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Do you have a coworking/creative space in the Arab World? Apply for a grant of 5-35k Euros here & spread the word! http://t.co/xM5Dq1VUvt
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@typeform trying to understand this section but I don't. Help? http://t.co/Z3kLr3aAdU@vodafoneNL ja dat heb ik gedaan maar de details zoals welke nummers gebeld & wanneer en hoeveel data verbruikt is weg?@typeform question how do I make my design mobile friendly? On the laptop the full design is on my screen but on my Mobile not. Help?
@vodafoneNL waarom kan ik geen specifieke rekeningen meer krijgen...die nieuwe app is ook al bagger. #inzichtfail
@vonStrum let the sun shine... Let the sun shine... 🌅🌞@vonStrum holy smokes... Let's see if it turns out that way #notunpackingmybathingsuityetn Dutch: Hé jij daar! Word JIJ onze nieuwe (senior) #financial #manager? Delen is fijn! http://t.co/rZfUgKvlJx http://t.co/acV85cYwUS
Retweeted by Andra IacobLeuke functie bij @DutchCulture #communicatie http://t.co/ZjqVPmJy1s #vacature
Join the high five team! We're looking for a Community Manager. http://t.co/f9ywTnzj5i #WeAreFairphone http://t.co/XhGc1l6fMa
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@rwilliamson_ sure u can... Wanna Skype? I will email u@boohoo_cshelp loving my new clothes!
@malayeri can we meet outside after this part is done?@malayeri are you here at the event? #ibridges would like to meet and speak to you
Moustafa Zakaria from @GaraadMedia talking about their work and the creative industry in #Egypt #DisruptMusic http://t.co/eHaFYcRezI
Retweeted by Andra IacobSecond day almost at an end with some more pitches by our participants #DisruptMusic http://t.co/IXu0iJugzA
Retweeted by Andra IacobMohamed Hany from @Zoomaal speaking about #crowdfunding and how participants could use it #DisruptMusic http://t.co/RY3fkYr6TG
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Abdulrahman from Dandin speaking about the mistakes he made #lessonslearned #DisruptMusic http://t.co/0Nqcju3QUc
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If I have an idea and I don't do it, it leaves a little residue in my brain - Stefan Sagmeister #WDCD15 http://t.co/JXDYzsWFYJ
Retweeted by Andra Iacob@dstitch yes I have are u around for a while longer?@dstitch were you seriously in the same workshop as me and you also won! Seems like we are sisters shame on the Brazilians :)Thank you @WhatDesignCanDo had an amazing day. great speakers and lots of fun too!@sagmeisterwalsh the elephant really has its own agenda #consciousvsunconscious #WDCD15Just a tiny bit of a # Schwarzenegger feeling right now @WhatDesignCanDoFloating cinema by Ole Scheeren that's something I wish I could be on a boring weekend #WDCD15 #architecture@BompasandParr thanks for the banana Confetti it kept me going :)@casinclair would really like to talk to you #greatmindsthinkalike? #MiddleEast #wdcd15'Scale is bullshit' - @casinclair #WDCD15Will periscope my talk in 20 minutes (12.50) about designing for the last billion. Link via my Twitter @casinclair
Retweeted by Andra IacobFood should have love in it - @TheGoodEgg_ that's what my mom always said #WDCD15 💗@WhatDesignCanDo @BompasandParr Epic experience! #WDCD15 http://t.co/UFicfCfyJa
Retweeted by Andra IacobRisky business. @BompasandParr #WDCD15 #jelly #food #cloud #experience #senses http://t.co/VeV5b5ETCW
Retweeted by Andra IacobCynthia Shanmugalingam: Food has a lot to offer. It animates our cities & we fall in love when eating it. It's not just about money #WDCD15
Retweeted by Andra IacobAre they going to serve naked sushi on stage #WDCD15?Pickalicious #gurcinchandelier here at @WhatDesignCanDo #WDCD15 http://t.co/DaC5p2CK2iPrototyping and feedback #differentsidesofsamecoin let's understand and use this #WDCD15Inspiring morning #WDCD15! #Sensorial #Experience #BrazilianDesign http://t.co/PadUo5ePvo
Retweeted by Andra IacobOn stage now: An interview with Johan Karlsson, Shaun Scales and Jonathan Spampinato of the @Better_Shelter project #WDCD15 #refugee
Retweeted by Andra IacobSecond part we start with better shelter @WhatDesignCanDo http://t.co/BMLKv2Yf8ICesare Peeren: We do not need to dig up anything more. We can reuse what exists. I am creating the tools to make that possible. #WDCD15
Retweeted by Andra IacobIn nature nothing gets wasted.. But we are a weird species we waste almost everything - #biglesson #WDCD15 #upcycleOn stage now: @Superusestudios architect Césare Peeren on turning waste into quality designs #WDCD15 #waste #architecture
Retweeted by Andra Iacob#brokenhearted me neither they don't know who they are missing in their lives https://t.co/kKA9w4Lek1Materials have stories and tell you what they want to be - recurring theme so far here @WhatDesignCanDo love that #design #listen#WDCD15 Campana brothers are you willing to adopt me? #question #iknowimtoooldbutwhocares http://t.co/Nh91MiIgVzCampana brothers gave me an idea for my old toys & stuffed animals #design #WDCD15"The material tells us what it wants to be." – Campana Brothers #products #craft #WDCD15 http://t.co/rKy4yeyRrn
Retweeted by Andra IacobLa creatividad para construir a partir de la precariedad es una fuente de inspiración para #CampanaBrothers #WDCD15 http://t.co/qFnKtWQGNw
Retweeted by Andra IacobCampana brothers from Brazil wish they were my brothers #WDCD15 #lovethemIs house of wolf still open? #question #WDCD15What Design Can Do 2015, livestream #WDCD15 http://t.co/c8C6sos8iF
Retweeted by Andra IacobSound is so powerful it can change your visual experience - #amazed #WDCD15 #spraycansAll senses are intertwined we should use them all when designing - #WDCD15Shine bright & yellow Richard Vd Laken on the 5th anniversary of @WhatDesignCanDo #WDCD15 http://t.co/g1hpgsAgVtStarting this morning @WhatDesignCanDo #WDCD15 #rappinmorning http://t.co/f9KK03zCJz
Excited about tomorrow #WDCD15 @WhatDesignCanDo :) 😎🎆"Facebook isn't the biggest social network. Food is. It connects 7 billion people !" #WDCD
Retweeted by Andra Iacob@boohoo_cshelp Is it normal that an order of 19 may is still processing today?
The kick-off #DisruptMusic @Sakiatweets with @innoventuresLLC we look forward to the teams being back next week http://t.co/6p8TCufxoU
Retweeted by Andra Iacob@boohoo_cshelp I don't have other codes.. I now also added another dress from the holiday shop and nothing still the same error@boohoo_cshelp Netherlands@boohoo_cshelp using holiday and the message is 'coupon code not valid' http://t.co/aqHNkt0lpK@boohoo_cshelp why is the discount code not working it says 35% if you use holiday... Not working #fail@boohoo why is your coupon discount code not working #fail.. I tried it several times. Pls explain
@vonStrum @amisboersma @ArthurSteiner @GloryvilleAM aha well you know that early in the morning we all look at least 20yrs older ;)@vonStrum @amisboersma @ArthurSteiner where was this?#word https://t.co/swWHS7M5n6@JandinoAsporaat dit vind jij vast ook heel #lief #alleenmaarliefde gast voor je nieuwe show? (cc: @amisboersma) http://t.co/AxjKkJqNot@lieffestival deze dame moet echt aanwezig zijn #lief @amisboersma #festivalliefde http://t.co/lNkKeYKqnZ
@Valenprimo hey will you join at #DisruptMusic in Cairo end of this month?
@FateneBH yep yep we all want to ;)@christinepetre was at #DisruptGames read her piece here http://t.co/6lJQNhIazY via @WamdaME
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Literally and figuratively a more positive sound from #Baghdad #Iraq http://t.co/iETl6F6Au9 #music4peace
Very proud https://t.co/RnOuueJprb
@Aixelafef thank you for your hospitality and see you soon
One team showing their app to the jury #DisruptGames #finalverdict #pitching http://t.co/ngws4FSTHb
Retweeted by Andra IacobPitching at #DisruptGames event at @Cogite_TN #Tunisia #Entreprenuership http://t.co/VvgkhB0pBf
Retweeted by Andra IacobI'm too happy for this experience and so proud of all the teams of #disruptgames ! I gonna miss you guys :)
Retweeted by Andra IacobEverything is starting now #finalverdict #DisruptGames http://t.co/nfaL6LqhAE
Retweeted by Andra Iacob#DisruptGames everyone in their suit & tie for today pitches here @Cogite_TN http://t.co/6JUrYLLRB1
Retweeted by Andra IacobWondering what has been going on #disruptgames read the lastest blog here http://t.co/bYFC1FMVsu cc: @Cogite_TN @hivosorg @DutchCulture
Retweeted by Andra Iacob@Aixelafef you can be all you want to be and more :)
Life time value #disruptgames #games # life_is_a_game
Retweeted by Andra IacobSecond day start with some storytelling games with our participants #DisruptGames #training #entrepreneurs http://t.co/nh6YJ3JYVz
Retweeted by Andra IacobGetting ready for second day at #DisruptGames about to dig into #BMC and game methodology with @SultanWalid http://t.co/pBJDTB9l93
Retweeted by Andra Iacob
From @MonkeyBizTweetz Dimme telling about applied games #rulesthatteach #DisruptGames (cc: @DutchCulture @hivos) http://t.co/mwvTnmCRhJ
Retweeted by Andra IacobWalid from DigitalManiaStudio speaking about his experience in developing games #DisruptGames http://t.co/7it5KE73zW
Retweeted by Andra IacobToday we start with #disruptgames in #Tunis with amazing young Tunisians working on #seriousgames #gamesforimpact with @Cogite_TN
Tunis so far #coworking #banks #healthyfood #lake #happy excited for #DisruptGames with @Cogite_TN @FateneBH @nayzek http://t.co/tvjQfs9tDV@MennovL @lhamerlinck is er nog een plekje op de lijst voor een oud collega voor coming #startupfriday :)Disrupting games next week in #Tunisia with @Cogite_TN amazing mentors and participants http://t.co/8TbeFrwkVs
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#disruptmusic https://t.co/rCJ3xeGk3j
@NS_online ja bedankt daar heb ik nu even niets aan. Dus jullie sturen mij nu gratis een anonieme ov chipkaart ter compensatie? bedankt!@NS_online ik betaal netjes mijn abonnement geld en nu betaal ik volle pond. Is dat eerlijk? Wil mijn geld graag terug! #ovchipfail@NS_online ik heb ov chipk daar heb ik recht op meereiskorting. het bestaat dat je eenmalig gasten krijgt die geen ov chipkaart hebben 1/2@NS_online waarom kan ik niet meereiskorting kaartje kopen bij de automaat zonder ov chipkaart voor medepassagiers?Great read http://t.co/G5ChN1xDan #art #MiddleEast #goingagainststereotypes
Excited about this :) https://t.co/yRkh3vMWtx
Who were the winners of the ideas track @MITEFarab #MITinKuwait ?
Yesterday during #Disruptdesign @Dawawinebeirut #socialdesign #entrepreneurs #training #Beirut #Lebanon http://t.co/0OdsIWrfIo
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