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Computer security expert, blogger and public speaker. Former text adventure author. Fighting malware and cybercrime since early 1990s. Dr Who fan since 1972.

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Top adult site xHamster involved in large malvertising campaign http://t.co/P1ZIcUwS3iUS Justice Department is reportedly spying on millions of car journeys http://t.co/XuHnE4RVQJOS X 10.10.2 update released - fixing Thunderstrike and other security vulnerabilities http://t.co/Ubnzk9BGJK http://t.co/YiNlJvHl8vExtrasignum complexitus! My infosec superpower http://t.co/VlFpAn8qPX http://t.co/B1NvUPS5sAGood detailed examination of Qualys's GHOST vulnerability logo. Yes, the logo. Not the vuln. http://t.co/LfPli9nGVT http://t.co/JYyAu5A8KZ@troyhunt fully-deserved! And I think "Life on Mars" would have been an even better show with you in it. :)@the_spad I'd rather a silly name and people take notice, than a boring name and people ignoreDetails of 20 million Russian online dating users allegedly hacked, offered for sale http://t.co/TcpMSKlPYnThis sounds bad. Qualys on the GHOST vulnerability, a serious weakness in Linux glibc library http://t.co/63S1iBCUruDrone crashes into White House. Govt worker admits he was driving http://t.co/RadVPhnqcpr/t Marriott customers' personal details exposed by simple web flaw http://t.co/VkuRWxn4BfCause the hackers gonna hack, hack, hack, hack, hack...
Retweeted by Graham CluleyTaylor Swift's Twitter and Instagram accounts got hijacked http://t.co/7FNHH2qQpk“@MarcSettle: @gcluley there's never a reason not to delete a U2 album...” Quoted for truth.New iOS update requires less space to update (via @mcelhearn) Maybe you didn't need to delete that U2 album after al… http://t.co/OCP4eFtvasApple releases OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 with Thunderstrike and other security fixes http://t.co/SXzRR4HCJdLack of encryption makes official NFL mobile app a spear phisher’s dream http://t.co/jj7c63Eo8Dr/t Lizard Squad blamed for Facebook downtime. Facebook says "Err.. no" http://t.co/ZThXvJypBr@endofobjects yup, the system is fundamentally flawed. that's why i stopped using androidr/t Google discloses security vulnerabilities in OS X - while leaving a billion Android users http://t.co/DFr2SY2lCkLizard Squad blamed for Facebook downtime. Facebook says "Err.. no" http://t.co/P7Tfp0Mty6Marriott customers' personal details exposed by simple web flaw http://t.co/VkuRWxn4Bf http://t.co/KWWAX5RHNAUK Lords kill attempt to sneak in new surveillance laws http://t.co/TA0qhUlhkyDid you book online to stay at a Marriott hotel? Oh dear. http://t.co/BMCMY0KsvMNo, Lizard Squad Was Not Responsible For Facebook Outage http://t.co/Mr2aYovD4Y (via @iblametom)Secret BADASS spy program spies on smartphones by spying on companies that spy on users https://t.co/F4u3YIqUo0 http://t.co/JB420QtTnp
Retweeted by Graham CluleyWhile Facebook was down, I nailed a picture of my breakfast to a tree outside our house. Seven people have knocked to say they liked it.
Retweeted by Graham CluleyGoogle discloses security vulnerabilities in OS X - while leaving a billion Android users http://t.co/DFr2SY2lCk http://t.co/GazjkoR6Sx
RT @shailesh23660: Very creative. http://t.co/gCwCmjeNlw << brilliant, one for @gcluley
Retweeted by Graham CluleyGoogle said it was too much work to fix a vulnerability in their software that impacts nearly 1 billion users. http://t.co/SbLv6HPoPE
Retweeted by Graham CluleyFormer bank boss urges people to take legal action if phone scam money is not returned straight away http://t.co/2JuKWgNA2r
WikiLeaks demands answers after Google hands staff emails to US government http://t.co/S5TJnkJ69z@Rambling_Rant good point. it's time for people to be banned.@Rambling_Rant Clearly it's time for phones to be banned.Hoax GCHQ caller put through to David Cameron’s phone http://t.co/egDznURBmVSecret messages that GCHQ and the NSA can't read, using just a pen and paper https://t.co/mEq2GJvEeW (via @TheRealRevK)Sony: North Korea ate our Q3 earnings report http://t.co/PAtIEbuY34Sorry for that brief intermission. Normal service will now resume...@DanCole3D Sorry about that. Got upset that he was telling people I'd said something that I hadn't. Normal service will now resume!ICYMI: Here's a recording of myself and @AnthonyGlees discussing Cameron's backdoor. The F word doesn't get used http://t.co/V2IMYgJ3LzApologies. @TheRealRevK *didn't* say @AnthonyGlees was a "fucking idiot" but that he had "no fucking clue". Happy to set record straightDear @AnthonyGlees. You've confused my blog with someone else's. It wasn't me who called you a "fucking idiot" but @TheRealRevK. HTH@AnthonyGlees @Rambling_Rant @jpgoldberg "I've pointed you to the blog I was told was yours". You have? Where? Can you share the link?@AnthonyGlees @Rambling_Rant @jpgoldberg Even if you don't want to debate with Jeff and Paul - please do point me to where I was offensive@AnthonyGlees @Rambling_Rant @jpgoldberg Umm.. what did I say/write that was offensive? Can you provide a link? Thanks.O2 customers beware. Really convincing scam letter purportedly come O2 re a refund. Do not respond and check with O2. It had my DoB on it
Retweeted by Graham CluleyInfo security superstar @J4vv4D will be on that @ikanowdata webinar by the way. :) http://t.co/vCb4xaFgrxThanks to @ikanowdata for sponsoring my site this last week. Join them and @451Research for a webinar at http://t.co/vCb4xaFgrxFighter jets escort two passenger planes after hoax bomb threats posted on Twitter http://t.co/qPQbrCooGbPinterest to open up more user data for advertisers http://t.co/XX03YfHPvHTubrosa Trojan drives millions of views to scammers’ YouTube gaming videos http://t.co/BlVF7N5a0vFIFA phishing attack warns users about account hack http://t.co/cy9tLxjBeV
Retweeted by Graham CluleyNot good. China cracks down on VPN services http://t.co/ObgCm7OrQuApple bows to Chinese demand for iPhone security audit http://t.co/JaPBIhtXX2Internet filters block websites of sex abuse charities http://t.co/Wa1paGFr0MHere's the entry in the journal found on Ross Ulbricht's laptop that discusses @a_greenberg's interview with DPR http://t.co/PpCCZPAADQ
Retweeted by Graham CluleyGoogle leaves most Android users exposed to hackers http://t.co/Xs0y8BZX64 (via @sethr)Sony is giving away old games to settle its 2011 PlayStation Network breach http://t.co/QwOLmRiJvYr/t Adobe patches second Flash zero-day vulnerability ahead of schedule http://t.co/kOgBaHHZSYAdobe patches second Flash zero-day vulnerability ahead of schedule http://t.co/kOgBaHHZSY http://t.co/p4lo5yof8X
Seven-year-old hacks public WiFi in under 11 minutes http://t.co/htaaGgllj5Jimmy Kimmel asks "What Is Your Password?" http://t.co/WZCOguFZhqEx-Air Force sergeant pleads guilty to stealing credit cards, personal ID at San Diego bases http://t.co/bFMBORhAjcAre you a U.S. victim of the 2011 Sony PlayStation Network hack and outage? Claim some (digital) compensation http://t.co/dsoBVCmlGVSee that mouse? It's really a PC http://t.co/stwT1PDFwi http://t.co/RVhX1jXkuCSecurity flaws in UK Scouts database (contact details of 450,000 youngsters and volunteer adults) http://t.co/KYO96XiR1C"I'm not expecting you to stop terrorism". @gcluley responds to comments made by a former MI6 chief http://t.co/qX2LEE63vJ
Retweeted by Graham CluleyNet firms condemn revival of UK 'snoopers' charter' http://t.co/MGhpqxhfcz@gcluley At a certain point, after the umpteenth sec patch, you begin to wonder if some (Flash, Java) shouldn't just throw in the towel.
Retweeted by Graham Cluley"Messiah" hacker pleads guilty to hacking Fuji Xerox servers and govt computer systems in Singapore http://t.co/pP75aiC5HkBritons: we have three days to kill the new Snooper's Charter http://t.co/NUgdPoHACD‘Snooper’s charter’: four Lords in bid to pass changed version before election http://t.co/8IMeiDsQQYApparently the guy suspected of hacking Madonna is an aspiring singer... http://t.co/maxfrbkKfTPriorities. RT @rdcparisAFP: Not many takers for cybersecurity session @Davos despite presence of @e_kaspersky. Davos Saturday = skiingHere’s the secret Silk Road journal from the laptop of Ross Ulbricht http://t.co/h6urq0NrlD
This is so perfect. It hurts... http://t.co/rsde3M6WcH
Retweeted by Graham CluleyFormer head of GCHQ warns of 'Ethically worse' kinds of spying if unbreakable encryption is allowed http://t.co/ViBwFe16Lrr/t Running Adobe Flash? You need to read this today http://t.co/11qE2K9dxHVery sad story. Autistic teenager killed himself after receiving ransomware scam email http://t.co/onDEYZ9O9k@cyberinvasion I know in the past they have approved comments that don't agree with my pov on vuln disclosure, so i'd be surprised@cyberinvasion It's not my site. i don't get to see the comments as they come in. :( So, I think you need to ask Lumension. SorryRunning Adobe Flash? You need to read this today http://t.co/11qE2K9dxH http://t.co/Cajy70eHotHacking by Mirror ‘worse than at Murdoch papers’ http://t.co/WeImU0EypAAndroid banking apps riddled with malware http://t.co/SnKByeBMgwPageLines and Platform WordPress themes affected by serious security flaws http://t.co/4zBbrr30WLInternet attack could shut down US gas stations http://t.co/WoCVQf11ET
r/t Stars who were phone-hacked by Mirror newspapers receive "substantial damages" http://t.co/WbWYpN0CprWhen the DNS of millions of Chinese users is pointed at your web server’s IP address, this happens... http://t.co/KYEFnQXEcaUlbricht Confessed to Running Silk Road, His College Friend Testifies http://t.co/tP3LLpKzLb <- fully updated now, some real drama today
Retweeted by Graham Cluleyr/t Madonna hacking suspect arrested by Israeli police http://t.co/qDa5d72iVNr/t Kim Dotcom reveals his end-to-end encrypted video chat service, MegaChat http://t.co/SGxFRJJ7r3Stars who were phone-hacked by Mirror newspapers receive "substantial damages" http://t.co/WbWYpN0Cpr http://t.co/76MxQ7N72X@madalinacrc @MarcSettle marvellous. that worked. maybe the BBC News app is the first one ive tried that pays attention to those settings :)@MarcSettle my arm isn't log enough, so i'm using a selfie stickMadonna hacking suspect arrested by Israeli police http://t.co/qDa5d72iVN http://t.co/SN072bcCtv@GregGehr apparently it was briefly down for a plugin update@GregGehr i'll let them know... may be a glitch in the matrixUS police arrest Silk Road 2.0 suspect in Seattle http://t.co/3RypGY6CqKLeon Brittan is dead. I wonder what he will be remembered for.
Retweeted by Graham CluleyGood luck with those Leon Brittan obits everyone.
Retweeted by Graham Cluley
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