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Forget the Chevy Volt...NOW on @FoxBusiness: I’ll explain why @TeslaMotors going "used" may save the electric car...And you wonder why we don't get more candidates from outside the political petrie dish... @FoxBusinessMitt Romney found that out. Herman Cain found that out. Ross Perot found that out. @FoxBusinessIt's uncanny. If you're a successful business person, you're gonna get kicked in the can by the mainstream media. @FoxBusinessIs it me or is the media focusing more on the people @CarlyFiorina laid off than the tech powerhouse many others say she helped re-ignite?RIGHT NOW on @FoxBusiness: What is the deal with this biz-bashing media?From the battlefield to the football field. 8PM on @FoxBusiness: Meet the Green Beret lighting up the sports world. http://t.co/fQGgmehfzqA poll says only 41% of Americans find @HillaryClinton "likable". But does "likability" matter? RT for YES, REPLY for NO #CAVUTO @FoxNewsOver 20% of Baltimore jobs...are government jobs. Are we becoming too dependent on the government? RT for YES, REPLY for NO @FoxNews #CAVUTO.@realDonaldTrump says Pam Geller is "taunting" Muslims. RT if you agree #CAVUTO @FoxNewsNew calls for a special prosecutor in #FreddieGray case. RT if you agree http://t.co/LJTPvyKDT9 #CAVUTO @FoxNewsCan McDonald’s lure back customers? Entrepreneur @BillRancic thinks the company is going in the right direction. http://t.co/dsfBcFG4JV
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RETWEET if you've lost faith in the Government. I have a special show Friday 8 PM on @FoxBusiness on how to build trust back. DVR it now!
Republicans have a budget deal... But Tea Partiers saying they're getting a raw deal? Watch for the details... http://t.co/se7pV7yWd4
What does the future hold for Millennials? @Kreskin tells @Cgasparino, @LizMacDonaldFOX and @Brady_FBN http://t.co/E5Hgf8cbin
What did you think of tonight's show on @FoxBusiness?Marco Rubio just signed @GroverNorquist's tax pledge but @JebBush has no plans to RETWEET if you think all GOP Contenders should sign it.It'll be the highest grossing boxing match in history, but next @Holyfield joins me now on why many say after tomorrow... boxing is historyThe magic might be wearing off the #BitterBoomers Good thing "The Amazing @Kreskin" is here to bring 'em on a magic carpet ride @FoxBusinessRepublicans have a budget deal, but to hear Tea Parties tell it, not much of one. RETWEET if you think more needs to be done to fix our debtForget #Bridgegate. Something else is going on that could close the gate on @GovChristie's White House chances. Details now @FoxBusinessWould it hurt @TheRevAl to listen to other ministers that "don't" create strife? Hear my thoughts now on @FoxBusinessToday @TeamCavuto and @Kreskin agree @CGasparino is the real world Mr.Wilson. Find out why on @FoxBusiness @ 8PM http://t.co/t4spTKFI4q
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto$AAPL $TWTR and $LNKD losing tens of billions in market value. Do you think these stocks are over valued? Details now @FoxBusiness
The @RealSoupNazi joins me NEXT on @FoxBusiness! http://t.co/0nFkt4RX7oApple's stock getting slammed...All because of something "we" warned...I'll give you the details next on @FoxBusiness http://t.co/shAq9IxsttStates using Obamacare funds for everything "but" Obamacare? A watchdog warning you need to hear for yourself ... Next on @FoxBusinessI’ve got a Spiel just for you Mr. President. It's never too late to change for real, for the good. Tune in to @FoxBusiness NEXT to seeFormer Republican Senator Phil Gramm joins me now on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/r6QceIi7eTRETWEET if you think throwing more money at this problem isn’t the answer. Turn to @FoxBusiness now. http://t.co/WPWQLHwligRemember last night I said GOP is folding like a cheap suit on the budget? It's even worse than I thought. Details at 8PM @FoxBusinessSoup for you @Hulu! The @RealSoupNazi is here tonight! Watch! 8PM ET on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/VyuqPpX14l"I always give a fight to the underdog." @GeorgeForeman weighs in on #MayweatherPacquiao on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/d9HB7pDNvU
Businesses hit by looting, rioting have a long road to getting back to business... My interview tonight is an example http://t.co/mjEUai2FmZWho’s @GeorgeForeman picking? Mayweather or Pacquiao? The champ weighs in now on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/KOYAxMvO0yRebuilding after riots. NOW on @FoxBusiness: Meet the Ferguson business owner whose shop was destroyed by looters. http://t.co/rI8IAf7EvAIt's amazing to me that a party that came to power built on spirit of a Tea Party movement has now moved so far away from that movement #FBNThe difference with me not sticking to my diet is I just hurt myself. Republicans not sticking to any fiscal diet hurts the entire country.Republicans are no more interested in cutting spending, than I am cutting carbohydrates. @FoxBusiness #CAVUTOIn case you're not following this budget drama on the Hill, the GOP has folded like a cheap suit. I’ll show you how next on @FoxBusiness.This recovery just hit the skids. @cgasparino explains why @HillaryClinton should be very worried now on @FoxBusiness http://t.co/Z8d9R85Aj2.@FloydMayweather calling himself the best boxer of all-time? @GeorgeForeman fires back. 8PM on @FoxBusiness http://t.co/7h7esHVaPcHere's why I think Washington gridlock is good for business. http://t.co/jED3BvIOYw @FoxBusinessDid you see @JGentry5 reacting to the #BaltimoreRiots on @FoxBusiness? Getting a ton of reaction. Watch here. http://t.co/nf0B5xMitr
Does Congress have enough votes to stop this nuclear deal with Iran? @SenJohnBarrasso tells me now on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/5WSQHUnWqQForget Showtime. Maybe just call it "Show-Stopper-Time." How the edgy network is pulling itself back from the edge... NEXT on @FoxBusiness.Forget foreign governments. Is @SenWarren the one calling @HillaryClinton’s shots? Find out now on @FoxBusiness.Who’s says DC gridlock is bad? To me, the less Washington does, the better. @FoxBusiness now.Racial tensions boiling in Baltimore. But is this about to expand beyond Baltimore? Tune in now to @FoxBusiness for the latest.After monstrous quarter, Apple is giving $50B back to shareholders. Why doesn't the govt do the same with our taxpayer money? @FoxBusiness"It starts at home. These children need help." -Minister @JGentry5 reacts to #BaltimoreRiots on @FoxBusiness. 8PM ET. http://t.co/DDZd0z0WUvIs #Obamacare triggering a surge in drug prices? See my spiel here: http://t.co/4M8PtbmTm1 @FoxBusinessWhy is it bad for the GOP to raise money, but good for Democrats to raise money? Did you see this? http://t.co/M8LL0Wj15c @FoxBusiness
Is the answer to our hostage problem about to cause bigger problems? I’ll give you the details NEXT on @FoxBusiness.Haley Barbour says environmentalists shouldn’t use #NepalEarthquake to push for climate deal. RETWEET if you agree. http://t.co/dLWpZ4S3Ps.@cvpayne joins me now on @FoxBusiness with his hot stock pick of the day. Come make money! #CAVUTOIf it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. #Obamacare Details on @FoxBusiness NOW #CAVUTONOW on @FoxBusiness: Proof this law ain't exactly Affordable and how all those promises from the Pres. are beginning to look like an act.Remember when Pres Obama said you could keep your doctor? Or that the price of your h'care would go down. How's that working out for you?Now on @FoxBusiness: @BarackObama quick to joke about Kochs’ fundraising, but what about @HillaryClinton’s $2.5B war chest?8PM ET on @FoxBusiness: Why is Republican money criticized, but Democratic money is not? RETWEET if this hypocrisy bothers you.I think Apple is handling this whole Watch rollout terribly. Here's why: http://t.co/0Z4adi1lYm @FoxBusiness
Are Millennials’ parents too involved? Our bitter boomers weigh in. @LizMacDonaldFOX @CGasparino @Brady_FBN http://t.co/hV5rlnLw5e
The robots are taking over! Don’t believe me? Watch this. @FoxBusiness http://t.co/fFrpfe3CLM.@GovernorOMalley says regulations aren’t hurting businesses. RETWEET if you disagree. @FoxBusiness http://t.co/UsRl1Y5puMA possible $50 billion "signing bonus" for Iran if they sign the #nukedeal What do you think? Does Iran deserve it? #Cavuto3 minutes in & gloves are off. Who do you agree with? @adamlashinsky @CGasparino @cvpayne @dagenmcdowell or Ben Stein? #CavutoAnd we're off... #Cavuto on Business is on @FoxNews Tune in & tweet w/ us. Bleeps last week, who knows what could happen this week!
RETWEET if you think @PeteRose should be in the Hall of Fame. Fay Vincent joins me now on @FoxBusinessIt's Friday. You know what that means. Our bitter boomers are here! They're up next! @FoxBusiness http://t.co/XPAYsWnPwJI think Apple is handling this Watch rollout terribly. I’ll tell you why NEXT on @FoxBusiness.How do we put listeria on ice when listeria thrives on ice? UP NEXT: Another ice cream recall for an outbreak that's getting out of control.Social issues or the economy? What's more important to you in the 2016 race? Tweet me your responses using #CAVUTO. @FOXBusinessNASDAQ hits new highs and bulls expect the index to double. Are we getting too ahead of ourselves? 8PM @FoxBusiness http://t.co/mNKhTBenDuTONIGHT on @FoxBusiness: Ben Stein, @SteveForbesCEO, our Bitter Boomers and former MLB Commissioner Fay Vincent!Is the 'Clinton Cash' author now targeting @JebBush? http://t.co/JdzLacIL9j @FoxBusiness
If the economy is growing, why are more people on food stamps? http://t.co/LPOdonqsSENEXT on @FoxBusiness: What if I told you after this historic fight boxing will be history itself? #MayweatherPacquiao http://t.co/KVmMct9r5s.@SenJohnMcCain telling me he thinks @RandPaul is the worst possible candidate on foreign policy. What do you think? @FoxBusinessWhile we're dealing with Iran with baby boxing gloves. Is NOKO about to deliver a nuclear knockout blow? The scary details NEXT on FBN.It’s the government merger block that could hit the economy harder than you think... Find out how, NOW on @FoxBusinessThink the "Clinton Cash" author is making just Hillary's life hell? Get ready for his sequel. Find out what Republican he may go after NEXTRETWEET if you think Americans’ dependence on government is getting out of hand. @FoxBusiness http://t.co/9LqMdHdBhPTONIGHT on @FoxBusiness: Former NYSE Chairman Dick Grasso, @JrzyJoePiscopo and @KennedyNation!8PM on @FoxBusiness: If the economy is doing so well, why are so many Americans on food stamps? We debate tonight. http://t.co/gjtXDeSw07Was it OK for @RobertDowneyJr to walk out on his interview? RT=fair REPLY=foul http://t.co/i4U2qRofdP #CAVUTO @FoxNewsIf the #Benghazi report gets delayed - who does it hurt more? The @GOP or @HillaryClinton? RT for GOP, REPLY for HC #CAVUTO @FoxNews.@LindseyGrahamSC on @RandPaul's foreign policy:He's "closer to @RonPaul than he is Ronald Reagan" #CAVUTO @FoxNewsThe @NASDAQ closing at a record high! Are we witnessing a bubble? RT for YES, REPLY for NO #CAVUTO @FoxNews
.@HillaryClinton wants to "topple" the rich? NOW on @FoxBusiness: Why @StephenMoore says toppling the rich will only topple the economy...You have every right to complain and every right to demand. Neither unfortunately guarantees your right to a job. #CAVUTO @FoxBusinessCongratulations to all you minimum wage workers. You’re being replaced by robots. The proof now on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/Reqvn7uMcQRETWEET if you don’t think the gas tax should be raised. @FoxBusinessGas down, taxes up? Next, the Congressman that wants to double the gas tax, and he’s a Republican. @FOXBusinessDon't wait until May 1 to check out the Avengers. The Koch Brothers just picked their own super ensemble @FoxBusiness http://t.co/aCYB5XhrBqThe Koch brothers like @JebBush @ScottWalker @SenTedCruz @marcorubio & @RandPaul RT if you like 1 of these choices & tell us who! @FoxNews.@SenJohnMcCain on who he'd support if 2016 is @RandPaul vs @HillaryClinton: "Id support the nominee of my party" #CAVUTO @FoxNews.@RandPaul says @SenJohnMcCain is the President's "lapdog". Sen McCain responds next. #CAVUTO @FoxNewsAre parents obligated to pay? http://t.co/Qrh3LHrNqm RT for YES, REPLY for NO! #CAVUTO @FoxNews.@teamcavuto: "Message to all you candidates: you're running to be my president, not my pal." http://t.co/kU2I5uix2Z http://t.co/ElOae0cQEx
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