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VP Comms, @truex | Boards of @MOUSESQUAD, @cloisterinn | Runner, rower, hiker | Ex-@google @cnet @princeton | Cat lady | @forbes #30under30 alum

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"This weather is full of nope," said Caterpillar, and promptly buried her head in the closest… https://t.co/OkFdiSG1hmOne of Today's Pulitzer Prize Winners Left Journalism Because It Couldn't Pay His Rent. Now He's in PR. http://t.co/AeNaM9YRUA
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Happy to be in the presence of some amazing advertising legends tonight. @aafnational #AHOF15
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy"We in this room are the luckiest people. We live in a world of ideas, which is the most wonderful world to live in." -John B. Adams #AHOF15Sometimes when you work in advertising you get to have nights that feel like they're right out of… https://t.co/DDQeEn2mkC#AHOF15 (@ Waldorf Astoria New York - @waldorfnyc in New York, NY) https://t.co/DgmQHBfWtKOld-school pregaming for #AHOF15 awards gala tonight #weworkinadvertising @ Bull and Bear Steakhouse https://t.co/DyR3KzCJQc15! (at @SoulCycle 19th in New York, NY) https://t.co/ju64U12jHFSo who else will be at the @AAFNational Hall of Fame awards tonight? Team @truex will be there looking all spiffy.@wdevoe I've never really been to New Haven, but apparently its pizza culture is amazing. Some of the best in the world.@wdevoe It's touristy, but Mystic Seaport is kind of cool.@wdevoe Almost never. Went to Greenwich twice last year, once for rowing and once for polo. Gosh it's embarrassing to admit that...A few food delivery startups did promotions. "4/20 for sale: the latest day on the marketing calendar?" http://t.co/hOXuWeZMUo via @TheDrumBooked my last 5 #turnitup20 @soulcycle classes. Last one is 11:45AM Sunday!Skift Business Traveler: Tribute, Another New Hotel Brand for Millennials, Goes Live http://t.co/l72EWIphRz http://t.co/lyRQTNjoOr
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyNice @truex shoutout in this week's @adage cover story about Fox. http://t.co/pbN9HpJCCkHow does the resort industry need to change for millennials? The crew behind @theyachtweek has some ideas: https://t.co/ymt07QNQOdLove this from @Caro - How Do Resorts Need to Change for Millennials? https://t.co/fJD1dvWlaC via @YahooTravel
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Spring greenery #mojitos @ Gran Electrica https://t.co/TYwomIq30aOMG he said WHAT? http://t.co/f8OeqfmXMN
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@lvdjgarcia wow, that's beautiful.Doors of #brooklynheights, Sunday afternoon edition @ Brooklyn Heights Historic District https://t.co/7dSEHAJfXj
I just earned the 'Hopped Up (Level 3)' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/nAsqPnb80T@cdipietr0 lol. yep..@cloisterinn grad board meeting #thegrownupsarehere (@ Cloister Inn in Princeton, NJ) https://t.co/qAsBCkZkJ6Uh-oh. I think @jmifkovich is thinking about turning this adoptable dog we met at brunch into an… https://t.co/KUyV0nb0hy14! #turnitup20 (at @SoulCycle 19th in New York, NY) https://t.co/21W4xFRFnu
When one is a fly on the wall. https://t.co/RDkMHR0HUqIt's a quintessential New York moment to walk into an apartment through a nondescript front door only… https://t.co/oYlSI5MCIo@quackking @PatrickMcGee_ My dad swears the NYT has referred to Iggy Pop as Mr. Pop and Meat Loaf as Mr. Loaf.Snoop Dogg in the FT, on 2nd reference, is Mr Dogg. http://t.co/oUVEZkayLL
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I've been trying to cut back on wheat consumption. Foiled again: @jmifkovich made ciabatta from… https://t.co/c4yVHHaOYr@arshimbo @fredericg Awesome seeing you both! Gonna have to check out @nystandard now...Throwback to when it was THIS depressing to be a 15-year-old who just wanted to hear more rock on the radio. https://t.co/7iSX4ZL0jp
Uh, one year ago today I tweeted this. Thanks @timehop! http://t.co/fQuM2xAaEq http://t.co/DuDfPgF37PJust used @shyp for the first time to send a surprise gift to @aarthir and @sriramk. Wow, what an awesome app.@wdevoe embarrassed to admit we watched Return of the Killer Tomatoes@HilaryTholen my cat nibbles on my ear sometimes. I probably shouldn't tolerate it but it's funny because her teeth aren't very sharp.When it's so easy to just open another browser window http://t.co/1gHUJDedEB@HilaryTholen uh oh do the neighborhood cats stage a violent revolt?
I am ordering a trail camera from @Cabelas to take pictures of all the cats who swing through the backyard at night #peakbrooklynView from the roof at the amazing inaugural #foundermade event that @meghan spearheaded tonight -- a… https://t.co/hXMjm4dvaZoh my god he had a beard and jackalope slippers #originalhipster https://t.co/VYLz0vfPuO@CarsonSieving @cmwalla I also used to be REALLY good at needlepoint.Our grandparents invaded Normandy. https://t.co/9O6tb3DC8l
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@CarsonSieving I approveToday, I get to build my dream. #FounderMade
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyYay @meghan -- awesome job with #foundermade event! (@ Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC in New York, NY) https://t.co/HVHyLHXIbu@amynw I would be shocked if they did not exist@sacca if the source is speaking on condition of anonymity, he/she shouldn't be outed, but account should be backed up by non-competitor@sacca basic journalistic practice would require that the source be corroborated by at least 1 other, ideally 2.@sacca when I was a journo, we were suspicious of competitor-planted stories (I turned them down entirely on multiple occasions)@edzitron I should do it anyway just to mess with themToday I told our sales team in a call that I'd ordered them branded company selfie sticks and they briefly thought I wasn't joking.WASHINGTON (AP) — @WhiteHouse: Obama to remove #Cuba from list of state sponsors of terrorism
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyWhat idiot weatherman called it "chances of fog" instead of a mist opportunity?
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthythis https://t.co/ckZEoPxVQR@originalgriz True, I suppose. (I didn't live here yet or really care much about anything Brooklyn.)@originalgriz I don't think Brooklyn Heights has ever been hip in any era.Unrelated #brooklynheights note, it is HILARIOUS to see foreign news cover #Hillary HQ in our "hip" neighborhood #lol http://t.co/zJeuhVy7fePLZ RT #BrooklynHeights: Missing a blk/wht cat? One who seems lost, scared, + in need of love was crying in my yard @ 5AM the past 2 days.
@ibookery haha seriously!Ladies and gentlemen, the spiralizer. Also known as the grown-up version of one of those Play-Doh… https://t.co/Pi3vIaGJ4V@i_robertyoung awesome :) I really appreciate the recommendation.@i_robertyoung I have barely ever been there!@kevinroose my .02 is that it's someone looking to buy up a shitload of its stock on secondary marketsI'm a terrible person http://t.co/MYsRQwYtzB@niche I am and I am there right now, oddly enough.why the south is the region with the fewest breweries: http://t.co/1e9oYn6Bar
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy"The pizza could be as popular a snack as the hamburger if Americans only knew more about it" - @nytimes in 1947 https://t.co/XNQNs6HdIN
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI’m excited to share that @Undercurrent has been acquired by @Quirky. My thoughts are here: http://t.co/rAYSokusF4
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@DivingDancer we don't even have a TV, though we'll probably get one (and an Apple TV) since watching movies on a laptop sucks.When does 'signage' NOT just mean 'signs'?
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@moth we watched Return of the Killer Tomatoes, but 2 people recommended Safety Not Guaranteed. Next time!
@sfsooz Ooooh nice. Docs are my faves.@i_robertyoung I grew up on Mercer St. and went to Stuart. Small world!@quackking Jim Backus' "Must be Yale men!" routines on Gilligan's Island make him one of my favorite actors.@quackking my dad made me watch that when I was little and I haven't seen it since! Might have to do a repeat!@i_robertyoung I am from Princeton too (grew up there and class of 2006) if that makes a difference :) ps: hello!@GusFringTho already seen the latter, but hmmmm, the former sounds intriguingAnd we aren't watching Game of Thrones because we currently don't have television (sorry).Hey Twitter, give us a movie to watch. Comedy or non-brutal action movie, easy to follow. Our brains have the night off. iTunes or Netflix.Dark and stormys in the backyard on a very non-dark-and-stormy day. Finally. #spring #sunshinehttps://t.co/DyIPAi20Nu@DatingRev most certainly. It's been a fun few years.Sundays. #brooklynheights @ River Deli https://t.co/SjM6pQMfFlI'm not a US citizen. #WhyImNotVotingForHillary
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@lifeinthekey @aricsqueen it's ok I accept interpretive dances, too#turnitup20 classes 10 and 11...over the halfway mark! (at @SoulCycle 19th in New York, NY) https://t.co/vAjmXBxDJz@jacob @spencerchen @ellenchealy #yobongo@DatingRev @CNET @Uber wow, blast from the past!
@waynedixon Thanks!@lifeinthekey @aricsqueen @rubeykim would love to hear!@EltonX thank you!@brianstelter Red Hook Long Hammer!Hey Twitter: I'm looking for the best books about Cuban history. Any era. Go.@akdawson check it out, the @infatuation Bake Sale had Dawson Donuts@brianstelter #TheSingularityI just earned the 'I Believe in IPA! (Level 43)' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/V1UTqN1RQzFor those whose kitty has been possessed by Satan, we pray. #SatanCat #MaineCoonExorcism http://t.co/cfCKdjPcqG
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyRead Patrick Bateman's Apple Watch review http://t.co/DkQAGp20m1
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