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#DaymeArocena is a bright new talent from #Cuba. @_HavanaCultura_ @gillespeterson @brownswoodhttp://t.co/OnBwQBsP4O http://t.co/zGiJzHcVEB
Retweeted by BrownswoodVery few of the wonderful Emanative​ release for @SteveReidFNDN left in the office! - http://t.co/53PeoPzimE http://t.co/YexjiNlCDr@brownswood hello :) Dayme Arocena 'Don't Unplug My Body' is in my @BBC6Music '6 Music Recommends' show http://t.co/D1oaTpBSp2
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@brownswood reveals a track from Dayme Arocena's debut album ! https://t.co/sYg1rPmytR
Retweeted by BrownswoodStream 20 awesome tracks from Burna Boy, Denai Moore, Riky Rick Makhado, Cold Specks, MNEK, Dayme Arocena & more... http://t.co/RghdwgIrqs
Retweeted by BrownswoodMy @NTSlive podcast has arrived - https://t.co/kiVEvlApJC
Retweeted by BrownswoodDaymé Arocena - Madres: http://t.co/WaYp1UFnqq | Cuban-Hispanic infused fruit from the @brownswood signee's debut LP. http://t.co/QalbdIPytN
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Found the 'Park Bench People' 12" by @josejamesmusic & @flyinglotus in storage! Up for grabs - http://t.co/mszYbXWipZ http://t.co/08SiV3P99B
Retweeted by Brownswood@dyvrem sorry we are having problems locating your email - can you DM me with the email address attached to the order?
Occupying @NTSlive​ tomorrow. 13:00 - 15:00. Got some serious excluuuuusives in the bag for y'all. http://t.co/U1WIjKLAh4
Retweeted by BrownswoodAUSTRALIA! Join me on Worldwide Radio for the next 2 hours on @fbiradio with a guest mix from @feelmybicep. http://t.co/VnXALErlFm
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Meet London’s old school pirate radio icons ahead of Sunday's @southbankcentre event http://t.co/FfnYAosHyD http://t.co/rEnF6sypoP
Retweeted by BrownswoodWe’re looking for writers to provide music posts on BamaLoveSoul. Interested? Email us HERE: Write4@BamaLoveSoul.com
Retweeted by Brownswood@jgarelick hello want to send you a new Daymé Arocena music - how do I get in touch?Check out "don't unplug my body" from Brownswood label. Piano solo + vowel sounds vibe = magic x http://t.co/NlH5w6cvm8
Retweeted by BrownswoodMaravilloso concierto de Daymé Arocena ayer en @BoguiJazz 👏#musica #jazz #Madrid http://t.co/ObCK7nEdAO
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This Sunday >>> http://t.co/euRlYsdmjithis is a bit good https://t.co/fZ4ffXL4t5
Mañana Daymé Arocena, de la mano de @_HavanaCultura_, estará presentando su álbum debut "Nueva Era" en el @BoguiJazz. ¡Ahí nos vemos!
Retweeted by BrownswoodWish I was here Sunday for an ace day celebrating London Pirate Radio. Organised by @gillespeterson & @brownswood http://t.co/5cGt8DOyt4
Retweeted by BrownswoodA new track, everyday, for your listening pleasure. Todays, @nosajthing & @whoarehigh - 'Don't Mind Me' (@ILRecordshttp://t.co/1tVgM74RwM
Retweeted by BrownswoodCheck out this article: Daymé Arocena – Don’t Unplug My Body - http://t.co/bkVGdczCi8Just added props the DJ Throwing Shade.. Daymé Arocena: The Spirit of Young Cuba @ St Pancras Old Church http://t.co/3vXdRYk62Q via @pb_monk
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Daymé Arocena: The Spirit of Young Cuba @ St Pancras Old Church http://t.co/FFeF9kdUFT via @pb_monkLabels featured on the latest @Movimientos podcast @CrammedDiscs @DuttyArtz @becausemusic @NYCTrust @brownswood https://t.co/OgnNx1aT2U
Retweeted by BrownswoodAnnouncing Daymé Arocena’s debut album, ‘Nueva Era’! Out June 9th. https://t.co/ng5hcT499i http://t.co/sKmfUV5nST
Daymé Arocena. That is all.Still the wk/end, right? @eclecticonline Monday Must! http://t.co/RSCJt86mdW @throwingshade & @brownswood's Dayme Arocena @HavanaCulturaUK
Retweeted by BrownswoodThe gorgeous Dayme Arocena sound checking ahead of tonight's show cc team @brownswood @gillespeterson @2fortheroaduk http://t.co/GG5QEtfrW3
Retweeted by BrownswoodOFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! http://t.co/5OY5DpxwTz now live! Check the site for more info and updates on events near you! #FutureBubblers
Retweeted by BrownswoodOut to @gillespeterson selecting new @rootsmanuva on @bigdadarecords as Track of the Day #Facety (via @Spotify) http://t.co/vumuuTmsma
Retweeted by BrownswoodJose James 'The Dreamer' limited edition represses are here! - http://t.co/3K87njAHjQ @brownswood http://t.co/OfgDlT7WFt
Retweeted by BrownswoodA new track, everyday, for your listening pleasure. Today, @rootsmanuva - Facety 2:11 (prod. @fourtet) ♫ http://t.co/1tVgM74RwM
Retweeted by Brownswood@gillespeterson @throwing_shade_ !!!!!
reading the Billboard Power 100 like, we need some more girls in here http://t.co/l2no7iNnpx http://t.co/tVbsW37yJ0
Retweeted by BrownswoodCe SOIR 20H-22H:INTERVIEWS:DAYME AROCENA (CUBA)1ER CD !! + INTERVIEW DJ VADIM, (NEW CD AVEC LA NOUVELLE... http://t.co/Svm2js4eN3
Retweeted by BrownswoodTake this rhythm with you tonight: #DaymeArocena #CubanBeat #CubaMusic #CubanRhythm http://t.co/HoT1ZRnrse
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Gilles Peterson's guide to record buying, bullies and beating the competition http://t.co/zX29O1q5QU
Don't miss this incredible multi-talented, Cuban artist #DayméArocena we love her http://t.co/Ntu6UiRrHJ @pulsobeat http://t.co/KgMcl5OlW2
Retweeted by Brownswood@lesinrocks parle de la chanteuse cubaine Daymé Arocena ! @gillespeterson @brownswood http://t.co/CtngQcxoz9 http://t.co/w043ayajP2
Retweeted by Brownswood@dyvrem can you send a mail to info@brownswoodrecordings.com
Last few left! - http://t.co/KhLRmQY7Wq http://t.co/UgAHoCyi9F
Daymé Arocena, la nouvelle sensation de #Cuba dans @lesinrocks : http://t.co/Jm8QhcD2an … @gillespeterson @brownswood #latin #jazz
Retweeted by Brownswoodhttp://t.co/h4uWxSNTlu
Retweeted by BrownswoodUpdates on the @spotify playlist! ♫ In The Office Brownswood Recordings http://t.co/0b0yA252KtCuba's new talent Daymé Arocena is reading up her debut album via @brownswood http://t.co/98iNurawa6
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Cuban jazz sensation Daymé Arocena bursts on to the global jazz scene http://t.co/RqkpeOYqul
@OfficialHuey Daymé Arocena....this is ace!!! 👍
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Ghost Poet's debut album is now very close to being sold out with less than 10 copies left in the office ;) - http://t.co/uRw4z7hnuV
@brownswood Big yes to @emanative's version of "Hum Allah Hum Allah Hum Allah" perfect for soothing the post bank holiday fidget.
Retweeted by BrownswoodOffice Updates! ♫ In The Office Brownswood Recordings http://t.co/0b0yA252Kt@paynic @gillespeterson #bam #bam #bassCurated with love! iTunes: http://t.co/w2w7qwtj4i Spotify: http://t.co/1cV5Ixlnf9 CD: http://t.co/kDO2eR664w http://t.co/Jecetll41z
@iamciscero Dmd you
Now playing @districtofcuba: our fave #DayméArocena w/"Cry Me a River." Rumberos: check it: https://t.co/Ggy7D47aWb http://t.co/XnUqBsFlk9
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Havana's Daymé Arocena bridges the gap between Cuban and American music: http://t.co/Yyk7SDKgYs http://t.co/tXFI19N4hf
Retweeted by BrownswoodHavana's Daymé Arocena Bridges Gap Between Cuban & American Music http://t.co/8CXleuD9Uh via @billboardCold Ribena 👍 Hot Ribena 👍 Warm Ribena 👎😟
Retweeted by BrownswoodNew BC Weekly up! http://t.co/rinqp4XWOO with @mavisstaples @jagajazzist, @Oddisee, @realjlive and Daymé Arocena. http://t.co/NGZXYsOyHS
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My remix for @gillespeterson's Sonzeira Brasil Bam Bam Bass out on @brownswood now. https://t.co/oZth4sQLtB
Retweeted by BrownswoodOffice playlist updated!! ♫ In The Office Brownswood Recordings http://t.co/0b0yA252KtDiscover our Cuban revelation: Dayme Arocena. Her new album in collaboration with Havana Club and Brownswood... http://t.co/ZSN5CUaccv
Retweeted by BrownswoodDayme Arocena: album in collaboration with HavanaClub and Brownswood Recordings! http://t.co/vfvIPt21Wj http://t.co/FlRSyUUoGI
Retweeted by Brownswood@brownswood @Bandcamp More added ;) BACK ON SALE!
Retweeted by Brownswoodlove tokyo cherries… http://t.co/FoNtqXZMAC
Retweeted by BrownswoodLate night music binge reminded myself about this forthcoming album promised by @brownswood. Heard recently on GPWW. https://t.co/WOWwXsbFVB
Retweeted by BrownswoodMix up on @i_D ahead of our @AMPlostandfound set! http://t.co/TAcAShgikM @troygunner Frits wentink, and a load of music we bang on tour :)
Retweeted by BrownswoodI recently discussed the importance Lonnie Liston Smith with @stampthewax. Check it out ;) https://t.co/nfVHTzM8G0
Retweeted by BrownswoodNew mint green tote bags from last weeks Indie Label Market up on our @Bandcamp! - http://t.co/XPYVhXLBhS http://t.co/TRFgoxbO31Strata East X Gilles Peterson posters are now up for sale via our @Bandcamp . Limited to 5! http://t.co/KhLRmQY7Wq http://t.co/MNVpZRBbBFanushka: music to... tour to https://t.co/eOqoprqbH2 via @i_DDaymé Arocena's 'The Havana Cultura Sessions' EP out now! - http://t.co/oQrgvg2s1g - http://t.co/YW9rDa8Fin
http://t.co/5pU2B1Igyhhttps://t.co/HAl8CzUym8Daymé Arocena does not have a twitter account, she doesn’t need one to express herself… http://t.co/o0a8JPFnqD #music
Retweeted by BrownswoodNot forgeting @CadburyUK too. Standing side by side to give power back to the spreads #SPREADforALL #TIDALforALL http://t.co/XznnYu0ymp
Retweeted by Brownswoodhttps://t.co/bQqM7umTazAh yes and the new @FaltyDL remix of Sonzeira on @brownswood (it's well nice)
Retweeted by BrownswoodTodays @Bandcamp weekly mix includes an interview with Dayme Arocena as well as tracks from her new EP! http://t.co/E6u4CzKaDAToday we announce the official #FutureBubblers Nottingham Launch @RoughTrade Fri 10th April!Good Music,Good Vibes! http://t.co/NNfqsAOgpt
Retweeted by BrownswoodLa chanteuse cubaine Daymé Arocena signe sur le label de Gilles Peterson | Fip http://t.co/Xqv8P7cl6JCuba’s Daymé Arocena Takes us to Church on “The Havana Cultura Sessions” EP http://t.co/JQROIcQXU1 via @remezcla
This lady rocks! Watch out for Dayme Arocena de Cuba! Big up HAVANA CULTURA http://t.co/3172jm9grm
Retweeted by BrownswoodCheck my track #WritingTime which made it onto @BBubblers Big up @gillespeterson @brownswood #WorldwideFam http://t.co/qCXUqSSPkz
Retweeted by BrownswoodWe've a celebration of the Strata East legacy tonight @BBCRadio3 Here's a mix from its no. 1 fan @gillespeterson https://t.co/lQfERb6X2R
Retweeted by BrownswoodDaymé Arocena's ’The Havana Cultura Sessions’ EP out today! @_HavanaCultura_ http://t.co/Fa3ZPdkIKN
Can the person who papped the brownswood crew eating fishfinger wraps today delete that ish.If you're in London today go check the @brownswood homies at Spitalfields for Indy Label Market....
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Presente! @zzkrecords @CrammedDiscs @NacionalRecords @therealmrbongo @brownswood @DuttyArtz https://t.co/uYGNHm2ail http://t.co/uwKI02C6I0
Retweeted by BrownswoodWarp, Brownswood and more to be showcased at Independent Label Market tomorrow » Bonafide Magazine: http://t.co/i424kOVt0E@JudyCantorNavas wanted to send you some Cuban music from an amazing singer called Daymé Arocena! Could i get an email contact please?@AlgodonEgipcio i would love to send you Daymé Arocena's record can i get a contact?Daymé Arocena Gets Ceremonial With Afro-Cuban-Influenced “Madres”  http://t.co/ECFyid0Qs2 via @remezcla🎵 Daymé Arocena 🎤 Cry Me A River 🎵 @brownswood #AfroCarib #Cubana 🎧 http://t.co/TromfT6Ux9 🎧 Get ready, world-- Cuba's coming!
Retweeted by BrownswoodClassic Cuban cinema comes to Brooklyn as 'Cuba: Golden 60s' opens this Friday at BAMcinematek. http://t.co/DM4xxdFeGL
Retweeted by Brownswoodmeet daymé arocnea @_HavanaCultura_ https://t.co/s7C44AFKid
@kimhillyard can i get your email? want to send you Daymé Arocena's record xGreat sounding piece of post from @brownswood including my remix of Ele E Ela.. https://t.co/MszwXc7762 Bam Bam Bass!
Retweeted by BrownswoodShipping Tomorrow! The Light Years of the Darkness from Emanative on @brownswood: http://t.co/XS0EmRiBSD
Retweeted by BrownswoodWe will be down at the Independent Label Market​ this Saturday alongside some great labels. Come and say hello! http://t.co/AANeibwlvy
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