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Christian Zibreg @dujkan Zagreb, Croatia

News Editor | http://t.co/Go4V4hpWGx Get bored somewhere else.

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@stawecki @jdalrymple ok, cool!
@jdalrymple Share sheet in the Loop Magazine is comically narrow on iPad. What gives? http://t.co/YLJoMzdedO
|LIVE NOW| Watch 500px co-founder take a deep dive into his camera gear. #gearporn #meerkat http://t.co/PjcBpCr9yG
Retweeted by Christian ZibregHere’s 2Do in action on #AppleWatch http://t.co/NCNVwWBEri@abdulkar_im Yeah, added 2Do to my list. Thanks for the heads-up!@abdulkar_im was last updated March 12?@Aniketman Oh, too bad :(How to enable two-factor authentication in the awesome Slack mobile app @SlackHQ https://t.co/GaNIDri2xd http://t.co/at1u1iULvlYou can even launch live TV on your phone, right from CNN’s Watch app on your wristCNN now available on AppleWatch, plus tons of other iOS apps gaining Watch support http://t.co/nxCgygy77vSo @Vine upgrades video quality to 720p. See the difference yourself right here http://t.co/P0HZ5t9Qsk@drpetric Da, bojim se da je tako. E pa bila su to lijepa dva tjedna s Meerkatom :D@drpetric nazalost :( Ali ima jos vermin dok Periscope ne integriraju u Twitter appMeerkat 1.1 delivers search improvements, in-app streaming alerts and other enhancements http://t.co/NUxQB7Mq1u@chanxin yeah, seems soPixar releases the RenderMan software used to make Toy Story for free non-commercial use http://t.co/JvbNe6LVY8Apple VP of environmental initiatives, Lisa Jackson: it goes from a 130-megawatt deal to 280 megawatts.Apple to get full 280 megawatts of power from First Solar after 15 years http://t.co/yvNymfoP17You’re in trouble when mkt message is: “40% of the features and steps have been deleted compared to previous models” http://t.co/0Foiq43X4iWorst of all, you can “disable” those preinstalled apps but not remove them from your #GalaxyS6 to free up storageIn other words, #GalaxyS6 has 6 apps preinstalled than the 50 apps on #galaxynote4Samsung’s #GalaxyS6 takes bloatware to the next level, ships with 56 apps preinstalled http://t.co/s6ZJySLuRs http://t.co/WdL7DcOs6iCitymapper for #AppleWatch is cool, too, with Glances show "how messed up your city is" https://t.co/HY4T2cq9UH http://t.co/y1BXYa2B7xLove the persistent "Take Me Home" button in Transit for #AppleWatch https://t.co/jEi8EwxlC2 http://t.co/mR3hMhFRDkRecommend read for #AppleWatch naysayers: You can’t explain time saved and you can’t explain magic http://t.co/DR4Z6P0XvU@dpacemaker The Verge has more on the device http://t.co/8kJbTk9K9wReuters: Apple’s Tim Cook to give away his wealth http://t.co/QBtDcQjxLt@beltzner They may be getting rid of fake accounts and of those with fake namesOlio smarwatch looks nice, works with iOS and Android https://t.co/308bdWRuWdSome cool animations in @Wunderlist for #AppleWatch http://t.co/4jxxVX0R06Here’s Apple Watch app by @Wunderlist https://t.co/49N2o0iaNC http://t.co/N08r7lA1llTelltale’s Game of Thrones: Episode 3 - The Sword in the Darkness is out now http://t.co/isWOpkGShXNow when you upgrade to Parallels Desktop 10 you get CleanMyMac 2 for free https://t.co/vWOvUjDlAB http://t.co/jdjMacmdqNSteel Connect is a stainless steel fashionable adapter for your Apple Watch https://t.co/IliaXS0qBFApple officially announces Watch shop openings in London, Paris and Tokyo http://t.co/NFbZr0s1aj http://t.co/W7WfCYWto5Grab Tangent for iOS from @AppStore now, it’s Apple’s latest #FreeAppOfTheWeek http://t.co/SMOgrKoMiY http://t.co/rJTNWcAx7YFind out how smart you are with IA Test for iOS, now slashed from $3 to $0 https://t.co/jhSsHlmsaTDEAL: Reverser Cam, a backward video camera has gone free (regularly $4) https://t.co/Fso34EilWTWanna transfer files from desktop to iPhone and iPad via Wi-Fi? Phone Drive for iOS is temporarily free (reg. $2) https://t.co/RusM651FdsPeople have made over 15 million magazines on @Flipboard, here are the team’s personal favorites https://t.co/SS02EXCSIVCourt rules UK users can sue Google over Safari privacy breach http://t.co/FMP0KOBH5a http://t.co/BHCjfrl17QSee this @iDownloadBlog article for a running list of iOS apps updated for #AppleWatch http://t.co/nxCgygPIw5 http://t.co/JqNhiKFGEx
@jrgibson1 Also, let’s not forget about review samples of the device. Early reviews without 3rd party apps wouldn’t make much sense@jrgibson1 It’s a smart move. They need apps for try-on Watch appointments and in-store demos@jrgibson1 Not yetTSMC building iPhone 6s chips, $400-$500 iPhone 6c to become new entry-level option http://t.co/DJVZog4R0t http://t.co/V1XoVwMj7POpening up Android Wear devices to iPhone Notifications http://t.co/Agli0dxOcTNew iMacs with 5K Retina display hit Refurbished Apple Online Store, up to $660 off http://t.co/O5nXwSklQb http://t.co/i2imvCrO5J@apollozac @julipuli Stop, I’m getting really confused :D@julipuli Confused it with Letterpad, which hasn’t released yet@julipuli You’re right, removed it from the list“I’m watching a building burn down with firefighters rushing to save people inside - as it’s happening” http://t.co/3sYpRiuKXA@jrgibson1 Through the Apple Watch app on your iPhone@jrgibson1 Well, it’s a major new product category launch so it makes sense, just to be on the safe side and have time to fix any bugs@jrgibson1 Not true, this is biz as usual. Ahead of public iOS 8 release, apps got updated with iOS 8 supportTangent is free until next Thursday as Apple’s new #FreeAppOfTheWeek in @AppStore promo https://t.co/EKcqB6Xkjw http://t.co/SMOgrKoMiY@jrgibson1 Fixed that too@jrgibson1 Wow, shit. Thanks for the heads-up, just fixedWe too have a long list of apps that are being updated with Apple Watch support. Check it out here: http://t.co/nxCgygPIw5@nate_jung Thanks, noted here http://t.co/nxCgygPIw5@jrgibson1 Way more than four, they just keep on coming http://t.co/nxCgygPIw5FREEBIE ALERT — Grab Tangent, Apple’s latest #FreeAppOfTheWeek on @AppStore http://t.co/SMOgrKoMiY http://t.co/jUWFMyn21tJust added to Apple Watch: AliPay, TransitAlso on Apple Watch: Babbel, Kitchen Stories and — yes — worldćs first Apple Watch game, Lettercraft! http://t.co/nxCgygPIw5WSJ, Runtastic Six Pack, Yahoo Fantasy Football, more now available on Apple Watch http://t.co/nxCgygPIw5 April 24 can’t come soon enough!Introducing Lettercraft, a new word game by Amount/Globo/GREG app maker Marco Torretta https://t.co/MJQ2FoH0CHProcreate turns your Apple Watch into a remote control/color palette for painting on iPhone http://t.co/nxCgygPIw5 http://t.co/tHJsVzMecmMore apps getting Watch support: Line, Quantas Airways, Redfin and more  — all listed here http://t.co/nxCgygPIw5 http://t.co/9A9xqJUV4JECB Cricket, TransitApp, NYT, Things, Expedia, http://t.co/L3geliR5G7 at Bat and more added to our running list of Apple Watch app updatesEvernote, WeChat, Dark Sky, SPG and more being updated with Apple Watch support as we speak http://t.co/nxCgygPIw5 http://t.co/jycRbEnf2YNow everyone, not just @iMore, can create great-looking marketing photos of iOS apps! https://t.co/Nuhsd0nijJ http://t.co/79VPG5zVymWe’re beginning to see the first wave of Watch apps in the App Store, starting with Target http://t.co/qhyBKpkq7g http://t.co/wZubDV9dNcTarget updates iPhone app with Apple Watch support for shopping from your wrist http://t.co/qhyBKpkq7gNext-generation Samsung #GalaxyS7 expected to be flexible and bendy http://t.co/Uwwbx5uYmNAmazon offers to store all your files for $60 per year, or just photos for 99 cents per month http://t.co/W4PNeT3sTi http://t.co/5j3E95TpwwApple Pay decals for business owners look nice http://t.co/rAZE0gPwE3If you’ve ever wondered how to read Apple’s Tech Specs pages, there’s now a linkbait post for that, too!@Anki_009 An app is “best” at a specific point in time. Another week, another app may come along one-upping the previous one. Biz as usualTim Cook on post-Jobs era, coping with pressure and more in wide ranging Fortune profile http://t.co/2Y4F5eSAia http://t.co/8QJIaDdnpGFilters for iPhone is a really, really good photo and image effects app http://t.co/9jNmRa9TXN http://t.co/FYwBCT6F3hI am not invited yet for Skype for Web, but you may be… http://t.co/OHgpdjktUE http://t.co/oEI6ZwlXueApple also bought UK data analytics company Acunu http://t.co/KCKfNUFQ56Periscope and Meerkat are iOS only. If you use an Android phone nobody cares what you're doing; if you use an iPhone you think people do
Retweeted by Christian ZibregOne Apple Store source said: “I haven’t even seen the Watch yet, does it even exist?”BREAKING, BREAKING: Apple Watch availability to be limited at launchBloomberg sheds more light on Apple’s acquisition of FoundationDB http://t.co/VVNUX1nA8UDEAL: 2K Games slashes its best games substantially: BioShock is jut $3, for example http://t.co/Q2az48Qr9RDEAL: Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath for iOS goes from $5 to $3 https://t.co/lPFLZ0ddZYDEAL: Batman Arkham City GOTY for Mac goes from $20 down to just $5 for a limited time https://t.co/awurUTDyOY@RudyChidiac totallyDEAL: Activision’s Call of Duty: Strike Team for iOS goes from $7 to just $2, its lowest price ever https://t.co/6Y96lC4o7FThis is awesome: Apple Watch can track workouts without an iPhone after all! http://t.co/zI8OfaDSZq http://t.co/1tqqrb35MrPlastic isn’t going anywhere: Apple rumored to launch four-inch iPhone 6c this year http://t.co/cItKaG1fYl http://t.co/KviVCWzI9ETwitter's live-streaming app launches, download it right here http://t.co/kTptKCjixZ http://t.co/baDPWhGO7x@osxusr Yeah, it doesn’t matter, you could have a private group. Slack is awesomeLet’s Talk Jailbreak Hundredth Episode: A signed Alf picture http://t.co/tfnhCnPE7j
Using pre-release software? You beta be sure http://t.co/TgC1sCBhfgApple: $25B since 2008 RT @JonErlichman: Mark Zuckerberg: "we've paid out more than $8 billion to app developers over the past 5 years" #f8Tomorrow meet the authors of Becoming Steve Jobs at the Apple Store, SoHo in New York City. http://t.co/X0kCeqLeA5 http://t.co/DibPlcSBhp
Retweeted by Christian Zibreg2K’s best iOS games are on sale, starting with BioShock at $3 and more http://t.co/Q2az48Qr9R http://t.co/rJmXpSnf7i
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