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@Outback maybe if have to drive 30mins one way to get it I woulda got it. It's good but I hate driving that far!!!
Debating on going to @Outback for a blooming onion....I need foodWhy does the weekend go by so FAST?!?@johnnyZ003 @TESOnline it'll get better. You have a hard class to solo@johnnyZ003 @TESOnline oh yeah that's right your still low level@johnnyZ003 @TESOnline those are the hardest to solo with. Try and get into groups and stuff if u can.@johnnyZ003 Eat. Sleep. Work. Elder Scrolls Online. Repeat. @TESOnline"She was already the best. She just keeps getting better, she's terrifying" - @JoeRogan @RondaRousey
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@MARSHAXXXMAY wish u lived in the Valley 💨 💨 💨I think next weekend I wanna get out and explore more of Cali@deenasozio @lexbabiex33 all I said I'd they were gorgeous *blocked* 😮 😩 😑@DavaFoxx sorry meant the bedI need to wake tf up@lexbabiex33 @deenasozio haha ur friend still got me blocked cuz I said something to her and JennyDamn
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶Vaginas are the reason I could never be gay.
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶Working on a Sunday isn't that bad when you get made up like this 💋 #Empire #GQ
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@DavaFoxx what size jw b4 I even email?Touching speech by the champ following another AMAZING performance! #UFC190 @RondaRousey
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶Ronda Rousey defeats Bethe Correia by knockout to retain UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship - @SportsCenter
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶My Reaction To What Just Happened At #UFC190! #RouseyVsCorreia @UFC @danawhite @HeymanHustle #andSTILL #TeamRousey
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶How dominant is Ronda Rousey? Counting tonight's #UFC190, her last four fights have lasted a combined 130 seconds!
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶I want ronda rousey to punch me in the face
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶I fucking love you Ronda! If I could find a wifey at least a quarter as bad ass as you I'd be a happy man!!! @RondaRousey @ufc #UFC190 😍😍😍😍😍#AndStill the women's UFC bantamweight champion of the world, @RondaRousey!
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶Ronda! #ThanksForComing
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶Correias post fight interview.. ?? #KO'd #UFC190 @RondaRousey is king!!!!!!
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶Fuck yeah!!!!!! #Rousey #UFC190
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶Btw.... Once again... Got the whole fight on my phone again...... 😌🐸☕️ #UFC190 #TEAMROUSEY
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶Let's go 🙌🏼
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶AND ITS OVER THATY QUICK
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶12-0. @RondaRousey dominates Bethe Correia in #UFC190.
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶Ain't not #DNBs here #UFC190 @RondaRousey
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶34seconds!!!! #UFC190
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! WOW @RondaRousey #UFC190
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶HOLY SHIT RONDA THAT WAS QUICK!!!! @RondaRousey @ufc #UFC190 #DoWorkSon
@AugustAmesxxx this is so preciousSources: Vice President Joe Biden is beginning to explore a presidential campaign for 2016 - @nytimes
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@DavaFoxx I agree but after a long ass week I just wanna stay in bed.Love when I still have half a tank of gas by Saturday. #AdultProblems 😑 😂I feel like after you hit a certain age you're done meeting "new friends". It's taken a lot of years for me to trust the ppl I do.@DavaFoxx as you command@DavaFoxx I must fuckin see this!!! Love the outfit! 😍😍😍😍This. Is. Personal. #UFC190: Rousey vs Correia LIVE Tonight 10/7pm ETPT on Pay-Per-View
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@DavaFoxx still hawt!!!! 😍Which guests will join Jon Stewart his final week as host of @TheDailyShow”?
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@DavaFoxx ARE U WEARING A TIGHT BLACK BODY SUIT?!? 😍
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@DjDarcieDolce @RavenBayxxx this might be my favorite pic of u
One of the true greats of all time. My heart goes out to his family and the fans he entertained over the years. RIP Rowdy.
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@DavaFoxx oh shitWhen you finally nail the high note
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶#freestylefriday .... 😂😂😂😫😫😫 @Erica_Boyle @jeanellahughes9
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶Getting a grilled cheese from @innoutburger cuz @tashareign like it. 😍😍😍No surprise but Bucs officially name Jameis Winston starting QB. Now will be Winston vs. Mariota in Week 1.
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶What a beautiful day ☀️ ⓡⓔⓣⓦⓔⓔⓣ
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶
@DavaFoxx when do u want it done? I'm off tomorrow lok@DavaFoxx I LOVE THE TILTED KILT!!!!!!@AugustAmesxxx @rushtheband @kevinm00re whoa u like Rush?@Abella_Danger @tushy_com you are such a bad girlYa @jennyysoliss never tweets me back@MsVeracruzXXX word up@jennyysoliss #caught@DavaFoxx god yes yes yes I wanna watch hehehe@jennyysoliss yet I get no calls or textsWtf is the debate!!?? I would happily put every man like this killer to death. The end. Fuck people who kill animals
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@PlaymateKhloe @StefaniexKnight HQ GIF → ❤ #Babes #Softcore #Photography
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@Abella_Danger best tweet I've read today. Ur awesome..@RondaRousey biggest (little) fan surprises her at #UFC190 open workouts. Highlights:
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@tashareign can't wait to see this@andreaillobre haha NPFor all you #MeekMill & #Drake fans out there...actually found this funny!!! @Drake @MeekMill #BackToBack @PlaymateKhloe I feel like invite @_BiBiJones & @xxxRiley & the 4 of u do one last scene 😍 ❤ 😍 ❤ 😍 ❤ 😍@kj_fetishmodel haha what about Native Americans??? No??? 😂😂😂 😢😢😢 I prob live near ya. In the Valley.7 of 40 down! #WomanCrushWednesday#WomanCrushWednesday #Andrea @andreaillobre #WCW 😍 ❤ #VRod #QueenV @LilveronicaR @VRodProductions #WCW 😍 ❤ #CirocObama @Erica_Boyle #WCW 😍 ❤ #TashaReign @tashareign #Reigndeer #WCW 😍 ❤ #JanessaBrazil @JanessaBrazil #WCW 😍 ❤ #Rissa @xDakotaTaylorx #WCW 😍 ❤ #MelRose @InMelRosePlace #WCW 😍 ❤ #GetWellSoon here we go with the #WCW notifications list aka my creeping list... 😂😂😂😍😍😍So warning my timeline & followers. I get update notifications from 42 people!! I will say I won't be #WCW'ing @TESOnline & @earthquakesLA 😂Think imma do #WCW for all the girls I get updates too... Lol shits about to get real. Y'all gunna see who I REALLY stalk 😂😂😂😂😂#BREAKING: Oil slick reported off Goleta in Santa Barbara Co; @MarkKonoSky5 is overhead. Watch
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@Abella_Danger god damn it look at all thatWord
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@JessicaKadiu I respect u so damn much@DavaFoxx @101ModelingInc @xxxstarpr I wish I could book u lol 😍😍😍Sundress season is the best season
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@AnaVictoriaXO omg yes yes yes@LilveronicaR @EXXXOTICA didn't know u were in the sex trafficking business VRod? Hahaha smh stupid people. Haters!!!@jennyysoliss cept the west coast@jennyysoliss @nikkiibabie_x0 pffh you answer yours@jennyysoliss niggggggg udk old skool
And now the wait begins....finally done with #KnockKnockLive for the night...@DeepDirty @Abella_Danger @RamonxxxnomaR @toniribas @airerose god yes destroy her!!! 😍😍😍😍@kj_fetishmodel damn so wait ur gunna fuck nonstop til ur prego? 😮
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