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Ellen Gustafson @ellengustafson San Diego + the World

Author: #WetheEaters Co-Founder: Food Tank, FEED. Founder: Apron Project, 30 Project. Foodie, Feeder, Fighter for a better food system. Proud Navy Wife.

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PepsiCo Swaps Diet Drink's Aspartame For Other Artificial Sweeteners: http://t.co/p5PhMPyTFO via @AubreyNPRFood http://t.co/okQSiZd2Nq
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#WetheEaters are the center (& power) of this complex food system. Check out this graphic from @TheLancet https://t.co/jtYaRWPJsUNew poll: 3 in 4 #Kansas parents support healthy #schoollunch standards http://t.co/aILh4Dnyz6 #Nutrition4Kids http://t.co/K5C8rQMsfU
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonAny time you hear the word "healthier" to describe a product's reformulation, "less awful" is likely to be a more realistic descriptor.
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonHunger Is More Dangerous Than We Ever Imagined http://t.co/ECrcV3ItvQ
@ellengustafson on @Refinery29 How hunger is connected to terrorism - compelling! http://t.co/jeMVwG58ND #WeTheEaters http://t.co/aQEAUYifmq
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson.@ChipotleTweets is raising their prices and it's a good thing: http://t.co/O8P4cjBptD
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson@EllenGustafson sustainable food system advocate, author & social entrepreneur: A trailblazer 2 feature on #EarthDay! http://t.co/hiDM9M4ltt
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonAmazing spring greens @tastenectar after speaking at my middle school!! The 5-8th graders asked some… https://t.co/WJ5DQxfCK6
@MissLeahBeah thanks for coming, glad you got some inspiration!!@AnthonyTerDavis thanks:)Bc #wetheeaters are changing how & what we eat! Why investors like AOL co-founder Steve Case are betting big on food http://t.co/NvXktijix0"Sales on the supermarket perimeter...have risen ~ 5%" #WetheEaters #change Is the era of Big Food coming to an end? http://t.co/9Vc49lxvIW
Wisconsin cheese, flour, last years tomatoes, pork, lamb & gin made a delicious meal… https://t.co/jG8FUK4C20A successful model that connects farmers & families, cities & small towns via @OHesterman & @Stabenow in @LSJNews http://t.co/BNmjAQkTKe
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonWhat no one is talking about in the #CADrought debate. https://t.co/scRFuO214V
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson@jkellyca Not if US farmers are/have been subsidized to grow the corn in the first place. Means US taxpayers helping China get cheap meat.Setting the Global Table: NCC Lecture Series with @zarelamartinez & @ellengustafson 4/20-23 http://t.co/S2DF9KSQqC @cellarette @edibleli
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonSolid, simplified advice on what to eat from @nytimes https://t.co/pCnJ9PMGLdUS farmers growing corn to feed cows in China for cheap Chinese beef, doesn't seem like a good model of efficiency. https://t.co/f5DHcr4gufGreat info on @BCorporation and how they are changing business! https://t.co/zxPvfOrtYg
Did Slaves Catch Your #Seafood? Men who live in cages may have caught the shrimp at your supermarket http://t.co/d0uPmsO0dm
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonInteresting thoughts from @NickHanauer on my @npr fueled AM run via @nprnews: How Should We Distribute Our Wealth? http://t.co/LNOHupT7O7@babson @BabsonEship don't you think there's a better way to tout your female grads accomplishments than w her legs? http://t.co/WvIX41g0uP
UGH via @nprnews: How The Food Industry Relies On Scientists With Big Tobacco Ties http://t.co/XzCpxNzRM9Letters to @NYTimes editor on how to encourage healthier eating: http://t.co/u12XOZffy0 #nutrition
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson#food #science https://t.co/NPm8CVsEnlIt's absurd we can't provide our own communities with access to local, organic corn: http://t.co/IWLpTGtwKY @Business http://t.co/6R0OhBma8B
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Fears over danger of #Roundup herbicide residues prompt private testing. http://t.co/ZaRayjaZA7 via @Reuters #GMO #glyphosate
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonGreat systems-thinking from @CFR_org connected education & national security. https://t.co/8rO7OZcfdaLove this quote: "Commitment is never an act of moderation."- K.G. Mills (via @bingham_dc)
Cheap isn't always the best metric, bt online grocery shopping is proof #wetheeaters are changing the food system. https://t.co/OPZkqbIxKxWe totally agree. "Agriculture is both the cause & the cure to chronic disease." -@markhymanmd #GlobalAg @GlobalAgDev http://t.co/WxrgosVB3O
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonFast-food strikes become social-justice movement http://t.co/oC2Q79g8Z2 via @USATODAY
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonThe idea of adding nutrition to already poor quality food isn't a solution! We need to redesign this belief #GlobalAg http://t.co/mIod6j1qyv
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson🙌🙌🙌 http://t.co/tSsV150IXA
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#eaters and #farmers both benefit from the work of @FarmAid & @willienelson https://t.co/xpbiEpIGiN.@BarillaCFN Hosting Contest for Innovators Under 35 to Solve Global Food Problems http://t.co/Y5Jj03lJ3l
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonEllen Gustafson @ellengustafson: hunger and obesity are two sides of the same problem http://t.co/qBfTrcRCKT http://t.co/wTVdtetjCR
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonReductive thinking & (non)market cues = the real prob: Making almonds the drought’s scapegoat? That’s nuts http://t.co/sT762qWOvo via @grist"There are 51 separate agencies in charge of our food supply. That fits the food industry just fine" -@robertlustigMD http://t.co/ETafD71mCD
Sugar politics: the sagas never end http://t.co/iX5XgkuoAL
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonJoin me @ "Brew Rendezvous" farm + food + craft beer event to benefit @SD_chip healthy food programs! http://t.co/VLFmGWtzSp via @EventbriteThis tool from @EWG http://t.co/B49y6UTKn8 helps find potentially terrible stuff like #PropylParaben in our food http://t.co/JmVBl078XM#Youth are the farmers +food system leaders of tomorrow! http://t.co/u8jEPwPcwZ @Food_Tank @IFADnews @UNDESA @FAOnews http://t.co/3DqDYQvCqE
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Snow-capped Springy-ness in Ogden, UT. Love the contrast of fresh green and yellow blossoming next to… https://t.co/GPLAETrTV7Way to go, @NASA! Teen activist Malala Yousafzai gets her own asteroid http://t.co/nRqlFlzRmj
More info for #wetheeaters means more free choice- @nprnews: Is It Time For A Warning Label On Sugar-Loaded Drinks? http://t.co/kaAaKUdE37
@ellengustafson at the #ChangemakerSummit inspiring student leaders from across the @AshokaU network #uofsandiego http://t.co/1ICRrSkj0e
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#Didyouknow 805 million people in the world are #hungry? And there is more: 53 million live in the #LAC region. #WFP http://t.co/gHwrCzWHWG
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonGreat time today on #GIR w @margarethoover! Convo spanned: @uskaleassoc @thefatradish @selfmagazine @chatham_hall @ThePitBBQ & #WetheEaters!NOW on #GIR our guest, author of "We the Eaters" @ellengustafson discusses kale | What is your favorite vegetable? Call us 877-974-7487
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonNOW our guest @ellengustafson tells us how kale became cool http://t.co/a1JSzm1oKx | What's your favorite veggie? call us 877-974-7487 #GIR
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonCan't wait to be back on #getitright w @MargaretHoover today to talk #wetheeaters 12-1pm EST | @SXMInsight ch.121 & call 877-974-7487 #GIR
#ChathamHallBecause you ladies will change the world! #wetheeaters #changedinner #changetheworld https://t.co/BLB10DObzw
Great Intv w @RepTimRyan about #wetheeaters changing the US food system w forks & votes! https://t.co/lEiAOofeRdLawsuit Challenges U.S.D.A. Rule Change on Organic Farming http://t.co/mCKReaIvapDelicious #meatlessmonday meal @nourishnyc last night to talk about @theFoodstand http://t.co/SYWroerjHF http://t.co/0L8EKRzbqF
yale is beautiful in springtime & the class that read #wetheeaters was whip-smart!! Had to stop… https://t.co/9sxkVmXok1
Incredible crepuscle for Easter Sunday night. #naturerocks #lookup #grateful https://t.co/lJlzLklFLOWishing everyone a peaceful Easter Sunday!! https://t.co/ErLL6k48Xq
#Passover starts tonight. @ANewSarah shares tips for a more sustainable holiday. http://t.co/fy8HRiPovu @SlowFoodUSA http://t.co/ENxrNyr8dw
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonSimple proof that we can remove regular antibiotics from pork production by @Barry_Estabrook Denmark's Drug-Free Pigs http://t.co/X9lSdMTQIxThanks for your great work! RT @FarmPolicy: Last Report: Personal Note; Ag Economy; Trade; and, Regulations: http://t.co/tM4bBUnTiL
How Kale Became Cool. It hired a PR agency. http://t.co/D0r0zuhpKj @ellengustafson @SELFmagazine http://t.co/S6a2aK7RdE
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonBig food funds how much of @schoollunch? This is no #AprilFools joke: http://t.co/WYrW7xwG6H http://t.co/5AdpnPXQl5
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonMcDonald’s to raise hourly pay for 90,000 workers. McDonald's will also be phasing in a bunch of new burger flipping robots. Not a joke.
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonIf only the tiny amount of #snowpack found in the Sierra was an #AprilFools joke. http://t.co/CLZeDbdMza via @usatoday #Drought
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonPersonally, I'm hungry for a strong mustard game MT @TeamRubicon: Customers are 1000% on board w/ our Thousand Island http://t.co/AOllkRPHyWFinally, a Food/Veteran combo I can fully support. @TeamRubicon: Introducing Team Reubencon: http://t.co/xNf6c3ES0I #bridgethesnack
#eaters look #BehindtheBrands! @OxfamAmerica: World’s biggest food companies must ‘walk the talk’ on sustainability http://t.co/Gww52Gje1IUGH!!!! via @nprnews: Guess What Makes The Cut As A 'Smart Snack' In Schools? Hot Cheetos http://t.co/YNTAnXHqCAThere are shelves filled with books on how to change ourselves. But how do we change the system? -@GloriaFeldt #xxretreat
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonLate-morning treat w these good friends: cold-brewed @chameleoncoffee + @organicvalley milk!… https://t.co/ZNVzyD4RlZ
Single food/single nutrient obsession isn't the answer. #WetheEaters Red Meat Is Not the Enemy http://t.co/48jQzclfsqWhat @thefatradish @drewramseyMD @uskaleassoc & @beyonce have in common: How Kale Became Cool @SELFmagazine http://t.co/IErlnXDqdi#wetheeaters = more fresh, less junk: Heinz/Kraft merge after struggle to sell old favorites to 'trendy Californians' http://t.co/fFSS4KuXfcSpring colors on a lunchtime walk break. #walk #getoutside #sittingisthenewsmoking https://t.co/BVncvmsLI5Kale-lovers, check out my piece on http://t.co/gLs6uNoJkF to see how this green became "the new black"! http://t.co/HFskUAbR5uKale is cool! MT @SELFmagazine: American Kale Association? They hired a PR firm to help the green's reputation grow http://t.co/wjQBS7BwuSUS-style diet leads to US-style health. RT @marionnestle: Another picture worth many words: Coca-Cola in Myanmar http://t.co/Do0EL0spkrSupercool? Stop, you're making us blush @SELFmagazine, @ellengustafson! So proud of our work with @uskaleassoc http://t.co/jO5b7db2Wh #kale
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@feedingbmore thanks so much for reading #WetheEaters!! Love that you were inspired to start #FeedingBaltimore! #actlocally #impactgloballyWe can't be more moved by #WetheEaters. A lifetime passion for nutrition, food industry transparency,… https://t.co/xrs71Zwdc5
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Rare day of eating out, had @panerabread tasty quinoa lentil broth bowl + @nativefoodscafe kale slaw & chili. Both prove #foodsystemchange!!The global coffee market has far reaching impacts on conditions around the world: http://t.co/HfsmHp12EG #foodtank http://t.co/1Dghq8JHrv
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonFascinating reminder of dev world obesity: Scientists discovered a way to cook rice that dramatically cuts calories http://t.co/NzoZRAJ3alBravo, @ChefJoseAndres! I can't wait to try @Beefsteak! José Andrés is already planning to open a second Beefsteak http://t.co/KnRlToAgCw
Yes, hilarious! And so true! MT @nataliapetrzela: @ellengustafson @EatCleanFeed this is the basis of the awesome IG account @youdidnteatthatNext time you're asked, "why should we worry abt #GMO crops?" Here's the main reason: http://t.co/jvfyKn8afe via @TomPhilpott
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonToday in weird trends: RT @EatCleanFeed You all have to stop calling each other pizza sluts http://t.co/OxClxvg04z http://t.co/e7x4bFJQmY“There are parasites of all kinds in poor countries.” @NickKristof http://t.co/77Fxx68Yrx Fight a big one: corruption http://t.co/yFY6jFnXkMBiggest takeaway from Kraft-Heinz mega-merger? Mega job loss in name of "cost cutting". http://t.co/tA78n6kU9k via @ssstrom
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Study links widely used #pesticides to #antibiotic resistance http://t.co/JuDLwuLjmL our story @lizzieg1 @TIMEHealth http://t.co/Q01kKWpWug
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Ombré romaine. 💚 https://t.co/w4m1fbTwl3It's Farmworker Awareness Week!! @FoodChainsFilm is on @itunesmovies for just 99 cents. Watch the new PSA https://t.co/nyJcNYKpdq #NFAW2015RT @sd_chip: Early bird tickets on sale for CHIP's 3rd annual Brew Rendezvous! $45.00 General admission=15 pairings! http://t.co/Jbbe131j4ZRebranding fish! RT @MiyasSushi: Why Former "Trash Fish" Are The New Stars Of Seafood http://t.co/KtosvM0INB @foodrepublic #sustainabilityGood ideas for helping America's hungry to eat healthier. See No Junk Food, Buy No Junk Food http://t.co/ktQZhAcswbOpen access paper argues #fish need more focus in food policy: unique #nutrition properties and low carbon footprint. http://t.co/gtP6kQyRVh
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