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Fixed income PM, former Equity Analyst, CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Contributor for CFA's Inside Investing blog. http://t.co/IRXXkzI1el

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@magicclams you must not have read my question
If Putin gave order to murder Boris Nemtsov is not the point. It is Putin's dictatorship. His 24/7 propaganda about enemies of the state.
Retweeted by David Schawel@MarkYusko My Uber driver today claimed to have invented Nintendo Wii - everyone thinks they're a tech investor here!Do the top 10 nasdaq companies have greater staying power over the next decade compared to 1999? http://t.co/5UyPhzVXNL@The_Analyst why don't you just unsubscribe?@georgepearkes @ArchMcClure whoa whoa whoa@tanzoak @TheStalwart sounds like your interpretationWhat's holding back the med device sector & how can med device co.s be successful today? Banker Monica Beam discusses http://t.co/UMNHyzEhHn
Retweeted by David Schawel@DavidSchawel def some concern & frustration that large HF/MF players are making crossover investments into the VC space pushing valuations@mark_dow none@DavidSchawel on average most answered with the 6-7th inning, with no 9th inning responsesPolled a group of Bay Area health care / life sciences VC's last night at dinner on what inning they think this is in the risk cycle...@izakaminska smart?
First @bluebottleroast experience - I admit I'm a fan http://t.co/McN0foze6SFatty tuna! http://t.co/vMvmCEmklt@shomikghosh2 only 50% right
@botabox I like this a lot@given2tweet not at all@given2tweet best of luck with this@given2tweet what gives you confidence the market will eventually trade it at fair value? Couldn't a stock like this always be mispriced?@given2tweet so you own it for value reasons here? Big difference from your prior thesis, no?@HeleenMees I read that before - crazy@cirrusdriver @chigrl Lou Malnatis delivers!There's next to nobody who tweets about my top two equity holdings - that's both comforting and a little irritating“@WSJheard: It's the Hard-Knock Herbalife http://t.co/FtDDvO1bBp” // NSFW hyperlinkSomewhere over middle America http://t.co/zOsXfq6Xi2@toristilwell Id rather a replay of State /Carolina from last night :)@CapCube 8-12" tonight@Nonrelatedsense lately yes, only three days in the office so far in FebRow 37 on a 6hr flight, no! Thankfully I made it out ahead of the NC blizzard tonight http://t.co/aNQN8BPpXz@pmarca today, value of Bay Area co's $AAPL + $GOOG + $FB + $TWTR + $LNKD + Airbnb + Uber + Dropbox + Square + Stripe + Pinterest = ~$1.5T
Retweeted by David SchawelThe Fed raises concern about the liquidity mismatch between ETFs, mutual funds & the underlying markets they track. http://t.co/9MdqHGhVaq
Retweeted by David SchawelWonder if @goldmansachs will tweet this incredibly inspiring story about one of its former employees. http://t.co/OjLcSr5VDg
Retweeted by David Schawel
@BromonaTheBrave he's probably done for good@BromonaTheBrave they don't know- some ppl speculating in the last game or even during the all star break@BromonaTheBrave I'm bummed"Brazilian local-currency bonds have lost 21 percent in dollar terms since early September"Bad day for famous Chicago residents: Rahm Emanuel in a runoff and serious injuries to Derrick Rose and Patrick Kane. Ugh.@michaelafulton @mrjustinwsmith we'll take it but first win in CH since '03 is pretty sad!Go #NCState - beat up on #UNC in their own house tonight!@LongShortTrader VRX?@17thStCap def someOne or two inches of snow here in Raleigh/Durham and drivers be like http://t.co/cxOHvJul5D@IvanTheK Do it$JPM looking to lose deposits penalized by new liquidity rules. Pending GSIB surcharge also penalizes these deposits http://t.co/ptV4AoYHJK
Retweeted by David Schawel@tracyalloway @carney @matt_levine @ReformedBroker I'll throw you a bone on that one@AdvisoryA that would be nice@fotboy did news hit?@zackmansfield wine & cheese won't brave the snowGundlach's DoubleLine debuts its first actively managed bond ETF http://t.co/39ivSdZ3uZ
Retweeted by David Schawel@TheArmoTrader @georgepearkes UNC peeps get boosters to give them cars@georgepearkes zing!@georgepearkes special Duke recruiting initiative?Ouch.... RBC: bottom line is the only thing compelling in Yellen's prepared remarks is how all over the place they are@conorsen @IvanTheK there's hopeMeeting by meeting....ugh@IvanTheK preaching to choir as you know@IvanTheK The funds market is dead due to there being such an excess supply that few if any need to borrow@IvanTheK @tdgraff there's *always* a cost, issue is whether the net benefit is worth it - and today incremental $ isn't wantedThe irony of contemplating an overnight rate hike at the same time as big banks charging some customers for deposits is rich@michaelafulton @NCState @UNCBasketbaII State has tractors!@ArchMcClure right as they got their independence@lopezlinette lolz
This is why the rate hike is so crazy to think about: https://t.co/fqf09cX6W2Meanwhile the Fed is trying to raise the cost of borrowing money that banks don't want or need and are now actively trying to get rid of
Retweeted by David Schawel@IvanTheK @TheStalwart "the 200k tweets that almost didn't exist"@spiegema @conorsen that's where we disagree- I think it then makes much more sense assuming you can find a job@spiegema @conorsen You don't have to tell us - we're both enjoying the beautiful southeast!@conorsen I bet even only a fraction of those people could tell you the implications of growing pension costs@conorsen I'd be impressed if many young people are focused on that@jonsticha the Stifel one - other guy at Sterne is all rightStifel / Sterne merger means one less bond salesman will call me up@_Moose_Knuckle_ quick@JoeEifrid I still hold some, but it's been a dog- ESNT was the model but hasn't quite worked out.I think there's a somewhat unwarranted perception of credit availability - Fannie doing 3% down loans, some banks doing interest only, etc@TheDomino @TheStalwart so you want the option of a 30yr mortgage at 4% in your back pocket?@JoeEifrid @DividendMaster No, I don't like my stocks that are down so much. I'm also not chasing it lowerThe fear of missing out (FOMO) exists in the stock market but not in the housing market right now. Why not?@DividendMaster great to see...one of my core holdingsWhat is the most prolific analyst day (any sector) that you can remember? (where perception/multiple of stock changed)
Retweeted by David Schawel@PhilipEtienne Your amazing $NCT call eventually spun out and is now $NRZ which is crushing - well done. Should have listened earlier!@modestproposal1 it's fixed for mayweather@georgepearkes yeah good pt@georgepearkes assumed it was in thousands@CapitalObserver if they sell it at $4b it would be 7x eps and ~125% BVNobody will say the opposite that the government is overstating inflation now http://t.co/PWCs7973Be@RuthlessGravity portfolio of MSR's not merger - http://t.co/kTboieBp7b$NRZ to buy $HLSS, $NSM to buy $OCN portfolio and $LEAF to maybe buy OneMain - huge things for $FIG portfolioNo surprise, the balance sheet's of tech companies look the cleanest http://t.co/buccwDbGOW@CostanzaEffect yes it's richThis new $AJX name is interesting - I'm a fan of the NPL spaceNobody will say the opposite that the government is overstating inflation now https://t.co/mqh3QycsId
@Morgan_03 @RussianBear ok you guys win & think alike - you both dug up old tweets right after I said thatAlways strange when someone favorites a tweet from a week or longer ago@adamcarstens typically ppl want their whole stream to know their flight is delayed or a bag is lost@adamcarstens @united I've never seen someone with a positive airline comment on Twitter.@BromonaTheBrave Portillos and Lou Malnatis happened last week btw... I may have gained 10lbs@BromonaTheBrave I can hear a Franklin Park accent a mile away@modestproposal1 really for anyone, I know a bunch of people in general public capital markets jobs who have invested@modestproposal1 Well, AngelList is not that far off although for earlier stage
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