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Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Wherever I hang my hat is home

Singer, actor, occasional dancer, wife, mom, writer, traveler, foodie, and budding Instagram photographer. Coach on The Voice (Philippines). Loving my life.

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@FrancRyder @GeorgeTakei @allegiancebway But I wasn't at the boardwalk. Unless you're referring to something else.They shouldn't be forgotten, but they shouldn't be used for politics either.
This game is good, but not easy! I'm playing WordBrain! #wordbrain ako dito, sobra!!! -- On The Wings Of Love Full Trailer: This August on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida! via @YouTube@KingGeorge_3rd @allegiancebway Oh, Your Highness, my heart is aflutter! #BroadwayRoyaltyTickets now on sale to see @GeorgeTakei, @MsLeaSalonga & @tellyleung in @allegiancebway
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@zenableon @danceempress How very interesting!Look at what's across from @HamiltonMusical!!! Hee hee!!! @allegiancebway
@mhegzstellar The one and only!!!The road to Broadway is never easy. Watch this first of ten episodes on how Allegiance got there! I'm am so proud... a dream to be on Broadway? Watch this... it's not easy, but oh, such sweetness when the dream comes true. night, little princess... No difference. They're both correct. One is more standard in the UK (theatre) and the other, the US (theater).@MissLeaBabes DON'T is a contraction of DO NOT.@MissLeaBabes DONT is just wrong. DON'T ever use it.Excuse me... must chase the onion slicing ninjas out of my kitchen. Report him, if you haven't yet.
I'm finally all caught up on this weekend's #BattlesTVK2. Only one slot left per coach. Who will fill those final vacancies? Abangan!!!In Oz I fell in love with a place called Milk the Cow, a place that pairs wine and cheese. So amazing! Is there a place like that in Manila?@TheVoiceABSCBN Haaaay sus, maliit na bagay. Di ba, @kusieho and @johnlozano10?Touchdown MANILA!!!!!!!@Lealista_jamie I say ignore. If even after I say ignore ay pumapatol pa rin, then you're on your own. I can't help you.@PerezHilton Thank you, Perez!!!@sassy_lorie @rhapsalazar At binigyan mo ng pansin ang nagpapapansin. You're doing exactly what he wanted. Now ignore him.@FayeColeenCloie I was in Manila, but knew that I'd be going to London.@FayeColeenCloie Besides, I was already working. An introduction to society would've felt hypocritical.@FayeColeenCloie That's not how I thought of it. I felt it was a waste of money that could be better used for paying the rent, tuition, etc.@FayeColeenCloie At home. I didn't have that thing called a debut. I refused to have one. I thought it a waste of money.@BrendanPart Nope. That's it. I can speak Spanish with a TelePrompTer.@myaauuu "... all you get is red mark." There should be an "a" between is and red.@pearleaaa Yes, plus my agent and old and new friends.@myaauuu And there's an error in that photo/paragraph.Seven mirror balls. #Melbourne #Peel Just came from a place called Peel. I left feeling as fresh as when I arrived. #DiAmoyYosi@pearleaaa I'd rather get asked something that no one's asked yet to make the ongoing conversation interesting.Isa sa mga napansin ko dito sa Australia ay steady lang ang mga tao. Walang kiyeme. Chill lang. Kumbaga, "No worries." Ang sarap.@BrendanPart Sigh, unfortunately yes. And it's disgusting.@FabLeaSalonga But please. Can't people refrain from asking questions they already know the answer to with absolute certainty?Wish: no smoking in Manila clubs/bars. But, that's not gonna happen. I was just so happy to come home after a night out still smelling good.@polengfigueroa I've grown up and outgrown corny.@geneviequijano3 Korek.@geneviequijano3 I can't believe you're even asking me that. You already know what my answer will be.
@superjanella Come and watch the Live Shows! And bring your mother.Seven minutes to go!!! Let's have fun tonight, Melbourne!!! #SalongaDownUnder2015@Kiki4Evr1007 He doesn't care. And he also doesn't sign on to Twitter a lot.@missmayanm @ChowKimWan @Gerard_Salonga Yup, with the @hkphilharmonic.@BrendanPart Custom made.Chanced upon this poster of #LeehomWang in the hallway backstage. Gerard, this is for you.… up for my Melbourne debut. Can't wait to get out there and sing!!! #SalongaDownUnder2015@TheVoiceABSCBN Yiiiii-hiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Salamat naman!!! (From @kusieho: Maliit na bagay!)@Peter_Lockyer Where are you and Mel? London? New York?@micahlawang No! Absolutely no!@monichichi80 Hmmm... I might've been dating someone at the time. When he was single, I wasn't. Or just wasn't interested.@MariaLeaLeopard Since I was 21. So... 23 years na kami friends.@lilithia By miles and miles! And I just unfollowed you so you shouldn't be getting requests anymore.Accidentally hit the follow button again. My apologies, but you have been unfollowed. Nothing personal. Thank you for your understanding.@sasstromech In two more hours you should find what you seek.@ozean_sea_18 There's that. And we're better off as friends.@mhegzstellar You're doing what s/he wants. And right now, s/he is winning because of it. Ang mga pikon, talo.@ruthcoleen__ He's better than cute. He's very handsome.@lilithia And what did you do?@ImCamille247 I was about 11 or 12. I thought he was cute.See a basher? Okay, ignore. By answering back you're doing exactly what they want.@TimmyPavino Really?! How crazy can one get in Alabang?Buti nga. Exclusive! Full Clip: Stage Rehearsals of Jhoas, Luke, and Noah #BattlesTVK2 Video:
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@annadgaf_ Monique Lhuillier.@iLoveMsLeaS0110 He makes fun of my Tagalog.@ayntingzon37 I actually don't know! But he never tried so we'll never know.@mhegzstellar Pure hazel and gray. Those seem to make my eyes really pop.@JowelynNogales @idolkosilea He's absolutely right.@donnababes04 Absolutely!!! Pilipino is a gorgeous, poetic, musical language. There's nothing like it. Ang sarap lang.@mhegzstellar Plano lenses in various colors. It doesn't bother me when I'm on stage. As for my prescription, it's not too high.@_dayleemata Pain. Intense, excruciating pain.@idolkosilea I can't remember. But no use thinking about the past.@_dayleemata Yun nga eh. At kadalasan mas magandang pakinggan ang matatas ng Tagalog.@iLoveMsLeaS0110 And when I drive and watch shows. I have astigmatism.@Welardpresko @kusieho Since TVOP began.@_dayleemata Oh most definitely.@_dayleemata I would personally marry the Oxford Comma.@MsStephValendez His kindness, intelligence, and laughter.When a child kills an animal for fun, we fear mental illness. When an adult with the capacity to reason does it, we call it "sport." #Cecil
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@MsGhailSilverio It's = It is. Its is equivalent to his and hers.@MsGhailSilverio Depends on what color lenses I wear! But seriously, dark brown.@itsabby7 Although Carmen is my middle name, that is also my niece's name. She owns it full on. I'd much rather Lea be used.@iLoveMsLeaS0110 Handsome. But seriously, they're dark brown.@desTKiny Depends. But I mostly ignore it.@MissLeaBabes It's - it is. Who's - who is.@MissLeaBabes Oks. When you see an apostrophe, ask yourself this: is this ownership or a contraction?@grantgust When you're a Jet...Touchdown Melbourne!!! #SalongaDownUnder2015Early morning flight to Melbourne... once I land, I'm going right to bed to rest up for tonight. #ZzzzzzzOn discreet vs discrete: @Peter_Lockyer, you are handsome. No. Way.@tin_monsterooo @MsGhailSilverio No correction needed. "Are you through" is correct.Goosebumps from beginning to end. #HayaoMiyazaki and Nee Zealand are loving @ryancayabyab and #JoseMariChan. Lots of oohs and ahhs when their names are mentioned on stage.Truer words were never spoken. Thanks, @UzoAduba! I do, but due to the volume and theater curfews, we go fast. Make sure your stuff is ready because I'm quick with a pen.
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