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Just saw a TFL employee with a Blue Peter badge. Was that one of their demands on their last strike?@DazzMcGuinness I'm sorry, you shoulda come by the house, I have a self-portrait picture stick you could have used for these...things.@evafay That's a shame, hate it when they make a sequel without any attempt at changing the core structure.@mrbeaks @russfischer But it doesn't matter with a script that is fun and wearing its references on its sleeve.@ManMadeMoon Doesn't stop that quality for a while.Last train home, up again in 6 hours and no cabs at the station. If I pass out outside, no one draw a penis on my head then rob me.@RobGirvan crashed multiple times for multiple directors. We got a kick ass theme song and title sequence at one point.@RobGirvan Years ago I wrote a script for a Bond machinima movie, it was an odd blend of Bond thriller and irreverence. Hard drives, alas...Been a crazy busy @Film4FrightFest weekend, props to @24footsquare and @podcastdoors for their hard work organising the TV crew.
@TheCaterjillar Designated ugly fucking frase.@ScreenRelish Of "J. D. Salinger's Hollywoo Stars And Celebrities: What Do They Know? Do They Know Things? Let's Find Out!" fame?THIS IS HOW I FIND OUT???
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@TillyTweets @Film4FrightFest A horror classic. Was it not playing at the Prince Charles this weekend too?Official @Film4FrightFest TV - Rupert Hill And Diana Vickers On The Red Carpet:
Retweeted by Andrew JonesOfficial @Film4FrightFest TV - Paul Hyett, Shauna Macdonald And Rosie Day On The Red Carpet:
Retweeted by Andrew JonesOfficial @Film4FrightFest Film4 TV Iain Softley On The Red Carpet:
Retweeted by Andrew JonesOfficial @Film4FrightFest TV - Film4 FrightFest 2015 - Day 4:
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@DavidBedwell love tec and rubiconLeslie Jones continues with SNL for another season. Then she's gonna escape and be a megastar.@Splitsider The first time this has happened in the post-Pardo era! #NerdFactsThe entire @nbcsnl cast from last season is returning
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@the_funkhouse Feasibility from Central London? Side note: I have a teleporter.@RachelKoz Prep for a Hobbit EE marathon? Who doesn't want to se that?!?@RachelKoz Choice is awful. Brain activity on a bank holiday just isn't done. Not one police academy is on.@RachelKoz I saw that last night, nary a big film or show. Awful. They expected sun?If NARCOS had cast Adrian Grenier it'd be a novelty hit in spite of quality, instead they decided to just run with it being awful
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@BrettRedacted Who did this to you?@rosstmiller That got screens. Shame jokes! Yeah, VoD and big chains are gonna have to find agreements soon, chains are holding out.@rosstmiller Date & Day VoD stops lots of multiplexes from buying up films like that.@brendonconnelly I tried the green label coke today. Think it's the one for me. Thanks for the info.Naturally the @squat_betty bit in Nina Forever is gloriously funny, reaction takes on point.Gonna open a store for neck and nose fabrics. Scarf Tissue@Swill_i_ams You don't need to react, there's a site dedicated to doing it for you. They React For You Wholesale@squat_betty It makes the village feel happy. They need a win.@danowen79 Can't be worse than Sucker Punch.Sigh, UK Hot Tub Time Machine 2 blu ray has no extended cut nor digital HD copy. Lazy release attitude. And US one region coded.@blainebrothers That's what they told me at school.@TomMimnagh Damn straight he is.@Han_So Exactly. Stripped down and memorably tense. Murphy way too good at being creepy.Seen 2 Red Eye tweets today. Would hope to see more. Real good film.If I watch enough times I bet the puppy will live and JOHN WICK becomes a lovely movie about a nice man who joyously replaces old candles.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThere is no lateness anymore, only greatness (which this show 100% is).
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@DrGMLaTulippe The ultimate excuse. Until Fury Road comes to HBO and plays every 5 hours.@corrinacorrina Hire a houseboat?@markmcconville The key demo DVRed it, they're big VMAers.@TylerScruggs Oh my, if I stopped 2 episodes in, the rest of that show must be truly awful.Here's our @Film4FrightFest TV Day 4 highlights, featuring Road Games, Most Likely To Die and Summer Camp: #F4FF15
Retweeted by Andrew JonesOfficial @Film4FrightFest TV: Sam & George Clemens And Caroline Munro On The Red Carpet:
Retweeted by Andrew JonesOfficial @Film4FrightFest TV: Anthony DiBlasi On The Red Carpet:
Retweeted by Andrew JonesOfficial @Film4FrightFest Alberto Marini On The Red Carpet:
Retweeted by Andrew JonesOfficial @Film4FrightFest TV: Terry Marcel, Ray Charleson And Jason Kingsley On The Red Carpet:
Retweeted by Andrew JonesOfficial @Film4FrightFest TV: Abner Pastoll, Andrew Simpson, Barbara Crampton & Joséphine de La Baume:
Retweeted by Andrew JonesOfficial @Film4FrightFest TV: Marc Fehse and Yazid Benfeghoul On The Red Carpet:
Retweeted by Andrew JonesOfficial @Film4FrightFest TV: John Fallon On The Red Carpet:
Retweeted by Andrew JonesRest, Wes Craven, for you have given us all many sleepless nights.@mikeryan And your Enzo Ferarri@ChrisHewitt Roboracism@Jedshepherd Rock and effing roll!@jaykayell_ Fucking fries@Jedshepherd And they showed it like that? Saw Meek's Cutoff at an LFF screening at the Vue, stretched. Didn't know it was 4:3 for years.
@jasoneisener Lile disabled spiders?@jramjee I say nothing.@markmcconville Paul Blolocaust: Mall Holocaust
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@MuseZack Plenty of times. Looking at Kevin Smith on that one.@squat_betty I am jumping from the 11am screening straight to a basement opposite the cinema to edit until 9-10pm. Will tweet you a review.@squat_betty It will haunt my dreams. Will see big screen you tomorrow then.@squat_betty Or are you naked and bloody in Nina Forever.@squat_betty You a banjo playin' fella?Some sad fucking shit: seeing Ice Cube in the trailer for Ride Along 2 before the movie that rouses you with the legacy of Fuck Tha Police.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@markstay Because you're game to be messed up? Have fun, looks like a nice set of films for final day.@jramjee Christian Slater turns out to be Jack Nicholson in a photo from New Years Eve 1900.@jramjee You're about to get to what the ravingsis about.Official @Film4FrightFest TV - Paul Goodwin, Kevin O'Neill And Sean Hogan On The Red Carpet:
Retweeted by Andrew JonesOfficial @Film4FrightFest TV - Kyle Rankin On The Red Carpet:
Retweeted by Andrew JonesOfficial @Film4FrightFest TV - Jason Lei Howden And Sarah Howden On The Red Carpet:
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@Film4FrightFest Oh, is that tonight? At the TV room we were Cher-ing the songs yesterday. Premature as ever.@JessyCritical Some nice ideas, badly done though.Wow, Max Joseph's following really didn't wanna see a non-silver fox. Efron should grey up next time."Guys, we totally get this new 'kid' thing." Bald look is a little off-putting.@scottm A kindness of that second star@EmptyScreens You're making it really hard... Not to say anythingIt's "Scotty Doesn't Know" from EuroTrip.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@alxhuls I Want To Believe this is true.@JoshMalina (I was born to do this bit. Now I have fulfilled my purpose I will rise to meet Xenu)@JoshMalina What? But I see Tom and Catherine Zeta every Sunday for tea.@Film4FrightFest Both brilliant and worryingly precise. Hope they are a surgeon.@FilmLandEmpire Thanks for looking at me.when visiting the UK does she call herself Rumour Willis?
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@BrettRedacted She goes by "Definitely True Print It On The Front Page" Willis. UK TABLOID SATIRE!!!@FilmFan1971 @VODzillaMag @Film4FrightFest @iFlicks What were your favourite lines?Picture of Johnny Depp, looking like he's just caught wind of an eggy bugger, as the ad for a fragrance. Good job, marketing.I have "Another Way To Die" stuck in my head. Did I slaughter kittens in a past life?Gonna hurt myself to be up early tomorrow, nabbed a Nina Forever ticket. Psyched for @blainebrothersI wrote a couple of lines for @corinhardy's The Hallow via text message last year. Great move but I gotta be honest I just phoned it in.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@DrGMLaTulippe @ORachaelO Just FYI, I'll be there opening day.Can't help but feel it's wrong that there's a big Krays exhibition to promote Legend in East London. We glamourise too often.@Jamie_McHale All of that sounds great.A CIA tracking computer gets face blindness and must learn to hunt terrorists by their personality, rather than their appearance.Holywood: Jesus retcon, now he's a vlogger, he spends tim on dial up being tempted by fibre optics. He goes offline for 2 days. $$$!
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