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Forest dweller. My phone was haunted. Best at internet. Russian David Bowie. Spirit Vessel by Arielle Smolin.

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linen is such a fine assed fabric@ptgrw sounds a little like Sparks I thought@kellysue yeah I noticed there are an awful lot of cons@ptgrw this is such a gem@kellysue Home in Los Angeles for now...til May actually...back from the cons??@beckycloonan this seems legitGood Morning!@beckycloonan did you know today is also Waluigi Day? http://t.co/WupNyhjLE6
@bread_thing these are making my night I hope this never changes this is good branding@killjoyofsorrow this occurred to me as I was rt'ing@kateleth I'm only making it worseJam Off@kateleth @skullmandible I'm trying very hard to keep it pg@chantalclaret @jimmyurine Ah! Sounds like a blast!j offpersonally, I prefer Wario, but I'll take what I can get over that j off holidayfinally an April 1st holiday I can get behind- Waluigi DayWOW HAPPY WALUIGI DAY
Retweeted by Gerard Way“Nothing's scarier than Waluigi Time!” —Waluigi
Retweeted by Gerard Way@DanSlott @HamillHimself I loved his Trickster back in the day...I love him in anythingThe Flash is probably v good I just struggle with Tv and sticking with shows I like to read at night and use lotionsI think I'm gonna watch The Flash tonight just to see @HamillHimself@donni *poof*my pager is blowing upBut I'm sure af driving a sad old vampire car and I'm into thatBut I got no beef with Twilight. Fandoms are cool. Liking stuff is cool. Respecting others liking stuff (that doesn't harm others) is coolTell you 1 thing if I was 1000 yrs old I wouldn't be going back to high school I would be a master flutist making that philharmonic cheddar@youth_code it's cool though, everyone's cool with thisancient hands@ella_smi76 I bought the car with italways worth mentioning that Edward Cullen is a thousand years old dating a 17 year oldrickety bones/rickety handsWonderful breakfast with the Morrisons, I've missed them so. I took my sad old vampire car.@gerardway I think he means this kind http://t.co/V1Q1mlIr4a
Retweeted by Gerard Way@JamesFnPanic they come in a massive value size that you have to twist off it feels almost vacuum sealedI'm so weak I almost couldn't open up a plastic jar of coffee mateHappy International Transgender Day Of Visibility! I'm in your corner!
tranquil spraybreezy evehey everyone send this guy hugs and body odor @thomas_violence@thomas_violence oh I know but that is a dark path but you are right actually we do have dm abilities after all@thomas_violence I wish we got Dm abilities like in Neverwinter and we could make trolls for users to fighteh...yeah I think they rolled that out a while ago for verified users I just forgot about them and they looked weird today@gerardway they don't show up on my timeline http://t.co/7XtKY0r3ld
Retweeted by Gerard Way@gerardway yeah i dont have that
Retweeted by Gerard Way@gerardway apparently now the verified thing appears on timeline
Retweeted by Gerard Way@gerardway wait nvm those aren't on my timeline
Retweeted by Gerard WayNah they still look weird here take a look inb4 battery life http://t.co/4EbXZuUQxEwait I think these shits have been here for a while carry onwoah woah woah I know what a verified account is and blue check mark means I'm talking about on a timeline http://t.co/aPI631FhbZIt's like a verified check but on a timeline not a profile, like how people will put magical glyphs or sparkles, now there is a checkis the blue check mark next to some names on a timeline a new thing or have I just never noticed themUB40 in this MFThey're playing Taylor Dane at the dealership #mildvibes2015.5 Volvo S60 (black) super simple processEdging closer to the conclusion of car quest 2015Good morning!
@respected_loner @rachelmillman @thomas_violence yes! Fuckit! I'm staying home eating cheetos getting cheddar claw playing peggle@rachelmillman @thomas_violence "Hi, I'd like to introduce you to my schmooze reps, Rachel and Thomas...I have to use the bathroom-"@thomas_violence yesssssss unliiiiiiiimiiiited@thomas_violence please please schmooze for me@rachelmillman you know what, you do always see goths walking...literally everywhere@rachelmillman whatever I drive has to be goth@rachelmillman I love the way they handle@thomas_violence it'll work@rachelmillman best car I ever rented was a Volvo I should have just bought one years ago@thomas_violence I'm trying do that thing where there were two Gallaghers but with myself so I can do more things@best_coast I think this is the best choice really if I am to remain in a calm state of dadness@thomas_violence oh they make it?I will let you know if this changes. This has been an update of car quest 2015@thomas_violence funny thing is I have seen the site selling that for 250k and you can easily build one for way lessso I have decided to go with a volvo. because swedish, was cool when vampires were cool, not cool anymore, says little. safe. black.@thomas_violence I think I may have the answerI hit a point where I like my cars like I like my t-shirts- mostly not saying much of anything, muted, possibly stripescar quest 2015but it was a fine automobile and if you like the finer things that definitely has the stuff. Think I'm looking for something understatedI felt self conscious in it and it was definitely too much car- like I don't really need to say a whole lot while I'm drivingso I went and test drove a really nice Mercedes and the sales person was very nice but my mania was gone so I didn't want itbut it's time to look for a car with 4 doors because I'm a dad and that's how we roll (I have had my current car about 4 years)so I used to get all manic and sweaty and go through cars like socks but I'm stable nowboat lotion@ShaunSimon I can almost see them now@ShaunSimon we gotta use beach wizrds in VAS- statcurrently listening to- http://t.co/F8KclABQ26@Hesitant_GeeWay congrats! Beautiful!@vicesandviagra thank you!Happy Sunday
really nice Saturday nightApprentice: How many songs can you write about crack? Oracle: The answer is thousands.Ate some ancient grains Cheerios tonight, just like the ancients did
Retweeted by Gerard Way@TimPlusG I wish!Hope everyone's having a great #ECCC ! Wish I was there playing Magic or dressed up as Wild Dog@ShaunSimon oh my gosh it's been a while since I've been to a good old farm concertbringing this back http://t.co/5ihz4W9afA@michaeljhudson that is a great drawingCongrats to the lovely @KristinColby and my dear brother @mikeyway on their engagement! Good vibes all over the place! Much happiness!
@BAKKOOONN @DVSblast the foreign language tipped me off@BAKKOOONN @DVSblast wow I've never seen that it looks foreign@BAKKOOONN @DVSblast you can get replicas of either the heads or the bodies on eBay, I can't remember which is rare@BAKKOOONN @DVSblast oh yeah that's the best one...I believe that is the "rare" face?
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