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@shootnrunner Yeah, that's where I stumbled across them.@ReelDistraction Ha! Really?Some kind soul mashed up two of my favorite things: Haunted Mansion and Jaws. Want these prints! http://t.co/wQEjQHmINp@moviesinfocus Thanks!Michael Keaton talked Batman, Birdman, Beetlejuice and much more in Santa Barbara tonight! http://t.co/swB9yyIQZ1 http://t.co/EYDn8HQsKN@scottEweinberg @FakeRobHunter Yep, same thing. Most industry folks I've talked to just call them DPs (for director of photography)Michael Keaton's real name is Michael Douglas. When he was told he had to change his name to be an actor his 1st choice was Michael Jackson.
Watching red carpet arrivals for the Michael Keaton tribute. Just spotted the guest of honor in the crowd. http://t.co/TBUfuNDm0eProbably my favorite super bowl photo of all time. http://t.co/q4eDyGFTAQ
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@NickdeSemlyen Plus the critic is right!@NickdeSemlyen It's good to be da king!Here's a rundown of the big screenwriter panel at SBIFF. Some good stuff in there, especially for aspiring writers: http://t.co/Er8N96VdtJ@micmehmet How could anybody not love Pegg?!?@jarrettem @Aaron_Morgan It's a Vivofit. And it doesn't charge once a year, you just replace the batteries after a year, like a watch.@jarrettem @Aaron_Morgan They do not, but it syncs with a heart rate monitering device, I think.The always great @akstanwyck led a very fun panel comprised of Oscar nominated screenwriters today. Write up coming soon.Stopped by an antique shop in SB and they broke my heart with these water damaged lobby cards left outside: http://t.co/BsD8kGpxBnAt the SBIFF writers panel. Writers of American Sniper, Birdman, Whiplash, Nightcrawler, Foxcatcher, Imitation Game and Theory of Everything@keithcalder Damn right!My first review out of SBIFF! Simon Pegg assassin flick Kill Me Three Times! http://t.co/BC6XMMPUnN http://t.co/TqA6g8MJqL@keithcalder They gotta save them for the next movie.@ManMadeMoon Don't do it! It's a trick!@Aaron_Morgan one of my favorite special features of all time!@NordlingAICN "Injecting yourself with a virus to stop you from getting sick doesn't make sense." "It's cold, so global warming isn't real."@NordlingAICN My favorite anti-vaxxers are the lefties who decry climate deniers and then use the exact same "I don't understand it" logic@atxstoryboards wait until you get to the Yoda three-parter. Fav Star Wars anything since Jedi.Just saw the Simon Pegg assassin flick Kill Me Three Times at SBIFF. Fun, if a bit derivative, dark dramedy Aussie film. Review coming soon.
Only 2 days to the Super Bowl kickoff, the trailer has shipped! @jurassicpark #jurassicworld
Retweeted by Eric VespeThis is 90% of the junkets I've been on. RT @DrewAtHitFix Look how glamorous today's junket is. http://t.co/iHVz4GOw25@scottpoythress Hopefully there's still a shot to hang while we occupy the same general area. Would love to see ya'.Hey, @bdgrabinski. How're you feeling? https://t.co/wiXAJEc72o@DrewAtHitFix Okay, you're safe this time, but I can only restrain myself so much. A man has needs, Drew. A man has needs.@DrewAtHitFix ... ... ... I'm coming over. #underwearparty@mrmarkmillar Oh yeah? Well, I think the movie is so fucking... cool and silly and awesome and well made and fun, so there!While I was lame and didn't see him tonight, everybody should wish @scottpoythress a happy birthday because he's awesome.@CharlesLandy Ah, was wondering what that was for. The place holder lenticular window is super cheesy, so happy to hear it.@mcelreafilms So simple... just blank vague head-shaped busts and a digital projector... still too complicated for me.@mcelreafilms Always gets stuck in my head! Always.@CharlesLandy Not quite sure where he's going. Attic, right?@jennyleighx33 Always, Ms. Paris, France!Highly recommend going to Disney with these excellent people. @bdgrabinski @jerslater Mel @rdvelvetcupcake @EricVespe http://t.co/gjk52BU6sU
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@outlawvern @FredTopel That one's gonna go on my tombstone, I think.
Had a great, exhausting day at Disneyland with @bdgrabinski, @rdvelvetcupcake and @jerslater. Thank you measles for scaring the crowds away!@shannonandswift I know, it's been an amazing day@craigkoenewho yeah, and I'll totally have it in my will for someone to do that with my ashesMy happy place. http://t.co/rb6ETIs8d9World of Color mechanism exposed as they refurbish it. Weird! http://t.co/zbth6DQvEa
@steveagee pretty sure you're immune, but at the very least you know you'll survive them. Haunted Mansion is worth the chance!@steveagee does that mean you're catching the measles with us tomorrow?!?!@CarterNixon @devincf http://t.co/TNq8OPNebO@melthefishy You want Mickey's heart?!? But wouldn't that make a whole world full of kids all sad and stuff?@popmortem @bdgrabinski not if it's the regular measles, but if they're the fucking measles then count me double in!Seems like a big year for deals at Sundance. Bummed I missed out, but happy to know I'll get a chance to see some of these things.@ryangallagher @Marshy00 But I keep getting text notices that they failed to deliver. Don't know what the fuck is going on.@ryangallagher @Marshy00 I did FedEx, although they're making me nervous on this trip. A poster was supposed to be left at a FedEx store@Marshy00 @ryangallagher Maybe now. When I did it I didn't know stuff was sent until I got a follow up email from a publicist.@ryangallagher @Marshy00 UPS and FedEx suck after moves. I'm sure my last house thinks it's Christmas every few weeks.@bdgrabinski I'll reenact my scene in it for you at Disneyland tomorrow. That's pretty much the best part anyway.Next up is a Canadian indie coming of age flick about old folks befriending a young girl called Wet Bum. Because why not?@williambgoss ha!First movie of SBIFF was Oscar nominated Ida. Beautiful and cold b/w cinematography & strong performances, but I'll never watch it again.@popmortem @Aaron_Morgan @mattkward @bdgrabinski @thisisweber she was married to someone else in his draft, I remember.@mattkward @Aaron_Morgan @bdgrabinski @thisisweber @FanaticoFIlms I read it before Indy 4. There was a killer dogfight, I remember.@mattkward @Aaron_Morgan @bdgrabinski @thisisweber @FanaticoFIlms Looking back over it now and seeing how much went forward. Crazy.@Aaron_Morgan @bdgrabinski @thisisweber @FanaticoFIlms very little else from what I remember, but the opening was similar with the warehouseAuctioning off a #StarWars Variant Set by #TylerStout on Friday w/ proceeds going to @StJude! http://t.co/dZjI5nEORu http://t.co/mT4sfc1xTD
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@SiUttley @thisisweber @FanaticoFIlms which one was that? Columbus'?@bdgrabinski @thisisweber @FanaticoFIlms perhaps, but it was one of the only things that carried over from his draft@thisisweber @FanaticoFIlms works better in frank's draft. Great, now I want to reread that!@thisisweber @FanaticoFIlms I have. It has some amazing sequences but doesn't really string together. He originated the nuke the fridge, btw@FanaticoFIlms @thisisweber Just goes to show how crucial the right voice at the right time is on those films.@FanaticoFIlms @thisisweber There have been brilliant writers who couldn't crack that franchise. Darabont's unused script comes to mind.Fact: who plays the new Indiana Jones is WAY less important than who writes the new Indiana Jones.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@DrewAtHitFix @filmfest_ca Yay! California Dreamin' and all that.@DrewAtHitFix @filmfest_ca I don't think so, but I've heard some whoppers involving him in my time.@filmfest_ca I don't know if I could have resisted shaking his hand and saying "You got city hands, Mr. Hooper." He would have murdered me.
@Draven_AICN https://t.co/x2LfRnq8a3@Draven_AICN my head hurts.Looking at my SBIFF schedule. Michael Keaton tribute is gonna be cool and some interesting foreign flicks on the docket. Stay tuned!@Draven_AICN oh fuck no.@filmfest_ca figures he'd be there the year I don't go.@BiffBamPop Tough one. Large Marge, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.@BiffBamPop yeah, it's all down hill from there. I peaked early as an interviewer!@stoofa69 save some for me!@steveagee you better sing it live on MondaySpent the day driving into California. Thank God it's a slow news day, so I'm not completely out of the loop, right?@DrGMLaTulippe @waypastparadise I'm a fan of Trank and I hope he and his crew pulled something cool together. I'd love a great FF movie.@DrGMLaTulippe @waypastparadise I'm open minded. Apes had a similar creative struggle with Fox and ended up great.@DrGMLaTulippe @waypastparadise Why heaven? Is that a threat?@DrGMLaTulippe Oh, I haven't even heard of those. I don't care about the tabloid bullshit stuff, so I guess that escaped me.@waypastparadise @DrGMLaTulippe I got some Spider-Man box office numbers that might argue with you.@DrGMLaTulippe I've heard things directly from those involved. It was a cluster, for sure, but that doesn't automatically mean shitty movie.@DrGMLaTulippe Yeah, tons more are coming. Weird marketing, though.@DrGMLaTulippe But it's a teaser. It weirdly showed off camera work and cinematography, not action. Works for me, but regular audiences?@DrGMLaTulippe I guess after hearing many nightmare stories behind the scenes story/character was what I was most interested in glimpsingThe production value on that Fantastic Four trailer was higher than I expected. Still have no idea what to make of the movie yet.@gillyheartsyou hello there! What's shakin'?Plans for Cali: Mystery set visit, Santa Barbara Film Fest coverage and a day at Disneyland because of course. Haunted Mansion here I come!Drove from Austin to Tempe today. Arrived safe and sound despite the best efforts of you aggressive Arizona drivers. California in the morn!
@rianjohnson @mattkward @Aaron_Morgan http://t.co/KmlfYpLqKv
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