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On @CNNsotu @SenBobCorker says even Iranian negotiators don't know extent of their country's nuke ambitions http://t.co/J6cmQwQKan #IranDeal
Retweeted by State of the UnionOn @CNNsotu @SenBobCorker says POTUS has given up too much in #IranDeal http://t.co/Ltg6d7gWgF
Retweeted by State of the UnionOn @CNNsotu @SenBobCorker says #LorettaLynch nomination resolved "in 48-72 hours", human trafficking fix in works http://t.co/wNrYmF6lVo
Retweeted by State of the Union.@arezaian tells us his brother @jrezaian "depressed...imprisoned (in #Iran) twice as long as any previous western journalist" @CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionNOW: WP journo @jrezaian has been jailed in Iran for 10 mos. @arezaian joins @jimsciutto on fight to free his brother http://t.co/k0FkYUH9DIGreat to welcome @SaraMurray to #CNN w/her debut on @CNNsotu - also not so bad to have @peterbakernyt back!
Retweeted by State of the UnionNOW: @SaraMurray & @peterbakernyt talk 2016 with @jimsciutto on @cnnsotu – 9aET on @cnn.@JimWebbUSA on @HillaryClinton: a lot of incumbent fatigue in the country. @cnnsotu w/@jimsciutto #2016.@JimWebbUSA: Looking "hard" at a presidential run. @cnnsotu w/@jimsciuttoNOW: @JimWebbUSA on a possible #2016 run. @cnnsotu w/@jimsciutto.@SenBobCorker: I think Loretta Lynch nomination will be resolved in next 48 to 72 hours. @cnnsotu w/@jimsciuttoMy fellow travelers on the way to @CNNsotu this morning http://t.co/RrwGeF1lhx
Retweeted by State of the Union.@arezaian speaks to @jimsciutto about his brother, American journalist Jason Rezaian, jailed in Iran. 9aET @cnnsotu. http://t.co/dic5E9aoxgLIVE at 9aET: @SenBobCorker & @SenatorCardin on a final #Iran nuke deal. @cnnsotu w/@jimsciutto @cnn http://t.co/0Bwld4oUCyWill Corker-Cardin deal derail talks w/Iran? @jimsciutto talks to @SenBobCorker & @SenatorCardin on @cnnsotu - 9aET http://t.co/VxqldGWDQI
I'll also speak to @arezaian - brother of @washingtonpost reporter @jrezaian jailed in #Iran @CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionTune in 2moro to @CNNsotu for @SenBobCorker & @SenatorCardin on #Iran @JimWebbUSA on 2016 & our panel @peterbakernyt & @SaraMurray
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SUNDAY: @jimsciutto hosts @cnnsotu w/guests: @SenBobCorker @SenatorCardin @JimWebbUSA @SaraMurray @peterbakernyt @arezaian - 9aET on @CNN
Marco Rubio makes his 2016 bid official http://t.co/Hui9tlNEf5 http://t.co/Rmx5UoWCTA
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It's take two for @HillaryClinton. She just announced she is running for president. http://t.co/qZiKfXH42x @cnn http://t.co/Sl323WWwMA.@HillaryClinton sent a message today. Did you catch it? http://t.co/Mv3AC1Scta https://t.co/kxrO1BhMXM
Retweeted by State of the Union.@DanaBashCNN talks w/ @donnabrazile, @hilaryr, @MarshaBlackburn & @ananavarro on @billclinton's role in @HillaryClinton upcoming campaign..@HillaryClinton presidential announcement could come at any moment. Next, @DanaBashCNN talks with @CNN's @GloriaBorger and @niaCNN..@SenatorBoxer on @HillaryClinton: "Becoming a grandmother makes you think about tomorrow.".@CNNsotu's extended coverage continues for another hour as we await @HillaryClinton's presidential announcement.More with @MarshaBlackburn, @PaulBegala, @ananavarro & Blance Lincoln on @HillaryClinton's presidential run, and the growing GOP field.Next on @CNNsotu, @DanaBashCNN talks with Democrat and Republican heavy hitters @MarshaBlackburn, @PaulBegala, @ananavarro & Blance Lincoln.Heavy hitters on @CNNsotu right now -- tune in @GloriaBorger @jeffzeleny @brikeilarcnn @DanaBashCNN -- not to be missed.
Retweeted by State of the UnionUp next on @CNNsotu with @DanaBashCNN , inside team Clinton with CNN's @GloriaBorger, @brikeilarcnn, and @jeffzeleny..@GrahamBlog on a presidential run: "More likely to run than not".@GrahamBlog on @HillaryClinton: "She empowered a failed foreign policy"Coming up, @DanaBashCNN will talk with @GrahamBlog on @HillaryClinton's presidential announcement--and whether he may challenge her.Now @DanaBashCNN talks with @SenatorBoxer on whether @HillaryClinton can fire up the Democratic baseJoin us for extended coverage as we await @HillaryClinton's presidential announcement. @DanaBashCNN talks with @GrahamBlog & @SenatorBoxerSpecial 2 hour @CNNsotu at 12ET w/ @GrahamBlog @SenatorBoxer @PaulBegala @MarshaBlackburn @donnabrazile @ananavarro & more.tune in!
Retweeted by State of the UnionExtended coverage at 12pET of Hillary Clinton’s presidential announcement. @GrahamBlog @SenatorBoxer join @DanaBashCNN on @cnnsotu.Next, will @billclinton help or hurt @HillaryClinton's run? @DanaBashCNN talks w/ @joelockhart @PaulBegala @ananavarro & @MarshaBlackburnNext, special coverage of @HillaryClinton 2016 presidential announcement w/ @joelockhart @PaulBegala @ananavarro & @MarshaBlackburnWho will challenge @HillaryClinton? @LincolnChafee talks with @DanaBashCNN about considering a run for 2016.@LincolnChafee is exploring a 2016 Democratic run for the WH. He joins @DanaBashCNN next to talk politics & Hillary Clinton..@RandPaul: #Benghazi was @HillaryClinton's 3am phone call. http://t.co/ffrKTweYDL - @cnnsotu w/@DanaBashCNN http://t.co/dOvWmKYmFu.@RandPaul: It would be sexist to treat Hillary Clinton differently. http://t.co/xA3TLdYy7B -@cnnsotu w/@DanaBashCNN http://t.co/WlBNXuAKyuDespite tough #2014, @MaryLandrieu tells @danabashcnn she thinks @barackobama should "absolutely" campaign for @hillaryclinton in #2016
Retweeted by State of the UnionComing up on @CNNsotu, 2016 GOP candidate @RandPaul talks to @DanaBashCNN about the Clinton trust factor & his 2016 presidential bid..@HillaryClinton to officially announce 2016 run. Now @DanaBashCNN is joined by @SenStabenow & @SenLandrieu.@HillaryClinton expected to launch her 2016 bid for president today. Our reporters are covering all the angles on @CNNsotu w/ @DanaBashCNN.@CNN's special coverage of the @HillaryClinton 2016 presidential announcement starts at 9aET on @cnnsotu w/@DanaBashCNN.
.@LincolnChafee is exploring a 2016 Democratic run for the WH. He joins @DanaBashCNN at 9aET to talk politics & Hillary Clinton.Special coverage of the @HillaryClinton 2016 presidential announcement starts at 9aET on @cnnsotu w/@DanaBashCNN..@RandPaul on his interactions w/female interviewers. http://t.co/wkkIO8xNnr - On @cnnsotu w/@DanaBashCNN at 9aET http://t.co/FI0izbaqBS.@RandPaul: Sexist to treat Hillary Clinton differently. http://t.co/xA3TLdYy7B - on @cnnsotu w/@DanaBashCNN at 9aET http://t.co/t08p4olrvD.@RandPaul: #Benghazi was @HillaryClinton's 3am call. http://t.co/ffrKTweYDL He joins @DanaBashCNN @ 9aET on @cnnsotu http://t.co/jr58SU5SDk
TBT: Sarah Thomas, @NFL's 1st female ref told @CandyCrowley "I want to go unnoticed." @cnnsotu http://t.co/K65uVKgtWI http://t.co/Y3oROmSRz2SUNDAY: Senator @RandPaul joins @DanaBashCNN on @cnnsotu. 9aET on @CNN. #2016 http://t.co/rWZxcWwsfe
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev found guilty of first three counts. He's eligible for the death penalty. http://t.co/wbvgS0okO2 http://t.co/J0w0EemqBy
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Is it time to pay college athletes? @Locs_n_Laughs & @cbrennansports discuss with @Acosta on @cnnsotu 12pET on @cnn.Are Americans losing their faith? @RabbiMat, @FrEdwardBeck, @drmoore & @delmancoates join @Acosta on @cnnsotu. 12pET on @cnnWatch @RabbiMatt, @FrEdwardBeck @drmoore & @delmancoates discuss the line between religious freedom and discrimination today 12pET on @cnn@RabbiMat, @FrEdwardBeck, @drmoore & @delmancoates talk religion and the 2016 race on @cnnsotu today 12pET on @cnnHow is California coping with the epic drought? @SenFeinstein joins @Acosta on @cnnsotu today 12pET.See @Acosta's exclusive interview with@SenFeinstein today 12pET on @cnn.What does @IsraeliPM think of the Iran nuke deal? He talks to @Acosta on @cnnsotu today at 12pET on @cnn.
@NCAA says it’s not responsible for athletes’ education. @Locs_n_Laughs & @cbrennansports discuss on @CNNsotu. Sunday 9aET on @cnnIs #NCAA cheating student athletes? @Locs_n_Laughs & @cbrennansports join host @Acosta on @CNNsotu. Sunday 9aET on @cnn@RabbiMat, @FrEdwardBeck,@drmoore &@delmancoates on the line between religious freedom and discrimination Sunday on @CNNsotu. 9aET on @CNNAn Easter-Passover conversation with @RabbiMat, @FrEdwardBeck,@drmoore &@delmancoates Sunday on @CNNsotu. 9aET on@cnn http://t.co/wPkCjRx0JnSUNDAY:@SenFeinstein on the Iran nuclear deal and #California’s massive drought. @Acosta hosts @CNNsotu. 9aET on @CNN http://t.co/RUv95Lfv0L@IsraeliPM Netanyahu on what the Iran nuclear deal means for Israel. Sunday on @CNNsotu 9aET http://t.co/2jfOFXIiulSUNDAY on @cnnsotu: @IsraeliPM Netanyahu, @SenFeinstein, @RabbiMat, @FrEdward Beck, @drmoore, @delmancoates, @cbrennansports &@Locs_n_Laughs
I’ll be joining Jim @Acosta on @CNNsotu to discuss the Iran nuclear deal and California’s drought this Sunday at 9:00 am ET & PT
Retweeted by State of the UnionReligious liberty & equality questions w/faith leaders @RabbiMat @FrEdwardBeck @drmoore @delmancoates -Sunday at 9aET http://t.co/n8bzDz9VnX
SUNDAY: @SenFeinstein joins @Acosta on @CNNsotu about the #IranDeal. 9aET & PT on @cnn http://t.co/CvASFM2EAm7 things you need to know about the #IranDeal from @CNNPolitics & @ericbradner: http://t.co/VKJkubBkfM http://t.co/PVPteTxnza#Breaking: President Obama defended tentative #IranDeal: "if Iran cheats the world will know it." http://t.co/MCD2l8uc5T
Retweeted by State of the UnionPresident Obama speaking now on tentative Iran nuclear deal. Watch @CNN live or on http://t.co/OALfGcrESr #IranTalks http://t.co/tvR9XwjIox
The "Minister of Love" @billjlevin wants to put this new #Indiana law to the test with his First Church of Cannabis: http://t.co/8L9tuPrd47
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.@GovPenceIN has pledged to "fix" Indiana's controversial "religious freedom" law: http://t.co/UkXLGlr3YF http://t.co/GcyH5oYmkT
Retweeted by State of the UnionMike Pence: "Law does not give anyone the right to discriminate..or to deny services to anyone in this state." #RFRA http://t.co/hQ1pkuL7eo
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.@SpeakerBoehner: WH treatment of Israeli PM @Netanyahu is "reprehensible" - http://t.co/nTUSSINIv5 @cnnsotu http://t.co/pU53ndSvmp.@TedCruz claims unlike him Obama was a "back bencher" when he was in Senate. #cnnsotu http://t.co/y9rz6hcu3z
Retweeted by State of the Union"Try to have a name that looks like 'Boner'... it's a miracle I won" -@SpeakerBoehner to @DanaBashCNN on @cnnsotu ttp://cnn.it/19gnpGeDr. Diehl: chances of dying @ the hands of a demented airline pilot certainly less than dying from infected bee sting http://t.co/wkk2QdCfHeLIVE: Chilling new details in #Germanwings crash investigation w/@fpleitgenCNN & fmr @NTSB Dr. Alan Diehl on @cnn. @cnnsotu w/@DanaBashCNNMiss @CNNsotu at 9a et? Tune in 10 min from now 12n et/9a pt- new terrifying info on #GermanWingsCrash plus @SpeakerBoehner @tedcruz
Retweeted by State of the Union.@SpeakerBoehner gives @DanaBashCNN a peek behind the curtain at his secret passion. @CNNsotu http://t.co/RKd3qFhtc0 http://t.co/yNOVg7YoEY.@KevinMaddenDC & @BenLaBolt join @DanaBashCNN on the consequences of Senator Harry Reid's retirement. 12PET on @cnnsotu.@SenTedCruz fresh off his #2016 announcement, talks to @DanaBashCNN about his presidential aspirations. 12pET on @CNNSOTUExclusive: @SpeakerBoehner on Israel, gridlock & working w/the WH @DanaBashCNN hosts @CNNsotu 12pET.What led a #Germanwings co-pilot to crash plane w/150 people? Fmr. @NTSB Dr. Alan Diehl talks with @DanaBashCNN – 12pET @cnnsotuChilling new details of a #Germanwings flight's final moments. 12pET @cnnsotu..@SpeakerBoehner on campaigning on his name: It's a miracle I won. @CNNsotu http://t.co/gErI5HiNSq http://t.co/jW0Mt6HxnjNOW: @KevinMaddenDC & @BenLaBolt with @DanaBashCNN on @CNNsotu.@tedcruz tells me it's not up to America to dictate whether there is a 2 state solution @CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the Union.@DanaBashCNN: the WH isn't in Texas. It's in Washington. @SenTedCruz: That's part of the problem. @CNNsotuCruz the compromiser? @tedcruz telling me now he can work across party lines yes. the conservative firebrand says its poss
Retweeted by State of the UnionNOW: @tedcruz joins @DanaBashCNN fresh off his #2016 announcement. @CNNsotu http://t.co/J7lrfPhdcf.@SpeakerBoehner to @DanaBashCNN: My trip to #Israel isn't a victory lap. http://t.co/nTUSSINIv5 @CNNsotu http://t.co/KVijbH8SLD.@SpeakerBoehner on bipartisanship w/@NancyPelosi & dealing with his raucous caucus. http://t.co/rLfMUCYbqy @cnnsotu http://t.co/3gRkBunORRNOW: @SpeakerBoehner talks to @DanaBashCNN on @CNNsotu http://t.co/ImHbYCDpgyNOW: @fpleitgenCNN with chilling new details on the #Germanwings crash. @CNNsotu
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