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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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Also, Peggy Carter is human perfectionWhen you’re about to go to a July 4th party and catch the “Star Spangled Man” part of CAPTAIN AMERICA. #AmericaFuckYeahGood news everyone, Mayor Vaughn says the beaches will stay open! #4thofJuly http://t.co/ln8g9sbOJ5
Retweeted by ShanThere’s a SOAP marathon on Logo. 👍🏻👍🏻@lafergs eating vanilla ice cream and drinking O’Douls@borednihilist all look and sound great on blu@jowrotethis so good at committing to a tone, casting for it and delivering 100% on it. Love that show.@patman23 CHECK YOUR ARM@saalon mmmmm. Looks goodHappy Birthday, Steve Rogers.
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@Smoores54 😁Flipping back & forth between UGA game and last night’s #Hannibal. LSU getting disemboweled like Pazzi.I may have to rethink my position on Jaden Smith. Anyone who loves BUFFY has to be a good egg right? (But not “Bad Eggs” of course)If @Beats1 hadn't crashed, we'd STILL be racking up serious Buffy royalties! Thanks @officialjaden! http://t.co/HiezTzHdCU @papermagazine
Retweeted by Shan@NerdyBirdyxxx lol nope. Maybe buying corn at a poly sexual co op farmers market@NerdyBirdyxxx I think this was your tweet http://t.co/0Psvyc84Qt@BernieDawg *clink* (wait…stadium cups don’t clink. But the sentiment is there)@BernieDawg thanks but I got it covered http://t.co/YMqIdsVIAqThe 1981 Sugar Bowl MVP, @HerschelWalker » 36 carries, 150 yds, 2 TDs. #SECNTakeover http://t.co/8E04dWP4bc
Retweeted by Shan@NerdyBirdyxxx did you marry Oliver Wendell Douglas?@BernieDawg there are no lines at the concession stand@sitakatherine that sounds fun. But with a TARDIS you could go back to the actual 90sHold on…is my grill going to kill me and wipe out all of humanity? http://t.co/rstEIptKgTAlso any hot fruit pie is gross no one eat hot fruit pie. Okay bye.
Retweeted by ShanWeekend Read has three new #featuredfriday scripts, all sci-fi-ish. First is TERMINATOR: SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES pilot by @Josh_Friedman
Retweeted by Shan@jowrotethis I got that. But I also wondered why he was a henchman in DIE HARD
@jowrotethis @pajiba do pixels hurt when you fall on them?@saalon they never had time to argue about who forgot to plug the friendly terminator in at night@saalon Yessiree@TNRLM We're on an express elevator to hell, GOING DOWN!
Retweeted by Shan@saalon Every single line of his makes me giggle with delight. That's also pretty much one of my favorite (not necessarily "best") movies@saalon wait wait wait. Obviously you haven't seen ALIENS. (FOX removed the youtube supercut of all Hudson's lines, or I'd link it)@saalon he is! I liked the twitchy burned out energy he brought to it.@hollye83 have fun with this one! (You’ll never think of “Wonderful! Wonderful!” The same way again)@saalon John Connors: Dekker>Stahl>Bale>Furlong>Clarke>Random Scar Dude@DerfelMacklin 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻@saalon Buffy of course@DerfelMacklin @saalon I wasn't fond of that plot, nor the makeup, but *he* was really good there.@sawilcox28 @saalon The Notorious BAG@saalon Also, the creator is a good follow on twitter if you don't already@saalon YEP. Honestly, all the casting was spot on. Dekker as believeable teen w/pressure of the world, BAG (BAG!), Glau, Manson, Dilahunt@sawilcox28 @saalon LOL. People have sadly underwatched the TV Show. The popcorn guy at the theatre yesterday hadn't ever heard of it!@saalon Granted, Heady had 20+ hours to work with. And Hamilton & Clarke are also very nice. But her TV incarnation is A+@saalon YEP YEP YEP@saalon NOPE NOPE NOPE.@DerfelMacklin and LAZY.@jowrotethis nice. and love the specs.Need to scream this from the rooftops https://t.co/5yZiNv6BAk@AletheiaSR1 @artincircles I know! I've seen tons of promos on WGN. Probably too little too late, given lack of streaming@AletheiaSR1 @artincircles I'm hoping the WGN reruns (of it and ELEMENTARY) starting soon will help raise the profile.Damn. And I was hoping the podcast would improve by 50%.@DerfelMacklin Which is so key to the character (I also rewatched the original last night, and it affirmed how good MB is in that)@DerfelMacklin But even as a Sparty fan, I can't believe how awful Courtney was.@DerfelMacklin yep, the glare and the "I'm calculating" looks. Well done.@DerfelMacklin Honestly, I thought the other T1000 was remarkably similar. Great mimicing of the non-expressions@lafergs Congrats. it's awesome.@artincircles #NotAllAmericans :)That's also the first of a few bonus shows. We'll be tackling plenty of listener questions on future podcasts. #GameofThronesNew Podcast! The TIST Small Council looks back at S5 overall on a bonus show… http://t.co/VtCM6Vy4OpOh wait, JK Simmons (as always) was awesome.TERMINATOR:GENISYS was not very good. Comptently directed, and Arnold & Emilia are fine. But the script and the rest are garbage.JOHN WICK making the HBO rounds. Wonder if I’ll catch that part where he shoots someone
The #smallcouncil isn't finished talking #GameOfThrones http://t.co/tMQNQUYJ1T
Retweeted by Shan@patman23 the TV show was my favorite incarnation probably@patman23 just saw it. Not as bad as you’ve heard, but certainly not…good.Chilling with the #buffygang #BTVS http://t.co/m6CsKdS92Y
Retweeted by Shan@tweetbot When are we getting an updated version for iPad?@jowrotethis haven't watched the trailer yet, but is there a scene where they fold Bill Gates into a suitcase?
@NerdyBirdyxxx well, we can all role play. And maybe James T wanted those features too 😄@BernieDawg peanut butter>peanut>Crispy>regular@patman23 oh thanks! Last night we did two of our post games answering questions. If you have any Qs or comments send em in we’re gonna more@patman23 lol thanks. (And we’re alwayswondering about the swimming thing, too)@NerdyBirdyxxx Capt Kirk’s command chair?@patman23 maybe they just have to wait an hour after they’ve eaten wildlings@WendyHembrock burp (feathers)@KenFromChicago @WendyHembrock “why don’t y’all talk more about the star of the show Ser Pounce?”@WendyHembrock fortunately she’s not much of a podcaster #LessBackgroundNoiseThe pride of Peachtree City Kelley O'Hara get the #USA up 2-0
Retweeted by Shan@jowrotethis I feel that way when I watch Spike episodes of BuffySAUSAGE IS THE WURST
Retweeted by ShanWho's to blame when a celebrity marriage falls apart? As always, the children.
Retweeted by ShanEven if you don't have time, watch it. WATCH. IT. https://t.co/H0M8UmtMXC
Retweeted by Shan@saalon KEEP HER AWAY FROM THE PENCILSDecided to help with work today http://t.co/8Mwem9n2PwI'm on board with 4 of these http://t.co/wk85rpHINQ@saalon Just read the teleprompter@saalon I just rewatched that last month and still holds up perfectly.@saalon okay...whew. I don't hate TD like you do, but Chinatown is a stone cold masterpiece and one of my favorite (and IMO best) films ever@saalon wait, are you slagging Chinatown?@jowrotethis I think it's Abbott & Costello. Maybe "Hold That Ghost" but I can't find a YouTube of the clip@jowrotethis huh. I’m usually hyper aware of any and all TV but I’ve heard nary a peep about POLDARK. (Loving S&N though)@d_m_elms mmmmm chicken n wafflesWatched the #Humans pilot. Engrossing and well done. I’m in.
@hollye83 No. It would be an awesomepocalypse.@hollye83 Awesome. another Darin Morgan joint.@jwj170104 @4RosesBourbon Small batch, I believe.Let the next Starfleet voyage begin! #StarTrekBeyond #LLAP http://t.co/VZh9YvJgqA
Retweeted by ShanHappy bday to me. https://t.co/W1lLEMuoZqRecording another #smallcouncil episode for @TuningInToSciFi we discuss the feedback from @thomzahler @MyVogonPoetry #Got
Retweeted by Shan@sarahherring Thanks a bunch!
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