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@JiselLynn god damn I want thoseRetweet if you're DTF!
Retweeted by 》G《@briannafrost soldWhy does @gossipgirl always give me the feels lol #XoXoGossipGirl 😢😍👌@XNicoleAnistonX I didn't think you snapped any more
Fuck my lifeeeeeeeLooks like I'll be at work for another hour....NUMBER 63: First time on the #NFLTop100! @buffalobills DE @Iam_jerryhughes http://t.co/d47iMLGBsP
Retweeted by 》G《@Lexpece ya but you have that drive to be great & make that paper! As long as ur ok with it you'll be aight! Fuck u r amazing LEX#HumpDay http://t.co/KxnuSpdZQq
Retweeted by 》G《@misskennedys men r easy. Sex, sports, food. Women are complicated.@Lexpece hahahah r u serious?!? I love that movie too@JennyBlighe u r perfect 😍😍😍😍😍Iraq says its launched a major operation to take back #Ramadi from #ISIS. Will it work? http://t.co/yGVhftnR2x http://t.co/SBHiURB2qW
Retweeted by 》G《@JennyBlighe scum@HeidiWow2 GHOST!! 👻Ugh I give up on lifeeeeeee #ForeverIgnored@Lexpece but why LEX? Why?Tired AF but I'm up hanging out with the gorgeous @HeidiWow2 😍😍😍 #MFC #HeidiWow http://t.co/FmfUJvMCrL
@JadeJantzenXxx wait lol u said save the shrimp but put a cactus emoji? Haha I'm confused.@HeidiWow2 haha they smell good at least@JanessaBrazil so dirty mmmm@erisporngifs @AlexXxisAdams @MickBluexxx @Brazzers um wow....so wrong and so hot@JadeJantzenXxx good looks ma! Appreciate it 👌@teenfidelity @JadeJantzenXxx @TheDaisyHaze @ArabelleRaphael @AugustAmesxxx tbh this looks cool AF lol@tashareign @taramorganxxx @kuhnclassic I think @MyTashaReign should make it happen!!!!@LilveronicaR DAMN CAME AT HIS LIFEEEEEEE HAHAHAHAH@JadeJantzenXxx I can never find good places to eat in the valley so if u find something decent lmk@JadeJantzenXxx have fun!@JennyBlighe in love with your body legit 💯💯💯Ok yup #EndRant lol sorry everyone elseSo ya girls wonder why guys get crazy. Most of the time y'all start that shit. So think before you wanna ignore someone.Your insensitivity & inconsideration has just angered me and pissed me off even more because you wanna play games tooHere's what happens when u don't respond to me cuz you think I'll "get the hint"...I'll hound u even more cuz you pissed me off nowBut I still can't find a female who is worth my time. Most of u are so immature you don't even respond back.In the almost 2 years I've been in LA its only been worse. Half of it is my fault too cuz I keep talking to girls from #BuffaloNY stillSo ya I'd rather look at porn then deal with females who are incompetent. Yes I said it and I don't take it back. Don't like it? #UnfollowMeBut its only come out more since I've has to deal with some of the most immature & simple minded females.I will say that I do watch/interact with porn & its stars a lot, but there's cause and effect for that. I've always been a "freak"...Been at least 5 years since I've had a real relationship & its simply because most of the women I meet are still immature AF still.I always get asked "G, why haven't you dated anyone in awhile?" Well there's a damn good reason for that shit.@Lexpece LEX!@Lexpece would hate to be on ur bad side Lex@xDakotaTaylorx u ok Riss?@Briana_Lee_xx @Knights_21 damn that's harsh lol@Lexpece 💯%@Lexpece gett'em Lex!!@tashareign @FantasyMassageX UM WOW YOU AND @Carmencalixxx LOOK AMAZINGLY HAWT I CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS!!!!!@HeidiWow2 WHYYYYYYYYY
That smirk http://t.co/u5lm1rnDYK
Retweeted by 》G《@HeidiWow2 that's awesome@M_hartingerxo you should come to Vegas too
@tashareign @periscopeco and I missed it@xxxRiley where is there a home depot in the valley?!So mad though some of my spaghetti sauce burnt overnight, but still excited for spaghetti today! 😍Still in a bit of pain but trying to relax. Overall decent weekend.@AugustAmesxxx he's very lucky and you look so happy babe@JennyBlighe @RajErback one thing that should never be joked about is someone's figure. Sorry u have to deal with idiots Jenny.@Alexa_PierceXXX @1OAKNYC was racist? How? Details? Love bashing racist ignorant fucks
@HeidiWow2 yay ok ty@HeidiWow2 WAIT DO I HAVE ALL THEM??@JennyBlighe both😍Don't drink and drive #MemorialDayWeekend
Retweeted by 》G《I bought a new 64gb SD card so I could put all of @HeidiWow2 vids on my phone so I can watch them whenever! http://t.co/51XUODGmy1@HeidiWow2 I've noticed uve been on hella late! Sorry I've been missing u. I've been sick the past few weeks. I'll keep an eye out tho.Retweet if you want to win bikinis! http://t.co/RO0mAcezBH
Retweeted by 》G《I feel like no one responds to me anymore. No body likes me lol 😢😢😢@haveyouseennoor haaaaaaaaaha@alixlynxXXX LMAOOOOOO WHYYYY NIGGA WHYYYYYYYYY@xxxRiley 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦@MalibuStacey92 damn you're a sissy??My #NewObsession @JennyBlighe@JennyBlighe @manyvids this needs to be said. You're body is on point!!!@DoniaLuvsU I wanna see!! 👀
@andreaillobre can you add me?@missgoldxxx I already gave you $200 and still waiting for my vids and panties@missgoldxxx @AlexaGraceXXX both y'all need to let me get those pantiesShut up and EAT my pussy bitch!!! #wantthattonguebaby
Retweeted by 》G《@PetaJensen god yes as you command@daribarbz why and how are u so badd@sexdotcom @TeannaTrump @CDustysexblog need more teens doin porn lol@JenSelter love u more gorgeousJust got so fat on Thai food omfg perfect way to start off the long weekend.@xJenniferWhitex um wow.... *droolz*@Briana_Lee_xx oh boy hope ur ok@KateMcGowan #gorgeous@JennyBlighe 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍@JennyBlighe oh LA LA@KennedyXoXoXo too much fun for your birthday??@AugustAmesxxx @TomasinoPhotos ok wow I must see more of these!!!!@alixlynxXXX perks of being an adult yay@LilveronicaR hell ya all day every day!http://t.co/hokRyCzaGO
Retweeted by 》G《Who's ready to #CelebrateSummer? Daybreak is on the road at @CanalsideBflo checking out everything that's new. http://t.co/WyrHQnJanA
Retweeted by 》G《@AugustAmesxxx @GemmaJolieXXX ty both for favoriting me. God plz pose and get fucked together ASAP!@AugustAmesxxx @GemmaJolieXXX god damn ty August for introducing me to her too!!! 😍😍😍😍@FiveStarScar fuck yes@Lexpece you'd be the best gf
@DahliaZara @JanessaBrazil wowza!@Erica_Boyle correct shoes? U work for a restaurant not Nazi Germany!
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