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Flaming Liberal. RW asshats: be gone or be blocked. I don't cast my pearls before swine.

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Eerily empty Second Avenue after #Juno #nyc http://t.co/Pue9uQAjHHDiscrimination faced by Loretta Lynch while growing up in NC (WaPo) http://t.co/CJseoqb9xH
Retweeted by Holly Tooker70 years ago Auschwitz was liberated. Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Let us remember the millions murdered by the Nazis.
Retweeted by Holly TookerSenate Dems Join GOP Attack On Financial and Environmental Regs Shame on @senklobuchar #p2 http://t.co/dJjGqiMPZ0Not so much #snow but a lot of hype #Juno #nyc @ Manhattan New York, N Y http://t.co/fwdSqcxmca
Today Rush Limbaugh warned that blizzard is likely a hoax b'cuz the weather service has been corrupted by liberals: http://t.co/KtuaiZzgYT
Retweeted by Holly TookerBway cancelled? Remember how we waited in line at the Alvin for tix cancellations to sold-out"Annie" in '77. Orch seats! Special nite!#snow coming down hard in #manhattan #snowpocalypse #Juno #blizzard #nyc http://t.co/ZpqPsRRiHu#snow is sticking now #snowpocalypse #Juno #blizzard #nyc @ Manhattan New York, N Y http://t.co/8PHi9z8mLuWith #SarahPalin back God has opened a #trapdoor @SMShowWith freezing temperatures likely this week, remember to put out fresh water for birds. Please share. #Winterwatch http://t.co/wkL0E86m3E
Retweeted by Holly TookerIn 1947, people gathered in #TimesSquare to read news signs on record-breaking snow. Stay safe for #blizzardof2015! http://t.co/WYHHtiLw8R
Retweeted by Holly TookerRT @tomandlorenzo: #DowntonAbbey review: It's all gowns and quips now. http://t.co/eNbaopPJ43 interesting! Also read @guardian recapLook at all the men standing and clapping for equal pay for women! http://t.co/O8AQyJBf3p
Retweeted by Holly TookerDropkick Murphys to Scott Walker: Quit using our #music; 'we literally hate you' -http://t.co/gaTEXnAC1a @ckchumley http://t.co/MaOOu6edp3
Retweeted by Holly TookerHope @Andy catches Guardian's snark-laden #DowntonAbbey recap. #WWHL idea: panel of wittiest DA recappers for #DowntonPBS finale!Downton Abbey recap: series five, episode four – dangerously close to an actual plot http://t.co/LXsesDcXaWIf Shrimpy can find lost people why hasn't he been put on the trail of Michael Gregson? #DowntonAbbeyNew restaurant with brick wall & graffiti with the best solution - a cool mural #pizzabeach #ues #nychttp://t.co/HTTONoQcOIIgnorance is dangerous..Disneyland measles outbreak leaves many selfish anti-vaccination parents unmoved http://t.co/0hcB1zrT51 #UniteBlue
Retweeted by Holly Tooker
Even if it works, DR Ben Carson wld still trash it bec Obama http://t.co/3VwRpJdifeHuckabee says on radio he lives in “bubbaville” unlike “bubbleville” in NYC/LA/DC. He lives in $2M beachfront property and drives a Lexis.
Retweeted by Holly TookerRT @ArthurA_P: Human Trash Sarah Palin Poses With 'Fuc_ You Michael Moore' Crosshairs Sign At Gunshow http://t.co/K0XOZFCIUa Cl_ssy! #p2Let's be clear: Hyde is NOT federal law, it's BAD policy & it denies health coverage to low income women. #HydeHurts #Roe4All #StopHR7
Retweeted by Holly Tookerincreasingly evident that #Boehner invite to #Netanyahu has backfired and will result in less Congressional support for #Iran sanctions
Retweeted by Holly TookerGOP says #KXL is about USA They said "No" to US steel; NE land is being sized by Transcanada. You buying this? #Veto http://t.co/eX1H1vmZYS
Retweeted by Holly TookerDon’t Believe the Hype: GOPer Women Didn’t Stop Abortion Bill, Obama Turned The Lights On, Roaches Fled http://t.co/TCVBW8oOqb #UniteBlue
Retweeted by Holly Tooker#GOP obstructed economic recovery for 6 years. Sabotage America's foreign policy? #Boehner #Netanyahu Is this treason? @Morning_Joe
Retweeted by Holly TookerHow much has Kansas left on the table by not expanding #medicaid? http://t.co/4fl5IkniEr #ksleg #brownback @AFPKansas http://t.co/bbQmQEEzPv
Retweeted by Holly Tooker“@NursingNerdist: The best discharge instructions are straight to the point. http://t.co/5G7YpBD7Ff” ht @emergencypdx
Retweeted by Holly TookerMidnight #snow has become slush. #Macaroon - not happy with his #winter getup. #cute #chihuahuahttp://t.co/kskAdxpynEThe generosity is overwhelming. http://t.co/yBhGkxhprq
Retweeted by Holly TookerHere's a video I wrote for Christina Hendricks - (spoiler, we both agree with the president.) http://t.co/kXEwVHH46k http://t.co/lTquID6pij
Retweeted by Holly TookerBoo frickin hoo #BernieMadoff. Your sons were tarnished by YOU. Your crimes! Look in the mirror when you're angry.
Happy news for same-sex couples waiting to tie the knot in Alabama. A judge struck down ... http://t.co/Kx2UQ5sKas http://t.co/c17ObtiM2b
Retweeted by Holly TookerStand up for UR right to know what's in UR food ! Boycott @smuckers 4 🚧blocking🚧 GMO labeling ! @TheGOPJesus @pgoeltz http://t.co/VRLAIRm11N
Retweeted by Holly Tooker@LisaVanderpump Marriage Equality is FINALLY in Alabama! #LoveIsLove Please RT your support! <3
Retweeted by Holly TookerThis woman just drove by. Y'all, the movement lives. STL. http://t.co/r96B78tV16
Retweeted by Holly TookerRT @jameshaning: Nashville Christian School Rejects Two-Dad Family: http://t.co/oar1Lom7Ks #LGBT http://t.co/mEY2Kk3iDC | "Christian." Ha.
Retweeted by Holly TookerRumors of the DOJ response on #DarrenWilson mean one very simple thing: The fight continues. Because our kids MUST be able to walk home.
Retweeted by Holly TookerThese are the Democrats who voted against abortion coverage, Wall Street reform, and the environment http://t.co/XNyYMWIaUu via @dailykos
Retweeted by Holly TookerWish you @bpshow had asked Jared Polis why he voted to weaken Dodd Frank @peterogburnJohn McCain and Steve Schmidt thought this former Governor from Alaska was qualified to be POTUS. http://t.co/39gL4mB11P
Retweeted by Holly TookerMitch McConnell Cut Off Keystone XL Debate So Republicans Can Meet With The Koch Brothers http://t.co/WK6vpmj3qM via @politicususa
Retweeted by Holly TookerMade with @instaquoteapp. #instaquote http://t.co/b82XILuZajMade with @instaquoteapp. #instaquote @ Cooper Hewitt http://t.co/iH0WKZdkWP#ProjectRunwayAllStars I hated that print of Michele's so much I wldnt even put it in a scrap quilt.#DeflateGate is the perfect story for a mature person like @SMShowSomeone please tell #JohnRoberts his legacy at #SCOTUS is pure shit. His name forever reviled. #RWactivistsThe Supreme Court may be about to gut another civil rights law http://t.co/vmteePSa1c http://t.co/2E3ORlmETJ
Retweeted by Holly TookerHow wood u like judge, employer & republican between u & ur doctor http://t.co/2ib5cIU4ZC #UniteBlue #prochoice #RF http://t.co/a2Sj1E1qUY
Retweeted by Holly TookerFew things that prevent #abortion: #sexed,free family planning,free daycare,safety net NOT #MarchForLife! #prochoice http://t.co/ylzGFLicxg
Retweeted by Holly TookerAn eye-opening portrait by @DonteStallworth of Tom Cotton, "The Senate's Newest Unapologetic Hawk." http://t.co/HPJXq2BniE
Retweeted by Holly TookerSounds like Jared Polis is against #fasttrack @bpshow but you didn't ask!.@bpshow surprised me with congrats on "my" LA Critics nomination. Here's info on the play: One In The Chamber https://t.co/Wk5pJl9wq7
Retweeted by Holly Tooker#SaudiArabia The whole world is watching and waiting for you to #FreeRaif http://t.co/AjmIP9CgCO
Retweeted by Holly TookerNo candidate would be dumb enough to bow to an anti-immigrant demagogue -- except Christie, Carson, Cruz, Huckabee, Perry, Santorum & Walker
Retweeted by Holly TookerThis Essential Oil Shows Signs of Killing Lung, Oral and Ovarian #Cancer http://t.co/avyiY93Q0C http://t.co/9zjiBk9Gvc
Retweeted by Holly TookerHey #tcot...if one offends you but the other makes you proud, you're a hypocrite. http://t.co/Doe6g1Mibr
Retweeted by Holly TookerMemo to @GovMikeHuckabee If you wish to live in a theocracy may I recommend Iran? You'd fit right in. #p2Huckabee: America Needs To Know Laws 'Come From God,' Not Man --- not here in the U.S. asshole http://t.co/4NiKltBjaf
Retweeted by Holly TookerThe last time @SMShow talked any about a bunch of balls was high-strung tour director @rolandscahill .
Retweeted by Holly TookerMy drawing of King Abdullah and President Bush http://t.co/rtBIng5xID
Retweeted by Holly TookerWhy aren't we just calling what the GOP does what it truly is: TREASON @bpshow @peterogburn"I'm not a scientist. But luckily, gynecology isn't a science." - Republicans
Retweeted by Holly TookerWe are the country that eliminated Polio and gave anti-vaxxers the freedom to try to bring it back.
Retweeted by Holly TookerSaudi King Abdullah has died; members of the Bush family to be flown at half-mast.
Retweeted by Holly Tooker
@maddow please tell the Koch Bros I'm not willing to risk my drinking water for their energy profits. Thanks! #maddow
Retweeted by Holly TookerSix Weeks’ Paid Leave Opposed By People With Thirty-Three Weeks’ Paid Leave http://t.co/D47ZEuJj7m via @newyorker
Retweeted by Holly TookerJohn Riggins still a bozo @hardball_chrisNo harm done by #DeflateGate because Colts could've cheated too? @hardball_chris Who's this bozo?Thanks so much! RT @MarthaPlimpton: Yes! Michael Douglas celebrates #roe42! #WarOnWomen It's over IF YOU WANT IT. http://t.co/c2jNbZaUJ1
Retweeted by Holly TookerThe case of deflated NFL footballs inflated into the lead story tonight on each of the network evening newscasts.
Retweeted by Holly TookerFunny, but I can't think of a single instance when government dictated men's health decisions. I am #7in10forRoe
Retweeted by Holly TookerDems who voted against abortion funding --> RT @timothysw: @ryannewyork Collin Peterson (MN-07), Dan Lipinski (IL-03), Henry Cuellar (TX-28)
Retweeted by Holly TookerGun Lobbyists Seek Extraordinary Veto Power Over Attorney General Nominee http://t.co/bkCcc5PSXB via @thinkprogress
Retweeted by Holly TookerOne GOPer voted against their latest #abortionbill@edshow Yes, it's cheating. But aren't there more important things to discuss??
Retweeted by Holly TookerFox is banned in Canada - as they are unable to be factual - now the French have had enough. http://t.co/PLglvHtFnR http://t.co/BPeCMwa6nN
Retweeted by Holly TookerDante confirms that QBs are at one with their balls @edshow Ludicrous to believe #Brady didn't notice #DeflateGateAnd rape. Defining and redefining rape. Who better to do this than mostly male politicians and mostly male pundits.
Retweeted by Holly Tookeralso missing apostrophe on this one RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: Rand Paul deleted his education tweet with the misspelling http://t.co/AMGXZqVHYf
Retweeted by Holly TookerHey GOP. You do know we can hear you, Right? Merciless GOP Determined to Split-Up Families. http://t.co/p2LbXPv0p9 http://t.co/NXZ449HU0F
Retweeted by Holly TookerThat thing where you're trying to mock your rivals' education policies and you misspell "friendship." http://t.co/xz2zUMrdlo
Retweeted by Holly TookerRand Paul deleted his education tweet with the misspelling mocked by Bush aide but it’s still on his Facebook: http://t.co/rsY7ldGxQj
Retweeted by Holly TookerSo #Brady admitted he chose #DeflatedBalls (his preferred kind) Does anyone believe he didn't notice? #DeflateGate @edshowRT @07lovechild: "@milesjreed: http://t.co/yd9DRpP3AP" #RoeVsWade #Roe42 \ Well, the beginning of the end. A long way to go, still.
Retweeted by Holly TookerFuck all you #patriots apologists #DeflateGate@kellabeck Yeah, Congress will screw us while everyone is worried about "balls"
Retweeted by Holly Tooker@kellabeck IKR! Ridiculous what AMERICA passes for priorities! #BallGate2015
Retweeted by Holly Tooker#DeflateGate only contributes to the cynicism of the American public. #NFL #nojustice anywhereThank god there's nothing crucial happening so we can devote all airtime to #DeflateGate !League has not talked to him? Wonder if lawyers/agents involved as middlemen. #Brady
Retweeted by Holly TookerAt 6: Sure, they might as well have said "Football? What's a Football?" OTOH the #Belichick and #Brady news conferences were funniest evah!
Retweeted by Holly TookerNo we've learned that #Brady is a very poor liar. He didn't notice? @smerconishIf the Colts guy noticed the #DeflateGate balls why didn't #Brady? It's his life's blood and he doesn't notice? #unbelievableOMG! The Nixon defense! Worked for him, right Tom? #DeflateGateDeflating 11/12 footballs sets a beautiful example, Tom! #DeflateGateAnd of course it has a twitter handle already. @RonanFarrowThey misspelled "Canaan" @ZeevBA @maysoonzayid
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