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Coochie @KaeChris Maybe its Bcuz' Im a LONDONer

I support these 2 goons @chrisbrown @karrueche #thatsit.PROBLEM?! ❌16th Sept!

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Always! “@Nitevision_Mgmt: God first”Life is too short smile while you still have teeth, stop stressing over somebody else's life and thank God for another day 😊🙌
Retweeted by Coochie色気より食気。🎎 http://t.co/K6H90Qk5MZ
Retweeted by CoochieGod is good! 🙏Choose positivity today.
Retweeted by Coochie@chrisbrown keep God first and ignore ignorant people with their irrelevant opinions! 💯Chris just needs to start pleasing the people in his life that matter because these ignorant fans don't deserve shit from him their rude af!
Love is always a demonstration - not just a set of words or a feeling.
Retweeted by CoochieFan of a fan soon. Been ready! @Tyga @chrisbrown #FOAFOn another note I'm hungry where the food at 😩😩😩@KaeChris 💯
Retweeted by CoochieSome ppl r petty bruh! 😒@smilesNlove14 yup as long as he turns up when his supposed too and finishes that's all that matters, then he can focus on the tourNot long left Christopher u've got this! @chrisbrown 💯@smilesNlove14 he can only do a certain amount in one day, he will get thru them like he said give it timeautumn leaves music video is beautiful. k. @chrisbrown @karrueche
Retweeted by Coochie@smilesNlove14 yh he has 100 hrs gonna probably take couple weeks thoJust a lil Intermission...
Retweeted by CoochieA day before oh shit! 🙈👀Keep supporting!!!! We're almost there!!! #TeamBreezy
Retweeted by Coochie#Repost chrisbrownofficial with repostapp.⁰・・・⁰I would first like to apologize to all the fans and… http://t.co/yEODG1JKjE
Retweeted by CoochieWelcome to paradise 🌴☀️ http://t.co/LldrGR3Cj4
Retweeted by CoochieLove watching Ja Rule in Half Past Dead, his ass was so fineeee 😩I can't and won't support shit music doesn't matter who it is 🙊🙈👀😄Black Pyramid x @StayRenowned coming Jan 28th to http://t.co/UqOpPJ9co3 & http://t.co/QV8jfyEAJu http://t.co/zS20GWEHdg
Retweeted by Coochies/o natural beauty
Retweeted by CoochieR8 😩 http://t.co/xruOGlDpwI
Retweeted by CoochieMCM @ItsLucien those that know, know! 👀😍http://t.co/wYZur636HU
Retweeted by CoochiePeople jump to conclusions on here geeeeze@KaeChris 2 more days
Retweeted by Coochie
Thank god that's over 😩Matte black Ferrari 😎 http://t.co/dKHWOvfO1P
Retweeted by CoochieBts tour is round the Corner!@smilesNlove14 no ugh I hate these kind of films, try not to watch em'I love to draw but I rarely do and I never share with people. Here's something light I did today while… http://t.co/ukpXnTnOM8
Retweeted by CoochieI wanna swim with the Dolphins 😍🐬🏊 http://t.co/X54gNpGDsb
Retweeted by CoochieWtf comes up with these sick horror films 😩😫@KimmieDiamond watching a horror film 😷Ugh!@karrueche u off to Florida to shoot that movie? 👀Yawwwnnnnn, haters bore the hell out of me!@jennneh's hating on my airport flow lol they're my fav slippers! http://t.co/U6i88tgr24
Retweeted by CoochieC Mili TurnUp! On channel E! 2mins away 👀❤️ @ChristinaMilianBetween The Sheets #BTSTour http://t.co/OMlVqFJkPV
Retweeted by CoochieEpisode ft @chrisbrown still bangs 🎵Chris Brown and Tyga tap 50 Cent, Pusha T, Boosie, & T.I. for #FanOfAFan. See the tracklist: http://t.co/f4hHkmbAo1 http://t.co/bLJjQrAgj6
Retweeted by CoochieVIDEO: @chrisbrown Ft. @kendricklamar #AutumnLeaves !!! https://t.co/vyJbQvkuh5
Retweeted by Coochiehttps://t.co/xyGwPqKyL5 GET CONCERT READY HERE...
Retweeted by CoochieLondon England http://t.co/MO6g72ih4o
Retweeted by CoochieThank God for another day 🙏❤️
Joelle James has a new song produced by DJ Mustard featured on the just released #LaLeakers mixtape Download it! http://t.co/6GCGON2jUf
Retweeted by Coochie--> GREAT PICTURE Of Chris Brown & A Fan Today In LA http://t.co/VJg8MetDVf
Retweeted by CoochieI want to wake up here ☀️ http://t.co/tXGpVHIO5W
Retweeted by CoochieThat's me 😂When people tell me I smell good.. I say thank you, but I really wanna be like "I know right"
Retweeted by Coochiein the mood for http://t.co/McpkXrAYao
Retweeted by CoochieWatch #AutumnLeaves and let's make this another @Vevo certified video! http://t.co/RLxEqJePlR #XTheAlbum
Retweeted by CoochieHaters are so ugly!#TEAMBREEZY ! Tune into @fusetv NOW! #ChrisBrownTakeover is on!
Retweeted by CoochieI don't just want I need 😍 http://t.co/1JOUbLR6B2Which haters are being fake mad today then?! 👀😄Morning!
Autumn Leaves will be Vevo verified in no time 💯😍Sorry Kylie http://t.co/wDf17mvxUg
Retweeted by CoochieFan of a Fan: The Album Feb 24th!!!!!!
Retweeted by CoochieThe perfect color for your girl 😍 http://t.co/vpYan5o1Uu
Retweeted by CoochieMy goons @chrisbrown &@karrueche are just perfect together 😍So in ❤w/@chrisbrown new video ft his leading lady @karrueche She looks GORGEOUS! THEY BOTH LOOK FANTASTIC IN THIS NEW VISUAL #AutumnLeaves
Retweeted by Coochie#FanofAFan #TheAlbum in stores and on iTunes on Feb 24th @Tyga #TeamBreezy! http://t.co/pqC8BeKuEb
Retweeted by CoochieHalf if y'all don't get the concept of the video tho 😒😏 #AutumnLeaves#BTSTour http://t.co/OMlVqFJkPV @TreySongz @Tyga
Retweeted by CoochiePerfect video perfect song! ❤️😍 #thatsallWorld Premiere #AutumnLeaves Video http://t.co/RLxEqJePlR #XTheAlbum
Retweeted by Coochie
Milk In Cookies http://t.co/lBEbzgbJmj
Retweeted by CoochieI thank God every day! 🙏 #blessedI can see how being single could be for some people because you get to do you & all that, but ain't nothing like someone holding you down.
Retweeted by Coochie"@KaeChris: Gonna be disappointed if it's not the video I want 😒" 👈
Retweeted by CoochieI love Treather as a couple they act just like me and mine 😄❤️Gonna be disappointed if it's not the video I want 😒Hurry up with it 👀 “@chrisbrown: I have a new video I'm dropping for the fans today! #XTheAlbum Get the word out!!!”If I'm fucking you, I may have to unfollow you. Bc. Me: "babe. Who that? She tweeting us?" 😂 http://t.co/JCyU9J6jq6
Retweeted by CoochieIt's 1 degrees outside 😢😩
Le struggle to get out if bed, just here starring at the wall 😩Morning 😩Babe😍 http://t.co/NBoBLEaq03
Retweeted by CoochieWhere you at @jsullivanmusic 👀@KaeChris @RIVETING_ENT im waiting
Retweeted by CoochieAvoid fuck niggas at all costs!Waiting patiently for this new video what single is it, I think I know but I want receipts 😏 @RIVETING_ENT #AutumnLeavesWhy every artist in cash money fighting to get their album out, I don't get it 👀Billboard 200: #48 @chrisbrown, X 9,184 (3,377 in sales | 342,000 total sales). http://t.co/Hr3HnAJS8l
Retweeted by CoochieMake up break up blah blah blah 👀😊loyalty is everything, straight the fuck up.
Retweeted by CoochieSimon C is funny 😂😂😂😂😂 #NTA2015Ayo ,make it work on iTunes. Fan of fan album will be dropping really soon.
Retweeted by CoochieAventador in the rain 👅💦 http://t.co/JMYFywnN2L
Retweeted by Coochie@YolieTheJew STAWWWP!About to drop a new video with @chrisbrown from #XTheAlbum #TeamBreezy #rivetingent @RIVETING_ENT
Retweeted by Coochie
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