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Chad Johnson @ochocinco Liberty City

Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion, FIFA/A. Warfare. Solving world problems with love for all women. Employed by @CBSSports & @MTLAlouettes

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Pay Wade...Billions come through the Port Of Miami...LOVE...Lord knows...@The2kGod You are horrible at FIFA15...Baby Kennedi looks of asian descent with all my features...You'll never experience great sex then... RT @Twinky_tae: Broke boys don't deserve pu**yDammit my hair got wet in the rain...Did you love somebody today?From 90 degrees & sunny to 81 & storming in Miami...#balotelli http://t.co/PdMWYbVQIlEverybody is scared to play me in FIFA15, my squad rather go to summer camp than chill w/ me, Baby Kennedi too small to turn up... πŸ˜’Really starting to hate the week days, I have to wait till Friday to get my kids & the weekends go so fast... πŸ˜”Stan the man... http://t.co/J8nNai0ddCAnyone see the new all grey Real Madrid kit? πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯Can't wait to spar w/ Mayweather again for his Sept. match, my hands & feet too quick...Not sure why I feel so great today, had Starbucks this morning followed up by @DavidsCafeWorld for lunch...Is JoaquΓ­n Loera still in custody?Meek album is jamming...#VivaMexicoCabronesMr. Trump should join the #LoveMovementLmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Jurassic world in 6 seconds https://t.co/7nkalQgTXqHello people, I fucking love you awesome fuckers...91 degrees in Miami... 🌞
I love you fuckers...I love you people...Feels good to love EVERYBODY...Everybody's an opportunist + nobody wants to admit it.
Retweeted by Chad Johnson#FrugalTeam RT @97___Lord: On my @ochocinco flow ... outfit banging under $35. 😌Enjoying this drive back to Miami w/ a Serie R La Gloria Cubana & Sam Cooke's pandora station...So @babychaiel_85 also qualified for JO's in the 200 meters with a time of 28.61...Pepe & Miami Gardens Express... http://t.co/2CG20SFqfqWaiting on the 200 meter finals next...Awesomeness, @babychaiel_85 qualifies for JO's placing 2nd in the 800 meter finals with a time 2:34...Practicing frugality. I'm sure @ochocinco would be proud.
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonIf you know someone who doesn't like me or isn't to fond of me for whatever reason please text or @ them "I Love You" from me...Excited to see @babychaiel_85 try & qualify for Junior Olympics in the 200 & 800 meters today...A beautiful morning in Naples, found a McDonalds & I'm super turnt despite having to drive 14 miles to get to it...
Never looked down on ANYBODY unless it was to help them up...Anyone have a video of todays 100 meter race in Eugene, Or. w/ Gay, Brommel & Rodgers?Want to take the squad to see Ted 2 but they rather swim...Can I smoke my cigar and walk around while shopping at these outlets in Naples?Taking the squad to the outlets to shop a little bit, will use this time to explain the beauty of frugality...Look at babychaiel_85 get out them got damn blocks in the 200 meters... πŸ’ƒπŸΎ https://t.co/Jtgd6VbK13The end of babychaiel_85 200 meters, didn't get her time but it doesn't matter, finals are tomorrow... https://t.co/FLElK4fjEKGod is good, there's a Starbucks next to this Outback Steakhouse...Why is Outback Steakhouse 23 miles away, more importantly why are my kids naming restaurants my ugly ass doesn't even eat at...Track meet in Naples is over quite earlier than expected, now I have to find a way to keep myself & the kids occupied...Gonna get my @ochocinco on and love everyone today! Saturday Vibes ✌️
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonGod is good... RT @DavidsCafeWorld: Outdoor Seating... @ochocinco #cafecito http://t.co/47D6TAoiU1Chilling w/ @BabyChaiel_85 before her 400 meter race in Naples... http://t.co/Sw1dufpWHPFirst time ever in Naples and it seems EXTREMELY quiet with very little to do outside of having to work & family obligations...Beautiful morning in Naples, headed to Golden Gates high school to warm up w/ @babychaiel_85 , she runs the 400 around 9am...
I don't have to look he's everywhere... RT @MyBeccaTweets: @ochocinco Go find Jesus.I'm 20 minutes outside of Naples, please let a cigar bar be open for the kid...@Barbie_Bates_ Listening to Donell Jones pandora station & I thought about the time I took you to Okeechobee for horizontal activity...So much power in that 2 minute clip...Still amazed at Obama's rendition of Amazing Grace, reminded me of Rev. James Cleveland in a sense singing the original soulful way...Headed 75 north in cruise control (60mph) smoking a cigar listening to Lenny Williams pandora station...Great soccer games tonight, now I have to hit the road & drive to Naples, so excited to see @babychaiel_85 run tomorrow & Sunday...Dawg they are really mixing MMA/Soccer in this Colombia-Argentina...Didn't know Di'Maria was that fast...#Fixed RT @MsMyaG: Ayisha Diaz is really the baddest Ive seen on here..@CarliLloyd awesomeness, I love you... πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβš½οΈUSA & China game is really good, Argentina & Colombia game is futbol/MMA damn near...RT @CultDIVAted: On the train trying to read this damn book but my eyes keep watering up thinking about @ochocinco 😒Watching both RT @SneadEthan: @ochocinco how are you not watching women's World Cup #USAvCHN http://t.co/jJmOgnllfSThe ref is letting them play... ARG/COL ⚽️Dawg it's been 4 years since I played... C'mon RT @GS_G5Ent: @ochocinco workin out for any teams bruh...or u officially done w/ the NFL??Is anyone else's pastor or bishop from your home church on twitter? The G.O.A.T @BishopVTCurry is mine...#USWNTPrior to turning to Argentina/Colombia I just watched Obama sing Amazing Grace & got chills, wonder if @BishopVTCurry saw it yet...Listening to the homie @iamKingLos new album "God, Money, War" πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ http://t.co/rtMFft7AvsA drive the new bubble eye Smart Car...I just want to love people, raise my squad, smoke cigars, play FIFA, drink Starbucks, eat McDonalds & be fly everyday under $50...What would be the reasoning to do so though? RT @TheRedMamba: @ochocinco 0. His "run" is a marketing stunt, and a good one at that.Any political enthusiast know the chances of Mr. Trump actually winning the presidency?At home with my bags packed ready for this road trip to Naples, Fl. w/ the squad but I refused to leave until Argentina/Colombia play...Are all the wealthy & powerful people mean?#VivaMexicoCabrones πŸ‡²πŸ‡½πŸ˜’ RT @realDonaldTrump: Letter to @Univision - Re: @TrumpDoral https://t.co/6A1uqwfCbDR.I.P John Crowe... 🐳#MurderedOut http://t.co/kgspGpX60qSubcribe to #TheIgnantAgenda on iTunes πŸŽπŸŽ§πŸ“± πŸ‘‰πŸΎ https://t.co/Zda7tYOgjE πŸ‘ˆπŸΎ #UnadulteratedHonesty http://t.co/xsST86wzlM
Retweeted by Chad Johnson#FrugalTeamOn my @ochocinco again #OOTD ... Total cost of this outfit $45.95 http://t.co/s2h7GcDzZJ
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonI'm so excited to see @babychaiel_85 run in Naples this weekend, this AAU track meet is to qualify for the Junior Olympics in VA.2 a day since my sophomore year in high school... RT @alec_demp: On average how many cigars do you think you smoke a week? @ochocincoRunning to the mall to get my daughter these Jordan 1 Retros that release tomorrow, she can't make a layup but want J's...That "Child Support" air freshener http://t.co/S28jIhU7UcThose air fresheners from Auto Zone are super clutch, no cigar smell in the Smart Car...I love you people...I feel good today, no specific reason as to why I just do...Friendships may be destoyed and broken today based off beliefs..πŸ˜” Im just going to keep loving people the @ochocinco way! πŸ‘
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonCongrats to all those who are able to marry freely regardless of their personal preference...@ochocinco Subcribe to #TheIgnantAgenda on iTunes πŸŽπŸŽ§πŸ“± πŸ‘‰πŸΎ https://t.co/Zda7tYOgjE πŸ‘ˆπŸΎ #UnadulteratedHonesty http://t.co/xsST86wzlM
Retweeted by Chad Johnson"When you spot a nice pedicure & manicure from far away" http://t.co/1SOH85wjJJCan't wait to get to Naples this evening and enjoy the cigar bar out there, hoping I can find a jazz spot as well...It's a beautiful morning on south beach...@Stuckinmy2Os You not about argue about prices & fashion with my cheap/frugal, fake watch wearing, Smart Car driving STILL rich ass
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