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Larry Hryb @majornelson Born New Englander. In Seattle now

Working on the Xbox team since 2003 & Tweeting since 2006. I work on a lot of cool stuff at Microsoft. RT's Earned, Not given. Married to @thehappygirl

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No #PAXPrime for me today - but I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon to moderate the Scalebound demo + Q&A w/ @PG_kamiya I’ll make sure he gets it!
@xavrv THANK YOU! You and your team are a big part of the success.@ericleone @shadow211e thanks for coming to the show Eric. Great seeing you.Great time at #PAXPrime today but came home to no power. The high winds wrecked some power lines earlier. This will be a quiet evening.@oleteglbjaerg thanks for joining us at the show today !@Ry5ter it was ;)Thanks to everyone who came by for the #PAXPrime Podcast. We hope you had fun.@feliciaday thanks for joining us on the show today.We'll also have tons of cool prizes including games, accessories and hardware to give out. You won't want to miss it. Sphinx Theatre, 4p PT30 minutes until @feliciaday joins @thevowel @lauralollipop @jeffrubenstein and me on stage for our #paxprime podcast just need to show up at 4pm at Sphinx theater for my PAX Podcast and you may win one of these guys by and play Fable Legends ! am heading over to the @nvidia booth then it's time for the PAX podcast - see you at 4pm in the Sphinx theater (over at the Sheraton)Such great hardware at their booth! stuff I picked up the @thinkgeek booth at #PAXprime - the only place to get that Minecraft pin a few hours to go until Major Nelson Radio at PAX Prime with special guest @feliciaday. Hope to see you there That’s my Shining / Joker face :)Swing by the Xbox Booth at #PAXprime if you want to get your photo taken with Vault-Tec Boy Did you read the post? It’s pretty straight forward: can download and keep #BF4 Naval Strike right now, but time is running out.
Retweeted by Larry HrybCelebrate the upcoming Mad Max release with Mad Max Game and Custom Xbox One Console Giveaway @thevowel @lauralollipop @jeffrubenstein @feliciaday Not this year…sorryBut first, I'll be checking out the Windows 10 gaming hardware some of our partners showing off. Details here at 4pm in the Sphinx theater @ PAX join me @thevowel @lauralollipop @jeffrubenstein + @feliciaday for our PAX Prime Podcast. Be there!Getting ready for #paxprime day 2 - See you at the show ?
Whispering Willows now available for Xbox One. For a limited time XBL Gold members save 30% I'm down with that idea if @feliciaday is@TheMsVixen great seeing you. Glad you enjoyed the tour !Also: @feliciaday is going to join us for the Podcast tomorrow. Another great reason to stop by and join us.Great first day at #PAX2015 - I'll be back tomorrow for our annual live Podcast. Join us at 4pm in Sphinx. I'll have free stuff to giveawaySomething for you to do this weekend :)’ll have more to giveaway tomorrow at my Podcast. 4pm Sphinx theater nice meeting you - Enjoy PAX!The latest episode of This Week On Xbox is now avail on the What's On tab of your Xbox dashboard, or watch it here you weren't able to make last night's ID @ Xbox Pre-PAX Open House, here is a glimpse of the fun closed beta is here! Sign up for your chance to test Gigantic today! >>
Retweeted by Larry HrybBlues and Bullets – Episode 1 is now available for Xbox One Prime is super duper, absolutely, positively sold out. Sorry!! There are no badges available at the door for any of the four days.
Retweeted by Larry HrybCongrats to @jsimms52, @JohnRogen, @KevHalstead, @leonzandman and @triggles – they each won a set of this week's "Summer Spotlight" titles#FreeCodeFriday is now over. Randomly choosing the winners now.#FreeCodeFriday ends in 30 mins'll be heading to #PAXPrime2015 after Free Code Friday - see some of you there?#FreeCodeFriday time. Read this and you could win a free copy of this week's "Summer Spotlight" titles. Good luck. Nelson Radio returns to #PAXPrime2015 with special guest @feliciaday. She has a new book we'll be giving away chance to win a copy of this week's "Summer Spotlight" titles happens in one hour with #FreeCodeFriday#FreeCodeFriday - today after 11:00a ET/8:00a PT - Not sure what that means? This FAQ will get you started
Great evening of games at the @ID_Xbox Open House tonight. Thank you to everyone who joined us.Nova-111 is now available for Xbox One and for a limited time Xbox Live Gold members save 20% is all starting to line up….. Cage Closed is now available for Xbox One thanks. Let's do yea sometime. But I prefer espresso :)@jonhumbert not yet. But if you are at PAX this weekend we will have it in our booth.@jonhumbert you need to see it to believe it. The animations are fantastic.@LuiCalibre Great meeting you as well!LIVE on #Periscope: 🔴On The Air 🔴 From the Xbox Campus at the ID @ Xbox Open House. Playing lots of games ready to start welcoming fans to the ID@Xbox Pre-PAX Open House. Free food & games Of Empires: Castle Siege Is Now Available On Windows 10 play games with us tonight. Details here 12:30 PM PDT @pressplay_games will be streaming #projectknoxville #projectdwarka #projectkaroo for the first time!
Retweeted by Larry Hryb@therealcliffyb Congrats on the recent announcement ! I look forward to the next time we can catch up. My best to you and @L337LaurenPlus you can also get your hands on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller in our #PAXPrime2015 booth. Come try it out. you are going to #PAXPrime2015 this weekend stop by the Xbox booth (#412) for hands-on time w/ these games out the @PLTgaming Rig Flex LX headset for Xbox One-nice design/features on the headset adapter + great sound Seattle today? Consider this my invite to join us on the Xbox Campus for our @ID_Xbox Open House tonight has GONE GOLD! Get the latest on the upcoming demo, cars, tracks, and features here
Retweeted by Larry Hryb
You can offer feedback on the Black Ops III Beta here: Please Tweet us in case of any other Xbox support questions!
Retweeted by Larry Hryb@nickchester @jeffrubenstein @TheAlanJohnson @mnemosynekurai Good luck. My wife has been looking for on here for 14 years :(Congrats to @YouTubeGaming on their launch today. Welcome to SeattleICYMI: Rise of the Tomb Raider CE was announced earlier today game feels really good. Especially playing with the the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller ;) I totally meant to do that. Thanks to @EAMaddenNFL for making me look good out on the field. is ready for the @ID_Xbox Open House tomorrow - are you? Light Demo now avail for Xbox One. Download and get a taste of hair-rising zombie action ID@Xbox Pre-PAX Open House is tomorrow. Catch a free bus from WSCC to MS Campus. Join us! you are using #Windows10 - thank you! Banksy Dismaland concept and promo video are spot on Complete Edition is now available for Xbox One. Revisit Chicago in a new adventure Yes! Good eyes.#FireDrill Dadliest Catch now available for Xbox One and part of this week's Summer Spotlight a cheat sheet for those @Windows 10 shortcut keys? I’ve got one right here for you @claresiobhan ..and wee.@claresiobhan @AceyBongos Deal. He does have ticker qualities come to think of it….Congrats to the @Windows team on the success out this exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider Collector's Edition from @SquareEnix
Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Ed now avail for Xbox. Be a zombie goat in the zombie apocalypse Ninja now available for Xbox One. Xbox Live Gold members save 20% - Limited Time Offer This Week’s Deals with Gold includes a number of ID@Xbox titles, like @RoundaboutGame’t Starve: Giant Edition is now available for Xbox One. Includes Reign of Giants expansion're aware that some players are having trouble redeeming their XB1 BO3 beta tokens, the teams are working on this now.
Retweeted by Larry HrybCall of Duty: Black Ops III Multiplayer Beta begins 26 Aug. I hope to be playing it tonight for dropping by my @GearsofWar stream and congrats to those that won a copy of the game. Enjoy.We're LIVE! Join @jeffrubenstein and me as we live stream @GearsofWar - Plus you may win a copy of the gameGet a copy of Evolve for $19.99 (Save 50%) final week of Summer Spotlight features Goat Simulator: Mmore GoatZ Edition If @AceyBongos won't assist, let me know if you want some real co-op help :)Join @jeffrubenstein and me today at 5p ET/2p PT as we live stream @GearsofWar - Plus you may win a copy of the game
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