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Im from Scotland. Lovesanything 2 do with hedgehogs, Peter Andre and Olly Murs. Born with spina bifida but doesnt let that stop me getting around.

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Retweeted by louise Brown @samcallahan94 Aww hope he gets better soon xxxErmm, can @CalumBest just read out everyone else's nominations too, please? We need to look at that face a little bit longer 😍 #CBB
Retweeted by louise Brown Oh its in Perez's contract 2 b in final is it PROOF #CBB IS A FIX@JimDOfficial Its pathetic #CBB making sure he in final the public clearly don't have a say in it when it comes 2 PerezMARIO FALCONE OFFICIAL EBAY is back! First auction of 2015. Check out http://t.co/UdWulWVcKI #charity Winning bid also gets signed photo x
Retweeted by louise Brown
@juicetou Night@CalumBest is my winner, most down 2 earth person in that mad house #CBB #Best2win #maytheBESTmanwin xxxπŸ‘‘ #GIVEAWAY !YOUR CHANCE TO WIN TWICE! Get @glitterbugsbtq to 25k & @YMCreations to 10k Must follow BOTH ! RT ! πŸ‘‘ http://t.co/yRTMVuMt7Z
Retweeted by louise Brown Legoland row: 2,500 sign petition calling for attraction to allow entry to disabled people http://t.co/AZGmxjUPc9 http://t.co/YN9XwvPgf6
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Retweeted by louise Brown @GaryBarlow since I'm already married how about turning up 4 my birthday πŸ˜‰ xxx@GaryBarlow U should have gone on #TheHotel xxxEr watch the door @AlexReid #TheHotel lol xxxLooking forward 2 @AlexReid showing up on #TheHotel xxxNot sure how much more my ovaries can handle 😳☺️ #CharlieHunnam #soafx http://t.co/ihx0CI4e6F
Retweeted by louise Brown #win #juicetoufunday follow and retweet @juicetou @SparklingRings winner picked tonight 10pm http://t.co/Is65vL3wpF@SophiaGowland @ITVBe @Winston_Showan@juicetou @SparklingRings #win #juicetoufunday follow and retweet @juicetou @SparklingRings winner picked tonight 10pm
Finally got my hands on copy of the ledge #CharlieHunnam mmmmm amazing film til he died 😭 @HunnamDaily @Hunnamshair @ECharlieHunnam xxx@Stephenwebb71 @LeonAndJune @stephanddom do u know when next series of @C4Gogglebox will b back?One hour till I pick the winner of my Naked palette #giveaway RT & follow @jadeelliott85 to enter πŸ’—πŸ’— http://t.co/tvZynR0tZ9@Jadeelliott85 πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ@chlocreationsuk Keeps me quiet til I muck it up then I get in a mood with hubby lol xxx@chlocreationsuk I just bought a box of 10,000@chlocreationsuk Darn no cash after spending it all on loom bands lol big kid that I am xxx❀️❀️It's #COMPETITION time. #RT and #follow @BlingBottle @KeepitUniqueUK to #win these amazing prizes #giveaway ❀️❀️http://t.co/x8s69XPoPy❀️❀️It's #COMPETITION time. #RT and #follow @BlingBottle @KeepitUniqueUK to #win these amazing prizes #giveaway ❀️❀️http://t.co/cCSCVeZRGT
Retweeted by louise Brown @MarkWright_ @takemeoutuk @itv2 omg I totally forgot it was on can't believe I mussed that!!!! Hope it repeated xxx
So happy @CalumBest still in #CBB #BEST2WIN #maytheBESTmanwin @angiebest xxx@LeonAndJune Congrats winning award and so happy Leon got all clear xxx@danwootton @Ed_StarOnSunday They need 2 get loads more out not put more in as only just over a week left xxxWell that was obvious #CBB"@mrjakedwood: Come on! Keep voting! I NEED this! RT please mofos http://t.co/PzC5VcpIUF http://t.co/fm9W1j3rue" voted xxx#savetheBestman @CalumBest Landline: 09020442403 Mobile: 6442403 #savetheBestman @CalumBest Landline: 09020442403 Mobile: 6442403#savetheBestman @CalumBest Landline: 09020442403 Mobile: 6442403
Retweeted by louise Brown Personalised jute bags #olaf #disney #frozen http://t.co/sjqu36xPdD
Retweeted by louise Brown @1danboy The scene with u and Linda in kitchen was so sweet when Lee went in and gave her a kiss on head xxx@CHunnamORG The eyes and smile xxx@Sheridansmith1 glad u got there at last, worth the wait eh? Xxx@TypoOfLove Its the kids D's I feel sorry 4 having that as a mum xxx@MarkWright_ U look ill mark u need sleep xxx@TempSec @Topshop Thank u, I'm obsessed with hedgehogs xxx@MarkWright_ gutted couldn't get tickets for Glasgow any chance of a tweet 2 make up 4 going 2 miss u please xxx πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’–πŸ˜πŸ˜”For all your pets treats, toys & essentials items take a look here - http://t.co/7AcAQPbYa3 Please RT! http://t.co/xJ3cQy0aYF
Retweeted by louise Brown Come on #CBB , more airtime for @CalumBest We need people to VOTE and keep him in. 😍
Retweeted by louise Brown Snuggly slippers πŸ‘Œ (there needs to be a hedgehog emoji!) http://t.co/Jwk3ZYVKQQ http://t.co/cef0tAPYsg
Retweeted by louise Brown @TempSec Totally agree, where did u get them? I so need 2 have them xxx@KerryKatona7 @mrgsjkay Night 2 u both and gorgeous DJ xxx@RevealMag @Mario_Falcone About time, him and @Emma_mcvey_ r perfect together πŸ’–πŸ’™@angelmazz Night huni xxxYOUR CHANCE TO WIN TWICE! Get @YMCreations to 10k & @glitterbugsbtq 25k Must follow BOTH! #KPRS http://t.co/XlaX6ibrpl
Retweeted by louise Brown Want to win this glitter eye kit? RT TO ENTER http://t.co/RHJWNc7yCI
Retweeted by louise Brown @KerryKatona7 I have almost smashed my TV several times coz of Perez, he needs 2 go xxx@CashHarrison Get @Helen_Wood86 in she would go 4 him lol xxx@cranberri32 @HunnamDaily @Hunnamshair @ValentBel @LonePalm11 Wonder why he didn't take his girlfriend#calum2win #CBB u must b so proud @angiebest u have brought up a real gent, @CalumBest seems such a genuinely lovely guy #maytheBESTmanwin xLast chance winner being picked at 9pm ! RT & follow @Jadeelliott85 & @bdollarsmile To win this fab whitening kit πŸ’‹http://t.co/aB0wSbpUuv@Jadeelliott85 @bdollarsmile Neeeeeeed thisAmazing acting from the carter family #EastEnders @1danboy @MrDDyer πŸ’œxxx
Please remember its a VOTE2SAVE @CalumBest Landline 09020442403 Mobile 6442403 Or vote via the #CBB app RETWEET http://t.co/N0VwHKQcLx
Retweeted by louise Brown There's less than 48 hours until the next eviction - so make sure you save your fave: http://t.co/Apx8UKQ7dA http://t.co/VF171E6Yzw
Retweeted by louise Brown hope everyone voting 6442403 we need 2 keep @CalumBest in #CBB #bestman2win @angiebest@angiebest voting loads 4 @CalumBest #bestman2win hope everyone voting 6442403This was Fernando as he arrived in Scotland for the 1st time please support him on his return home on Sunday πŸ’™ http://t.co/uqvAnCjAOv
Retweeted by louise Brown Are you late night shopping? A beautiful collection of personalised gifts Make #valentines day extra special :) http://t.co/cgi4ql6pkN
Retweeted by louise Brown #GetAlexReidBackInCBB ppl want u back 2 have ur say, would u go if given the chance @AlexReid@FlashNailsUK congrats getting target xxx@RickyRayment @heartsxDreams Followed πŸ’œWIN a packet of treats for your pet! Winner picked 25th Jan - just follow & RT to be in with a chance! #Giveaway http://t.co/7AcAQPbYa3 #WIN
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Retweeted by louise Brown @chlocreationsuk Heavenly is lovely also, defo the best 3 xxx@FlashNailsUK 14 to go πŸ˜€πŸ’…@chlocreationsuk *regal@chlocreationsuk Reggal and sassy r my fave 4 sure xxxThese horseshoe geese were stolen from us last week 😞 Would be grateful for any information. Please RT. Thank you x http://t.co/mVlXbHQ67W
Retweeted by louise Brown Competitions are for continuing followers only. This is fair to our loyal followers who follow & enter to win. #followers #RT
Retweeted by louise Brown 4 very flash nails please follow @FlashNailsUK 16 away from fab comp πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…We're 16 followers away from picking a #competition winner! Please RT! #giveaway πŸ’…
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Congrts on winning 2nite birthday boy @MarkWright_ xxx@Mario_Falcone How shocked would u b tho if he actually did a πŸ’© when on it xxxDo you agree with Luisa? Does Perez need to go? RT for yes, favourite for no. #CBBBOTS #CBB
Retweeted by louise Brown fingers crossed the BEST man wins #CBB #Calumtowin @CalumBest xxx πŸ˜€fingers crossed the BEST man wins #CBB #Callumtowin @CalumBest xxx πŸ˜€@Ellabellatwits8 @AlexReid At least she got him trending tho
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