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@krucoff Way way way back when...@shervin @CBM @summit wowwwww. cc @travisk@dens @MikeIsaac @CaseyNewton @mgsiegler @jasonkincaid @mathewi @WillMcD @krucoff @harryh yes my time machine and I wrote it#TBT @foursquare's first-ever press mention. cc @MikeIsaac @CaseyNewton @mgsiegler @jasonkincaid @mathewi @dens http://t.co/GThGELYOA7@mathewi @mgsiegler @MikeIsaac @CaseyNewton and replacing 4sq location with FB in IG was a terrible idea too. Geo does seem a sore spot@mgsiegler @MikeIsaac @CaseyNewton which is such a shift. remember when big cos could build shittier version of a startup & kill it anyway?@mgsiegler @MikeIsaac @CaseyNewton you could substitute a lot of big tech companies' names for "Facebook" there.@MikeIsaac @CaseyNewton blast from the past: http://t.co/dPPe5apyQN@MikeIsaac @CaseyNewton yeah. I can vouch for that. has been happening for years and they can never seem to get a hit with it.Flying above so many frozen things, YUL > LGA. #frequentflyer #upintheair @ LaGuardia Airport http://t.co/l3A9J0onPpI'm at LaGuardia Airport (LGA) in East Elmhurst, NY https://t.co/3wgdtKvdmJ@harryh Apparently so do the Danes. http://t.co/a8dXRuqJu1I miss LiveJournal.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@Lock @pareene Whoa.@AirCanada Seriously. Canadians about to go on a vacation in the winter are some of the happiest people on earth.The @aircanada lounge at YUL got a whole lot more exciting when the people about to leave freezing Montreal for a flight to Vegas showed up.There's only one thing we can do to retaliate, gentlemen - an all-male BRIDESMAIDS.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy2015's first passport stamp. Nothing too glamorous (it's sandwiched in between Johannesburg and… http://t.co/vmSJ3qswNGScholars of the future are going to think Americans worshipped sharks like the Egyptians worshipped cats. http://t.co/PWdzM8vlMY@elspethjane @socialmediaweek What? Drone jousting is not enough for you?Not The Onion RT @alexweprin: Discovery Channel is expanding Shark Week to the whole Summer, "Summer of the Shark." http://t.co/PWdzM8vlMYProud to have been involved with @socialmediaweek since the start. Love commitment to a fascinating, diverse program. http://t.co/lWPvKMrhuS“I don’t like the way women think. They haven’t mastered linear thinking.” Male investor turning down @kathryntucker http://t.co/niWLWtWjoe
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@baltch oh my goodness what an adorable kitty
Or "no its becky" RT @woodlandalyssa: Did she trademark TayTay™ though? http://t.co/mMKQkg8DBK@DaveinOkla no way. Caterpillar is no cheerleader. If anything, she will have dogs as her maidservants. :)@russskinner @clarsenault this is my work computer so I'd rather not - especially since I'm in Quebec for only 24 hours :)@blackmtnranch In. When.Wanted to watch a @TheDailyShow clip and then got this friendly reminder that I'm in the Great White North. http://t.co/3ADj4c39K2@benparr @kevinroose Which airport? Public trans from 2 of NYC's 3 airports is good enough that I bet cost-conscious ppl wouldn't UberPool.Next year the trend in Super Bowl ads will be cute cats rather than cute dogs, right? Where does Caterpillar send her audition tape?@caro Former Mayor Mel Lastman calls in the army ONE TIME during a #snowstorm and #Toronto still can't live it down.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@DraglamSalt That's what someone said to me earlier! Forgive me for assuming that the mayor was Rob Ford. :)W Hotels are like a magical time capsule into the early 2000s. Jewel tones and lounge vibes everywhere… http://t.co/5EQFJ2t9bqMontreal reactions to Snowmageddongate: 1) Wow, NYC can't handle snow. 2) Don't feel bad. Neither can Toronto.@EffieGiannou @Infopresse @duproprio thank you!Definitely started laughing at the use of the phrase "c'est trop bling-bling" in one of the #ipconf talksWhoa Michelle Obama didn't wear a headscarf in Saudi Arabia?? http://t.co/deG4cdmUep
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI'm at Cinéma Excentris - @cinemaexcentris in Montréal, QC https://t.co/iPkuQbVK7s@ideabloke thank goodness, no. I don't know anywhere near enough ad industry jargon in French to get away with that.I went back for frat rush at UVA, my alma mater, and wrote this piece about power, violence, forgetfulness and rape http://t.co/Qf0KIZqwq6
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyArrived in Montréal an hour ago; now prepping for my talk at the Infopresse Tendances 2015 conference.… http://t.co/fJxs3kP0HYI'm at Montréal Int'l Airport Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau (YUL) in Dorval, QC https://t.co/Q3ys504Yz2@TSAmedia_RossF @TSA Cool! I guess my prior int'l flights have been at terminals that didn't have Pre-Check.Had not known @TSA Pre-Check status is applicable when flying to Canada.LGA > YUL (@ LaGuardia Airport (LGA) in East Elmhurst, NY) https://t.co/odqqg8aoD2
should have charged bitcoin tho MT @caro: An Uber driver is Airbnb'ing the trunk of his Tesla for $85/night http://t.co/Hg8kLaLs1v
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyMemorizing Very Esoteric Mnemonics Created Jubilant Scientists, Until New Planets Hampered Much Enthusiasm http://t.co/XOU8weGU4iHey guys who are upset about an all female Ghostbusters you sound sexist and more importantly YOU'RE AN ADULT UPSET ABOUT GHOSTBUSTERS.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@ramonaterrier @owenthomas Hi Ramona!@bozatwork More in the presentation than with anything else. It also feels extremely un-Snapchat, as others have pointed out.Actually, Snapchat Discover feels like what Flipboard probably always wanted to be.@IanGertler It has to be positioned better in the app, too. I have no reason to instinctively go back to it.@owenthomas LOL. Yeah. Except I modified my #tweet. I mean #publishers, really, not #brands. #mybad #tweleted #lol #howsramonaPlayed w/Snapchat Discover. Initial reaction: A godsend for publishers that have wanted a more lightweight multimedia platform than YouTube.What about HoMo? RT @eringriffith: omg yahoo invented a new acronym: "maVeNS" ....mobile video native and social.The "miracle cat rises from the grave" story is NOT a viral hoax. Props to @HumaneTampaBay for saving a kitty's life. http://t.co/CdS5VhqXPC@TaylorLorenz it's changing, but when I was a roving freelancer last year, I had clients who DID NOT like that I was constantly traveling."Go away, human, and let me celebrate my snow day by returning to my 18-hour-long nap." @ Brooklyn… http://t.co/3d34wVJxEH@CJN So I hear. I'm still flying United in part because other Star airlines are great to me. Do you get that with OneWorld?@CJN Interesting. I know almost no AA flyers based in NYC, and I have always wondered why.@CJN What are you flying now?Things are thawing out at the airports. LGA > YUL tomorrow AM; looks like it may take longer to get to LGA than the flight itself will.@brianstelter I...guess? I get subtext - curation back in the hands of publishers rather than popularity algorithms. But badly phrased.@ChrisThilk I also watched the video and can't tell what the new product actually does.Anyone else think the line "This is not social media" in Snapchat Discover announcement is kind of weirdly phrased? http://t.co/hEsssBB5VT@quirk ILLUMINATI VODKAToday marks my 1-year anniversary at @trueX. Thanks @joemarchese @SeanFinnegan @christianborges and everyone else on our killer team.
@CarsonSieving @cmwalla @annehelen No need for a romper. Brooklyn Heights is basically a nice part of Boston.@cmwalla @CarsonSieving @annehelen What Christina said.@cmwalla @AlexisTryon If I'm awake early I will!!!!@cmwalla @AlexisTryon if it does turn out to be legit, i'm getting in a snowshoe Instagram walk in the morning #peakbrooklyn@AlexisTryon @cmwalla oh shit I just remembered I have a lot of chocolate in this one cabinet@cmwalla @AlexisTryon I narrowly avoided buying expensive yuppie ice cream at the local deli today. Thank goodness.@alykeves nah at this point she's probably down for the count for the whole night. she is very lazy.@AlexisTryon I ate a whole bag of pita chips with a whole container of red pepper hummus :(@alykeves no she fell asleep@AlexisTryon Seriously. Where is the legit snow? My Amtrak tomorrow got canceled and if it's for nothing I'll be annoyed.@johnmccrea NICE!@alykeves Caterpillar didn't approve of such graphic violenceInventing card games to play with my cat. Not feeling very inspired. The wine isn't helping...yet.… http://t.co/PruloQcKahI bet the local @UrbanOutfitters is closed already and I'm annoyed because I think this snowstorm merits a senselessly trendy hat :(Snow picking up in #brooklynheights @ Brooklyn Heights Historic District http://t.co/Di8kWqCbYO@neilvogel I have older relatives who never had kids, and they look Viagra-ad-worthy too. All that time for Pilates and red wine apparently.@blam nah. going to try to take the train to MTL tomorrow.@EmilyDreyfuss My hair is pretty blonde right now and I think Drybar's dry shampoo is best for pale hair. Try Oscar Blandi's - it's clear.No idea when this snowstorm will let me out of the city but I'm all packed for Montreal regardless.… http://t.co/VWrmNRD5hD@TaylorLorenz Is Amtrak screwed? I'm supposed to get on the Adirondack in two hours. I'm not sure whether I should be leaving NYC or not.@skidder It's for work - I'm speaking at a conference. Would hate to miss it. But right now, getting back home is looking problematic too.I am still debating how the heck I am going to get to and from Montreal this week. Have a train ticket. Might be a bad idea.
Like this video actually makes me feel bad for Sarah Palin and her family. She does not seem well.Finally watching Sarah Palin speech from the Iowa event this weekend. Holy shit, this is like watching a Real Housewife on a drunk tirade.@Aerocles @karasilverman Generation Z in the workplace!It's called CoryBookr RT @Aerocles: Perfect time to launch your "Uber for Snow Shoveling" app if you were wonderingThe irony is not lost on me re: attempting to escape a blizzard by taking a train to Canada #GreatWhiteNorth #PolarExpressI'm endorsing @DrewCurtis for Kentucky Governor. http://t.co/Tn8y4We2bz
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyBuying ticket for @amtrak Adirondack. Looks like I'll be taking the scenic route to Montreal this week to beat the blizzard! #PolarExpress@cm That's my thinking. And I'd be beating the snow...Pretty much no way my Tuesday noon flight to Montreal is happening. Thinking about taking @Amtrak tomorrow instead.Are any bars in Brooklyn going to be showing #SonsOfLiberty tonight? Help out this shameless hipster who doesn't have a TV!
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