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Aunkur Arya @aunkurarya san francisco, ca

svp & gm, mobile @braintree. ex-google, ex-admob. lesser half to @tinab.

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'Reclassifying' generally seems better for workers but I'd argue it's just PR for most cos. for whom worker service quality isn't a problem.
They didn't forget about Dray! #DubNationWelcome to the @PayPal family, @Xoom! Can't wait to help people around the world send and receive money without boundaries.
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I used to love Jim Carrey. What a dummy. And he can't even spell 'mandatory' https://t.co/Zg5mu6y97f@satyap @semil @2pasc @ondemandco super creative. Your cartoon looks is more spot on than mine :) http://t.co/TxLZoP34GQExciting to see @Pinterest Buyable Pins in the wild w/ great merchants like Nordstrom + Neiman Marcus! .@braintree https://t.co/u44BP6P8hH
Greece should just have Uber raise the money for them.
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya"We don't have a crystal ball. But we do have a calculator" // real VC talk and math from .@joshk #favorite // https://t.co/mGYoqHBng5@amitchbr yep, I like!
@thisisamul @miraj which game?
Anyone written anything insightful or predictive on transformational use cases for the Apple Watch?Likes: iMessage, voice calls, haptic feedback, font, scroll wheel, uber notif, comfort. Dislikes: 95% apps, inconsistent notifs #AppleWatchJust marriage! #marriageequality
Just catching up on Bobby Jindal's hidden camera announcement. What an idiot.@rabois maybe kristaps can win a dunk contest too.@godxavier Tina got it in DublinThe upside to being wide awake at 3:42am is that I get to share this site with the world. You're welcome. http://t.co/plWu38pXYZ
@joshelman what about the Friendster "testimonial" ...'member that?
Yamazaki 18 been my fav for yrs but this is close to dethroning it. Midleton "Very Rare". The Irish don't mess around http://t.co/gHHFB3xhCe@Jorde83 damn right!@mvboeke @mdudas @Sonos @Spotify same, no issues.My meat searing skills are improving. http://t.co/8ijgKQHV9V@mdudas @Sonos @Spotify how so?'Moving beyond Kate Upton' // In app context = mobile ads suck less. Great problem statement piece by .@mikefyall https://t.co/1npjXUZdh2
@tanayj purely insane and against the laws of nature.After the serious lapse in judgment w/r/t the aforementioned rice incident, I decided to end my transgression w/ a yellow spot Irish whiskeyTrying to stay well under 50 grams of carbs daily. Unknowingly ate 46 of them in a cup of rice with dinner. Damn you rice.@amitchbr yep. Like it overall. Good companion device. Not must-have (yet).@amitchbr actually scratch that I was wearing it while missed texts were sent@amitchbr no phone has been locked. That's what's strange. What if watch is locked (ie I'm not wearing it at the time)? Might be itLike Apple Watch but missing some notifications. That will get annoying pretty fast.
@ayanonagon where?I still feel like I'm missing notifications. Maybe still just getting the hang of it. I will say, it's not an intuitive device.@adamnash the 18 is my favorite single malt of all time. How does that compare?The ability to talk on the phone from my wrist is itself worth the price of admission. Where was this thing when I was 8.First day with the Apple Watch. Sport, white, 42mm. Haven't re-learned a mobile device in a very long time. Compelling piece.
Giant are a 1/2 game back. #BeatLA@jmilinovich done.@jmilinovich Harrison and Main. #neighbors!@jmilinovich welcome to the neighborhood.
A fine tune for a Friday. #NowPlaying "Mrs. Officer" by Lil Wayne from Tha Carter III ♫ http://t.co/hJIeR6Xvpl
@satyap @homebrew @ManagedbyQ @onbondstreet congrats gents, nice to see you guys working together :) // @epeytons
The best team beat the best player in the world. That's what I learned during the #NBAFinals // #DubNation
Cavs carried by one man. Warriors Finals MVP given to a sixth man. Truly strength in numbers. #DubNation
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya"there are no knuckle heads on the team" - Nate Thurmond. #WarriorsGolden age for Bay Area sports. What a treasure to see the Giants and Warriors win in the same year.Congrats to Iggy. You deserve it!!! #DubNationWe appear to be in a bubble where Silicon Valley wins all the sports championships.
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaCHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! #DubNation #NBAFinalsHere we go!!!With preseason odds of 25/1, the Warriors are the biggest longshot to win the NBA title in at least 20 years
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaI wonder if Dan Gilbert left the building already? // @shervin #DubNationCurry is a scientist. #DubNationSo sweet Iggy! #DubNation #MVPDarrell Hammond is the new Colonel Sanders? Awesome.@satyap @StephenCurry30 preach!That would have been weird if they called a foul on LeBron.@rabois @shervin you must be watching a different game.Cold, late food from .@doordash :(IGGY.@parth lots of opportunity for deep links :)WARRIORS. #DubNation
@ayanonagon bad watch. I'll take it...
@nayar_amit way in favor of the Cavs and LeBron in this game. Indisputable.Some of the poorest officiating I've seen in the Finals. Despite LeBron getting ridiculous calls, the Dubs win. http://t.co/xdcrvta3KjDubs win!!!! http://t.co/xXJafPLXtS@TeslaMotors navigation wants me to go from SOMA to Pac Heights via Treasure Island. #fail // pls improve this! http://t.co/8PHEmuU8cTThought you'd enjoy this .@MCHammer // Iggy is the man! http://t.co/H8NlLmlaWrGreat read on the Warriors video guy's impact on Game 4. Put in Iggy!! http://t.co/H8NlLmlaWr
Steph Curry on his lack of a Finals signature moment: "As long as we get four wins, that's signature enough for me." http://t.co/QWfNuoNp9k
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaSuper impressed with .@FitStar // one of the very few large in-app purchases I've made ($40 annual).@Khanoisseur @RyanNegri @BenedictEvans that's the flowchart equivalent of a Rube Goldberg machine.San Francisco http://t.co/UKF6hbmWga
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Never watch Indian TV but inexplicably into Bigg Boss 8. // @TheGautamGulati @AliQuliMirzaAQM @karishma_tanna @dimpy_mahajan @upenpatelworldNew product idea: an app that listens to my meeting conversation, transcribes it and then parses out follow up items I've committed to.Game 5 Warriors tickets as high as $65K for courtside seats on stubhub. #bayareasports http://t.co/HEyzPrLNue@hblodget you seem to assert that he'll remain permanent CEO but then give every good reason why he won't be :)
.@dickc scaled Twitter to a $25B public company & helped build an indispensable broadcast platform. Deserves immense praise/credit for that.@satyap I'm going. Meet me there.Thank you basketball gods.@mdudas @shakeshack you ain't lyin@tejaltshah great minds...@mdudas still a @shakeshack virginDefinitely gonna watch Straight Outta ComptonStop the jumpers Barnes. Drive.@amitchbr I can report that things look good so far :)takin it to the hoop, drawing fouls, ball rotation. Old school hoops. #DubNationI liked that half.Why is Bogut in? Nothing but trouble. David Lee!Cmon Bogut.Dellavadova regressing to the mean.
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaDear Steph. Let's do this. I beg you. #DubNationUrsherSo proud to have worked for @dickc.
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaWow.@kevinrose @northtechinc @HODINKEE love HODINKEE. Didn't know Watchville app even existed until this tweet. Downloaded. Congrats!
❤️what @ManagedbyQ stands for. Eager to watch them. Aaaand my sis-in-law @ShwethaRaja works there too so thats cool! https://t.co/ub54YHsWrs@jmilinovich how's it lookin :)@mdudas cool. i'll co-list a syndicate with you on @AngelList for hot dog related startups if it passes muster..(d)@mdudas would you invest?
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