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I think Gary Johnson should light up a blunt on stage right now. That would make some news. #CPAC2015@ToadonaWire It keeps me up at night :)RT @ChadPergram: Netanyahyu to meet with McConnell/Reid at Capitol after his speech to Congress next week.@KoenigJojo @NoahCRothman @brainfertilizer Immigration services are funded by direct user fees. No annual appropriation or authorization req@danholler But it only stops him if he signs a bill w/ the rider. I know you get this but many think an un-funded DHS stops "exec amnesty"It bears repeating: "Exec Amnesty" gets funded even if DHS goes un-funded. Stopping it requires Obama to back down.“I would say that the president has done a very good job…" http://t.co/A7h2KJCAjq #CPAC2015This looks like @HillaryClinton travelled as Sec/State to basically do @ClintonFdn donor maintenance http://t.co/vevKFO7HjK #1990sRedux
Retweeted by David M. DruckerHow are Repubs w/out exec experience making case for 2016? By arguing @BarackObama was quite competent after all: http://t.co/A7h2KJCAjqRT @JessicaTaylor: Word association! Cruz on Hillary: "Washington" Bill: "youth outreach" #CPAC2015"Why does Ted Cruz love America?" Hannity. #CPAC2015.@SenTedCruz says marriage is an "issue for the states." Period. Does not advocate federal prohibition against SSM. #CPAC2015.@SenTedCruz top 5 agenda items: 1. Repeal Obamacare; 2. abolish IRS; 3. Stop EPA regulators; 4. Defend Const Rights; 5. Restore U.S. ldrshpIn making the case that executive experience is overrated, Ben Carson defends @BarackObama: http://t.co/A7h2KJCAjq#CPAC2015 should have come up w/ some challenging questions for @SenTedCruz for his Q&A.Of course, @SenTedCruz isn't doing everything he can, procedurally, to stop the Senate deal on DHS funding. #CPAC2015Hannity asks @SenTedCruz about DHS funding/exec legalization: "Unfortunately Republican leadership is cutting a deal." #CPAC2015Hannity is going to be questioning @JebBush at #CPAC2015 on Friday. Interesting. Someone else should have questioned Cruz.I would have preferred a Q&A w/ @SenTedCruz rather than a speech, but the #CPAC2015 crowd loved it.Taking nothing away from Reagan, but if you spend too much time talking about a 35 year-old campaign… #CPAC2015"When have you been willing to stand up against Republicans. When have you been willing to stand w/ the people?" @SenTedCruz #CPAC2015"If you're really a conservative, you will have been in the trenches, you will bear the scars." @SenTedCruz #CPAC2015 (Cruz mssg nutshell)"Talk is cheap…When have you stood and fought?" @SenTedCruz #CPAC2015RT @davecatanese: Cruz reprising Iowa theme: Demand action not talk on conservative credentials. #CPAC2015"We need to run a populist campaign standing for hard working men and women." @SenTedCruz #CPAC2015"Washington wants power over the Internet, the people want freedom online." @SenTedCruz #CPAC2015.@SenTedCruz said GOP wins in 2016 by 'reassembling' the Reagan coalition. #CPAC2015RT @ZekeJMiller: Cruz: "We could have had Hillary here, but we couldn't find a foreign nation to foot the bill""So there's not a single Democrat here. It's almost like CPAC invited Benjamin Netanyahu to speak." @SenTedCruz #CPAC2015.@SenTedCruz in his element. #CPAC2015Cruz is up at #CPAC2015Carly Fiorina gets a stand O at #CPAC2015"I have met Vladimir Putin, & I know that his ambition will not be contained by a gimmicky, red 'reset' button." -Fiorina #CPAC2015Carly Fiorina's speech crosses into foreign policy & the #CPAC2015 audience gets really engaged. These are motivating issuesWhat @GovChristie sounds most like right now: A populist. #CPAC2015"Anyone whose frustrated, come to New Jersey." @GovChristie #CPAC2015"They have to know you're willing to fight. But also you're willing to talk." @GovChristie on dealing with lawmakers. #CPAC2015
Retweeted by David M. Drucker"I don't mind rich people at all, but we don't need to stand up and be defending them all the time." @GovChristie"Sometimes, those special interests, more than anything else, they hate the truth." @GovChristie … "Special Interests" (drink!) #CPAC2015"What you need to do is stand firmly and tell people what you believe." @GovChristie … Also "New York Times" (drink!) #CPAC2015Elites in Washington (drink!) Backroom deals (drink) Fancy political consultants (drink!) #CPAC2015"In February 2007, it was going to be Rudy Giuliani vs. Hillary Clinton." @GovChristie"I will run a hard, fighting campaign." @GovChristie #CPAC2015"Is the election next week? @GovChristie when asked by @IngrahamAngle about cratering in recent polls"In my career, I've always tried to put the hard working people of my state first." @GovChristieThe non-shouting Christie can be pretty compelling, in particular when @IngrahamAngle gets a little tougher with immigration questions.
Retweeted by David M. Drucker.@GovChristie might be most compelling, charismatic personality in 2016 race. What he needs is a compelling reason to vote 4 him. Why him?@JGreenDC @KevinMaddenDC @BrendanBuck In other words don't dress like me."Sometimes people need to be told to sit down & shut-up." @GovChristie (first real big applause line) #CPAC2015"I do not have political consultants whispering in my ear." @GovChristie"Here's the word they miss, is passionate." @GovChristie on his reputation as a bully #CPAC2015.@IngrahamAngle now asking @GovChristie about his blowhard reputation #CPAC2015"Don't believe what the media will tell you that if you're a pro-life candidate you can't get elected." @GovChristie"I'm pro-life, I ran as a pro-life candidate in 2009 … And vetoed Planned Parenthood funding 5 times out of the NJ budget." @GovChristieRT @JessicaTaylor: RT @ZekeJMiller: Christie says he has "implementation regrets" about Common Core.@GovChristie on Common Core:"My concern now..It's not only the heavy foot of the federal govt that's coming in..we nd 2 have local control""I don't care what they write about me in the New York Times." @GovChristie #CPAC2015"The elite folks in the media who cover me everyday…When you do things like I've done in NJ…They just want to kill you." @GovChristie.@GovChristie & @IngrahamAngle on the #CPAC2015 stage now for Q&ART @bpolitics: .@NYGovCuomo will become the first U.S. governor to make a trade mission to Cuba http://t.co/IKrL5in73pRT @Southfive: E-mail from @AIPAC: Susan Rice and Samantha Power will address the upcoming annual conference.NOW: The scintillating #CPAC2015 roundtable on intellectual property.@charlescou @RoyBlunt Vote to proceed.RT @DKElections: Chris McDaniel hints at a primary challenge against Steve Palazzo #ms04 http://t.co/5Bt8rb0pwMRT @AP_Politics: Boehner defends Israeli prime minister's speech, rejects criticism from Susan Rice http://t.co/JWg4h4MEcRSen @RoyBlunt announces oppo to clean DHS funding bill.Obama administration declines to explain why it shoveled $3 billion to health insurance companies: http://t.co/dOZxMFSYM4 h/t @philipaklein“@joshrogin: Will Dems attend Bibi speech? @joshrogin & @elilake get some answers. http://t.co/OOGGDFu16q””“@JessicaTaylor: Carson: "We shouldn't submit to the PC police and people who are trying to control us" #CPAC2015@ToadonaWire You don't have to consolidate donors support when you don't have a primary.@ToadonaWire Except she hasn't disappeared. Maybe you should be "Jeb Fatigue Toad"Here's transcript of @hughhewitt's interview w/ @JebBush: http://t.co/KbvQOJHBDu worth checking outBecause of Eric Cantor's unique fundraising/policy/legislating skills, he's a sought-after commodity in 2016 primary: http://t.co/9qf9X8gavLOn Wed, I interviewed Eric Cantor in his new DC office, where he discussed his 4 favorite 2016 candidates: http://t.co/L9vU5zruT2I still care abt the direction of this country; I care about the conservative cause; I care abt the Republican Party” http://t.co/9qf9X8gavLMust read via @PostRoz @thamburger. Foreign governments gave millions to foundation while Clinton was at State http://t.co/oUd7ea0u7d
Retweeted by David M. DruckerSasse goes where many in his party don't want to - a plan for if SCOTUS tosses out subsidies for fed exchanges http://t.co/YrZIqn3Zer
Retweeted by David M. DruckerEric Cantor returns as a political force. My interview w/ him & his allies about 2016 & more: http://t.co/9qf9X8gavL
Regarding Obama on MS right now: Is this an interview or speech?Thought the DHS battle would end quietly? Boehner weighs prolonging fight. w/ @jakesherman http://t.co/sZNPvEIppo
Retweeted by David M. DruckerAlso a good back and forth on vaccinations - in @hughhewitt's interview w/ @realDonaldTrumpA lot of good foreign policy stuff in @hughhewitt's interview w/ @JebBush. Iraq, ISIS, impact on him of GHWB & GWB...30 House GOPers send letter to Boehner, asking him to stand firm against new Senate plan for "clean" #DHS spending bill.
Retweeted by David M. DruckerPhD in goal-line play calling? RT @BruinNation: Southern Cal To Give Cheatey Petey an Honorary Degree http://t.co/kZVWr85tmXWay too much being made out of Boehner/McConnell meeting. There is no rift & senior staff in constant communication.#Literally RT @JamesPindell: .@JoeBiden now in Manchester points out that he has been coming to NH since 1973 #nhpolitics #fitnJohn Kerry says don't trust Benjamin Netanyahu because he backed Iraq war. Of course, so did Kerry. http://t.co/NPLqGOgcgb
Retweeted by David M. DruckerJohn Allen just told Menendez that he thinks Iran prefers a sovereign & indie Iraq. … As @georgewillf would say: "Well."RT @caseymcdermott: .@VP declined to comment when @EvanMcSan asked about @ClintonFdn foreign donations. "I don’t know enough about it."
Retweeted by David M. DruckerBreaking: Jewish Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) announced that she's not going to attend PM Netanyahu's speech to Congress. #WJW
Retweeted by David M. DruckerNot surprising RT @Doranimated: Wow MT @Kredo0: So this is wow: Kerry: U.S. Aware of Illicit Iranian Nuke Facility http://t.co/rJcQautmooRT @AFPhq: H&R Block study: Majority of #Obamacare clients paying back subsidy http://t.co/NMEN5sUVL7Rabbis are given knives and self-defense training in response to a wave of attacks against Jews http://t.co/Tyiomok3hO
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@MarlaMRose @dcexaminer I asked him using that phrase. I think it stuck.@pinecohen No and he never discussed that way. I listed strictly in alphabetical order throughout.@MarlaMRose @dcexaminer I'll have to check the tape but he probably did. I did some editing for length.RT @BillHemmer: RT @AP: BREAKING: Senate Democrats agree to GOP plan for Homeland Security funding without immigration measures.@charliespiering I did not.More TK Thursday a.m. from my intvw w/ Eric Cantor. But for now, his thoughts on 2016 & role he'd like to play: http://t.co/L9vU5zruT2In intvw, Eric Cantor revealed his top 4 GOP presidential candidates. He's in regular contact w/ all of them: http://t.co/L9vU5zruT2
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