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Visualize revolutionary ideas with the help of #OneNote. Check it out: http://t.co/AxACLx3zOv http://t.co/9LPniOdyfA
@kickassklout Really exciting stuff, thanks for sharing the news!@SeannyFunco We love it too, Sean! Have you had a chance to check it out for yourself?@GoodThings2Life That's what we love to hear, Aaron!@jefutte That's what we said! Tried it out yet, Jesper?@IanSidden We're glad you like it, Ian! Have you tried it out yet?@ChadTaylor17 Awesome, that is music to our ears, Chad! Education is a huge priority for us. :)@McAkins Thanks for your feedback! We're listening and have passed it on. You can also provide feedback here: http://t.co/bWpIf00Qkh.@Autoxave Yes! Just make sure to sync your notebook with One Drive. http://t.co/xNB8SmGUo2.@HowardAbraham We're listening, Howard! We appreciate your feedback and have passed it along.@lincolndemo Thanks for the share, Olalekan.@lisacisycowo We appreciate your feedback. Input from our customers help us continually improve the OneNote experience.@MrsLamBHS What a good looking curriculum! Those are some lucky 9th graders. Can we be in your class?@PurpleSectorGP Glad you're loving it, Ashley!@AndreaLattanner Almost makes you want to be a student again! Good news is there are lots of ways to use OneNote outside the classroom.@AssistTech Great pictures! We love seeing OneNote in classrooms. :)@andressIT We're glad to hear it, education is a huge priority for us! Thanks for the share, Donna. :)@mrnamvas Big news, thanks for spreading the word! You can even search text within images you've pasted in.@scotnewbury Thanks for the share, Scot! Education is a huge priority for us.Watch these #CollectiveProject highlights featuring a surprise appearance by @robertdowneyjr: http://t.co/ajcd0MPZno https://t.co/RCi3lmO2zu@nahmr_ Super cool stuff, thanks for sharing it out!@smngsmd Love this, thanks for the share!@alext_ramos Thanks for flagging this, we're passing it along.
@Ashe_Q We're glad to hear it, sounds like you're using it for exactly what it's for! :)What does it all mean? Tune in to GONE & track the mystery in #OneNote http://t.co/oIG54EGFZD #WaywardPines #shesgone http://t.co/cPgRmsNnPf@tedsvo Don't be afraid! OneNote for Mac is free and constantly syncs your notes in One Drive so they're always kept safe.@rba1a One Tweet to totally out-awesome all other Tweets.@azhar_youssef Thanks for the shout out, Azhar!@scmorley Thanks for your feedback, Simon. We have passed it along.@tonydow Actually, Tony, this one will work better: http://t.co/lrvvpZut1e.@tonydow Let us know if this helps, Tony: http://t.co/3EmAxvRHh3.@anthonylees Glad you like it, Anthony! Any favorite additions?This long weekend, start the graphic novel you've always dreamt about in #OneNote. http://t.co/yoo7fmn15v http://t.co/9HOXk8asEV@ProductivityTOP Music to our ears!@azhar_youssef Awesome, we're glad to hear that! Let us know how things go, we're here to help. :)@davidwalsh247 Exciting stuff on the horizon, thanks for the share, David!@p_nathan Thanks for flagging this, we'll pass it along to the engineers.
@martyn_call Good to hear, Martyn! Let us know how your classes go.@LetGregBeGreat We're fans of that suggestion.@BSanbizzle We hope you remember soon, Ben, because that sounds awesome.@Lettice123 We're with you on that one, Bill.@GiddyGracious We would love to see some of your doodles, Lina!@AbstractJazmin Sorry to hear about that! Please log into http://t.co/o3YW511VIW with your Microsoft Account associated with your notebook.@SimonCockayne Thanks for the suggestion, Simon! We'll pass this along.@Kercal That's one delicious looking drawing, Paul! Now we're craving burgers...@reesean Great advice, Sean! Do you have any more nuggets of wisdom for us?@Hoorge We're glad you enjoyed it, Harjit! What was your favorite part of the session?Recipe for inspiration: #IronMan + epic fist-pump + #CollectiveProjectโ€™s students. http://t.co/2IdDK3ME37 http://t.co/5e1JDNbEKA@ScribblingOn Such awesomeness. What are you mainly using it for?@jagill That's the idea! Will you be integrating it into your teaching, James?@lidyae Such cool stuff, education really is a major priority for us. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Thanks for sharing!@DouglasMDavies Excellent, we're glad to hear it!
@Debbyiokx We're glad to hear it, Debby! Let us know if you have any questions. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ@gannotti Thanks for spreading the word, big news!@FernanSQL Let us know if you have any questions!@RealSliQ_G Pleased to hear they are safe and sound, Buyani. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ@jordanjaprice How are you getting along with it, Jordan?@ETCLLC1 Thanks for sharing, Tiffany!@True_Speechg Sounds like it, Elena. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ@ksmathed How'd it go?@meairy Thanks for the share!@Bridgettvtuj Awww, thanks for the love!@lizzzz_khalifa Productivity at its finest, Liz!@Digital_Ed Pleased to hear it! ๐Ÿ˜ƒStriving to brew the perfect cup of coffee? Track your caffeine-fuelled breakthroughs in #OneNote. #Studyblr http://t.co/lsWIrXUMP5@shuxi_wang You might find some relevant info here: http://t.co/bAopmZIqc8. Let us know if that helps!@colldewththesky Nice, what are you studying?@Yulandaxdcd We are glad to hear that! It's pretty powerful software, let us know if you have any feedback or questions. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ@jedineeper Hahah, how'd it end up going?@rodskwad22 At least you're using it now right. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It's pretty handy!@stigr Thanks for the share, pretty handy stuff!Bionic arm inventor Albert Manero shows students on Skype how science changes the world. #3Dhope #CollectiveProject http://t.co/tILt2w7ed2
Retweeted by Microsoft OneNote@jimg2112 Yes sir, we can't confirm any kind of timeframe but we're ultimately pushing things across all platforms.@Midmotion Thanks for flagging, this stuff really helps us improve things!@eddiecoyote Let us know how you like it, it's pretty powerful!@stevie_chambers Yes sir, it's pretty handy! Thanks for sharing the news out.@OTGGamer We're just a tweet away if you have any questions, let us know how it goes!@valanglemyer70 It's pretty awesome, thanks for the share!@smyth1492 We're a bit confused about your question - you can remove unused notebooks by right clicking and clicking "close this notebook".@HyphenSam That's odd, what version OS is your S5 running?@ad_astra11 It's pretty cool, you can even search text in images that you've pasted into your notes. Handy stuff!@shuxi_wang Thank YOU for kind words. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ What are you mainly using it for?@Alethiapfst That's what we like to hear! What are you mainly using it for, Alethia?@colldewththesky ๐Ÿ‘ Music to our ears, Sophia! What are you mainly using it for?@daniel_hurst1 That's what we like to hear. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ@hartformer That's awesome, we love hearing cool new applications for our applications! ๐Ÿ˜‰@3yakuya That's awesome, we're glad we could deliver! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ@diannekrause It's pretty awesome, thanks for the share as always, Dianne!@AccessoryExpert Awesome, welcome! Let us know how the summit goes, we're eager to hear what your takeaways are!@Angelssoriano74 Thanks for sharing the news! You can even search words in images that you have pasted into your notes.@mka1864 It's pretty awesome, thanks for sharing the news! You can even search words in images that you have pasted into your OneNote.@MelinaIgnazzi Yes ma'am, it's pretty awesome! You can even search words in images that you have pasted into your OneNote.Discover hidden treasure: #OneNote! Maybe it's already on your device. If not, download it now http://t.co/z2d4enUbUx http://t.co/YF3USIZjeT@NathanLaPay Oh no, what issues are you having, Nathan?
@Zolizzo Writing at its most free. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ@sdelafosse Yes ma'am! Really handy stuff, it'll also allow you to search text in images.@olgaamarti Yes ma'am! Now you can search ALL your notes, it even recognizes words in images that you copy & paste. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ@nebuchadnizhar We love our users! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ It's a pretty handy tool.@teblesmo It's pretty awesome, and education is a major priority for us!@lackingeddie Aw you're making us blush. ๐Ÿ˜Š Glad you're liking it!
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