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Sarah Smith. @_sarahliz Texas/Arkansas

♔ self-proclaimed queen of procrastination and sass. ♔

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A “HIMYM” fan figured out Barney Stinson makes $1,173,312 a year http://t.co/kqPeK2P7nB http://t.co/EP6EGD2aI9
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Glad I stayed up late to work on an assignment only to have class cancelled this morning. This is why we need the cancellation call at night
.@MichaelWacha puts last season’s struggles behind him, ready to reach full potential: http://t.co/BR9ETpFf1z http://t.co/XNbpCk0ur9
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@ossy_escareno24 @karaaa_20 sorry....sleep > pancakes to me.@karaaa_20 lets do it!! I'm down! 👍@karaaa_20 I tried to go twice today and line was out the door 😫😫How am I just now finding out that there is a legit CASTLE located in NWA?!? Adding it to the bucket list for sure. http://t.co/LpTYJwXfg5The word "too" is goofy. It looks like owl eyes with a snorkel. too
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.I just wrote "I don't know. I have senioritis" for one of the answers on my quiz. LOL SOMEONE HELP ME.
Professor: what inspired you to write this essay? Me: the due date
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Me at this point in the semester http://t.co/krjJQQ4Cbr
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@ossy_escareno24 ok umm I'll let you know@ossy_escareno24 haha alright I'll have to pass then! I don't think I could get in and out before my 9:30 class@ossy_escareno24 it's 7 am-10 PM 😉@ossy_escareno24 YES! I'm down! 8 PM?I'm going to need someone to go with me to get some free pancakes at IHOP tomorrow.@NyxCosmetics I ordered stuff on your site over a week ago! Why hasn't it shipped yet?? http://t.co/DRfvmRVetvI JUST BOUGHT FLOOR TICKETS TO SEE ED SHEERAN. PRAISE THE LORD AND HAPPY GRADUATION TO ME!!! 🙌🙌🙌I just threw up a little. 😷🙊🙅 “@BuzzFeed: Shia Labeouf has a rattail now http://t.co/gWmNQsLTuK http://t.co/xkkBx8PPlk@OhPhillmore Barack can do it all. https://t.co/ksOczIstexATTENTION: Carly Rae Jepsen has released a new song in an attempt to become relevant again. We can't let that happen, people!
wait http://t.co/OAfr5bQOPC
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.It's almost time for bed, so I guess I'll just check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and one full season of a TV show on Netflix real quick.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Either my palate isn't refined enough, or all Starbucks coffee really does taste the same.@Pranav_c0 I didn't realize how much I used that street until it was closed!Stadium Drive is finally open again. All is good. 🙌
You could seriously go ice skating on some of the roads in Fayetteville right now. 😁@kaleyklaw @antijokeapple @Clara_Michelle OMG I just died!! Drunk Ed photos are the best! 😂😂😂when your legs don't work like they used to before http://t.co/pg55wDEfJc
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.
So sad when girls go to prom alone http://t.co/JC0Dx6Q2KU
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.i hate axs i hate axs i hate axs i hate axs i hate axs i hate axs i hate axs i hate axs i hate axs i hate axs i hate axs
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.God just doesn't want @_sarahliz and I to see ginger Jesus. So upsetting
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.
@hannahkness http://t.co/LuB7T7NheZ@hannahkness ugh I was the biggest backstreet boys girl in kindergarten and 1st grade. Brian was my man!! 😍@hannahkness The Call was my JAM!@kelseyycollard http://t.co/oKS9IHNUZS@meagancarlisle YES PLEASE!!! I'm gonna need your reaction when you watch the finale@meagancarlisle @kaylajgarrett omg I didn't know you watched it!!@kaylajgarrett watch it ASAP!! It's intense!Seriously, too many dress tweets and not enough HTGAWM reaction tweets on my timeline. I am questioning my followers' taste in pop culture.@missmeggiejean I LEGIT SCREAMEDWhy are we still talking about the dress when we could be talking about what just happened on the #HTGAWM finale! HOLY CRAP. 😱@kaitlyntwalls NOOOO. What is happening?Once again...I LOVE THE INTERNET.At first I saw the dress as white and gold and now all I can see is the dress as black and blue. WHAT IS MY BRAIN DOING TO ME?! 😫@Lfilgas well I'm glad I wasn't the only one!! 😂I just did my makeup in the bathroom of Kimpel because I didn't have time to do it before I left for class this morning. #casual
I'm getting a serious case of wanderlust from looking at listings on Airbnb. 😍 #sendhelp #obsessedThe flight has been booked! I am officially going to AZ with my dad for spring break to see the @Cubs and the @Rangers at Spring Training!⚾️I got so much free food on campus today that I feel like I'm carrying around an entire picnic lunch in my backpack.@connerpal I'm just saying....you could totally rock it 😉You want free CFA for breakfast tomorrow? Go to http://t.co/BOXJrcmaFM to find out how! You're just a like & RT away! http://t.co/I3zMawkG6u
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.The guy behind me on the bus looks exactly like @connerpal with a man bun. 😍
RETWEET now for your chance to win this signed script! #ParksFarewell #ParksandPrizes5 http://t.co/3mmFWIhAod
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Best. Sign. Ever. http://t.co/OlytAQdJZd
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Now THAT'S how you end a series! The Parks and Recreation finale was 👌literally👌 perfect! #ParksFarewellMe in math https://t.co/P9y4KtUnfD
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.'Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.' http://t.co/qQabPLdrxs
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Here's a video of @edsheeran singing I'm in Love with the CoCo. You're welcome. https://t.co/W1uxvcptcz@ossy_escareno24 sure you can! don't risk your life 😝@ossy_escareno24 any day can be a snow day if you choose to make it one, Ossy! Remember that!@ossy_escareno24 well all of these classes met last week during the delayed start so I guess it's a fair trade 😝All of my classes are optional or cancelled today! My professors came through. I'm going back to bed! http://t.co/w2FseFLw5qcan school get delayed until graduation please
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Showing up to class tomorrow if we don't get cancelled like: https://t.co/3UpByoestV
@DanielMcFarlan6 @UArkansas http://t.co/ZL5eBCozja
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Okay so the University of Texas has a delayed start tomorrow because there's a CHANCE for winter weather. Do the right thing UofA..... 😂@calebsmittens @OhPhillmore @theJillianK You can go look at em....and touch em@Zelley7 yeah at least give it a visit! ☺️👍@Zelley7 ARKANSAS 😏If being a virgin is a deal breaker... I hope all your children are girls, chris. Tell them that. #Bachelor
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Me when I try to flirt. https://t.co/xKg5QOu4RaBut why does Walter White go from teaching ionic bonds to chirality to chemical reactions? His methods make no sense. 😫 #BreakingBadProblemsSomebody please tell Byron Jones that humans aren't supposed to jump this far. https://t.co/SccXd0DACX
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@JuliannePaige they're the worst! i had tickets but when i went to submit order, the website freaked out and kicked me out :/@JuliannePaige jillian and i tried. it was literally impossibleI just want to see Ed.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@JuliannePaige did you get Ed tickets for Dallas?@Sara_Eagle keep refreshing! i keep getting tickets for tulsa! i don't want to be that high up though!@Jordanxx3 yeahhhh I'm not about grass seating either haha@otrakylie @axs it's the worst. I sent them a strongly worded email haha@Sara_Eagle keep trying! i just found some for tulsa. they're super high up though in the 300s@Sara_Eagle were you trying for Dallas?? i had tickets but when i went to submit order the website kicked me out and I lost them :/@otrakylie @axs i'm creeping, but the SAME thing happened to me!!@Jordanxx3 whaaat. that's ridiculous! I kind of wanted to go to that tour to see them and Hoodie, but that's way too much!@Sara_Eagle no :( you??This is why I started getting into smaller, indie bands. Not because I'm hipster...but because getting tickets for a big name is IMPOSSIBLE.@sarahmitch26 Dallas may 7! Presale is happening now!Ed Sheeran is straight up committing robbery with these ticket prices. GAH.
Reminding everyone that I totally called Eddie's Best Actor award months ago. 👏 #soproudEddie is absolutely precious. I'm crying so many tears right now. I feel like a proud mama!Just a reminder that Julie Andrews is 79 years old. SEVENTY NINE.@OhPhillmore So much better than Carrie UnderwoodGaga looks flawless!!GLOM GAZINO AND ADELE DAZEEM #Oscars http://t.co/cxB546lkJK
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.Every time I hear Glory I get chills. What a song, what a movie, what a message.
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.@kaitlyntwalls agreed. You know I love him but he's making me uncomfortable!Tim McGraw looks like a completely different human every time I see him. Are we sure he really exists??QUEEN http://t.co/fMlini9Quc
Retweeted by Sarah Smith.But did Leo get a Lego Oscar though?? #Oscar2015
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