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Luka Jones @lukajones Los Angeles, CA

actor. philosophy phd. Kansas Jayhawk. Blackberry user. instagram -- http://t.co/C2xbnjxMPq

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I resent ppl who feel comfortable pressuring women to be feminine and men to be masculine. It disgusts me.Goodnight - #GD50 https://t.co/VpE71WMtpN
@literallyafool I like it when the twins are on the same team. #rockchalkjayhawkPalermo in Los Feliz has live accordion! https://t.co/Mki27dPkZj@jackiecarbajal telepathy@whatrosasaid Boo@brendonwalsh I know that you love me, Brendo! I love you too!So what is it that makes you wanna say negative shit about people's bodies?Interpret people charitably. Attempt to draw boundaries skillfully and with kindness.@march1994bieber ...benefit from keeping that brain/world fact in mind. It's part of good therapy, but not the only part.@march1994bieber I didn't say it was easy or that it was a cure. Just that ppl w anxiety and depression (which you seem more focused on)...@ItBeCarly and fascinating to me@ItBeCarly gotcha. I get weird feelings looking at more than just the teeth. But none freak me out.@march1994bieber cancer isnt psych condition. Anxiety & depression are. They seem tied into mental habits/beliefs related to brain chemistry@march1994bieber I didn't say realizing that fact CURES conditions. Think more carefully and breathe. It helps.@march1994bieber ppl with anxiety and depression often should do this. It can help manage those conditions. Your cancer example = disanalogy@ItBeCarly you're possibly trypophobic (google it but brace for possible triggers)
@RobinShorr I love that it's working with him@roryscovel @Home_Halfway that is beside the point!@Home_Halfway @roryscovel check the link I just tweeted@RobinShorr nice! super jealous just sitting on our hill@roryscovel Rory it's true! https://t.co/MOdyaYWtam@roryscovel they're for America's celebration of our Independence from the British@RobinShorr lean into ithappy bday usa -- https://t.co/spRJ7fTSSn@GillianJacobs GREATEST TEAM EVER@AuntieQs happy Saturday :)@DustinMartian @OnlineAlison we are hitting the top buddy! happy 4th, D!@jennyslate @zoeinthecities was talking about you and Zoe! I felt like a weirdo for a moment! happy bday america!@jennyslate @zoeinthecities (what a weirdo tweet from me)@jennyslate @zoeinthecities two too cool creatures@WillSasso I'd love to be the Dick to your Bush buddy!@OnlineAlison is this where I play your "dad" explaining boyfriends to you?@OnlineAlison is this a role play with boyfriend?@WillSasso HANDSOME@kumailn I still don't really get what reddit is or how to use it :(THE DARK KNIGHT RISES ends with Gotham being saved from an atom bomb and the ppl react w the emotional intensity of having seen a touchdownI love that Barry Switzer walked into the Boz's Texas high school cafeteria in a beaver fur coat to clinch his recruitment to OU football@nickthune CUTE@Pat_D_Quinn @thegynomite not claiming it's always easy@jlsnedegar yeah so they just have to win the championship... ugh we're fucked@jlsnedegar they gotta figure out a small lineup now and try the "new way" GSW won withpeople w anxiety and/or depression need to try to stay aware of how their brains can make the world seem more scary or depressing than it is
@ChrisGethard "WELL GUESS WHAT IT MISSED MAN"@RobinShorr @hayes_macarthur have fun! i was there during Jerry's 2nd to last show in 95. they played dylans Visions of Johanna!@hayes_macarthur my buddy is there - bet it's super fun@samscram hilarious and/or SEXY@AraAstourian I get there could be decent reasons for him, but yeah I think they would've had a good chance again. Really too bad.@literallyafool it is beautiful but we just went from contenders to non-contenders - do you agree?nothing matters now that DJ left the Clips@Judith_Godreche @Overnight_Movie sexy funny patriotic movieBelieve in the soul? Then watch this animated music video by @truthb4comfort. The Afterlife Party: https://t.co/dtr2gvbF8Q
Retweeted by Luka Jones@someofmybest fuck this@DesiJed sexist motherfucker@someofmybest thank youI just figured out that the 'Jeb' in Jeb Bush's name stands for John Ellis Bush. Fun!@littleesther SAMEUCB LA is largely where I learned how to perform and it's the main reason I ever got a job. It's also packed with talented people. #UCB10LA
The Most Memorable Moments in UCB's 10 Years in L.A. http://t.co/gim2MFe3F5 via @LAWeekly #UCB10LA http://t.co/UrcXxFZMyD
Retweeted by Luka JonesHappy 10 years in LA, @ucbtla! Thank you for providing safe harbor to all the finest weirdos in the land. #UCB10LA
Retweeted by Luka JonesI took this pic of @MattBesser @mrmattwalsh & @jimmysmalz the day @ucbcomedy moved into the Franklin theater 6/21/05. http://t.co/SFYnnC5hOX
Retweeted by Luka Jones@laurenlapkus beautiful@literallyafool oh yes I agree that one should be open to some growth/change/modification - but many seem to more deeply hide who they areWhy be in a romantic relationship if you are not gonna be completely yourself?It was an honor to guest-host this month's "Only in Monroe." CBS has some big shoes to fill. https://t.co/pkeoiwBnmt #LSSC
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One groovy thing about having solid baseline self-confidence is that it's easy to admit when you don't understand something.welcome back to LA @paulpierce34 - so excited to see you play for a team of mine for the first time since Allen Fieldhouse! #RCJH #GoClips@rjasonscales SO COOL@Bearshaker thanks! it's big timeThe 4th of July is on Saturday. Society should keep running smoothly on the 3rd of July. But it won't bc holidays suck.Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, 1976 http://t.co/xIlUBRxAUk
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hey @realDonaldTrump if you win the GOP nomination - I will let you give me a hand job #incentive@johnnypemberton seems like a reasonable guessNew season of The Meltdown with Jonah & Kumail! Tonight on @ComedyCentral 12:30 AM! @vulture did a great piece on us. http://t.co/SS3PCTm3sR
Retweeted by Luka Jones@mholland85 @DisneyPixar they have movies in Hawaii?@johnnypemberton yeah wtf was that about?
honestly fuck cats man@SaraJBenincasa no way jose - the best performance improv is art@benmiller also my tweet was about the methodology of academic philosophy not the theories (which are sometimes or often incorrect)@benmiller that's not talked about in academic philosophy really I don't thinkLast Nite I Celebrated My 50th Year As An Entertainer✨ Follow THAT you Bitches👻
Retweeted by Luka Jones@benmiller Like what?@JensenClan88 @halrudnick @WojYahooNBA fucking coolThe logical rigor of academic philosophy is almost unimaginable to the uninitiated.You know that part of some of you that makes it difficult to be happy for friends? Don't embrace it, work with your therapist to fix it.@thismyshow I don't doubt it! Thanks for the sweet tweet. Might try to bring This Show Is Not Funny there next year. Go DCM, go UCB!Drawing boundaries in order to get yourself out of legitimate obligations can be messed up as hell.@joerogan @tomsegura so good@Toddmasterson BOOM
@jonboyer such a literalistI just think my dick is the bee's knees.@AuntieQs ice cream@vornietom it's math but whateverLA today during sunset from my home. http://t.co/rn4yV39gfN@JonahHill Such a cool film.@heidi_rene I've tried it@jonahray @kumailn wait what place has Track & Field?@SaraJBenincasa the kindness of truth@DesiJed i first thought this was a feeding-from-cock tweet but then realized my mistake@SaraJBenincasa no bc they don't exist
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