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Queer Me Now is a GAY PORN Blog run by a guy who watches too much GAY PORN.

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@soyMartinMazza Thank you so much for the pictures!In @QueerMeNow @BesametontoXXX Awards 2015 http://t.co/mD18t2iTzp
Retweeted by Queer Me Now@TylerRushXXX Thank you so much! It was surely a memorable weekend!@AllenKingXXX I'm so happy for you. 😉Check out @paddyobrian86 @ConnorMXXX @ANGEL_CRUZ_STAR @AllenKingXXX Besametonto Awards http://t.co/BLKGd8KWG3 http://t.co/JPuLAXEE4CCongratulations! @soyMartinMazza The Winner of @BesametontoXXX BEST DJ Award http://t.co/BLKGd8KWG3 @paddyobrian86 http://t.co/iTQESdBXQmCongratulations! @zeusvargasxxx The Winner of @BesametontoXXX CHULAZO DEL AÑO http://t.co/BLKGd8KWG3 http://t.co/LEwDJzypXqCongrats! @AllenKingXXX The Winner of @BesametontoXXX BEST PORN STAR 2015 http://t.co/BLKGd8KWG3 @soyMartinMazza http://t.co/LIZsxGet8bCongrats! @paddyobrian86 The Winner of @BesametontoXXX BEST PORN STAR INTERNATIONAL http://t.co/BLKGd8KWG3 @Men http://t.co/f2St2ibSzf@alter_sin Congratulations for Besametonto Awards 2015 BEST STUDIO http://t.co/BLKGd8KWG3 You are awesome! I'm so happy for you!!!Congratulations! @alter_sin The Winner of @BesametontoXXX Awards http://t.co/BLKGd8KWG3 @Men @AlterSinCast http://t.co/Jf2YXhRjJUEveryone wanted them to re-create their hot XXX scene. @RoccoSteeleXXX @ArmondRizzoxxx. http://t.co/CDcRpdCnrR http://t.co/hoEpF8m7ne
Retweeted by Queer Me NowNEWS: @LoganMcCree777 Returns To Porn! http://t.co/nbjAsVM4nB @BoomerBanksXXX @Raging_Stallion @iamstevecruz http://t.co/ZHYKXh5ARsSome great photos of @taytehansonxxx over the weekend in this @QueerMeNow post. Collab w/ photographer @philliyT http://t.co/0j4AAmblNV
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Had a wonderful dinner at @BostonChops last night with Papa @Manhunt and Papa @QueerMeNow
Retweeted by Queer Me NowHot! @MikedeMarko Bottoms For @jasonmaddox111 in @Naked_Sword On The Lookout http://t.co/9WSqCcnLyY @mrPam http://t.co/tgtDwJRr6lJason Maddox Fucks Mike De Marko in ON THE LOOKOUT http://t.co/9WSqCc6aao http://t.co/5Gs0eiNPb7HOT @johnnyv_muscle @Big_JoeyD at @christianowen1 PORN STAR Party http://t.co/NU3ljPJIne @Grabbys (Pics by @philliyT) http://t.co/7xfNXjarSbGallery: Skin Trade, CockyBoys Underwear Auction & Christian Owen’s PORN STAR Party http://t.co/NU3ljQ1jeM http://t.co/PECHzf2U7IInteresting I get hard watching my own porns and also looking me in the mirror 😋! http://t.co/N3fVzj3xsD
Retweeted by Queer Me Now@SethSantoroXXX @BillySantoroXXX @christianowen1 @JimmyDurano I actually have a clip- just sent it to @QueerMeNow, it's not as fabu as that
Retweeted by Queer Me Now@TylerRushXXX Hey! It's so awesome to see you again at IML!Sebastian Kross holding a big dildo http://t.co/tkrIGIgq5o @SebastianKross @randyblue (pic by @MLP510) http://t.co/XFsGcjrUXUBehind the scenes of newcomer @JoeyLorenzoXXX on set @DallasReevescom @ReevesDallas @BAILEEY1: http://t.co/tkrIGIgq5o http://t.co/bxSNabpsQk@philliyT @RJ_SebastianNYC @cockyboys This is beautiful photography. :-)When you catch @RJ_SebastianNYC taking a moment during the Grabby's madness. @cockyboys http://t.co/sqcvRKrFVJ
Retweeted by Queer Me NowCheck out @EmilioCalabria and @samuelstonexxx on set @MenofMontreal @markolebeau >> http://t.co/tkrIGIgq5o http://t.co/gmxGwzD2ZACheck out @markolebeau and @sonnystewartxxx on set @MenofMontreal >> http://t.co/tkrIGIgq5o http://t.co/wF6m3ergR4HOT! @ViktorRomXXX @mduradomenech & Hugo Arenas on set @kristenbjorn >> http://t.co/tkrIGIgq5o http://t.co/Rd0iOomKx1Shower Show with @BarbieKenOtt @JasonKeys_ @michael_ryan19 @dearmasarmando >> http://t.co/tkrIGIgq5o @Voyeurboys http://t.co/xjLjtZaIcmHOT! @FlexXtremmo and @DamienCrosseXXX in Barcelona http://t.co/tkrIGIgq5o @francescodmacho http://t.co/nbCx8OCFw4We raised almost #3K for @FredSays1 this past Friday at my #PornStar party @progressbarchi Way to go! http://t.co/I9NJav2rwr
Retweeted by Queer Me NowThe Queer Me Now Daily is out! http://t.co/FvXrsajpcB Stories via @hardkinks @RJ_SebastianNYC @TLAgayConnor & Brant Tag-Team Terry (aka Jett Ryan) http://t.co/kY9jj1sBnO http://t.co/G03AW4MEW6@LuisThirdWorld Thank you so much Luis for your support. I couldn't have ask for more. So happy.@QueerMeNow I felt so happy when I read u won again for BEST BLOG, u so deserve it QMN, keep being so nice with performers
Retweeted by Queer Me Now@QueerMeNow wins Grabbys 2015 Best Blog - Congratulations! (Great photographs, too.) http://t.co/kOg3Jww3Ku
Retweeted by Queer Me Now@friskyfans Thank you so much! 😘Thank you so much, fans! This year was for you! My entire porn/escort family, I love you all! http://t.co/I4tvJvZuLV
Retweeted by Queer Me Now@AngeloAntonioXX Coming back to http://t.co/a6Z45Nys0G soon - bigger hotter, harder, and hornier, but just as flexible.... @QueerMeNow
Retweeted by Queer Me NowAnd look who I ran into last night... the one and only @johnnyv_muscle #ThisWillHappenSomeDay http://t.co/Bn89NwZZAU
Retweeted by Queer Me Now
Thanks for such a great time #IML2015! Special thanks to @PriapeStores + @SaintAtLarge + all who worked with us! http://t.co/4d7EEVkRkP
Retweeted by Queer Me Now@alter_sin 😊😊😊😊Eli Hunter (@elihunter88)Gets Fucked & Creampied in Deep Seeding http://t.co/ZdRMVo8ieC #gayporn http://t.co/f0d7wETwqtHOT! @LoganMoorePorn and @DaniroblesXXX Flip-Fuck http://t.co/0YcuxE8rwQ @Men @alter_sin #gayporn http://t.co/xVu66r7tb6HOT! @FlexXtremmo and @DaniroblesXXX Flip-Fuck http://t.co/0YcuxE8rwQ @Men @alter_sin http://t.co/dbxK3kwkICHOT! @Gabriel__Clark Bottoms For @ManuelDeboxer at @Maskurbate >> http://t.co/vFCEwtqX7e #gayporn http://t.co/NYXAwnKxMgDani Robles Fucks Flex & Logan Moore in Office Dreams http://t.co/0YcuxEq2oo http://t.co/i2qWF3mmDiEli Hunter Gets Fucked & Creampied in Deep Seeding http://t.co/ZdRMVnQGQ2 http://t.co/yODujpwQCe@jennydot Thank you! You too.😉Just to clue you in. You don't "break up" in a marriage. We are working on things, not divorced.
Retweeted by Queer Me Now@jennydot Nice meeting you during my first ever Grabby Weekend!The Queer Me Now Daily is out! http://t.co/QhddDQPCGi Stories via @GabrielAngelFR @Dakota_WolfeXXX @Joe_Spunk“@QueerMeNow: Gabriel Clark Gets Fucked By Manuel DeBoxer at Maskurbate http://t.co/pI0ykKL7v2 http://t.co/Ob4xVkndaX” ohhhhh myyyyy
Retweeted by Queer Me NowGabriel Clark Gets Fucked By Manuel DeBoxer at Maskurbate http://t.co/vFCEwtIxYM http://t.co/KXZD9VSqKhComing Soon: @RikkYorkxxx & @LoganStoneXXX Flip-Fuck http://t.co/uWoq7MFIC3 @LucasEnt @MichaelLucasNYC http://t.co/dfvmldGdFUComing Soon: Muscle Hunks @sgt_doe & @BryceEvansXXX Flip-Fuck http://t.co/uWoq7MFIC3 @LucasEnt @MichaelLucasNYC http://t.co/ksHVq7fnoLYou guys asked to see more scenes of me topping and here I give you a new scene from @LucasEnt enjoy everyone https://t.co/KAipGuBPBn
Retweeted by Queer Me NowComing Soon: @SeanDuranXXX Fucks @ArmondRizzoxxx & @RafaelLords Raw http://t.co/uWoq7MFIC3 @LucasEnt @MichaelLucasNYC http://t.co/NrigWXBkJGComing Soon: @ArmondRizzoxxx & @RafaelLords Fuck @Matt_Stevensxxx & Pedro Andreas http://t.co/uWoq7MFIC3 @LucasEnt http://t.co/HX0biGSFizHOT! @jackfillmorexxx and @JImmieSlaterxxx Flip-Fuck http://t.co/uWoq7MFIC3 @LucasEnt @MichaelLucasNYC http://t.co/NmtL0TWDE1Pedro Andreas Fucks Jackson Fillmore and Jimmie Slater with A Double Headed Dildo http://t.co/uWoq7Mo7dt http://t.co/Y3Zi4WoaZBThis is so happening all day. #cuddlefest http://t.co/cPYKcghLKN
Retweeted by Queer Me NowEverything is better with @LukeAdamsXXX & @johnnyv_muscle SWOON http://t.co/sabXugKZXZ
Retweeted by Queer Me NowBack in LA- thanks to ALL for a great Grabbys wkend @QueerMeNow @johnnyv_muscle @Big_JoeyD @DavidBenjaminX @Alexanderprnstr @SethSantoroXXX
Retweeted by Queer Me Now
Cole Money Gives Sebastian Hook A Facial Cumshot http://t.co/CH0mMs0REN @OfficialLaEl @GayHoopla @Cole2Money http://t.co/c41La817KZCole Money Gives Sebastian Hook A Facial Cumshot http://t.co/CH0mMrJggd http://t.co/EYTUEziJifThe Queer Me Now Daily is out! http://t.co/rb2AwQ3WKX Stories via @DamonJones @Str8UpGayPorn @DeantuckerxxxRafael Alencar Fucks Brenner Bolton http://t.co/T75BIqkiUN @Men @MarcMacNamara @RAFAELALENCAR @Brenner_BoltonX http://t.co/LbDHJiLtT0John Magnum Fucks Doug Acre http://t.co/T75BIqkiUN @Men @johnmagnumxxx @DougAcre http://t.co/HAIb57jWmiBennett Anthony Fucks Paul Canon http://t.co/T75BIqkiUN @Men @BennettAnthonyx @PAULTHECANONXXX http://t.co/nMBhjEnswYAlso a big congrats to @ConnorMXXX @TheMitchVaughn @BillySantoroXXX @QueerMeNow for your wins last night! Great job!
Retweeted by Queer Me NowCheck out @TheNightdrive new entry "Ray of Light" - http://t.co/u2AFkpAUfAMore BTS pics from @cellblock13LA photo shoot in Chicago at @IMLchicago http://t.co/lIn2wbKvpR
Retweeted by Queer Me NowGay Porn Star Video Update: Austin Wolf, Kevin Warhol, Scott Hunter, Jake Karhoff, Liam Riley, Diesel Washington http://t.co/KC7toIBSUQSad News: @BillySantoroXXX and @SethSantoroXXX Broke Up... http://t.co/jjcykJAfLL http://t.co/MQVqvGvMuUBilly Santoro and His Husband Seth Broke Up http://t.co/jjcykJiEnb http://t.co/oYRdhMdKtOThanks To @SebastianKross For My Shout-Out http://t.co/G3rrGPMctn @DJChiChiLaRue @QueerMeNow @TrentonDucati @philliyT @DUCATIMODELS
Retweeted by Queer Me NowHighlight of the day- running into @ConnorMXXX at @IMLchicago. A huge surprise. @QueerMeNow @DJChiChiLaRue @mrPam @SisterRoma
Retweeted by Queer Me Now@ConnorMXXX @IMLchicago @QueerMeNow @DJChiChiLaRue @mrPam @SisterRoma and @bravodelta9 was a highlight on Friday!! :)
Retweeted by Queer Me NowCongratulations @TrentonDucati for @Grabbys PERFORMER OF THE YEAR (3 Years in A Row!) http://t.co/4eRrNUyXew http://t.co/d97vzMbqnK
HAHA yes!!! Someone got it! @Grabbys didn't get the sound for @cockyboys #AndweredPrayers so I gave sound d: https://t.co/yI9wnDXtMm
Retweeted by Queer Me NowCongratulations @johnnyv_muscle for @Grabbys HOTTEST BOTTOM http://t.co/4eRrNUhmmY @FalconStudiosPR @Big_JoeyD http://t.co/IuusTl3jOsCome see @Grabbys award winner for hottest bottom & best duo scene, @johnnyv_muscle dance @HydrateChicago today, 2PM
Retweeted by Queer Me NowCongratulations @RyanRoseXXX and @johnnyv_muscle for @Grabbys BEST DUO http://t.co/4eRrNUhmmY @FalconStudiosPR http://t.co/5hf1YZfytgCongratulations @cockyboys for @Grabbys BEST MOVIE, BEST VIDEOGRAPHY, BEST DIRECTOR http://t.co/4eRrNUhmmY http://t.co/u5ne3v4pPpI won, I drank, I passed out, #FOMO Thank U every1❗️ Saved our trailer tho😈😇 @cockyboys Congrats & TY @QueerMeNow 😃 http://t.co/d1aAmRqJKd
Retweeted by Queer Me Now@FalconStudiosPR @Raging_Stallion @ClubInfernoXXX @HotHouseXXX Thank you so much!CONGRATS again to @QueerMeNow for @grabbys win for Best Porn Blog #Grabbys #QueerMeNow
Retweeted by Queer Me NowYou are awesome! https://t.co/MG7Enw5mtk@LeviKarterCB GENIUS https://t.co/Im7ofxgHGD
Retweeted by Queer Me NowCongratulations @TrentonDucati @johnnyv_muscle @RyanRoseXXX @DavidBenjaminX for @Grabbys >> http://t.co/4eRrNUhmmY http://t.co/Xuelve7UAOQueer Me Now at The 2015 Grabbys Award Show http://t.co/4eRrNUyXew http://t.co/qEMrpxA5PP@ginaniu Awww Thank you!I promise to post more tomorrow. Please know how grateful I am to everyone who has supported us, our work, & our amazing team of performers!
Retweeted by Queer Me NowHere is the Video of @LeviKarterCB saving the night! After watching this you will know why is he so LOVED! #Proud https://t.co/6h5gybui0S
Retweeted by Queer Me NowI'm horny tonite yesssss🙈😜😍😱@wear4u @gaypornfans @QueerMeNow @Raging_Stallion @HotHouseXXX @dearmasarmando http://t.co/bIoIzpos0W
Retweeted by Queer Me NowMy picks for @Grabbys stole the show tonight @QueerMeNow @FabScoutHoward @johnnyv_muscle @ANDREA_SUAREZ_X @LeviKarterCB @JimmyFanz
Retweeted by Queer Me NowThank you @Grabbys !!! Wish I coulda been there! I'm celebrating here in Weho Xxxo @COPBlog @Jack_Manly @QueerMeNow http://t.co/6rrUs1qdLL
Retweeted by Queer Me NowWATCH: @LeviKarterCB Introducing @cockyboys ANSWERED PRAYERS Is The Funniest @Grabbys Moment http://t.co/e75vzZMd4B http://t.co/pbi2Rv89oN
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