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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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Supremes refuse to listen to Kagan arguments http://t.co/8mhYNz7G8Z via @worldnetdailyVideo: John McCain pummeled by Republican boos http://t.co/QPUrpE7hjW via @worldnetdaily#solarcity says they have ways to take the ugliness/glare away from the soar panels they put in front of your face, but they lieTax/utility payer subsidized #solarcity doesn't care about the ugly panels they put up in front of our faces as long as they make a sale‘Surf City’ First in Nation to Repeal Plastic Bag Ban http://t.co/G3joNy2RR6Sure we get our occasional earthquake/tsunami..But we don't have a commie mayor warn us upcoming blizzards http://t.co/erKisKlV4k@EDinCali Yep so the Leftist Propaganda is they get to define what Islam Is & isn't what stupid BS they try to sell
Retweeted by Ed @SonnyRaye he wasnheadnof the democrat party.....millions think just as delusionally as he does@EDinCali EXACTLY why Romney/Graham/Jeb NOT the ones-NO balls!
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali We need visible spokespeople like Trump, provided they stick to valid points, to thin the herd. Here, his point is valid.
Retweeted by Ed As harsh as Wolf can bring himself to be-Blitzer: Obama on ‘Questionable Ground’ with His SOTU Foreign Policy Claims https://t.co/YGeCpdiibiState of Delusion-Howard Dean: This Was the ‘Best Speech’ Since Obama’s First Inaugural https://t.co/hKKEV3fgRxHis way or highway to fellow Americans-Kevin McCarthy: Obama Has Delivered Seven Veto Threats in Our First Two Weeks https://t.co/8t7ot97SRDEpitomizes leftist ideology-Bolton: Obama on a Different Planet than the Rest of Us, Wishing Away Threats to U.S. https://t.co/orSYp61WbQAKA: Bombarding us with lies-Rep. Cummings on SOTU: Obama ‘Got His Mojo Back’ https://t.co/ljSYbTBEguTruth trumps left wing rhetoric-Howard Dean Surrenders to Bill Maher in Debate over Islamic Terror https://t.co/OWokQmgggrTrump: ‘Mitt Let Us Down Frankly ... He Choked and it Wasn’t Very Pretty’ https://t.co/2FOfNGUgXMLet the truth be known, counter obamas bs-Republican Address: Keystone ‘Will Carry Both American and Canadian Oil’ https://t.co/6M1VwO14kNThe Liberal War on Success | American Action News http://t.co/rNX6M5oxQb via @sharethisDid you know Pres Andrew Jackson, throughout his lifetime, fought 103 duels, most of them regarding his wife's honor.@LJCambria Semper Fi...Unleash the dogs of warAmerican badass/psychopath of the week: Andrew Jackson http://t.co/AQW1GngEBtI want patriotic psychopaths fighting our wars...Let our enemies get a taste of our vengeanceTed Cruz to GOP: Find a nominee who can 'reignite the extraordinary miracle of America' http://t.co/rhdyAihBnB http://t.co/lPh9GfyPJj
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Government’s "War On Coal" is a War of Regulations Against America's Way of Life - AMAC, Inc. http://t.co/dr4HkHg71E via @sharethisAnd Jews keep supporting him-Obama Will Not Attend 70th Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation http://t.co/BIx4XyBXqIVIDEO: “Al Sharpton Ought To Go Back Into The Gutter He Came From” http://t.co/Rouy6wX623@JTS_1957 @EDinCali Can You imagine a website Whites Only?White Miss America?White Magazine BET JET?or college white only?LAWSUITS NEED2FLY
Retweeted by Ed @NYDieselDriver That is real@EDinCali Segregation makes a come back.
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali I honestly think Walker is the best candidate!
Retweeted by Ed .@EDinCali We need a Republican Party that takes the threat of a Marxist president and his party seriously.
Retweeted by Ed At the core of most conflict/violence around the world is the "religion of peace"Jindal Warns Again of U.S. ‘No-Go Zones’ if We Don’t Force Muslims To Assimilate https://t.co/mfmHsP50BICruz: Obama’s ‘Facts Do Not Matter’ Speech Reminded Me of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ https://t.co/LL8OqXJYtjScott Walker: We Need a President who Treats Threats Seriously https://t.co/7zT4MmvtRpObama just reading abt it in NY Times-Krauthammer: The Fall of Yemen ‘Bad News’ for U.S.; ‘Huge Gain’ for Iran https://t.co/6oOYODQ9aA@EDinCali Yes, I know this congress has to focus on some legislation, be productive, but they also owe us some results on the scandals.
Retweeted by Ed The 1st words I want to hear said to eric holder after leaving attorney generals office? "You have right to remain silent, anything you.....@EDinCali Wow. It's encouraging this nation to be even more divided. I look forward to the day when being American matters more than color.
Retweeted by Ed @Pqlyur1 @HungarianFalcon Who profits from this divisiveness?@HungarianFalcon @EDinCali Imagine the reaction to the NBC channel for White people...
Retweeted by Ed @StompnKick Add that to the hundreds of scandals being buried by the MSM involving this administration@EDinCali He need to demand to see Bergdahl report! It is outrageous that this is being kept from us?
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali maybe they can hire Holder is he ever steps down
Retweeted by Ed @Pqlyur1 @EDinCali separate but equal(ly crappy channels).
Retweeted by Ed State of Delusion Speech-Joe Biden: I Helped Write Obama’s State of the Union Speech https://t.co/LMg6QqnjFhWould rather have Lindsay Lohan-Chuck Todd: Lindsey Graham May Run for President Just To Heckle Rand Paul in Debates https://t.co/1BYqBQGcgiEven MSM maggots start to gag on obama sandwich-Chuck Todd Obama Micromanaged Yemen Now We Have No Influence https://t.co/MfP85azUr7@EDinCali You bet they are hiding, report, completed in Oct and WTP for privy?
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali That is CLEARLY discrimination! Where's the line for class action lawsuit against NBC?
Retweeted by Ed Segregation is good, right? RT @EDinCali: WTF?! NBC News Launches Website For Black People… Good Idea? | Breaking911 http://t.co/uOJ56dh0HA
Retweeted by Ed When I see your corrupt partisan face n congress, I cry-Rep Lewis: I’ve Seen ‘Selma’ Four Times and I Cry Every Time https://t.co/QoAu4RBSb3Another obama fail-Lt. Col. Bill Cowan: White House Is Hiding Results of Bowe Bergdahl Investigation https://t.co/hBRw8dbf6yWTF?! NBC News Launches Website For Black People… Good Idea? | Breaking911 http://t.co/FXeSSfUjTj@Santini_One @uncommentari I call it surreal law...it really is bizarro@EDinCali Who knew COMMON CORE would be that powerful?
Retweeted by Ed obama & his leftwing ideologue fails-: Didn’t Obama Cite Yemen as a Model To Follow Elsewhere in the World? https://t.co/sRDbM3nemTThe real truth, read it before it is pulled-NBC’s Richard Engel: King Abdullah ‘Could Not Stand President Obama’ https://t.co/ueKBkZU4fhWhy not it works for barry-Bill Belichick Parrots Obama: ‘Shocked To Learn of the News Reports’ https://t.co/KmQi4bP34u"Truth" is whatever he says it is Van Hollen, Claims Majority of Cuban Dissident Groups ‘Positive’ About Changes https://t.co/vi8WJRN0ELBrady not as polished a liar as "Earnest"- Takes Shot at Tom Brady: ‘No Risk’ of Him Taking My Job After Presser https://t.co/aPqE5F4GoHThe world would be so much better-"Earnest": We’d Prefer Netanyahu Agreed with Obama on Iranian Sanctions https://t.co/TQECVOswKzJosh "Earnest": Obama Didn’t Congratulate GOP During SOTU Because He Already Did That https://t.co/0k6HGg6FEnLike the war on fossil fuel? Kerry: Fight Against ISIS Will Be Won in ‘Classrooms, Workplaces ... Community Centers’ https://t.co/0ll0aZANGGKaren and Billy Vaughn - A Legacy of Retreat, Shame, and Betrayal http://t.co/KuPab4CeJdFriend of democrats, so off limits to prosecution-‘WTF’? Terror front CAIR changes name – again http://t.co/SBCMzCoy3s via @worldnetdailyNo deflated balls here-Cruz Files Bill to Ban American ISIS Fighters From Returning to the U.S. http://t.co/TVz2yryVVg via @joewmiller@Santini_One @uncommentari surreal law
BOOM: What Do Charles Manson & Mohammed Have In Common? | Doug Giles | #ClashDaily http://t.co/lOGrjAE6i7 via @Doug_GilesImmigration Officers Blast Border Bill: ‘A Global Joke’ – http://t.co/XenWNBt2eI@EDinCali @LibertyBelle11 Inviting him is the best move Boehner has made so far! BO continues to Disrespect Israel.
Retweeted by Ed “WILL PAY A PRICE”: Valerie Jarrett Promises To Hurt Israel, Netanyahu For “Spitting In Obama’s Face” Over Iran Nukes http://t.co/IqGuVfIWwD
Retweeted by Ed @jasian12345 @EDinCali Centrifuges take radio active uranium gas & separate it into U238 & U235 to make enriched weapons grade bomb material
Retweeted by Ed @thedarthjosh the Chicago way@ak2WorkDay Obama is viewed as weak by our antagonists.... Under his leadership our friends don't trust us & enemies don't fear us@jasian12345 that is how they make the material for multiple nuclear weapons@jasian12345 it's civilizations problem to have a state sponsor of terrorism be nuclear armed@bobbinberg help pass the time :)@jasian12345 @WTPatty a president who is more aligned w/western democracy than with the Muslim brotherhood@WTPatty it's the Chicago community organizer way@EDinCali @bzaz Obama #LookingForLegacy
Retweeted by Ed @jasian12345 30 k centrifuges have not stopped since the nuke "negotiations" have been ongoing and extended@ak2WorkDay it could be America doesn't like to see the president of our major ally told to leave the wh through the back door@bobbinberg self help videosTop NY Democrat Held by FBI on Five Corruption Charges; Communist de Blasio Says ‘Man of Integrity’ http://t.co/TUeAouPAd6Our $ pays for fools like this-White professor teaches problem of whiteness course at Arizona State http://t.co/J7HeoFbaBZ via @campusreformReport: Most Jobless People Spend Their Time Watching Video http://t.co/OIndSuAJa5 via @po_stShe May Not Look That Intimidating at 5-Foot-4 — but Just Wait Until You See Wh... http://t.co/dYGcSfVXFo via @theblazeDid one of Obamas "handlers" school tom Brady on how not to answer questions on ballgate@BarbiG_tea @Doug_Giles I would love to see a debate between them@ak2WorkDay perhaps it's because Obama doesn't want the truth revealed about his treacherous nuke "negotiations" revealed@BarbiG_tea @Doug_Giles talk about the "war on women" Sarah Palin has been savagely attacked by the left...but she's a conservative@BarbiG_tea @Doug_Giles she certainly has the courage and ability to clearly frame the issuesObama learned about the fall of Yemen when he read the new York times this morning #tcotSARAH PALIN ON GOP MAJORITY: ‘It’s Not Just the Patriots Who Are Dealing with Deflated Balls’ | http://t.co/viwUppsCwN via @Doug_GilesIs there anywhere in the world that Obama has improved our national security.....Buehler?@EDinCali The white house is filled with adults acting out like spoiled unruly adolescents !!
Retweeted by Ed The truth seeps out as it is revealed Saudi King Abdullah hated Obama for backing Muslim brotherhood and not supporting Egypt Pres el SisiObama says there will be blood as he vows petulant revenge against Israel for revealing the truth about Iranian nukes in front of congress
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