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Blogger at La Petite Fashionista - #GirlBoss @ LPF Media & founder of the #SocialMediaWithStyle Workshop! Lover of coffee, arm parties & social media!

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Happy Friday, friends! No full post today, so instead check out my 11 must have DIY supplies! http://t.co/pas6aCLYGN http://t.co/dUG4jSMfT5
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaA peek inside my summer makeup bag! Lately I'm loving @ilovepacifica's natural beauty line! What… https://t.co/umT7PI9Kzq
Can't believe I'm getting ready for my @cycfitness #springintochange finale ride! It's been an amazing 8 weeks! 🙌💕@elizalmcmullen thank you for tweeting! 😊💕If you want to find a job you love, identify your "sweet spot" - where your passions and strengths intersect. via @lpfashionista
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaStarting a new series on LPF, #BlogToBiz- I'm sharing my honest stories & insights about being a new… https://t.co/YIEiDbyoPrOMG @jessicaalba 👏👏👏👏!! So deserved and so proud!! #hardworkandadream #honestlife #womeninpower #shutitdown xoRZ http://t.co/7NorbeUjHU
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaSharing honest stories of being a new #entrepreneur in my new "Blog to Biz" Series on LPF! http://t.co/Y4ngdhfvT2 http://t.co/JKRFWuXZrvBlog to Biz: Getting Started http://t.co/zPjQn97NBR on @bloglovinReverse Engineering to Reach Any Life Goal You Set http://t.co/PQRXaiQ2Pz
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@lakeshore_lady happy birthday girlfriend! 💗A Better Way to Introduce Yourself as a Freelancer or Blogger >> http://t.co/aBRRxI2RPc via @NectarCollect #blogging #freelance
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaGorgeous!! @_thebrunetteone @shopbop i had a pair of @SchutzShoes I was eyeing up too!Ever wanted to have a coffee date & pick my brain about social media or blogging? Here's your chance!… https://t.co/0L7rOhvR4W#PITCH DAY IS HERE! Our #duspring2015 students give it their all. Watch live at 10AM with DTV http://t.co/LWO0Af2RrM http://t.co/Gm4ojpmXTs
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaMy girl @lpfashionista is hosting an amazing @Shopbop giveaway! Enter here: http://t.co/J54AapUCJB #giveaway
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@nicolemelv I'll have to ask if the foil is real/ photoshopped into the logo! My girl @mydiy_life has a good tutorial!http://t.co/dcq4jenB7sI knew there was a reason! http://t.co/N5D3eXN6k5 CC: @BacheloretteABCWe love these gorgeous biz cards from @moo by @iworepantsblog for her new podcast tiebreakerspodcast!… https://t.co/YWQtyWCY0i
Instagram #OOTD Roundup & $50 Shopbop Giveaway http://t.co/ZrX3KPs88I on @bloglovinRain, rain go away- if I had these @Target boots maybe I'd go play! http://t.co/lLfJr98007 http://t.co/fX2xvPi6AZHow daring will you be today? Check out the #BelieverTee available at http://t.co/6P5RdYI9gJ. 💄👠❤️💋… https://t.co/4PKFsJ41eG
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@312Beauty @BabyFootUSA ahh so tempted to try this. Great review!@earnesthomeco loved this post Erin! My guy & I are going through something similar discussing moving in & renovating his family farmhouse!I'm sharing 6 beat the heat summer hairstyles & trying out the half-up top knot! http://t.co/l0UQwvWZhr http://t.co/MgTr3xNUUS
Impressive @IKEAUSA hacks for the office... because we could always use a refresh. http://t.co/KEtC5uvPqt #DIY http://t.co/sSEfAOhnkP
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaCan't decide which goodies to buy from the @Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale (up to 40% off y'all..)! http://t.co/53A0tUyu56@PoorLilItGirl i feel ya girl! Trying to get back in the swing after traveling!6 Beat the Heat Summer Hairstyles http://t.co/2pTFodB3zc on @bloglovinA new #lpfootd on http://t.co/awxhTlXQI2 ft @shopperchonline! 💗 P. S. I also linked to a ton of… https://t.co/dzcY3rCfTiIf you're struggling to figure out what type of biz to start, ALWAYS go with your passion. ALWAYS! @TheAlishaNicole http://t.co/Avg6YeIzk1
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaHow Successful People Work Less and Get More Done http://t.co/S2A09DABTi @BizWomenExperts #success #balance http://t.co/wOcjpohtmA
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaWorking out some concepts for upcoming e-courses for #SocialMediaWithStyle! What social media/… https://t.co/YfeXeI6MFw
Some major late night summer #pinspiration happening! Join in on the fun >> https://t.co/J97i3SgyfZ http://t.co/PBRco7tJEaFinally, a maxi dress that looks great on petite gals in my new #ootd ft @ShopPerchOnline! 💗 http://t.co/x58YQhs43P http://t.co/SHtOLw4g1TMeet The Next Generation Of Rising Tech Stars http://t.co/VW5khM9HSP via @refinery29 http://t.co/Q4wceUsm4f
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaWorking on a concept for my next e-course! What #socialmedia/blogging skills do you want to learn to help you take things to the next level?If your weekend is getting rained out like mine is, head over to LPF for some sunny Hawaiian happy… https://t.co/GfQarhpRhS
Headed to a bachelorette party wearing a maxi from fab new boutique @shopperchonline! New #lpfootdhttps://t.co/UGGvigODhYBlack Maxi + Sunset Clutch http://t.co/ob8frSbsAI on @bloglovin
Happy #FriYAY.. check out my Hawaiian Happy Hour w/ @palmbreeze! http://t.co/ng4QDPWRK7 #VacayEveryday #CleverGirls http://t.co/TLIqDzeudY@Racked @hm Love ALL of this!Neon swimwear, pineapple accessories, and more fun stuff from @hm’s summer line: http://t.co/sLhDodiNkV http://t.co/VLkiviarxb
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista#FF @danielleadairz @DanaMalstaff @OneWomanShop @ValleyGirlShow @_misslamb @wonderwomentech @lpfashionista @MiraJohnson @Hashtag_Hustler
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaHappy Friday- I'm sharing a Hawaiian Happy Hour w/ @PalmBreeze! http://t.co/ng4QDPWRK7 #VacayEveryDay #CleverGirls http://t.co/dT14OeLYHcVacay Every Day: Hawaiian Happy Hour http://t.co/5Ib2HVUfov on @bloglovin#ff TGIF! @SarahSloboda @jhines647 @vsmorugov @Wiggletot @studioHpaper @colupufesubo @karinjandrews @perrowah @bizdarling @lpfashionista
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Afternoon inspiration break with @ HGTV Mag & @NakedJuice 💕🙌 #lpfreads https://t.co/dM3bMZ8FMkHow Mobile Tech and Social Media Are Merging to Change the Shopping Experience http://t.co/3bP15vXCCC by @ZooZpayments
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaSummer is about to get a lot more colorful! My fav picks under $60 on the blog #happyshopping! http://t.co/5kWMPDZgDV http://t.co/rVOc6AeG5r@jenmarcus @KeoniHudoba @cycfitness Love the #CYCLife!Couldn't be prouder of my beautiful sister @alliemfelix for scoring her dream job & moving to… https://t.co/9J6kEeku3p
Music to our ears! You’ve done such an awesome job, can’t wait to celebrate! https://t.co/hOCF7TQbrq
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaWorkout #ootd for @Cycfitness tonight! The last 7 weeks of the #SpringIntoChange challenge have been… https://t.co/UlsQUx2lZcThe Best Books for a #girlboss http://t.co/GpbP0QrCTc via @lpfashionista #FemaleEntrepreneurs
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@jaclynmullen absolutely! I'll shoot you an email Jaclyn :)A little #Wednesdaywisdom from @jennakutcher. There are three days left till the long week… http://t.co/yrNjXHHpaE http://t.co/TpgOcPzMaM
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaCouldn't be prouder of my sis @alliemfelix- she moves to #SanFran tomorrow for her dream job! I love her heart & hustle! Any tips for her?A colorful #OOTD & everything you need to create your own DIY #armparty today on the blog! http://t.co/ISgBMiY1mp http://t.co/s7T8ormScgPoscasting can allow you to collaborate with other people across the country. #community #smbmad
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista10 Creative Instagram Accounts That Inspire >> http://t.co/WMGCTdOSuu #Create #Photography http://t.co/Oj4rxGIwob
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaJoining the @shopthebbar link-up this month—check out everyone's take on the future! The future freaks me out: http://t.co/84X7OGtvYw
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaA colorful (DIY!) #armparty today on LPF! Love making these bracelets 💕 https://t.co/Okys1tNNE2
Salt in the air & sand in my hair in today's new #ootd on http://t.co/awxhTlXQI2 🌴💕 https://t.co/JzM6dh3gsfSalt in the Air, Sand in My Hair http://t.co/LQpnrGzjU9 on @bloglovinHahaha @keep, you have the best email subject lines ever 😂💕 http://t.co/ukZjOLRXjlYAY!! #TeamKatelyn! So excited for #thebachelorette, I know she'll keep it entertaining!Bring passion to everything you do, instead of trying to “find it” outside of yourself. (image via @HuffingtonPost) http://t.co/Gh8wEIcGgU
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaDid you hear? @KateSpadeNY is having a suprise sale! Shop here:http://t.co/dDeaSsMCo0 | My fav:http://t.co/KqlqBbEUsH http://t.co/e2EBvlBjNj
Rhubarb marg & party planning! 💗 #lpfeats @ El Dorado Grill https://t.co/9OTJpsvIBxLearn how to make this sweet spring bouquet! http://t.co/ESih9fX30F http://t.co/t3nLujVDEj
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaLove this #Snapchat tutorial from @thecoveteur. Looks like @evachen212 wins the best snapchat award! http://t.co/FSIl9XqZCC
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaA pretty in pink rocksbox gem! Try out the service (it's like Netflix for jewelry!) for free for 1… https://t.co/d7rm8le8mRMovement creates vitality. Sit less, move more throughout your day. http://t.co/mUhQCqMlpN via @graceandgritllc
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaLoving these summer style steals >> Neon Sandals: http://t.co/VIgZFd2fxh | Palm Print Romper: http://t.co/aO6tqCWjBD http://t.co/Xug9KpDnroThe future is now! 3D printing targets the makeup aisle. http://t.co/lokr5yNhv4 http://t.co/7MJYYmUz52
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaStress less! #quotes http://t.co/ZKrafgSthZ
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaColorful summer finds (under $60!) & styling tips in today's post: http://t.co/5kWMPDZgDV http://t.co/QvPKwoFKS1Colorful Summer Style Inspiration http://t.co/A4DUpQBVQ8 on @bloglovin
Beautiful flowers in memory of a beautiful lady! We will miss you Nana 🌸 https://t.co/Pe6Clxuczj
Such a beautiful gift & daily reminder from alialistone of justthe2ofusjewelry! 💗 I love it so much! https://t.co/yDsJGDN0SDThe #PrettyGirlsMusicVideo definitely gives me some old school Britney flashbacks! http://t.co/DVSicLF8ybAs @MadMen_AMC comes to a close, here are 5 #PR lessons from Don Draper and Co via @PRDaily http://t.co/rvWZTYPXbH
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaTo Work For Free, Or to Not Work For Free http://t.co/zrxy0ymT6C
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaCan't wait to celebrate @sensible_jen's 400th (!!) ride at @cycfitness this morning w/ @alialistone- no better way to start the day!@26NotCounting @SarahLagen @WhiteOakCreativ @MeganJedlinski Can't tell you how much I loved talking with you inspiring ladies! xoMasterminded with the best of them tonight. Thanks for being so great @SarahLagen @WhiteOakCreativ @lpfashionista @MeganJedlinski!
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaWas so great meeting you @tarynnicolita! Thank you for coming :)@elizalmcmullen aw, thank you so much for the well wishes! I can' tell you how much I appreciate it :)Great, actionable tips on how to make $ doing what you love via @FastCompany! http://t.co/OWSiuLwBI9
My summer accessorizing motto.. when in doubt add some turquoise! 💗👌 A new #lpfootd on… https://t.co/aiJZfQ4saTSo thankful for the opportunity to speak about my passion for social media at amfam #dreambank! Loved… https://t.co/yVF3l6xN99
50 Motivational Quotes From Disruptive, Trailblazing, Inspiring Women Leaders http://t.co/9IAdQrOMzE by @kristyrampton
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaOn Mondays, we wear monograms! Get the look >> http://t.co/nwcYKOvSGo #monogram #preppy http://t.co/YxNk5lrHKkOn Mondays, we wear monograms! 😉💕>> Get the look via liketoknow.it http://t.co/BaZWXuLPWV https://t.co/eqRtVfoXw15 tips for feeling confident on the blog today (link in profile). I love this photo. It's from our… https://t.co/2TpIS2UeNJ
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista#Madison #SmallBiz owners, last day to sign up for tomorrow's social media talk at @DreamBankMSN! So excited :) http://t.co/48mRFulDnxCongrats! Such a happy space :) @DomestiKateBlog @houzzoh joy answers / the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make... http://t.co/2IRnHGjTHn
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaLooking to spruce up your #Instagram feed? I've got just the thing to get you started! http://t.co/ucCQgjF5Fi http://t.co/atKbPB4AZv
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