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Now: editor, The Upshot, for NYT. Then: DC bureau chief, Here's the Deal e-book, Pulitzer for commentary, math major. Still: Jim Rice, ma la, Art Blakey

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@BenCastleman @SlateGabfest Thank you!@mchardie @SlateGabfest Thanks!Gabfest! This week: @DLeonhardt on the impact of China’s economic crisis on global markets
Retweeted by David LeonhardtPhotos from the Golden Age of Silicon Valley, 1985-2000. by Doug Menuez. from @mymodernmet
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It was nice of the @SlateGabfest folks to invite one of their big fans to be a guest this week, is a really good point: perhaps Trump's full appeal is actually being obscured by his Trumpiness
Retweeted by David LeonhardtMy latest for @Slate is on the future of Trumpism, an ideology very different from mainstream conservatism:
Retweeted by David LeonhardtIf there was ever a group more entertaining than the 2015 GOP nominees it was the 2005 HP board...
Retweeted by David LeonhardtWhy Carly Fiorina will have a tough time making the CNN debate. @Nate_Cohn:
Robert Shiller on the rising anxiety that stocks are overpriced:
"The longest running battle in medical care is heating up again."
Retweeted by David LeonhardtTrump may fare worse among primary voters than GOP adults, but Bush loses even more.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtA 5.3 percent unemployment rate doesn't mean what it used to. @jbarro: implication of @DLeonhardt column on expensive stocks is that saving for retirement is gonna be much harder
Retweeted by David LeonhardtDonald Trump is the Green Lantern candidate, says @BrendanNyhan (aka Mr. Green Lantern):
Stocks are more expensive than at any point from World War II through the early 1990s.
@LoganDobson Fair. My point is merely than good VPOTUS pick and good POTUS (candidate or actual) are not identical.@LoganDobson Probably should be, but I'd guess "avoidance of distractions" may also have played a big role.@LoganDobson Really? The two jobs seem substantially different.Truth-o-Meter says: True. to make sense of the latest market craziness? Think of it as Taper Tantrum 3.0.
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@jonathanchait I appreciate your memory.Are you striving to drink those 8 glasses of water a day? Find something new to worry about. @aaronecarroll
Retweeted by David LeonhardtHow Trump has managed--at least for now--to build a resilient but broad coalition. Me w/@mikiebarb and @jwpetersNYT
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Thoughtful response from @NaomiCahn/@carbonej to recent piece on Republican/Democratic marriage satisfaction:
Photos: African Cities Are Starting to Look Like Chinese Ones This is a positive trend.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtNow on @Grantland33: articles about the "Nationals Disaster" and the "Dumbest Team in Football." Ah, DC sports. the world would be a better place without student aid forms.
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When class and success are highly correlated...
This pt Clinton's favs dropping but her unfavorable ratings staying the same is interesting and potentially important
Retweeted by David LeonhardtChildhood obesity rates in Philadelphia continue to decline. New study looks at 7-year period.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtMarco Rubio is all but explicitly telling Republicans his biography will overcome Democratic attacks on their policy
Retweeted by David LeonhardtA must-read from @tripgabriel and @jmartNYT on momentum slipping away from @ScottWalker in Iowa.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThe Times Picayune told the real Katrina story to the nation. 10 yrs later, it’s barely holding on. via @mlcalderone
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How Texas has restricted abortion access, mapped. @kimsoffen: state of the GOP race for those not named Trump.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtIs that @jonahkeri on the left? Walker's health-care plan: Move federal money that now goes to the poor and give it to the elderly.
Note byline
Retweeted by David LeonhardtBrutal and persuasive takedown of Matt Williams's managing in current @joe_sheehan newsletter (subscription required).Team Walker looks to beef up its ranks, via @jmartNYT
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@xangregg Thanks. Nicely put.St. Louis Rams Threaten To Leave Town Unless Taxpayers Personally Build Stadium With Bare Hands via @EasterbrookG
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThank you, sir. pays, continued. there a more elegant way to derive 2520 as the least common multiple of the integers 1 through 10 than trial and error?I don't *need* new proof that picture books improve children's brains. But I like it.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtCome for the brain teaser, stay for the lesson in game theory.
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@DronkersJ Sounds interesting. You have a link? Religion doesn't explain it away here, @WilcoxNMP says.@sivavaid Thanks for that. I assume you don't think we should cite all major funders every time we mention a think tank, or do you?@sivavaid Are there particular funders in this case that you think important?The continued sexual harassment of women in the sports media. The Monday @SInow media column:
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Julian Bond and @repjohnlewis during 1971 voter registration drive in #Mississippi.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtWest Coast Twitter: Amazon sounds like a company committed to success. East Coast Twitter: Amazon sounds terrible. Where can I buy books?
Retweeted by David LeonhardtAmazon's ambitious, secretive experiment in rewriting the rules of office life, @jodikantor & @DavidStreitfeld:
@dam13n cc @KevinQ@richevans123 We can track that to see how many do.Can you outsmart other NYT readers? The latest Upshot puzzle:
"The Hall of Fame Speech Junior Seau’s Daughter Couldn’t Give" by SYDNEY SEAU via NYT
Retweeted by David LeonhardtI'm biased, because Jeff is an old friend, but this is a delightful caper. You're really vetting him now.
SoulCycle: You say "cult." I say "loyal customer base."
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThe VP is functionally already a candidate in the invisible primary - the question is whether he makes it official
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Today's jobs report makes the Fed's task easier. @Neil_Irwin: Joe Biden is already running for president. @BrendanNyhan: No false certainty from @Nate_Cohn.It looked like a good night for Walker, Kasich and especially Rubio. @Nate_Cohn:
The next phase of the GOP campaign starts now - and will probably feature at least one new breakout star. @Nate_Cohn: Stick with us! I enjoy your Twitter commentary.Thank you, readers. The NYT passes the 1-million mark for digital-only subs (plus another 1.1 million print).'s really winning the G.O.P. campaign: a new @UpshotNYT dashboard. smart analyses of Trumpmania, from @jonathanchait: And @petersuderman: reading @AshleyRParker behind the scenes at the Q with Fox debate moderators and execs #Cleveland
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@jbview @Nate_Cohn @NateSilver538 You are all evil datajournalists.Preventive health care is the key to reducing health-care costs. It's a nice little fantasy. @sangerkatz: Walker prevails in Koch donor straw poll
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You want to know who Washington's best sports team is? Katie Ledecky, that's who."Trump's supporters are more likely to be male, white, older, with less education -- but not to be right-wing." front page, @usatoday.
Nicely done, @KevinQ and @amandacox (the sages of Eighth Avenue): got married before having kids, and he and his wife both work—yet they still come up short on rent
Retweeted by David LeonhardtWhy Trump is proving to be a more enduring candidate than seemed likely - and how he may fade eventually. @Nate_Cohn: @pmarca Paging Julian Simon.@derekwillis We'll hang it in the @UpshotNYT Museum.In the Fox poll, Clinton leads Sanders by 6 pts among men, 44 pts among women.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtHow's that decision to shut down Strasburg and save him for future seasons working out?
Latest polls widen Kasich's lead on Perry for final spot in debate. News still hasn't answered some big questions about debate rules - which could determine who qualifies. @KevinQ: OF CONSUMER RECORDS STOLEN! Why the reality of data breaches is better than the headlines, @nathanielpopper
@AlexBerenson I'll still defend it. But of course I'm not objective.I like that Pete Carroll won't lie and say he thinks he made a bad call, even though it would mollify others.
Many polls that make news are nothing more than outliers, driven by statistical noise. Follow the averages! not to be fooled by the polls. @BrendanNyhan:
How Germany won the battle over Greece, from @Neil_Irwin in Berlin and elsewhere: will be very interesting to see which markets get these robot order-takers
Retweeted by David Leonhardt. @DLeonhardt with a little perspective on the "self-hating binge of Donald Trump coverage"
Retweeted by David Leonhardt
Maybe the media should dial down the self-hate about Trump coverage. It actually plays an important role. is New York State proposing such a narrow minimum-wage hike? @jbarro: #FF to the fearless @timkmak...
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@JDLehrer Thanks very much.
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