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It works! How to make a mini, functional Star Wars BB-8 Ball Droid with a hacked Sphero: http://t.co/Bsol8bZo3W http://t.co/2i4pOhhoFX
The judges for the first #PSoCMaker Challenge are crunching their votes, stay tuned for the winners! http://t.co/NUnsBPaLor #BLE #IoT
RT @MakerCon #Flipbookit from @xraydreams, a #MakerCon Launch Pad finalist. http://t.co/DtQAPWtDoO #kinesis + #hardware = #wonderLooks great. Congrats again! https://t.co/mc9UoqEBXXSad news. "MakerBot Lays Off 100 Employees, Closes All Retail Stores" http://t.co/BL8GZMI9nPEver wonder what the maker movement looks like in Sweden? http://t.co/XSK0KLwNDS#MakerCon Launch Pad finalists announced! http://t.co/X47W1ssxdq #IoT #Electronics #Bikes #Tractors #Furniture #Cooking #CoffeeBuild your own studio lights using brownie pans! http://t.co/6xg1JnkfUoIn love with the new BB-8 droid from Star Wars? Here are a few similar style bots you can build right now! http://t.co/md9Ork1keMRT @MakerCon Launch Pad Finalist: @botfactoryNYC 's desktop #electronics factory http://t.co/DtQAPWtDoO Meet them @ #MakerCon!RT @Make #IoT meets #coffee via @spinncoffee, a #MakerCon Launch Pad finalist. http://t.co/DtQAPWtDoO
RT @MakerCon Robotic Cooking = Fresh Food? @serenetikitchen says yes. #MakerCon Launch Pad finalist! http://t.co/DtQAPWtDoORT @MakerCon .@xraydreams vie for Launch Pad dominance w/ their #Flipbook next month at #MakerCon http://t.co/DtQAPWtDoORT @MakerCon #MakerCon Launch Pad Finalists: http://t.co/DtQAPWtDoO Meet @boltmotorbikes bringing two wheels to the digital eraThe very first Maker Faire was 10 years ago! Here's a look back at it. How many of you were there? http://t.co/wF7RZ0zfjYRT @MakerCon #MakerCon #LaunchPad Finalists Announced! http://t.co/DtQAPWtDoO Which would you choose for $5k + plenty of Make: love?RT @MakerCon Designed Everywhere. Made Here. http://t.co/NH6gPCmjT5 Great article on @open_desk Meet them @ #MakerCon #LaunchPadVoting is closed for the #PSoCMaker contest. Thanks to all who voted. Stay tuned for results! http://t.co/NUnsBPaLor http://t.co/JeQIjxCsGNThose weeds that you yank from your garden might be put to good use! Turn invasive plants into paper. http://t.co/xOXXeU2s2zThese "walkalong" tumbling gliders seem to defy gravity. They're incredibly simple to make too! http://t.co/5PnyLt3DXt@arstechnica, we tested to see if refrigerators work as faraday cages and they don't. Cocktail shakers do though! http://t.co/BXacKnnQvK@nickbilton, refrigerators don't work as faraday cages, but cocktail shakers do! we tested it! http://t.co/BXacKnnQvK
Counting down. Only a few hours left to cast votes in the first-ever #PSoCMaker Challenge presented by @CypressSemi: http://t.co/NUnsBPaLorDIY Open Source Reflow Oven http://t.co/FxWjvcYQ5YA few maker projects are still neck-and-neck in the #PSoCMaker Challenge voting - vote now to push one to the top! http://t.co/NUnsBPaLorToday's the last day to vote for Chipper. It's two quick clicks & a Captcha. And it would mean the world! #PSoCMaker http://t.co/mrAu6GoK5N
Retweeted by MAKECounting down! Vote for your favorite #PSoCMaker now and help send one project to @MakerFaire Bay Area next month: http://t.co/NUnsBPaLorRT @MakerCon Want to know what to expect at #MakerCon? Check out @scobleizer's great tour of the space http://t.co/1zBk1zYGPKCrazy. This Emulator Turns an Arduino Uno into an Apple II http://t.co/PxYD0037xp http://t.co/ZCuGDX27rLLast day to vote in the #PSoCMaker Pioneer Challenge! http://t.co/NUnsBPaLor - it's still a close race, your votes could decide the winners.#PSoCMaker Pioneer Challenge projects! Check out the Wirelessly controlled LED sign http://t.co/FyNwGRIxYm @make http://t.co/ouVwcpws6S
Retweeted by MAKEYour Vote Counts: Help Decide the Winners of the #PSoCMaker Challenge. http://t.co/QnjfHOXxLb | Make:
Retweeted by MAKE
The slime lamp is gooey, color changing, responds to heart beats, and is really cool. http://t.co/wTjpp7vMbOHack a Castle, a 5 week sustainability camp in France. http://t.co/tmUP4qf9iDIt looks like Jimmy The robot may be getting his own movie! http://t.co/iRTuj37wbfShoot Pictures with this Game Boy Camera Gun http://t.co/A454GatIlY http://t.co/Z6y37Y8ZnNGet to Know Onion Omega, a Tiny New Dev Board http://t.co/xYFooclLuC http://t.co/u0UkkumVfkTwo days remain to cast your votes for the #PSoCMaker Pioneer Challenge presented by @CypressSemi: http://t.co/NUnsBPaLor #VoteNow!
3D Robotics' New Solo Quadcopter: Dual Linux Processors, Unprecedented GoPro Control http://t.co/OR1d5bxHI9 http://t.co/OQrHrN2XP0This project is like looking into a mirror, but seeing your bones instead of your face! http://t.co/XAJtc9IFtXIf this dancing ipod nano robot doesn't make you smile, there's something wrong with you. http://t.co/jo8BjkOcjBKicksat gets approved by NASA for second attempt. Tiny DIY satellites in spaaaaaace! http://t.co/d3erZqdRkJVideo Walkthrough: Automatic Garden Watering and Data Logging with Arduino http://t.co/giEOt74L9Y http://t.co/iEZ1LBP1ZaHoverboards to Pitching Machines: 5 Clever Leaf Blower Hacks http://t.co/c7wXmYUqSkToday is Thomas Jefferson's birthday! Did you know he was an avid Maker? http://t.co/gQiCmqHOi9
Counting down the days - 4! - remaining to vote in the first-ever #PSoCMaker Challenge: http://t.co/NUnsBPaLor - help one maker win $2,500!RT @make: Make: Books author @IntelFuturist @21CRobot to be film star! http://t.co/IJ4enunJb7 Don't miss Jimmy @MakerFaire #makerfaireMake: Books author @IntelFuturist @21CRobot to be film star! http://t.co/IJ4enunJb7 Don't miss Jimmy @MakerFaire10 maker projects are competing for the first #PSoCMaker Challenge. Vote your favs daily through April 15: http://t.co/NUnsBPaLor #BLE #IoT
From bike data to #IoT robots, check out and vote in the first-ever #PSoCMaker Challenge: http://t.co/NUnsBPaLor - show your support!It's @BigNazo bots at @RobotBlockParty in Providence, RI right now! https://t.co/5kOeoXy0H3
Retweeted by MAKEDollar robots! From @FabNewport at today's @RobotBlockParty in Providence. https://t.co/aja9iFvURZ
Retweeted by MAKEcheck out @xactsense's LIDAR demo at @robotblockparty today. https://t.co/Jj96kGJdAC
Retweeted by MAKEYou can still vote for your favorite #PSoCMaker projects on the weekend! Cast votes everyday through April 15: http://t.co/NUnsBPaLor #IoTCome see us in Providence at the @RobotBlockParty today! Doors open at noon. http://t.co/LZhWNkM4sD http://t.co/wkCV5sDtbB
Gigabot Proves Even 3D Printing is Bigger in Texas http://t.co/djZbPr3MUT7 Maker Faire Exhibits Geared Towards Girls http://t.co/0KCKUjYuInSkill Builder: Cutting Perfect Breadboard Jumper Wires http://t.co/LVah0kaDwgElectric bicycle data collection and logging service http://t.co/l6JC5End7X via @sharethis #psocmaker
Retweeted by MAKECome and Vote for #PSoCMaker projects. This is the link for the Electronic Guide Dog project http://t.co/D29ykFm0eb
Retweeted by MAKE#PSoCMaker Vote for CYPRESS SMART SPIDER http://t.co/DlAgxS020R http://t.co/a9kpYYqhDk
Retweeted by MAKE#PSoCMaker Project #036: BLE to I2C Bridge in GAP Central Role http://t.co/6R11f2bpgy
Retweeted by MAKEAnother gorgeous and fun installation at the Market Street Prototyping Festival. Continues through the weekend. http://t.co/T2Hwq6RSvw
Retweeted by MAKEHere's how to make that 20' geodesic dome you've always wanted in the back yard this weekend. http://t.co/HvVaIF3kGq http://t.co/WTr5RXgg2qWe went to RoboGames last weekend and it was amazing. http://t.co/XDAfVLZNh2 http://t.co/fq64fLp5iiIt's a close race in the first-ever #PSoCMaker Pioneer Challenge. Vote for your fav makers: http://t.co/NUnsBPsmN1 http://t.co/vIKl2Ro4Q2@annrkiszt you can vote once per project per day through April 15th - your vote counts! Thanks for your support.RT @MakerCon New #MakerCon Speakers Added! Welcome @swurzel, @simonmonk2, @zach_shelby http://t.co/PMNVxnJVmV Meet them 5/12-13
Are we going to see you @RobotBlockParty at Brown Univ this weekend? it is free and full of robotic fun for all ages! Happy Robotics Week!
Retweeted by MAKEBefore the sun sets (or rise, it's a big round world after all!) be sure to cast your votes for your fav #PSoCMaker: http://t.co/NUnsBPaLorCast votes 4 your favorite #PSoCMaker Pioneer Challenge projects! Check out the Wirelessly controlled LED sign http://t.co/FyNwGRIxYm @make
Retweeted by MAKEWe're thrilled to announce the National Maker Faire is coming to Washington DC in June: http://t.co/7XduZjhy3IThis hanging sculpture responds to your presence with shape-changing, illuminated effects: http://t.co/gPBDcKwFFu http://t.co/N97POkELetWatch this Skywalker vs. Stormtrooper Endor Speeder-Bike Quadcopter Battle http://t.co/m4IgptuHxa http://t.co/XjRPoS0ka8Homemade FM Radio! Thanks @make makered http://t.co/j7xcSvvuxj http://t.co/LsYMgWRN5e
Retweeted by MAKEAspiring Iron Man Builds Working Exoskeleton, Lifts 170 Pounds http://t.co/QcP6QrA2yq@Ready4WorkMy it all begins with a good morning rise. We made S.M.A.R.T. clock for that: http://t.co/AWMMdKTuJx #IoT #IoTDay #MakerMovementRT @MakerCon We're all about #Startup Showcase today! Meet innovative companies changing the world at #MakerCon http://t.co/PAmo0SMNMbMeet Three: #MakerCon speakers @chenelaine, @psaffo + Dr. Glenn Green http://t.co/b5VN8R1tWJRT @MakerCon Like a #MakerFaire for #MakerPros, #MakerCon #Startup Showcase is not to be missed http://t.co/PAmo0SMNMbNo matter the timezone you're in, cast votes for your favorite international #PSoCMaker: http://t.co/NUnsBPaLor Winner goes to #MakerFaire!
There's still time to cast your votes today for your favorite #PSoCMaker. Send one project to #MakerFaire Bay Area: http://t.co/NUnsBPaLorDJI Phantom 3 Brings Long-Range FPV, 4k Recording http://t.co/5lrQP2s6S0 http://t.co/p8nlnBQTzRE3D Announces Low-Cost Hot End for 3D Printers http://t.co/bfUH7DxEc5Should We Stop Using the Word "Drone"? @AustinFurey from @FliteTest chimes in to give his perspective. http://t.co/Z36CnyzeYDCustom Flapjacks are Finally Here: PancakeBot Comes to Kickstarter http://t.co/TKRNfh3v4f http://t.co/dMeveh3V8lAnother day means another round of voting for your favorite #PSoCMaker projects! http://t.co/PbIAgyXH9A #VoteNow! http://t.co/mfazqn741ART @MakerCon Idea to Product http://t.co/4UUr4O90RS #MakerCon #Hardware Breakout Session 5/12 w/ @BOLTBoston, @haxlr8r + Julia Ko
How to make your own waterproof bike lights using soda caps! http://t.co/sZFJvzqHZKHow to make delightfully rustic twig pencils http://t.co/qE82CzbcOeThe Aquatrope is a beautiful and rideable sculpture with the goal of making you think about how important water is. http://t.co/xYprJH4eIASiri isn't the only robot you can boss around to get things done. Meet SPARC. http://t.co/zPiTGgBFRiCongrats to all the makers competing in the PSoC Pioneer Challenge. Now vote for your favorites! http://t.co/sIomU99Nr3 #PSoCMakerSword from Space! Blacksmith Forges Blade from Meteorite http://t.co/lvRdnybArp http://t.co/okGTv80zRjCelebrate #WorldHealthDay, build a Beatband Sleeve to track your heart rate while you workout: http://t.co/6bOp6o9TUh http://t.co/haUKqdZlzqYou can now cast votes for your favorite projects in the first-ever PSoC Pioneer Challenge presented by @CypressSemi: http://t.co/PbIAgyG5L0RT @MakerCon New #MakerCon Panel Added! 'Making in Science' http://t.co/Gmb8jctkdo #Neuroscience for the massesAaaaand we're closed. The #PSoCMaker Pioneer Challenge deadline has passed. You can now vote for your fav projects: http://t.co/NUnsBPaLor
Only 6 hours remain to enter your project in the PSoC Pioneer Challenge: http://t.co/NUnsBPaLor Enter & win a trip to #MakerFaire! #BLE #IoTYour books will appear to stand completely on your own with this quick freestanding bookend project. http://t.co/hCfH0I9eU4
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