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Chad Johnson @ochocinco Liberty City

Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion, GHOSTS/FIFA. Solving world problems with love for all women. Employed by @CBSSports & @MTLAlouettes

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@ochocinco chad's schedule: Everyday:Starbacks @ 6:30 Am Wednesday: soccer game @ KSP Friday:Mani+Pedi Weekend:Turn up w/ squad
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonCan't wait... RT @TheOnlyReed: Fellas trip July 4th! We taking off from miami July 2nd the "ways to love your woman" men's conferenceYou ever help your kids w/ homework & get something wrong & they correct you... ๐Ÿ˜”I can't believe that back page ad of me is still up, at least my price is expensive...Selfish? You plan a dope weekend w/ your kids & have them tell you they have parties to go to RT @Godwillin: @ochocinco That's selfish Brah.I really think I'm the best in the world at FIFA....My kids friends/classmates are becoming a bad influence, thinking HOME SCHOOL is better so I don't have to deal w/ parties/sleepovers...I'm sleepy & it's only 7:30, going to bed w/ excitement knowing I get my squad for the weekend tomorrow...You fucking suck rhino testicles... RT @The2kGod: Someone play me in FIFAGroovy... http://t.co/GIpGXbVupeI feel invincible right now... http://t.co/wS2UFMp3xJHeaded to Bahama Breeze for lunch turnt... http://t.co/qwRcSp6CAbEvery weekend until they played last weekend to be w/ their friends... ๐Ÿ˜” RT @c_nenye: @ochocinco Do your squad now all live with you?That's a great idea but I end up conversing the entire time instead of spending money... RT @Muzz_ified: @ochocinco or go to a strip club ๐Ÿ˜ŠI should go work at Louboutin in midtown to kill time until my squad gets out of school...I'm so bored I've been to my kids school twice just to peep in, ask to speak w/ them & hold a pointless convo that could've waited... ๐Ÿ˜”No soccer games today?Headed to Starbucks for a 2nd time today jamming as usual... http://t.co/4NnBXeE91eMy brother @BOTHETRAINER just called me & said he saw PorkChop downtown Miami, a few weeks ago someone twit pic'd him in New Orleans....@ochocinco it ain't love unless you've tied him to a bed and broken his ankles with a sledgehammer
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonIt's funny to hear women say or even think they're crazy, nobody compares to Kathy Bates in MISERY...Counter all hate w/ LOVE, if you do it right it turns into sex... RT @jeremymeier1: How you got so much love in a world with so much hate?Thank God for another day to annoy strangers I know personally w/ erratic "I Love You's"
Best: I had sex at 9:15... Worst: I came at 9:18...RT @Purified_Gold: 10. Best & worst moment of 2014.Good credit, fresh mani-pedi & wearing a bonnet in public... RT @Purified_Gold: 7. What's the biggest turn-on in the opposite sex?First 4 months after divorce... RT @Purified_Gold: 1. What keeps you up at night?Rihanna's feet... RT @Purified_Gold: 12. Celebrity crush?Didier Drogba & my cousin A$AP RT @Purified_Gold: 6. What celebrity do you resemble?I'm still up & I love you.We won 4-2, now for this 45 minute drive home jamming.... http://t.co/kCtxIn3sggLos Picantes http://t.co/Gi2Hg9hzuVGame Time in 3 minutes... โšฝ๏ธ http://t.co/fN4OaeMT1vClassic... http://t.co/Wkj9z9EbAoCigar time... http://t.co/BorYVFuyXLG.O.A.T http://t.co/mKQ59aAVRvJamming... http://t.co/MiN6vHy2em45 minute drive to Kendall Soccer Park, definitely scoring tonight so my drive back is a smooth one...Cause my my money goes to the cause in my header RT @whysotrill: if you love me so much why won't u donate to the cause in my bio @ochocincoFOREVER is a long time, always remember the peen isn't yours, it's just your turn RT @MylifeasKiara: I dont get how people move on soo fast.All you need is $300 RT @TeamElovich: Miami in two weeks. Really looking forward to shoe shopping with @ochocincoRT @Rae_Z: I hate when the wrong ppl give fashion advice, I only listen to @ochocinco#BellLetsTaIkhttp://t.co/GWh2n2QxR2I love you people, if you ever need to talk text me or meet me at Starbucks at 6am...@rickyrozay Happy Birthday bruh...9:30 game at KSP & I'm scoring at least twice... โšฝ๏ธFanDuel pays out up to $10M every week, I personally won enough to buy real Cuban cigars & a few ... http://t.co/C38s8YL09zRT @MarkDice: "She has the most beautiful fingernails" said no man ever except @ochocincoOutback cutting the grass before I lay fresh mulch down... http://t.co/OFRodXcIXZChilling w/ my side piece by the pool trying to tan but it's 52 degrees... http://t.co/cmmWdZCWfNNo disrespect to those who have to deal w/ REAL frigid conditions but it's cold in Miami this morning...Driving to go pick up my side piece Ginger...Early bird gets the free wifi...I'm the only person at Starbucks right now, well the only black person at Starbucks for that matter...Barcelona & Atletico today... โšฝ๏ธRT @Curvybry: My man @ochocinco be like "you got a lot of ass" I know nigga! Your big ass hand doesn't even fit over one cheekSo I'm at Starbucks & none of you decided to show up...RT @AriannaTheAngel: You know it's real love when I send @ochocinco them ugly selfiesOkay, I love you people & think you should wake up, meet me at Starbucks so we can group FaceTime...
Ya'll still up? I had to pee so I thought I'd check in & say goodnight again.I love you people & goodnight...I'm going to bed, ya'll let Meek & Ross know I love them & I'll see them tomorrow, I got my BARS ready...#MMGSo are all your exes... RT @Abcdeeznutsss: @ochocinco you're a cheaterI love all you people & the relationship we've been in for years...I definitely won, I'm signed to MMG I just been busy playing FIFA RT @bowe_zach: @ochocinco #BARS http://t.co/ptmnYvCL6H@Crislex I love you, if I have to know you to do so it ain't genuine...I won RT @natehaugh1: @ochocinco I feel like you gave him bars tho fr lolI wonder if Meek Mills want to battle me again if he's in town tomorrow, that 140 character battle was hilarious a few years back...Ross having a birthday party tomorrow, perfect time to start a rap battle, I'm gone be so FRESH...4k & some change RT @DonEfromChicago: @ochocinco If you had to round it up; how many shoes you got. Is it close to 200?Can I come & what do I wear? RT @IamMinglee: richforever Birthday toast ๐Ÿป 9pm @officialbelaire http://t.co/ZnqHMfiL05I put the wrong year... ๐Ÿ˜”White & Black men jumped in 1992... http://t.co/f2pc9z36dKYou know we gone stunt in the shoe department... ๐Ÿ‘ถ http://t.co/VAYubStY5NJust trying to help my nephew out... RT @urbuddyliltutty: @ochocinco is too damn funny ๐Ÿ˜‚ http://t.co/9q2V1y5pHQFreddie Cruz & "The Quiet Storm" just started... ๐Ÿ™ŒI love around the corner, I'm ready... RT @FlaPanthers: @Ttime561 sweet! @ochocinco ya you should totes come to a game.RT @UberFacts: Masturbation with @ochocinco in mind helps relieve menstrual cramps.You think your friends, entourage, hell even your girl really like you, try using the word NO for a change....That's Bitchie... RT @necolebitchie: @ochocinco @REYKAI_ 720 :)Salute RT @bmac_baby22: Appreciate da homie @ochocinco sending me the snippets of some releases, my guys will really appreciate your helpAsk to see their credit score RT @REYKAI_: Thing about stuck up girls is you gotta put em in they place 1 good time. After that they be coolWhat are yall doing?But I've been cheap since 2007 RT @LILMOBABY: @ochocinco lol your not cheapRT @LILMOBABY: When u getting money it will show u don't have to do a whole lotta talking unless you're cheap like @ochocinco@bmac_baby22 Tell him no wasted movement so you get that GOOD WORK big bruh...@AdamSchefter Adam, watch how fast & explosive Carter is, he'll flourish w/ TY "stay at the" HiltonRT @AdamSchefter: Montreal WR Duron Carter, son of HOF WR and ESPN analyst Cris Carter, is closing in on an ... http://t.co/pEPFpL3VBsHe gotta go bruh RT @bmac_baby22: Working on these release drills w/ da homie rojo_12_ #StayHungryStayHumble โœŠ๐Ÿ’ฏ http://t.co/v2qSKNesP5Yes it's a happy game, or as its called "The Beautiful Game" RT @martydee69: @ochocinco Soccer is gay Chad.The pretty lady w/ the freckles & pretty eyes is having sex on video down my timeline... I still love her, not as much as Rihanna's feet...Ivanovic scores for Chelsea in the 94th minute... โšฝ๏ธLike Justin Timberlake, Frank Sinatra, Bublรจ, Harry Connick Jr., get my drift? RT @HonestlyWhite: @ochocinco How was Tom Brady as a person?BBW's? Send em my way... RT @zCLYDE: You into fats and fems? @ochocincoPERCOCETS... RT @AlwaysInOrder_: @ochocinco Yo the fans just miss your touchdown celebrations ... Where's the HOF Jacket? Lol.My health, I can't walk normal anymore & too many concussions RT @TweakMonster: sounds like you're scared to play! What do you have to lose?No, 1 good hit I'd be in ICU... RT @RobWalker_18: @ochocinco lmao true but you and @ajgreen_18 can really help Andy Dalton in Cincy@CoachC_C RT @Mr_HowardClay: Q1: Besides your family members, who were the people who helped to shape you into the person you are today?Dude I'm 40 years old RT @RobWalker_18: Ray rice reinstated.. Josh Gordon gets suspended.. Why doesn't @ochocinco get another opportunityMadden has a create a player feature... RT @RobWalker_18: I wanna see @ochocinco back in the NFL
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