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Now: editor, The Upshot, for NYT. Then: DC bureau chief, Here's the Deal e-book, Pulitzer for commentary, math major. Still: Jim Rice, ma la, Art Blakey

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@cedsaidso No. I can see using that definition. But we were focused on men missing from their communities.@MichaelRStrain @JustinWolfers @KevinQ Thanks a lot, Michael.
@peterwayner @JustinWolfers We're looking at the non-imprisoned population.What distinguishes the places with the largest number of missing men? A follow-up, @JustinWolfers: http://t.co/dmbWlS0Rvd@AmyAlex63 @UpshotNYT Thank you, Amy.@RKingJPC Thank you. Yes, we do. cc @JustinWolfers @KevinQThe Invisible Primary Decision Desk can now project Jeb Bush as the winner of the Kyrillos Primary, http://t.co/MKiyBP1E1G via @costareports@ZoeKipping @UpshotNYT @JustinWolfers Thanks very much. It was mostly @KevinQ
The Kochs go with Scott Walker, @nickconfessore scoop: http://t.co/7Tg7j4IhZO Why Walker is a force, @Nate_Cohn: http://t.co/aoB9AFA26K@iDXR @JustinWolfers @KevinQ Thank you, sir.The folks at @postandcourier should be tremendously proud of Public Service Pulitzer for this remarkable work: http://t.co/x10TEt21Ya
Retweeted by David LeonhardtCongratulations, @EricLiptonNYT @berehulak @helenecooper and many more.It is a high honor to work with the journalists who took personal risks to tell the Ebola story and who exposed attorneys-general mischief.@brianstelter News-side. Opinion has won.@jonathanchait @onceuponA Yes, Jon needs to study up on his Yiddish.@onceuponA Mazel tov!@JustinSandefur @darlin @JustinWolfers @KevinQ Thank you. Alas.Here's where @DLeonhardt, @KevinQ and I show our work detailing what lies behind the 1.5 million missing black men: http://t.co/xUgSQiVmn8
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@Neoavatara @JustinWolfers @KevinQ Thank you, sir.Ferguson's finances are also an outlier. See @gordontrac new research: http://t.co/Rcds5UBVt6 @urbaninstitute https://t.co/a9nSA2v3CY
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@EdAsante77 Thanks a lot, on all counts.@EdAsante77 Oh, yes, and article says so. But mortality disparity is not all homicide.What U.S. city has the highest share of missing black men (mostly from imprisonment and death)? Ferguson, Missouri. http://t.co/JOJeNYWLBv@EdAsante77 Not exclusively. Also heart disease, accidents, lung disease...Outside of jail, black women aged 25 to 54 outnumber black men by 1.5 million - or 21%. http://t.co/JOJeNYWLBv http://t.co/tQdxKf5eVz1.5 million black men - more than 20%, stunningly - are missing, mostly because of incarceration and early deaths. http://t.co/JOJeNYWLBvEvangelicals still play a big role in the Republican primary race, and they like Huckabee. http://t.co/3eu7Kp06g7 http://t.co/9EVsPWYv6w
Retweeted by David LeonhardtHow to sort through the noise: Simple rules for healthy eating, from Dr. @aaronecarroll, http://t.co/kfRZQkYChE http://t.co/jc9ZDE1skV@jimschachter @UpshotNYT @onthemedia You didn't!Whether Huckabee runs may be the biggest outstanding question about the Republican field. @Nate_Cohn: http://t.co/NAcBlCx4nr@jimschachter @UpshotNYT @onthemedia I'd add a "some" before coverage. As a reader, I want both comprehensive and honest..@DLeonhardt: "blocks of text are not always the clearest, best way to deliver information" http://t.co/mpewzL32FU
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@APStamm @UpshotNYT Thanks a lot.
Does the media create presidential frontrunners by describing them as such?@OTMBrooke and I discuss: https://t.co/tm9q5qDVpM@choo_ek @UpshotNYT Thanks!
@BrentJMcIntosh @UpshotNYT Thank you, sir!Next week, @UpshotNYT turns one-year old. Some thoughts about what we're learning: http://t.co/1mJioSvvu9Strange combination: Scalia says journo's covering Scotus do "lousy job." But he's also claimed not to read WaPo, NYT http://t.co/ZDrFhaxI6KThe elderly play a major political role in holding down taxes on the rich while inequality has risen. @Neil_Irwin: http://t.co/ukwuit5KoECongratulations to the excellent @meredith_levien, just promoted to NYT's chief revenue officer. That's good news for us.
How the presidential campaign turned into a two-year affair, @aliciaparlap: http://t.co/yDYzCLb1Em http://t.co/TjSueiPlLRVin Scully broadcast 7 seasons of Jackie Robinson's games. Scully's now broadcasting 68 years after Robinson's debut. http://t.co/MZft0EgDrDIf you have the ability to get the Dodgers' radio broadcast, turn it on now: Vin Scully is talking about Jackie Robinson night.
looks like the more inequity in a married couples' earnings, the more of a tax bonus they get. hmmm. https://t.co/2x6JMjQGj9
Retweeted by David LeonhardtAnother reason I am excited to marry @sarahtwilson this coming tax year on the Fourth of July! #MarriageBonus #USA https://t.co/y6BM4NDPyh
Retweeted by David LeonhardtWho pays the marriage penalty - and who gets a bonus? An @amandacox tax-day spectacular: http://t.co/7ZqXvZLdEl http://t.co/Tb7mne2Aci
@wagesofwins @Nate_Cohn We do actually have a water-cooler! But once we're away from our desks and over there, we tend to talk Mariners.@lophus89 It's pretty hard for anyone to be the McCain given the strength of Bush and Walker.Hot off the virtual press: back-of-the-envelope @UpshotNYT GOP odds, from @Nate_Cohn... Bush 37% Walker 30% Rubio 18% The field 15%A favorite bit of Upshot water-cooler conversation is talking Rubio with @Nate_Cohn. We decided to do it in writing, http://t.co/bHeRSmagF9@morningmoneyben @samsteinhp On the plus side for Yankee fans, they're rooting for a likable and plucky group of young players on the rise.@samsteinhp Yes, but their roster is not fear-inducing.Are the Yankees now so mediocre that Red Sox fans should be rooting for them against other AL East teams? I still don't think I can...
Rubio's chance depends on using his advantages over Bush and Walker - like inspiration - to catch up.The next few months may matter more for Rubio than anyone. He's a credible potential nominee. But he's behind Walker and Bush today.On the one hand, this is the precise moment when people will wildly exaggerate the importance of a speech. On the other ...@Metsfanapk They weren't. You can be president without it. But it's harder.Good speech with some good lines, esp. generational contrast with Hillary. On policy, a speech a Republican could have given in 1999.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtNo talent in politics is more important than public speaking. Lincoln isn't president without it. Nor Obama, nor Reagan, nor ...The only recent nominee who's come from as far back in the pack as Marco Rubio now is: Bill Clinton, in 1992. http://t.co/rB7zGtOZec"Economist at LinkedIn" job sounds cool. @DLeonhardt, maybe for one of your buddies? https://t.co/jTsJgv8u5s
Retweeted by David LeonhardtRichard Nixon’s 1st appearance of 1968 Presidential campaign, February 3, 1968, Manchester NH: #AP http://t.co/djMGSDNmKf
Retweeted by David LeonhardtGerman workers are getting a raise. I explain why this is good both for Germany and its trading partners: http://t.co/BvSW72SfzM
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@TomLevenson @UpshotNYT That article gives it to you even if my tweet didn't!@TomLevenson Bush is distrusted by many, Walker unproven. Rubio is a strong speaker with a good bio and broadly acceptable.I consider Rubio a top-tier - arguably underrated - candidate. But there are real reasons for skepticism. http://t.co/vADTREzY9R@mattyglesias Fair q. Seems so, to me, eg: http://t.co/dnBFF7c7tn http://t.co/COzT0dyEiO http://t.co/r0cjjq6IMS http://t.co/pDx4988K4t etcConventional wisdom says Hillary is hurt by a lack of primary fight. That's probably wrong. http://t.co/wHDIaMwQWL http://t.co/YXzGQx5R8kHow survival rates make high-intensity American medicine look more effective than it really is. @aaronecarroll: http://t.co/Pfd7Pzcx2C
The single clearest guide to the nominating process that I’ve read, http://t.co/YYXQnFqsML http://t.co/sDFXtKAK8t
@LAevolving Net price matters too.@LAevolving Though I agree that what Occidental is doing is impressive.@LAevolving 2 things: 1. What year? Vassar has slightly more 2012-14 2. Vassar is less expensive. http://t.co/OPCZpDk4ErUnderstanding why Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are in such a weaker position than Scott Walker, http://t.co/aoB9AFA26K http://t.co/c2hYABMqOKA field guide to the cluttered GOP race, from @Nate_Cohn: http://t.co/Vo0kKqmaYH
Rand Paul's challenge: Not that many pure libertarians out there, not enough to win an election anyway, http://t.co/8U1LEzfMCR
Retweeted by David LeonhardtSilicon Valley, famous for its perks, highlights the workplace struggles that many parents have, @clairecm: http://t.co/IjbLsPJgVjHere's the video of the SC cop shooting and killing an unarmed man in the back. http://t.co/3zo5SEOeFc
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Without @Vassar scholarships, I couldn't have gone to college. Low-income students need more Vassars! http://t.co/OOldcwshHs via @DLeonhardt
Retweeted by David LeonhardtA new no-strings-attached $1 million prize for socioeconomic diversity - which is to say, fairness - goes to Vassar. http://t.co/E69vTzEiGkBarkley keeps citing stats at halftime. Hate it when people use numbers to analyze basketball!
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'It would be healthy if we shifted some of our time debating parental guilt to fathers.' @DLeonhardt http://t.co/Tg8zaeb3aM via @UpshotNYT
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@dtgillard Yes! A great cocktail.@lpolgreen @lizzieohreally @fromedome @CapitolClio @DKThomp I didn't expect this thread to make me want a Cosmo, but it's heading that way.@lizzieohreally Strong.@lizzieohreally Meaning you don't? Or the person shouldn't?Etiquette q: Someone who likes Cosmopolitans but is worried they're passé should: A) Power through and order one B) Order a ______ instead ?Wow. MT @KevinQ: The NYT bracket leaderboard, before and after Kentucky loss: http://t.co/bpn4yuYCbS http://t.co/q8bU4GNqs3So do the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers pop open a bottle of champagne now? Or are the 1972 Dolphins the only people who care about that stuff?
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThe NCAA tournament is indestructible, but not for lack of trying by the officials. Three weekends of abysmal work. Abysmal.
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The @kairyssdal with Cream at @augustfirst in Burlington, Vt., is worthy of the man himself. http://t.co/ITEoaOBi2d
@MeghanHoyer I agree there's some of that too. But the bigger issue here was the choice to give the study prominence.One reason the media bungled the new study on parenting time: We're biased. http://t.co/WCHPd6BgKR@Sfclough @UpshotNYT Thanks much.Before it was a hit: how The Times covered the first season of "Mad Men" http://t.co/fvVBt9Lj0P
Retweeted by David LeonhardtRemembering John Makin http://t.co/AJXEVFcnsI
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@kwcollins @treycausey Point taken!@saragoldrickrab Thanks.
To anyone who thinks they are clever by insisting that there is no Nobel prize in economics. http://t.co/XiBqv1wy0M
Retweeted by David LeonhardtIn Iowa, @tedcruz talks @UpshotNYT, http://t.co/IGlOlYuzi5 http://t.co/RZlkXBf9Tc
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