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Check out knightmare77777's post! #rfra #tcot #ccot http://t.co/el947bvMBPStarnes: Pence Defends Religious Liberty From Intolerant Bullies | http://t.co/edmAdffJa0 #tcot #ccot
US raises pressure on Israel over Palestinian state | http://t.co/SRzLHa7KRb #IStandWithIsrael #tcot #ccot#CCOT MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD USED CLINTON EMAIL SERVER http://t.co/RbKFAlIYP0 #HILLARYEMAIL #HILLARY2016 #INDEPENDENTS #MILLENNIAL #WARONTERROR
Retweeted by Jackie YatesAs Christians, we have many reasons to be confident. After all, God is in heaven; Christ has risen; and we are His children. Got It! :-)
Retweeted by Jackie YatesMore Gov't Harassment Of #Christians! FL city spies on churches, demands licenses http://t.co/sHJLMDWSWS http://t.co/e1lFYrbPOp @cspanwj
Retweeted by Jackie Yates@AwesomeAnna76 Most Christians, or anyone with a sense of decorum, do not go where they are not invited.Equality has Nothing to do w/forcing Christians to engage in acts against their beliefs. That's Tyranny. .@eveirecarolina @jjliberty #tcot
Retweeted by Jackie YatesSo you want to force Christians to bake against their beliefs, and force brunchers to listen to you. Tell me more how tolerant the left is.
Retweeted by Jackie Yates#CCOT Biblical Principles of Good Government http://t.co/mqlorHK8mn #Christians #TeaParty #Tcot #Pjnet
Retweeted by Jackie Yates.@AngiesList Halts Expansion Over IN Law Protecting Christians Freedom Discrimination http://t.co/40Vqd30Kbd #tcot http://t.co/EU5QWaQsTy
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWhy would you give anything to @AngiesList who HATE CHRISTIANS an Incentive Package in IN? http://t.co/kjgjxNepcb
Retweeted by Jackie YatesChristians that are "timid & uncertain of what it believes in and afraid to offend non-believers doesn’t have a lot of appeal" -Hawkins
Retweeted by Jackie YatesShe deleted the tweet and changed her Twitter bio, but the hate was captured for all to see. http://t.co/cAFM7OSNm4
Retweeted by Jackie YatesDear Liberals: Christians aren't asking for special accommodations, we just ask that you show our religion the same reverence you show Islam
Retweeted by Jackie YatesVideo: Christians herded into sea, gunned down http://t.co/C4wuJCxFMH Obama: Not Islam #tcot #p2
Retweeted by Jackie Yateswhy did @elizabethashack change her profile after deleting a tweet calling Christians NAZIS? http://t.co/u8GBw3QNA1 http://t.co/iceFBnvAfw
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWow, we're really throwing the term Nazi around loosely these days, aren't we @elizabethashack? http://t.co/sOFZWIZU2J
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
Mark Levin Unloads On Obama: Worst Threat To Jews 'Since The 1930s'... | http://t.co/8Xwoqwk42E #tcot #ccot‘Harbinger’ author to speak at United Nations http://t.co/Unz2tCj6bQ via @worldnetdaily #tcot #ccotRush Limbaugh: ’12th imam’ like ‘Antichrist’ http://t.co/txvRCd8BLZ via @worldnetdaily #tcot #ccotHead of House Benghazi probe says Hillary Clinton wiped email server 'clean' | http://t.co/zg4b7YMfJI #tcot #ccot #benghaziThere has to be a bakery in Dearbornistan that I can force to bake this. #Baconery #BoycottIndiana http://t.co/5ZselM9PYE
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWhen did being gay become a green light to run over ppl religious rights? #BoycottIndiana #GatGestapo
Retweeted by Jackie YatesMuslims executing gays: Yawn. Christians refuse to sell cake for gay wedding: OUTRAGE! #BoycottIndiana
Retweeted by Jackie YatesHi @GeorgeTakei Would appreciate any thoughts on VP Al Gore's comments here https://t.co/m9MADCANIb #BoycottIndiana
Retweeted by Jackie YatesThat awkward moment @HillaryClinton came out against her own husband's legislation https://t.co/W6oJMyfOLS #BoycottIndiana
Retweeted by Jackie Yates#BoycottIndiana makes me wanna donate to @indgop. Religious Freedom! #RFRA #WakeUpAmerica http://t.co/HNPjvgMvA1 http://t.co/oBhy3tuvlm
Retweeted by Jackie Yates#BoycottIndiana is about forcing religious ppl to give up their beliefs & accept gay agenda! Stop pretending its not! @molon_labia
Retweeted by Jackie YatesSo #BoycottIndiana is angry that they can't force Christians to offend the God they worship in every single case. https://t.co/FcF0v20vB0
Retweeted by Jackie YatesOnly the American Democrat would defend the "right" to impose ones will over a business regardless of our constitution #BoycottIndiana
Retweeted by Jackie Yates#BoycottNastyGaysOfUSA who put their causes above all others-- It's not civil rights its politics. don't #BoycottIndiana
Retweeted by Jackie YatesFAUX LIB OUTRAGE: 19 states have same religious freedom laws as #BoycottIndiana but none are boycotting them #tcot http://t.co/bUsQ2D2AKT
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
Are We Forgetting The God Who Once Made Us An Exceptional Nation? - http://t.co/3E7yNYPgAk
Retweeted by Jackie YatesW.H. has been 'infiltrated' - very compelling video http://t.co/Q7MtvuyiYe #tcot http://t.co/SpK2HavJir #tgdn #PJNET #RedNationRising
Retweeted by Jackie YatesI Thought #BlackLivesMatter RT @N_Fatale: Remember Private 1st Class Morris Walker, 23. Died looking for Bergdahl http://t.co/KKp3HE58JJ
Retweeted by Jackie YatesIf we held 1 minute of silence for every victim of the Holocaust then we would be silent for eleven and a half years. http://t.co/cDKHSg8hb0
Retweeted by Jackie YatesMT @Zwoodbutcher RT @N_Fatale: Remember Staff SGTMichael Murphrey, 25. Snyder, TX Died while looking for Bergdahl http://t.co/1iGLQzbAF0
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWe bend the knee & bow & acknowledge before the Supreme King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed be he who stretched forth the heavens. עָלֵינוּ
Retweeted by Jackie Yates.@amnesty finally gets it: "Hamas rocket attacks amounted to war crimes" Took them a while http://t.co/7Iv54FdM3k http://t.co/Et3VZ3c15k
Retweeted by Jackie YatesObama Reportedly Snubs NATO Chief As Russia Makes New Threats Against Allies | http://t.co/5iKu45zY2S #tcot #ccotAP Reporter to Psaki: You Let Iran Slide For 'Death To America' Chants But Hold Netanyahu To Different... | http://t.co/QGjzNVwtAh #tcotObama risks backlash in pursuit of Iran nuclear deal http://t.co/96llOsEXUy #tcot #ccotGOP Primary Polls http://t.co/ZuuKrrTaFk #tcot #ccotPreparing for 2016 Campaign, Hillary Clinton Embracing Obama | RealClearPolitics http://t.co/D4wpTahM8g #tcot #ccotObama’s Israel Tantrum http://t.co/EaR07BtIYN via @WSJ #tcot #ccot #israelStarnes: Obama Traded Five Taliban Terrorists for an American Deserter | http://t.co/y2kZiGBD7m #tcot #ccot
About 5% of Republicans want Ted Cruz to be President. Look at a roundup of early GOP polls: http://t.co/AUg0swCpuD http://t.co/Bbb9g69jMf
Retweeted by Jackie YatesHarvard Law Debate team named an award after Cruz. No. There is none for Mr Obama. Actually 98% Obama records sealed. Has to hide things.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesRT @JohnGaltReport: #TedCruzCampaignSlogans Unlike Obozo...Cruz Actually is the "Smartest Guy in the Room" http://t.co/ixXdYwKBen
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
Former President Clinton Consultant & Former Netanyahu Chief Of Staff Say New Israel Fund Is No F… http://t.co/0n9Cf4cSD9 via @jewishpressISIS Publishes “Kill List” Of Names, Photos and Addresses of 100 US Military Members http://t.co/BTWqcs9NE5 /my money's on our guys. #2a
Retweeted by Jackie YatesThey Want 2 Kill Us & This Is Obama's Ally!? Iran ENDORSES nuclear EMP attack on USA! http://t.co/RjhYv0M5Tg #tcot http://t.co/Dat5B6TYy0
Retweeted by Jackie YatesFour blood moons: Should we be looking up? | http://t.co/7CboLGwmQT #tcot #ccot
#ccot #tcot http://t.co/biQtO3VXdkObama fiddles, like Nero, as China builds an alternative world banking system & cajoles America's allies to join http://t.co/e6zEaZPQvC
Retweeted by Jackie YatesObama, Media Lied About Netanyahu and the Palestinian State http://t.co/Jzruqzmi5H via @BreitbartNews #israel #tcot
Retweeted by Jackie YatesObama's Locus: Obama is basically acting as if he is playing in a sandbox with other children. He is seemingly… http://t.co/szIuENbw0P
Retweeted by Jackie YatesJudge accuses DOJ of 'misleading' him on immigration | http://t.co/XdRObPPlkk #tcot #ccotFox News to host first GOP presidential primary debate in August | http://t.co/tcdXbg7Gbf #tcot #ccotIs It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe? http://t.co/1MhJLxYHhr via @TheAtlantic An in-depth article on rampant anti-semitism #tcot #ccotCamille Paglia Rips Clintons: Were Going To Reward The Presidency To A Woman Who Enabled A Sex Criminal? #tcot #ccot http://t.co/AX5h1K9NWhundefined http://t.co/RgszaXBOX8 Bush-Walker tie #tcot #ccotTop violator of women's rights around the world? It's Israel says UN | http://t.co/vbM9vFceVe IT's TIME! DEFUND THE UN! #tcot #ccotGraham threatens to cut funds to UN if Obama bypasses Congress on Iran sanctions | http://t.co/rLEYLCftFK #tcot #ccotNetanyahu to Megyn Kelly: Peace Agreement Must Be Negotiated, Not Imposed | http://t.co/QjwrAT4N6V #tcot #ccotBenghazi Panel Head Gowdy Asks Clinton To 'Relinquish' Personal Server | http://t.co/1XWOjRNdlw #tcot #ccot
image of Supreme Leader Khamenei& late Ayatollah Khomeini not in #Iran but in median of busy road in #Baghdad #Iraq http://t.co/XeTJAVDtxb
Retweeted by Jackie YatesSaudis are watching how Obama is treating Israel. They are now looking to Israel for protection. #tcot
Retweeted by Jackie Yates.@Charlie4927 Iran States Obama Aiding ISIS http://t.co/nc4XPaWHXK #RedAlert #NoFearIJN+ #Pray
Retweeted by Jackie YatesICE: Crime Skyrockets Under Obama's Immigration Policies | The Federalist Papers http://t.co/F2mj83dU2o
Retweeted by Jackie YatesIsrael Expects Solar Eclipse - In Other News... - News - Arutz Sheva http://t.co/Ev6yEwlnLf #tcot #ccotAmericans overwhelmingly support ISRAEL; Obama doesn't speak for us! #WakeUpAmerica #IStandWithIsrael #PJNET http://t.co/GtvpeZa5Pq
Retweeted by Jackie YatesRT @patriciasteward RT @VRWCTexan: On @TheFive - @TheJuanWilliams describes Israel as an "Occupying Force". http://t.co/jQ4pHj2Bl5
Retweeted by Jackie YatesObama threatens to withdraw US support for Israel in UN: https://t.co/EXicjtZbjq с помощью @YouTube
Retweeted by Jackie YatesLevin explains how Obama is betraying #Israel: Obama & Lib. #Dems More Cozy w/Dictators: #NoNuclearIran #NYsen http://t.co/S9jayyBeID
Retweeted by Jackie YatesHave American Jews finally seen enough? Demoncrats are no friends of yours. Vote Republican. #MarchMadness #Israel http://t.co/dFSFPgoxwD
Retweeted by Jackie YatesMIKE HUCKABEE: Obama Has Extraordinary Disdain for Israel Because he Identifies with the Rest via @gatewaypundit http://t.co/gSeLWKPa0y
Retweeted by Jackie YatesRT @DailyCaller: Krauthammer: Iranian Ayatollahs Chants ‘Death To America,’ But Obama Attacks Israel [VIDEO] http://t.co/WcgJbC7xEu
Retweeted by Jackie YatesIsrael election results complicates life for Clinton http://t.co/o8v2wAfSKb
Retweeted by Jackie YatesObama’s revenge against Israel | http://t.co/31Scl0Wxtg This President shows his true colors. #tcot #ccotStarnes: One Nation Under Allah: Fury After School Recites Pledge in Arabic | http://t.co/0CoD3Q4Bfg #tcot #ccot
When I read that Clapper/US intelligence took Iran/Hezbollah off terror lists to appease the Mullahs, I called everyone I knew to vote Bibi.
Retweeted by Jackie Yates‘Too busy pouting’? Josh Earnest: Kerry — not Obama — called to congratulate Bibi | Twitchy Ckskk http://t.co/uvtKayo4Oe
Retweeted by Jackie Yatesy i supported Bibi: bc israel has a representational government, unlike th US-they dn't have a winner take all system like we do. #coalition
Retweeted by Jackie YatesBibi declares victory as Obama plunges into global irrelevance http://t.co/3uXmqLMKLP @TygrrrrExpress #Israel
Retweeted by Jackie YatesU.S. Worker Replaced By Lower-Cost Foreign Worker Makes Impassioned Plea To Senators http://t.co/EYIDJEUjoN @Fingersflying #Ccot
Retweeted by Jackie YatesLISTEN UP GOP !!! 5 THINGS YOU MUST ADDRESS TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK http://t.co/xlg4Ozm3O2 #PJNET
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWhy Is Al Gore Warming Up? http://t.co/dgmLIa7Com via @nationaljournal Puh-lease! #tcot #ccotWill Obama Concede? http://t.co/k4FF41NaLM #tcot #ccotCheney in Playboy Interview: Damage Done By Obama Is a 'Real Tragedy' http://t.co/u9yG3HLxWH #tcot #ccotLevin to Obama: 'Anti-Semitism Reeks from Your Administration' http://t.co/pDmWZRnko5 #tcot #ccot
Without wise leadership, a nation falls; there is safety in having many advisers. -Proverbs 11:14
Retweeted by Jackie YatesNow pain and sorrow are fled away, and the saints have everlasting life and joy. http://t.co/z9xek6IjHc
Retweeted by Jackie YatesMatthew 6:33 http://t.co/ET84qSRSqz
Retweeted by Jackie YatesBut God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8 http://t.co/mqrvnuScKC
Retweeted by Jackie YatesObama Blames Bush Again: Obama: ISIS 'Unintended Consequence' Of Invading Iraq, 'Which Is Why We Should| http://t.co/Kcfcb3JpmS #tcot #ccotA “crushing victory,” says the Times of Israel. A “sweeping victory,” says the Jerusalem Post. A “shock election victory,” says Ynet News.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesIsraeli elections take dramatic turn as official tally gives Likud sweeping victory http://t.co/bfufyTRi8u #tcot #ccot
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