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Technology writer for @Forbes. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse. http://t.co/t4fghvVg8R

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@jchidley oh hello again! Yep, it's long been the Achilles Heel of text. Perhaps more emoji next time? :)@anupkareem all depends on which ecosystem you prefer: iOS, stock Android or heavily customised Android?@jarsagar haha, completely different devices. S6 has marginally better camera and display, 6 Plus has far better battery but is huge!
Apple iOS 9 Will Copy Android's Biggest Differentiator - me for @Forbes http://t.co/V3eSzeSbvd@TheRealJoeCox ditto! Not quite the same thing though ;)My thoughts for @Forbes: it'll be the biggest iPhone 6S/6S Plus differentiator... https://t.co/LEYefKWaZJThere can't be a more corrupt, deplorable organisation on earth than FIFA. The house of cards is falling. Time for change!
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@milesstarforth DON'T RUSH THEM! ;)@guardian_sport @sidlowe letting him referee as well seems a major tactical advantage.@MarcSDuffy darn good thing they make the country millions per year and pay tax. V rich people often do this: http://t.co/2ukutXBLcF
Congratulations @neilswmurray ! Next year @ehaaramo will run you close :) https://t.co/DSTgWAyekbApple iOS 9 Leak Confirms Biggest iPhone 6S Change @Forbes http://t.co/P8jae2TnunThanks! Always a pleasure. https://t.co/wyLRK5P5CB@JudySahay thanks! Have my hands full atm, but have an idea floating around ;)
@Ramiknfr @ForbesTech paragraph 2 ;)Apple may have accidentally leaked images of the iPhone 6C: http://t.co/9LNwejcZG1 http://t.co/QGIgskGu9B
Retweeted by Gordon KellyPathetic. Let's get this lad's shirt back for him!! #PNE #Beckford #league1playoffFinal http://t.co/XoiDd8EpeR
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly
@WannabAP @ForbesAsia I suspect we'll never know! So giving the benefit of the doubt :)#FF Most read in Tech this week: @GordonKelly @erikkain @PaulTassi @Ewan @DaveThier @EmmaWoollacott @_JayMcgregor @JeffMcMahon_Chi @bupbin
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@DaveThier @gardenandgunmag pleasure. Ended up digging out the actual handle and it looks good a good title :)@DaveThier no tweet, the twitter handle in your profile bio.
@ShervinFazel @Forbes I think different companies deserve kick at different times. Samsung now + Google (Lollipop bugs), Apple pre-iPhone 6@DaveThier random tweet. Was curious what Garden And Gun was about, but think you've got wrong Twitter handle. Perhaps @gardenandgunmag ? :)@erikkain yeah, you're my TV guru :) Tempted to start Vikings now!Close one! Good game (of Thrones?) @erikkain, good game :) https://t.co/MAaFqQ7RV8Apple may have accidentally leaked the newest iPhone on its own site: http://t.co/GcYzDNCUVh http://t.co/CJgUkedvH0
Retweeted by Gordon KellyBelieve it or not, iOS 9 is coming: http://t.co/jWvrlrx21t
Retweeted by Gordon KellyBy me... oops https://t.co/DAJ6SqXZyp@RiyadEmeran @outsidewrite yep, PM was a Kick Off 1 spin-off. Never got a sequel.@RiyadEmeran @outsidewrite aaaah, the memories! https://t.co/FurgPBze2w@ShervinFazel @Forbes I don't side with brands, but I do wish Samsung had gone for more differentiation in the S6 generation. Shame.@RiyadEmeran Remember Player Manager, the Kick Off (1) powered manager sim? Got less coverage, but I loved that so much! cc @outsidewriteGreat work! https://t.co/dVAgawKK6jApple Leaks New iPhone On Apple Store @Forbes http://t.co/fxuF3REK2H@SpareMeYourBS in terms of software and feature phablets do overlap. Note line & 6 Plus take tablet features. Yes, name's crap but it does.
@SpareMeYourBS they're a category, they need a name. I remember when people hated 'smartphone'.Apple iOS 9 Leaks Reveal Major Feature And New Look - me for @Forbes http://t.co/Igsxc07F0D@stunna1x Hi there! I honestly don't know, sales could still pick up. But how all this impacts the S7 will be fascinating.@SpareMeYourBS sorry, it's common parlance these days and shorter than "phone bigger than x inches". Hopefully a new term will be found!@left1000 agreed
@Faryaab @Forbes yeah, couldn't write it until I got a company response. 'No comment' is damning.Samsung Silent On Disastrous Galaxy S6 Sales @Forbes http://t.co/BDPT2HLnif@left1000 I think that's perfectly valid but it can't also completely dismiss other improved areas, like the camera and performance.
iPhone 6S And Galaxy Note 5 Leaks Reveal Early Release Dates @Forbes http://t.co/CXbnHb8p7i'Meet Gordon Kelly: A Hot-Shot Tech Journalist at Forbes' - really enjoyed this interview: http://t.co/tsf7l27Ipq http://t.co/OAR2fGYSy4New iPhone 6S Report Confirms 7 Of 11 New Features @Forbes http://t.co/6mD3aYUVol
@MarcSDuffy argument that it'll fire Chelsea up for Sunderland is irrelevant too as for that to matter Newcastle would have to WIN!@iHimanshu @spenley not as far as I'm aware, but definitely a compliment :)Hipster choice: Player Manager - the Kick Off powered sim. Loved how you got older and adjusted playing styles. https://t.co/xcOfmzPtyhWonderful trip down memory lane... got lost in the videos! https://t.co/WBOrRJNsu1@MarcSDuffy @richysmith100 @StephNUFC @HanoiToon I'd get him back on the wing (Aarons on the other) with Colback and Abeid in the middle.
@football_oranje @TaylorandBesty Happy for him, but Jozy Altidore and Afonso Alves had much better strike rates than that in the Eredivisie.@MarcSDuffy 2 Dutch internationals, 2 French internationals for a start. Best squad in the bottom half.@charliebill33 @Forbes agree with all of that.Met a real life Moomin today #MoominsMovie http://t.co/iUDIJ3MVSw
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@FitbitUK @FitbitSupport I don't. Will email fresh. Hopefully not just an "It happens" reply now I''m up to 6!@FitbitUK @fitbit tried again. Paying the cost of a Flex every 18 months in replacement bands isn't right and I'm v careful with them.@FitbitSupport @FitbitUK I've now spent more on replacement wristbands than my Fitbit Flex cost! & price increasing while durability isn't.@FitbitSupport 18 mths & 6th Flex band now ripping. 5,500km & love Fitbit but it's crazy & expensive (ref @FitbitUK) http://t.co/oNlPvAvXVd@FitbitUK @fitbit yes, just "sorry" replies. I have over 5,500km so reluctant to leave but band durability woeful & their price keeps rising@25squares @yl_ksa hi guys, are you still back? :) No tweets since December after raising my hopes!
BEWARE! @fitbit Flex has big subscription fee: 18 mths ownership & 6th band on way out - £13 each...! cc @FitbitUK http://t.co/3xS1YSYz83#nufc are only the second Premier league club ever to lose 19 or more games three seasons in a row. Bolton 2007-2010 were the first
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@matejp23 and I sold Bolasie for -4.@matejp23 ditto Schlupp.@CMRLee @jamesbmitchell down to everyone: the cutthroat owner, incompetent manager and mercenary, spineless players. Rotten top to bottom.@CMRLee @jamesbmitchell my thoughts: if they stay up great, if they get relegated they totally deserve it. Spineless.@MarcJobling for going? Yourself!@Maxknew @LunchJournals good to know. I think. Enjoy!@NUFC_Stats the temptation was too much. *sigh*@LunchJournals @Maxknew sounds like a phone for you then, good news!@LunchJournals @Maxknew I can say with 100% certainty that if you don't let the weight of a device influence you, you're in the minority@NUFC_Stats Fate shaking it's head at you and repeating "Don't tempt me..."@LunchJournals @Maxknew @Motorola Maxx line was brilliant. A 2015 edition of the Droid Turbo could be perfect.@LunchJournals @Maxknew physical buttons get dirt between them and stick.@LunchJournals @Maxknew the weight of the Active will be an issue for most. It's the features most wanted but with too many negatives@LunchJournals @Maxknew the fact it'll weigh more than a Galaxy Note 4 will be the downside...!@Maxknew @Forbes really?
Samsung Confirms 3rd Galaxy S6 Model, Gets It Dead Wrong @Forbes http://t.co/nF9L7Tbk3xWhy Consumer Reports Warns Samsung's Galaxy S6 Is A Bad Buy @Forbes http://t.co/B8JSubCsmj
@UnitedByApple ...femtocell) there nothing there that justifies any notable charge.@UnitedByApple could be. Also narrows choice as carriers disappear. All EE does with WiFi calls is verify at the point of call (like@UnitedByApple absolutely nothing to do with free, which is how it was originally pushed to me So details emerged after post published!@UnitedByApple @EE so inside your allowance usage comes off it, if outside a separate charge. Only network use is verification. It's a con.
@UnitedByApple updated, added and a link to you :) Thanks for the info and 'gentle' heads-up!@jchidley @polarizce @Forbes so was my initial reply ;)@UnitedByApple yes. free on Sprint. Post updated. Happy to credit the update if you want to give me your name.@UnitedByApple I agree. WiFi calling by definition means you are not using their bandwidth. You're being charged for using your own!@UnitedByApple interesting, but Sprint and EE told me the opposite (I did ask!) - I'll follow up. ThanksBut the Beats mystery continues... https://t.co/7pgiBiwZFpI'd say it's nailed on... https://t.co/kOiOHIRMBs@jchidley @polarizce @Forbes why would I care about that? Petty saying speed, camera, structural and security upgrades aren't useful.@denisjelec no, just facts. Stereotypes about both companies are just that.@denisjelec I just wanted the sarcasm opportunity.But surely only Google wants your data? #sarcasm https://t.co/U7oxrb8xCf@jchidley @polarizce @Forbes ...ah, as a Microsoft employee ;)@jchidley @polarizce @Forbes lol. So what would've impressed you?
@willhains Sorry Will, it's a CMS limitation. Any copy mentions always get a link, eg: http://t.co/EDjnskbJ1G Will crowbar in next time :)@billyjoelismint @ForbesTech agreed. Probably never force you to upgrade but new nagware patch suggests ignoring that could prove unpleasant@jchidley @polarizce @Forbes really? Faster, better camera, more rigid construction, new input method... you're a hard man to please :)
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