMmsWeVWeThe myth of "maximizing shareholder value:" http://t.co/T6HLaUlaipDoes the law allow corporations to pursue social goals like environmental sustainability or worker well-being? http://t.co/qaDYnBYbEvCorporations have an primary duty to maximize shareholder value: http://t.co/kVsf5nND04Social good is not inconsistent with profit: http://t.co/3eqILv0Kt5Do corporations have to maximize shareholder value — or can they pursue social impact goals? http://t.co/d9LQjQZQ43 http://t.co/pfKQNUGNVLWhat Are Corporations' Obligations to Shareholders? http://t.co/vn02vj96mu
50% of workers dont have access to employer-sponsored retirement accounts so they cant get associated tax benefits http://t.co/wejVOcWs45Which tax breaks to eliminate? Maybe we should just stop letting the rich move to Puerto Rico as a tax haven. http://t.co/JbCbAGibhfThe pain of last-minute tax filing is compounded not just by thoughts of what you’re paying but what others aren’t. http://t.co/q6u6ia7MrKStop letting executives defer their pretax pay: http://t.co/GS5DE8DoMpWhat are the most useless, unfair or counterproductive personal tax breaks? via @roomfordebate http://t.co/us3AzaUDkH
Retweeted by Room for DebateGet rid of deductions that let taxpayers write off state and local income taxes. http://t.co/d80a0EqwrmEnd the exemption for employer-provided health care. http://t.co/1GNNjwBSNPThis is a great section NYT did on all the tax breaks that make no sense: Room for Debate: The Worst Tax Breaks http://t.co/tdg1v9r2vL
Retweeted by Room for DebateTo fix the tax code, get rid of like-kind exchanges. http://t.co/xHsZSTZ7vQNew York Times debate on the worst tax breaks: http://t.co/hIaJcuuqly
Retweeted by Room for DebateWhich tax breaks should be eliminated? 7 contenders for the worst exemptions at @roomfordebate: http://t.co/h6FAnqRsFO
Retweeted by Room for DebateThe mortgage interest deduction mostly subsidizes housing for upper-income Americans, and not for the middle class. http://t.co/tNP9jDPlvHTomorrow's Tax Day! Which exemptions should be eliminated? http://t.co/LwozGR6nZp http://t.co/OROR4PZlgGWhat are the worst personal tax breaks? http://t.co/28rzTGhTdfMy piece in the @nytimes discussion in @roomfordebate on the most useless tax break: the mortgage interest deduction http://t.co/I1LjZugats
Retweeted by Room for DebateThe Worst Tax Breaks http://t.co/0HziYiCyzW
Experts debate screen time for kids: http://t.co/S9moxyz7dh My personal opinion: it's not b&w and co-engagement in design is key #JME
Retweeted by Room for DebateInteresting debate &something that my wife &I struggle with @OglesbyAPP Bringing Up Baby -- on the iPhone http://t.co/wBU40a8Iba #parenting
Retweeted by Room for DebateEasy answer, with much punctuation. Do babies use too much tech? http://t.co/cMQioXDCpX
Retweeted by Room for DebateDoes sliding screens and tapping buttons on an iphone count as "interactive" for a baby? http://t.co/cosVKycCNq @roomfordebate
Retweeted by Room for DebateHere Junior, play with this: bringing up baby on the iPhone. http://t.co/tIv7swnX6XAre parents relying too much on technology to occupy their babies' attention? via @roomfordebate http://t.co/DdeSz7zHEB
Retweeted by Room for DebateExperts and parents debate whether to give infants access to technology. Far better to read to them! http://t.co/tAjZ88R2O6
Retweeted by Room for DebateWhat I really want is a @roomfordebate about how young is too young for the Apple Watch http://t.co/sI4LBphNer
Retweeted by Room for DebateInteractive games on tables and phones are better than TV when it comes to your baby. http://t.co/QEhHrHW2t9An adult glued to a screen has a fully formed prefrontal cortex, but that's not the case with an infant. http://t.co/TtIiVcjB2WHow I found a happy medium in exposing my son to the iPad: http://t.co/J3n6ESxSmEBabies need real interaction that isn't possible with software: http://t.co/CeGL057tPI http://t.co/VI8RlOXW8vToys that incorporate iPhones appear on the rise, along with apps geared at the diaper set. http://t.co/anka4k57ArAre parents relying too much on technology to occupy their babies' attention? http://t.co/JKPqnnZnn8 http://t.co/n8A9WBHRZCShould Congress save the Export-Import Bank, or let it expire? @veroderugy weighs in @roomfordebate http://t.co/pRscbBC7Ka
Retweeted by Room for DebateBringing Up Baby -- on the iPhone http://t.co/ARuqBj0dUW
With NYC students scheduled to start ELA and math tests next week, should parents ask to opt-out? http://t.co/0qc7DCMTwD
.@tomphilpott gets crazy, suggests water-rich Midwest grow food for ppl, not animals, give water-starved CA a break http://t.co/oE4gKM7GmV
Retweeted by Room for DebateInstead of asking if a shooting is justified, here's a better Q, says @policelawprof: Is it avoidable? http://t.co/eqhXHPCxAL
Retweeted by Room for DebateDoes the public benefit from private #infrastructure investment? New series v @roomfordebate: http://t.co/PxaeRdAvzd
Retweeted by Room for DebateHave police officers become too willing to use force? via @roomfordebate http://t.co/g91g8uhSeP
Retweeted by Room for DebatePolice shouldn't ask if a shooting is justified, but if it's avoidable. http://t.co/ekojUxvR5yWalter Scott's death shows once and for all that some cops lie and murder and think they can get away with it. http://t.co/2m2G9fHa3XLiving in the cop world for 30 years has proved to me unequivocally that the vast majority of police are honorable. http://t.co/aLNfY9yAXrIgnoring connection between race & killings of unarmed black men is like denying climate change. My piece in @nytimes http://t.co/OPaQFNVJTm
Retweeted by Room for DebateAre murder charges against a SC patrolman an aberration or an example of how police use deadly force too easily? http://t.co/IwZKiq9hrOThe F.B.I. tracks justifiable homicides by police, but it only includes self-reported data from 750 agencies. http://t.co/2bJysWdQ2MMust-read @RoomForDebate on police use of deadly force featuring @WalterWKatz @PoliceLawProf, other non-phony experts http://t.co/oXhE3SY5fx
Retweeted by Room for DebateAre police shootings atypical, or do they use deadly force too often? http://t.co/Scvsj5JXtuHave police officers become too willing to use force? http://t.co/ZqFvd9Rf2lWhat to do about police violence? @PoliceLawProf @ProfKamiSimmons Jim Glennon and I weigh in @nytimes @roomfordebate http://t.co/IVfiGwbPte
Retweeted by Room for DebateDo Police Use Deadly Force Too Often? http://t.co/Z3rQhZb6iI
Can private infrastructure investors save us? Not really ... http://t.co/JBjetvU6wN @NickFoxNYT @ManhattanInst
Retweeted by Room for DebatePiece I wrote for @nytimes Room for Debate on private financing of public infrastructure and programs - http://t.co/klrfM0puI9
Retweeted by Room for Debate"The failure to accurately account for #water use contributes directly to the failure to manage it sustainably" http://t.co/rXOyDHawCN
Retweeted by Room for DebateWe need more women leaders, but are quotas the way to get them? http://t.co/jk3aVBsKe6 via @roomfordebate http://t.co/QnWU2lq8Vt
Retweeted by Room for DebatePrivate infrastructure projects are a wealth transfer from the public to Wall Street. http://t.co/Kinw5QBUQuOur political leaders would rather cut taxes rather than invest in our infrastructure, and competitiveness: http://t.co/GsRq45w2w9The public pays for infrastructure, even when private investors build it: http://t.co/QYBVN9ezxF http://t.co/DPdEpK9Fx5Taxpayers benefit if investors absorb the risks of infrastructure projects: http://t.co/e3kkH9ZW8HShould private investors help modernize our infrastructure? http://t.co/yZ3bzYNfu8 http://t.co/FNcEFemaKC
Retweeted by Room for DebateThe sanest, the only thing you need to read about how to solve California's water crisis, forever. http://t.co/o4GmN1HyYM by @tomphilpott
Retweeted by Room for DebateWise words from @tomphilpott - but let's not overlook the northeast's agricultural potential as the climate shifts. http://t.co/XkghvXHO05
Retweeted by Room for DebatePrivate profit, public gain? Wall Street and America's infrastructure: http://t.co/vLtMmgmmrU@MsNWarchol @kikiefer Let us know their picks!Some infrastructure will never turn a profit – and so it can't attract private dollars. @nicolegelinas http://t.co/jqRndiMfl6Can private investors play a role in modernizing our infrastructure? http://t.co/Ww3hvDVMDt http://t.co/iQPn4Tj6MHCan Wall Street help fix our bridges, roads and public works? http://t.co/xvtVpVJwkxDoes the Public Benefit From Private Infrastructure Investment? http://t.co/Yxy3koRtZv
I shared some thoughts with the @nytimes today on farming and the CA drought. http://t.co/7Kpb4ae8nu
Retweeted by Room for DebateOrganic farms withstand drought better than conventional farms. http://t.co/s8AseVneviSpeed up groundwater conservation in California: http://t.co/QNZ4vrpRLUReduce water use on California's farms: http://t.co/dtjcBVWTBMIn California, many farmers still use non-scientific methods, such as the look of crops, to decide when to water. http://t.co/2dVYOQV3BzHow to limit water use on California's farms: http://t.co/UcZmUqN39F http://t.co/YRzwRyTIK1California farmers have suffered enough. http://t.co/SK7hPmY84BA great debate on the role farms play in the California drought: http://t.co/PSRU0jXMDi
Retweeted by Room for DebateMy NYT @roomfordebate : Time to De-Californify the US fruit and vegetable supply. http://t.co/cKbnLWKRhe #drought
Retweeted by Room for DebateIn California, stop water abuse by the almond and pistachio empire: http://t.co/85RIdPFOzUCan farms survive without drying up California? http://t.co/HAdLvdRlJn80% of California's water goes to agriculture. How can it use less? http://t.co/IjBCFKTwwY http://t.co/b04IcjF3hxCan Farms Survive Without Drying Up California? http://t.co/L5vLNGAjEB
I gave my take on the AIIB over at @nytimes @roomfordebate w/ @Ali_Wyne @SheilaSmithCFR @ErikVoeten @DAlexBlumenthal http://t.co/USniwyfS6R
Retweeted by Room for DebateWhat does the new China-led infrastructure bank mean for the global economy? http://t.co/MXHoHtWnoG http://t.co/F4uxY3agnC
Retweeted by Room for DebateDoes the new China-led infrastructure bank threaten the global economic order? http://t.co/5nJEetWiBSThe U.S. response to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has been clumsy: http://t.co/Pd5ChHdjZdU.S. allies are joining China's rival to the World Bank. What does this mean for global politics and the economy? http://t.co/4APb1pnhWvU.S. allies are joining the new China-led development bank. What will that mean for the global economy? http://t.co/6D4VnDDDORWhen U.S. Allies Join the China-Led Development Bank http://t.co/vZU3EZUNi8
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