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John Wilker @jwilker Denver, CO 80205

Organize events, event consulting. It's all about Community! 360|iDev, 360|intersect, Part of GoCode CO & Started Ignite Denver. Love Technology

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Discount for Diversity! Represent! Code: ios2015diversity_341 #iosdev #iosgames #ConnectedGov #Govtech #lgbttech #IoT http://t.co/pofOSO7DRX
Retweeted by John Wilker@tcabeen My desires are …. unconventional.Yeah nothing borked about that. http://t.co/5YnKIqXPmP@DazeEnd @justin If Nap possible status = indie@thatmiddleway Yeah i get little flies a lot, and the nematodes get em before they start. Right now have aphids on my mint so ladybugs away!@thatmiddleway oh nice. I just do Amazon. This year it's ladybugs and nematodes@mbernier @nwilker won't let me!Can we make the Beats 1 request lines light up for ‘Almost Dropped My iPhone’? http://t.co/oBMoeb4eNf
Retweeted by John Wilker@anildash @Prince3EG Agreed, of any artist he seems to be the most focused on not letting others control his destiny.@quetwo Sounds kinda terrifying. “Oh so cute a lady…. OUCH IT BIT ME!!”@quetwo Lady bug carpet bombing commencing in 3, 2..When gardening 3 stories up downtown, you order ladybugs on the internet because local ones can’t find out. Also, internet ladybugs!@rjowen LOL. The only logical conclusion to the thread.We're excited to rock out for y'all on the 4th! We'll be playing 5:30-7pm. http://t.co/3pma2oSOOv
Retweeted by John Wilker@rjowen Amazing how fast this went to a dark place…. ew@rjowen I like the the Zodac one. Especially because it lends to “Don’t make me get all Zodac on you!”@rjowen Don’t we all@rjowen Beastman is my spirit… villain@rjowen I’m almost…. completely terrified to know what you thought. Also what you thought about me!?RE Last tweet. http://t.co/SG58VCQw8BWell i can retire, now. Can add a Beastman bust to my collection. Mission accomplished.Vote for our #DENStartupWeek panel here: http://t.co/iyVavlwfFz #crowdfunding #womenwhostartup #womenintech @DENStartupWeek
Retweeted by John Wilkerwho’s being interviewed on beats 1? If you don’t know turn it on count to 30. you’ll know in 5, but you’ll hear it 2 more times as well@octothorpe AI is real, and it’s here on the radio.@LordBron THE WORLD!!!@octothorpe tru… ALWAYS ON! NUMBER ONE SONG …th.. Be interesting to see how their energy is in 2 months LOL@octothorpe What was that? oh Always on, because it’s said every 32 seconds…So Beats 1. Chatty repetitive DJs… Just like non internet radio. World record! Number 1 song! Number 1! In the world!Reminder: Uber’s new privacy policy states it’ll sell your activities and locations (including your home) to anyone it wants.
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@bcbroom mmm interesting.Huh @pebble time firmware update out. Fails to download :(@briannhinton @Pebble Yes please!You're running out of time to save $150 on your @release_notes Early Bird ticket. Now's the time to pull the trigger. http://t.co/dCK0PAX6ai
Retweeted by John WilkerNOOOOOOOOOO https://t.co/nFrMW1prsK#DENStartupWeek would not be possible without the generous support of all of our sponsors. Become a supporter today! http://t.co/s2WnsVAhlY
Retweeted by John Wilker@behrens sweet I'll take a look@behrens sweet, will take a look. Wii U or 3DS?@brentholio That’s my guess too but would be awesome if not. guess I’ll have to play with it and see.I didn’t realize how much i rely on Fantastical 2, until i stopped using it. Hoping there’s a beta during the El Capitan beta!@behrens I’ve never played a Kirby game, i’m missing out?So with AppleMusic or whatever it’s called, do i need to keep paying for iTunes Match?Apple, it's still morally bankrupt and legally very questionable to assume people read a contract they can't possibly adequately assimilate.
Retweeted by John WilkerHey @saurik am i reading things right that the current 8.3 compatible jailbreak is windows only?
@yonomitt sweet!RT @NerdApproved: Artist Gives Female Superhero Costumes Practical Redesigns http://t.co/5i7yYVGhIh AwesomeIf you claim religious freedom as grounds for refusing to execute your official government job impartially, you need to find a new job.
Retweeted by John WilkerBought mine too! See ya there! https://t.co/XdBicCOB6mSo @AppCamp4Girls is SO CLOSE to its $100k goal. Great organization, Please consider backing https://t.co/E0m6cM1rtf
Retweeted by John WilkerInternet Explorer: so about last night Me: Oh, i used you for flash. IE: Are we back together, am i your default? Me: don't make this weird
Retweeted by John Wilker@jcieplinski I was surprised they came around on my Macbook Pro. Held it longer than any other machine.DITTO! https://t.co/yY5vNM9CpP@bclinkinbeard @jesterxl PORK CHOP SANDWICHES!!@aarondelay @Metblogs LOL truly. So awesome the lights are on and you could post a great send off.
Conservative, here. I was FORCED to perform a gay marriage ceremony. I was like "Find someone else!" & they were like "NO! WE WANT A BIGOT!"
Retweeted by John WilkerSpace is hard. So let's all offer a "hang-in there" encouragement to the folks at #SpaceX http://t.co/RBkbMOu5Vi
Retweeted by John WilkerAnyone know of a public iOS adoption chart that breaks it down by point-release? I want to know 8.2 vs 8.0/8.1.
Retweeted by John Wilker@aarondelay @Metblogs omg! 1. The lights are on and access exists? Lol. 2. Damn it has been a long time hasn't it?!
@LordBron @andriajensen ditto that@PzFeed Can we just put Texas up for an on-line auction already to pay off some bills? #LoveWins #SCOTUSMarriage http://t.co/C7ah5dZCjE
Retweeted by John Wilker@casademora probably. Lol@dreadpiratepj lol not in ideal situations lol@AntonioHolguin yeah. I feel like a weird plant pimpDear honey bees. Please come visit my town home roof. Lots of tasty flowers and veggies. Also manually pollinating my plants feels weird.@leifwells ONE OF MY FAVORITES! yes. exactly. agreement isn’t needed. respect for the office is.@leifwells Reminded of the West Wing scene when he hires the new Mrs. Landingham. Says exactly that. “She always said Mr. President”@subdigital So sorry man. It’s never easy to say goodbye to furry family members. She knew she was loved.All joking aside, I really like Rick Perry's idea of 18 year staggered terms for Supreme Court Justices. http://t.co/mJX7JzSz37
Retweeted by John Wilker@jonrog1 the life-long thing doesn’t seem like the best idea. I like 18 years. long enough to be immune to politics.It's been a rough week for the intolerant.
Retweeted by John WilkerThis ruling is a victory for friends, families, and organizers who fought tirelessly for years for marriage equality. #LoveWins
Retweeted by John WilkerFor those of you who don't support gay marriage... Don't marry someone of the same sex and I'm sure you'll be fine 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊✌🏽️
Retweeted by John WilkerIf you’re upset by this, please unfriend me. #LoveWins https://t.co/JZ0cPqqnja"This ruling is a victory for America." —@POTUS #LoveWins http://t.co/MbPKoTK7WK
Retweeted by John Wilkerreading scalia's dissent http://t.co/TYN1Q5n269
Retweeted by John WilkerMy best friend just texted me this and I'm crying http://t.co/Pm5BZjzlBZ
Retweeted by John Wilker@mbernier didn't even tap the link. Nope nope nope
@dannynewman good to know the types of folks @encana employs.@dannynewman I hear scars are sexy.@dannynewman dude you shouldn't hang out in LoDo. Also. You ok?@dhb7 ha ha ha worked even without the entendres@dhb7 lol exactly@dhb7 and the opening isn't big enough for anything2 things I'd like you to set aside a minute for 1. Go watch 'Why Start?' 2. Go donate to App Camp for Girls. Thanks! https://t.co/v6FC7WXmcu
Retweeted by John Wilker@dhb7 right!?!? Isn't that stupid. We got some and I was like uh. These are lame throw them away.#TCOT a bit touchy today about the humiliating implosion of their breathtakingly cynical attempt to take ppl's health insurance away
Retweeted by John Wilker@markhoppus @freebsdgirl WHERE WILL IT END?!?!?@timburks @danielpunkass So little material we wouldn’t know if they were :DDare - Stan Bush, yup that’s playing!!! #transformers #suckitmichaelbay@danielpunkass same here. had no idea what that image on the roof was or meant.@jerryhjones and it’s rare enough it’s like magic :DDear @POTUS a healthcare WIN for the working and middle classes! BUT a long way to go for the poor or unemployable/disabled. We are legion.
Retweeted by John WilkerIf you like knowing how stuff works, here's how multitasking apps and resolution independence work in iOS 9: http://t.co/XN7M9ulbCc
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Around 2, no weather at in the forecast. Now. Tornado warning. Oh #cowxJim Webb: "honorable Americans fought on both sides in the Civil War" Honorable Americans have gotten DUIs, too. We don't celebrate it.
Retweeted by John WilkerWHOIS privacy protection may be at risk! Let @ICANN know that privacy is important to you at https://t.co/5l1FkcF93C http://t.co/rBVnrRU3mC
Retweeted by John Wilker@superpixels @chartier I find that to be the worst. Yelp does cute and funny, but no detail. That’s middle. I like the list of bugs/featuresI think the Smithsonian wins the #jurassicworld meme-battle, you guys. http://t.co/gbB6159gKe
Retweeted by John Wilkerhttp://t.co/VAIUcOIssX I presume “Koushiryoku Missile (ejectable missiles)” are what i think they are.@octothorpe everyone WILL know your name@octothorpe I’m not gonna listen because i suspect it’ll make me cry, thinking they’re yelling at me, and i’ve done something wrong
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