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Love the Sun. Red Rock Canyon #Catholic μολὼν λαβέ #NeoCon KCChiefs fan. #PJNET Las Vegas

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Every morning I wake up with joy in my heart, knowing we are one day closer to #RESTORATION @TedCruz #PJNET http://t.co/XjUIGEWqwu
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@Marine_1976 @RichardOBryan #Republicans Turned Their Back on the #Constitution - http://t.co/sB3vt5HVhm by @ElianaBenador via @theblaze
Retweeted by Jay BurdettBastards>VA Sends Veterans’ Medical Info To FBI To Get Their Guns Taken Away http://t.co/zHGxwBytAT #WakeUpAmerica http://t.co/J9uIyRdzV0
Retweeted by Jay BurdettPraying for the Avalanche Victims in Nepal!
#PJNET welcomes our 3761st team member @jjburdett. Not a member? Check us out at http://t.co/dOHhKM4v6h
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@ThePatriot143 @Linda_Wray430 they should go out of business change their name and reopen!Judge: Sweet Cakes bakery should pay $135K to lesbian couple. http://t.co/Tg43zvdyqf #RFRA #GoAfterMuslimBakeries http://t.co/Z3Va2HOcJw
Retweeted by Jay BurdettShe's really good at coming up with ways to destroy this country. #SaySomethingNiceAboutHillary
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@Emiley141 @jjburdett Recall them. SC & Kentucky screwed up re-electing them. 4 others are on 2016 ballot, fire them,vote for their opponent
Retweeted by Jay BurdettThese #RINOs need to GO!!! Mitch McConnel, Lyndsey Graham are 2-of the 8 RINOs who voted FOR #LorettaLynch #WakeUpAmerica
Retweeted by Jay BurdettDESPICABLE: Now Obama is denying THIS holocaust http://t.co/Cia3CHzouV http://t.co/4foPF33Mtj
Retweeted by Jay BurdettHilary did this as SS. what could she do as President? #ClintonCash: More Names Revealed of Foundation Donors - http://t.co/LPQW5D8BrH
Retweeted by Jay BurdettI call on Hillary Clinton to return the donations from foreign governments: https://t.co/tphIjnM0TH http://t.co/cj9r6Ovpws
Retweeted by Jay BurdettI have seen History. History has cycles. Not one Democrat in the last 30 years has the answer. Where are the blue dogs? #HRCfail#ff @joaovic77655060 @heyitsmeawesome @MrTerrellHarris @SteveMcEllis @iamoppose @_s_a_k_u_r_a_c @Malachiae @jonesima @jjburdett
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@SereDoc the Clinton Gang are both guilty of the lust of Power! We can not trust them!Newsflash... Dog bites man and the Clinton's are corrupt, manipulative, nasty, scheming carnival grifters. #isthisreallythebestwegot #tcot
Retweeted by Jay BurdettLets VOTE them out in upcoming elections. #REVOLT_AGAINST_RINOS #1A #2A #NRA #TGDN #CCOT #PJNET #WakeUpAmerica http://t.co/XvUagbHaBI
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#conservationlands15 Red Rock Canyon NCA is blooming! What flowers have you seen this spring??? http://t.co/rYV5F72XKk
Retweeted by Jay BurdettIt's like exploring another planet. Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. http://t.co/lw7kYo04JH http://t.co/ZaYWaRFFoV
Retweeted by Jay BurdettHave you invited EVERYONE you know? What's stopping you? It's time-Patriot thirty! http://t.co/6H13bNlkzj http://t.co/iRsEfl9Dff
Retweeted by Jay BurdettObama is ‘Chipping Away’ At Guantanamo Bay While Perpetuating Jihadist Propaganda - http://t.co/TvUOMpdSMB .@AbnInfVet @EdBaker3000 #GTMO RT
Retweeted by Jay Burdett
@RightCaliWomen see it didn't take you long to jump right back into it! We will need your laser like focus to destroy HRC!@trevor_teague lets roll Trevor!@jjburdett thank you for following!
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@SpreadButter @_U_S_A__U_S_A_ @Senate_GOPs @HouseGOP everyone who voted for Lynch should be bulletin board material for removing!LORETTA LYNCH IS ERIC HOLDER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD -YOU CORRUPT WHIMPY GROUP OF PUBLIC SERVANTS @Senate_GOPs @HouseGOP #bbcqt #Furious8 #news
Retweeted by Jay BurdettLaney what in Gods name is wrong with the remaining 46%? That is the question! https://t.co/C263ytxK5RDiversions from the investigations...use the race card, sexist card, etc. Allinsky! https://t.co/KbfsOeOiJw@RightCaliWomen @jjburdett if any republican did half of what Hillary has, he'd already be in prison
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@RightCaliWomen Welcome back to the Fray! Not much going on! Just the return of the Clinton Gang!To all my Twitter family I've taken a well needed break but now I'm back and ready to fire up Twitter! I hope you'll stand with me! #TCOT
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@AlexisinNH @mgdauber Their LUST for Power and Money are never ending. Poster children for the Seven Deadly Sins!The Clintons are corrupt, self centered, unethical golddiggers Why anyone would want them near the WH is beyond me #tcot #ClintonCash
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@jjburdett Welcome!😍
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@LeahR77 @GovWalker This sort of evil and similar has been happening for a long time--it will become much worse--much worse! Police state...
Retweeted by Jay BurdettWisconsin Democrats Using “John Doe” Laws To Terrorize Conservatives http://t.co/Nm60bXalqU @GovWalker #TCOT #PJNET http://t.co/7XYYmsOs1s
Retweeted by Jay BurdettMore and more I want pain inflicted to the leftists and I believe Ted Cruz will be my best conservative Ally 2 achieve this goal! #Cruz2016Ted Cruz blisters Senate GOP majority in attorney general vote; ‘she will continue Eric Holder’s lawlessness’ - http://t.co/n7KC7L7gf9
Retweeted by Jay BurdettWhat we need to solve the deepest problems of the heart is not the power of positive thinking, but the power of the cross of Jesus Christ.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettMark 1:17 Come ye after me, and I will make you to become Fishers of men. —Jesus Christ
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#WakeUpAmeirca http://t.co/3XVEBd7N6G
Retweeted by Jay BurdettI swear some Conservatives won't be happy with any candidate unless they can walk on water & are sinless. We really are our own worse enemy.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettAl Gore's house. Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!...right? #EarthDay2015 http://t.co/zqayljV429
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@jjburdett Thank you for the Follow, from the crew at "Justice for Kody Quinn Williams." #Grateful🙏❤️ ~Truth
Retweeted by Jay BurdettClinton Body Bags Read: http://t.co/fbZUizyj3A
This corrupt hag wants power & money so bad that she'd trade A-Bombs to Hitler for donations & the presidency
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@rebelgirl1213 Remind me again, exactly who are these nitwits supposed to be working for?
Retweeted by Jay Burdett“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. Life is already filled with enough people who want to bring you down.”
Retweeted by Jay BurdettVOTE the Day After TAX Day.?!! Not a Bad Idea at All.!! @GOP #GOP @HouseGOP PROSECUTE Obama-Holder-Jarrett-et-al https://t.co/8yjppJlcbO
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@LibertysArmyJr @DailyCaller Was it Dana who kicked his skinny butt on New years eve? His Wife? Jim Beam? It wasnt that exercise equipment‘An Absolutely Poisonous Figure': Dana Perino SLAMS ‘Destructive’ Harry Reid [AUDIO] http://t.co/lPgXptn65z via @dailycaller
Retweeted by Jay BurdettIra Einhorn, the founder of #EarthDay killed his girlfriend and cut her to pieces. Nice guy. http://t.co/WnS6nJiFaa http://t.co/rsfBiNZrIs
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@realpolitics7 @beyer_linda now if only our President would be as courageous!Good for the Sister-all Christians should take a stand and condemn ISIS. http://t.co/rwa5q75nyD
Retweeted by Jay BurdettMT @TrucksHorsesDog: We Can Do This!! #TakeBackOurCountry #SelfGovernance #WakeUpAmerica http://t.co/o3033eTTv2 #COSProject #PJNET
Retweeted by Jay BurdettWhy do people who preach raising taxes & paying their fair share not pay theirs? 👀💭 #tcothttps://t.co/s1sf12MUe6 http://t.co/DxpK8cKuHR
Retweeted by Jay BurdettKatie Pavlich - "Resource Lacking" IRS Deliberately Ignored Your Phone Calls to Pay For Union Time And Bonuses http://t.co/5UcxN6ZyOF
Retweeted by Jay BurdettBarack Obama "We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation" #ChaplainsCantMentionJesus #WillThisNonsenseNeverEnd http://t.co/3ilMRcQVGF
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#ClimateChangeIsReal WHO GIVES A SHIT! Christians are being slaughtered left & right & all u care more about if it's a degree warmer? Unreal
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@dbnfarms @ChristiChat @michellemalkin Here's what Earth Day means to libtards. http://t.co/wIRvbC65Te
Retweeted by Jay BurdettWhat happened to majority rules in the U.S.? You don't like the flag..... Who cares! You're the 1%. Hit the road!☞RETWEET☜ if you would vote for Condoleezza Rice for President of the United States! #tcot #pjnet #lnyhbt #FoxNews http://t.co/SCDDL0LcLc
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@betseyross @lajouetreine @SenJohnMcCain @RedNationRising should have done it at Democratic National convention. #RINOs.@SenJohnMcCain endorses Lindsey Graham for Prez. What a complete shock! A freakin' RINO endorses another RINO... https://t.co/vtb5dFg8kM
Retweeted by Jay BurdettAfter a week, we know Hillary's favorite cartoon dog and Mexican restaurant, but have no clue where she stands on the Iran deal.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettObama is still too preoccupied with the #Crusades to utter the words #ArmenianGenocide or Christian Genocide.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettMedal of Honor Recipient Kyle Carpenter Before and After Facial Reconstruction Surgery http://t.co/cGEIG4cZpY
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#BringBackOurGirls 1 yr later, where are they suffering? Thanks hashtag foreign policy. No one did much at all to save them. Sad.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettWe are over the sell out politicians pretending they are one of us, using us to gain power, then taking the power and using it against us
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@foxnewsalert OBAMA funded the Muslim Brotherhood...this makes Obama a criminal as well...file suit in international court.? Hope so
Retweeted by Jay BurdettBREAKING NEWS: Ousted Egyptian President Morsi sentenced to 20 years in prison http://t.co/ZCwe3oy1mG
Retweeted by Jay Burdett
Don't we deserve better than this Clinton bs all over again? She won't answer a $&@" question. Tired of these arrogant elites!@Texasjimj @bworrall2 they have ruined Rubio & AyotteTwo useless Senators, 1 who thought he could be president, McCain, & 1 who thinks he could be president, Graham, criticize GOP candidates!
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@Jacobs1762 @Texasjimj o he is a hack. So tired of him and McCain.Katie Pavlich - Hillary Clinton: Why Are All of These Republicans Talking About Me? http://t.co/AmZo8GOo3J
Retweeted by Jay BurdettMonument unveiled in Korea for Medal of Honor recipient Emil Kapaun - News - Stripes http://t.co/k6hWeVibc2
Retweeted by Jay BurdettBeautiful account of Fr. Emil Kapaun in Korean War. He's the most highly decorated chaplain in U.S. military history https://t.co/HojzJ4yM4l
Retweeted by Jay BurdettIn order to win the crown of heavenly glory, the saints were expected first to carry a heavy cross in life. Fr. Emil Kapaun
Retweeted by Jay BurdettPicture the DMV. Now that's healthcare. Now add millions of chronic pot-smokers. Taxpayer-funded. #Happy420
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@LeahR77 @jjburdett I am sure nearly every family knows of a disabled child that lives today because people made the right decision to save
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@LeahR77 @EscapedCuba shameful we let these leftist agendas creep into our lives.Princeton Prof: Kill Severely Disabled Infants Under Obamacare http://t.co/RLf4dBnNzQ #Prolife #WakeUpAmerica #TCOT http://t.co/Kje3Zm4XVL
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#tcot #CCOT #IAtweets #sctweets #nhpolitics https://t.co/ktqrPHJuTH
Retweeted by Jay Burdett
Rush: Hillary Candidacy Could 'Seriously Damage' Dems #ClintonCash #WhyImNotVotingForHillary http://t.co/r2TF422tZF http://t.co/cPqD0gFNsN
Retweeted by Jay Burdett.@tedcruz "every time we run to the middle we lose. It happens over & over again" #Cruz2016 #CruzCrew http://t.co/1j8d0Ynu4K
Retweeted by Jay BurdettMasta Ben Affleck can not escape his own white guilt while Henry Louis Gates enables his omission. #hypocritesI saw a movie once where only police & military had Guns.. It was Schindler's List #ccot #tcot #2A #PJNET http://t.co/R7TbSL1a9r
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@CherylLongville prayers for Maryanne!We Either Defend The Constitution Or We Perish! #WhyImNotVotingForHillary #ccot #PJNET #WakeUpAmerica http://t.co/FX8j1e52Mz
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#TPP #PassItToReadIt http://t.co/tgyW0Iou62
Retweeted by Jay BurdettForget the hope just give me the freaking change already! O will b dangerous until the end!Stopping the Caliphate! #RT http://t.co/hH7JLJ5bbw #STOPIslam @DianeSori #TCOT #MakeDCListen #WakeUpAmerica
Retweeted by Jay BurdettWelcome and Thank you for following me @jjburdett I truly appreciate it. via http://t.co/h3wvpa1kwg
Retweeted by Jay BurdettThe left will continue to weaponize the IRS! #flattax@learjetter @jjburdett @KatiePavlich @ChristiChat She LITTERALY SOLD U.S. influence for 4 years. With a private email server. IN HER HOUSE?
Retweeted by Jay BurdettNo stopping the #HillaryClinton corruption. Clintons take in $136 Million between 2001-2012? #HillarysDonors @KatiePavlich @ChristiChat
Retweeted by Jay Burdett
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