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Coochie @KaeChris Maybe its Bcuz' Im a LONDONer

I support these 2 goons @chrisbrown @karrueche #thatsit.PROBLEM?! ❌16th Sept!

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Cus where I'm from we live by the love die by the love... ⚓️Sweet Caroline....Once CB has K's baby he's got u on lock for life 😩 I want y'all to have one but I don't want y'all to have one! Ya baby would be blessed tho👐 side is the best side by the way... ⚓️#Leo females are good friends who hate hypocrites and if you're proven to be one watch out. You will be cut off for good.
Retweeted by Coochiei wanna be nice but i also wanna choke a bitch
Retweeted by CoochieSo ima need bae to give us a CelfiéChocolate Cake http://t.co/cnXnfrihFZ
Retweeted by CoochieSiding with the enemy just to win makes you the biggest looser of all!!! Morals and integrity still… https://t.co/HTjWyzsY8h
Retweeted by CoochieGo Behind The Scenes Of @chrisbrown & @Tyga's 'Ayo’ Video http://t.co/RQT8LLsjrw http://t.co/ryiEJoc1Hh
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@karrueche https://t.co/qk4MOJLBxm
Retweeted by CoochieWhy Taylor always gotta dance like she's being electrocuted 😒Fan Of a Fan! Vibes just like the first one 👌 https://t.co/vSETuphs5f
Retweeted by CoochieI need a holidayTake me to the Maldives 😍🌴 http://t.co/vPBzy96iWM
Retweeted by CoochieI was in the car for 15 mins heard Feeling Myself, Touchin Lovin & Truffle Butter. Lol. Come thru Hot97!!!!, Come thru!!!! 😩 Kisses Nessa!
Retweeted by CoochieHe wants k on lock that's why, don't be pressured into having a baby yet boo#Leo is 80% selfish but 110% caring.
Retweeted by Coochie#SmallGirlProblems solved with @karrueche's incredible style <3 http://t.co/USQKOewqUs http://t.co/URtHqLPy1i
Retweeted by CoochieThe fake becoming the new real!
Retweeted by CoochieWhy they have to mute Ye like that 😩Kanye got me hype 🙌🙌🙌 @kanyewest #BRITs2015All muting is ruining the song 😩 #ALLDAYKanyes being muted 😩😂😂😂😂 the tunes sick tho 🙌 #BRITAwards #KanyeWestThese two cuties @karrueche and @ChristinaMilian last night! http://t.co/BM3wzsmUTdAlways believe that something wonderful is about to happen.
Retweeted by Coochie@karrueche's shoe game is crazy ain't nobody touching her on that, Coochie teach me! U need to design your own shoe 💯👠
Christina Milian and Karrueche - Attends "Focus" Premiere in LA (2/24/15) http://t.co/gKvJa4aODE
Retweeted by CoochieIF YOUR READING THIS THANK GOD FOR ANOTHER DAY 🙏Back to the music!!!! http://t.co/f9W11QYBhd Download #FanOfAFanTheAlbum #TEAMBREEZY
Retweeted by CoochieNo GOVERNMENT official had the courage on an election year to let CB in. If you don't understand politics then you just don't understand.
Retweeted by Coochie@BigSean well done and congrats on the new album so proud your such a genuine person 💯 #DarkSkyParadiseFan of a Fan http://t.co/g0oelRQZ0f
Retweeted by CoochieWhys lil bae so quite tho 👀😩@TreySongz 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ffs y'all not gonna chill today huhTrey Songz bout to kick Chris Brown off his plan, I know he sick of this shit lol
Retweeted by CoochieUnfortunately it's an election year in Canada & the good government wasn't ready on there end. See you in the summer #TeamBreezyCanada
Retweeted by CoochieSorry to the fans in Montreal & Toronto. We were ready on our end.
Retweeted by CoochieLondon! I love you too https://t.co/UXFlMaIcUq
Retweeted by CoochieBruh Tyga and Trey loosing money for this shit!Go get my fam chrisbrownofficial album #FANOFAFAN today!!! & follow me on snapchat - joellevanilla 😘 https://t.co/HgcsJlRAQW
Retweeted by CoochieYall are fucking hilarious with these drake memes.
Retweeted by CoochieBIRTHDAY MIMOSAS WITH THA BIRTHDAY GIRL ! http://t.co/vx6bI6MUJy
Retweeted by CoochieMy new album "Dark Sky Paradise" is available worldwide! Thank u so much! 🙏 http://t.co/YUTCph9xnf
Retweeted by CoochieTrey just need to take over with his fine self! @TreySongz #btstourI'm so in the mood to cuss everyone out today don't gaf who it is 😩And wtf Kylie brought a house for ain't she just 17? That hoe Tryna older than she actually is smhWhy CB gotta get involved in Tyga and drakes domestic, before he keep himself out of it! Man chats for England and love attention chu!Definitely some funny business going on... One minute everything is good, 25th hour it ain't. Smdh
Retweeted by Coochie#Leo's are extremely understanding and respect honesty.
Retweeted by CoochieBora Bora 🐠 http://t.co/kChUmMfxBu
Retweeted by CoochieReally proud of my brother and his new album. https://t.co/foh4MlZnVc http://t.co/iqRhogHXVV
Retweeted by CoochieMontreal chillin... http://t.co/MHkOZINUKX
Retweeted by CoochieDrake made a call.
Retweeted by Coochie😩 “@YolieTheJew: Damn, Drake is powerful.”Here they go with the drake jokes 👀I fucking love @SkyeTownsend she always has me in tears 😂If your reading this it's too late! 🙏👌If your reading this Tyga it's too early! 🙏 sorry I had too 😩😄#Leo's are human lie detectors.
Retweeted by Coochie#FanOfAFan another masterpiece! Y'all might be hated but nobody can deny y'all talents @Tyga @chrisbrownToday! @chrisbrown @Tyga #FanOfAFanTheAlbum http://t.co/2bF4kMWkU8
Retweeted by CoochieMusic is such an amazing thing ...
Retweeted by CoochieDrake said he needs a sick bucket niggahhhhhh whet 😂😩#Leo is positive, fixed fire. This means a #Leo is outgoing, determined, and hot headed.
Retweeted by Coochie👀I hope Shemar tags y'all in his next post 😂
Skye just killed me off 😂😂😂 I see you baby girl @SkyeTownsend I'm dead 😩 he creepy fine thoBora Bora luxury villa ☺️ http://t.co/q2Y9H5H7e5
Retweeted by CoochieFuck it up 👑🐝 “@brookandthecity: Come thru Mrs. Carter. http://t.co/RxBuq7xvaFDon't let negative people ruin your mood with their stupidity.
Retweeted by CoochieAlways! RT “@Epic_Women: Put God first.”Celebrities in 60 years! http://t.co/a1e6efYgoD
Retweeted by CoochieI swear Treys brother and Kae would be perf together 😍#PERFECTMAN Nan c'est trop la 😍😍😍🙏💯 http://t.co/ps5kZMwet4
Retweeted by CoochieAll that shit you was spittin' so unoriginal!Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream pizza 😍 http://t.co/LjuHjabHgD
Retweeted by Coochiewhen you accidentally favorite a tweet of the person ur stalking http://t.co/SAnXZqOmox
Retweeted by CoochieA #Leo woman expects her partner to be a real man. They tire easily of manboys.
Retweeted by CoochieIn case you missed it @nessnitty will be re-airing her interview with @Tyga & @chrisbrown!You can watch it in full on http://t.co/jlgSaEHvmP
Retweeted by CoochieMCM's @TreySongz @Drake @TomHardyOnline @ChrisPineNetwrk 😍Beyoncé has updated her Instagram http://t.co/VBdbOpIbYH http://t.co/poG1qVz83s
Retweeted by Coochie❤️ Bae! “@TreySongz: http://t.co/ASQSy3g05SBeyoncé been getting her life since moving to LA
Retweeted by CoochieI likes Tyga's interview with @HOT97 I got a lil more respect for him now!#Leo's are loyal... to a fault.
Retweeted by CoochieReal fans spit the real even if it means telling their fave their in the wrong!Drake be knowing his old Skool Grime 😩😄Love you boo @karrueche know your worth 😘I swear he be seeing my tweets tho cuh he be calling his fans what I called him lmfao 😩Something's you just gotta keep to yourself bruh @chrisbrownChris defo deserves to get dragged what a dickhead! I know ur all about the real but u sounded so cocky and arrogant! That's my real 👀@leahael_ @chrisbrown what happened? 😩WATCH[NEW INTERVIEW]: @chrisbrown x @Tyga interview with @HOT97 ! https://t.co/5IAVJPDDtG
Retweeted by CoochiePICTURES: @chrisbrown performing on stage in Washington DC last night ! #BTSTour http://t.co/QgfHwNaTm2
Retweeted by CoochiePICTURES: @chrisbrown & @TreySongz last night in Washington with @FATTREL ! http://t.co/4uhWQMFhnt
Retweeted by CoochieVIDEO: @chrisbrown dancing on stage last night ! #BTSTour http://t.co/CAeOJs2n1h
Retweeted by CoochieThis is why I love @Drake he be knowing the 🇬🇧 grime scene 👀🙌 #goonthen #fuckitupVery powerful speech by Common & John Legend after Winning best song at the Oscars for their song for 'Selma' >>> http://t.co/s3lZKrrEFO
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