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I care about Animals & the 99 Percent. I am an Anon. I do not forgive, I do not forget. I support my Anon Brothers & Sisters around the World. We are Legion.

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The Voice Guy website #Hacked #Defaced #Oned >> http://t.co/IonPLF3Krg @AnonArabOps @anon99percenter @HackerArgentino @YourAnonNews
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous#AnonFamily Our Bro @anon99percenter works relentless 4 humanity, animals, always there 4 all needs help! http://t.co/CV7f9IAj9O #Anonymous
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@josseder Breaks my heart to see this@Anonorpheus @k8ertot11 got it :)@anon99percenter They say it's a sin to wish another dead. He's not near his grandchildren anymore, so I'll take the sin and wish him dead.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@hippietreehuger @CortinaErnie Yeah....I remember Howard...lots of comedians liked to imitate him@anon99percenter @CortinaErnie Cosell: "Yes, we have to say it. Remember this is just a football game, no matter who wins or loses."
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@hippietreehuger @CortinaErnie I think you're right....@anon99percenter @CortinaErnie John Lennon's assassination was announced by Howard Cosell during a Superbowl's "sudden death".
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousIt's Now Controversial To Be Anti-Torture http://t.co/9HMh03SukK@WitchySeattle yeah....I dont think we ever did a van for a little person@WitchySeattle @officialKeef LOL...no...I think it was for a guy who had a carpet biz..was a loooong time ago@WitchySeattle LOL..no trapeze..we did have size limitations inside@WitchySeattle I also did a pyrate theme...with a pirate ship in the ocean...I think we had cutlasses inside on walls..was cool back then@WitchySeattle We did work for dealers..so most of our stuff was fairly tame..just took stock vans and "upgraded" paint and interior@WitchySeattle I did one with vampires...that one was kinda strange..had a vamp themed interior...a one off custom@WitchySeattle Except for the paint...most of them had a similar interior...Pastor Convicted Of Molesting His Grandchildren http://t.co/6M8yTglGFc@WitchySeattle Yeah...I worked in the customized van industry for a while...shag carpets...stereosound, custom paint and wheels@CortinaErnie @hippietreehuger FBI was always trying to catch him in something..@hippietreehuger @anon99percenter Can you " imagine" John Lennon dangerous?" Nixon even tried to deport him.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter @hippietreehuger @applegate_jill apparently their books can cost up to £20,000 if its true.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@WitchySeattle Yep..I had huge speakers in the back...I think i installed about a dozen speakers in my ride..lol@WitchySeattle John Lear is an interested dude to say the least...lots of ideas about population of the moon, UFOs, etc@WitchySeattle John Lear's dad invented the 8 track tape player....his name is also on the Lear Jet@WitchySeattle I got quite good at fixing them..screwdriver, razor blade, contact cement...got it nailed..lolChris Rea - Set Me Free http://t.co/EmurP84e9t@WitchySeattle I literally wore the 8 track tapes I had of their albums out...Chris Rea Looking For A Rainbow http://t.co/LaEtYkgyZl@WitchySeattle http://t.co/LjIQqytqWU Beaker Street...damn they played great tunes@WitchySeattle I used to listen to Beaker Street radio show..late at night..they played King Crimson, Quicksilver ...good stuff@anon99percenter remember #jrbush spied on those violent praying Quakers back in the day bc he thought they were terrorists too!
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@bilbo415 @anon99percenter Peace and Love are dangerous to the Status Quo
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@WitchySeattle I can recall the first time I heard the Beatles...music was so different from what we were used to@WitchySeattle I never used any recreational drugs...but, I think they definitely affected the art and music of the era@WitchySeattle @hippietreehuger Yeah, Elvis told the Pres he could spy on teh Beatles for him..that they were major drug users@WitchySeattle The music, the art, the whole generational gap....i can recall ppl hating me just because I had long hair..it was crazy 2 me@WitchySeattle Yeah...I grew up in the 50s and 60s.. it was surreal in some respects...@anon99percenter @hippietreehuger yes
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@hippietreehuger yep@anon99percenter the illuminati love it when authority overreacts because it usually causes a chain reaction and even more chaos...
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@WitchySeattle @hippietreehuger Nixon was loony tunes...http://t.co/OiY1xMYRNh He made Elvis a "Special Agent" for narcotics enforcement@hippietreehuger @anon99percenter all along it was Nixon who was the criminal. Who would of guessed that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙊🙉🙈
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@hippietreehuger @applegate_jill This one=> http://t.co/Ofwwdt0hnU ?@hippietreehuger (cont)..they thought he could whistle into the phone and start WWIII by setting bombs off..thats being mental...lol@hippietreehuger The govt loves 2 deal in hyperbole..esp with hax0rs...in the past, they wouldnt let a hacker use the phone..they (contin)@anon99percenter Richard Nixon proclaimed Dr. Timothy Leary as "the most dangerous man in American" along with peace activist John Lennon.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous.@anon99percenter this is too much of an over kill
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousOffice Implants Microchips Under Employees' Skin http://t.co/n9AjwqLivH #DontChipMeBroPOLICE LABEL HIPPY GROUP WHOSE MESSAGE IS “PEACE & LOVE” ‘DOMESTIC EXTREMISTS’ http://t.co/DfTnh3QY06 #RainbowFamily@NotOnTwtr Yep...I try to learn something daily that makes me better off than I was the day before...@anon99percenter Always Good.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymoushttp://t.co/eK0ICAk5fV Muse - Feeling Good (Video)@OccupyWallStNYC New NYPD counter-terrorist unit will also police "Social Justice Protests w/Machine Guns" - http://t.co/gsj91QR9hD
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousNow That The NYPD’s Following the Law, Weed Arrests (Broken Windows Arrests) Plummet http://t.co/WGx69O3Hzg http://t.co/M0NsmB5Dnv
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@jewelofark http://t.co/qEOhUZUS2D Sorry it took a minute :)@NotOnTwtr fascinating..i learned something =)@anon99percenter pls RT this missing dog #LosAngeles Family is 💔 --> https://t.co/Utxd7Mtfoq
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@FreeBarrett_ @CommanderXanon The political climate is bad now for clemency on "hackers"... "hax0rs" being seen as dangerous criminals@CommanderXanon good idea, after 2 years they can't put him in jail for not paying, we're weighing it and will see what he wants
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@FreeBarrett_ | Keep us informed so we can help push. This is when your job actually begins, so we have your back. | #FreeBarrettBrown
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@AnonswedenInfo @AnonPir8 @anon99percenter #AnonFamily #anonymous
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@CommanderXanon #SailStrong Brother@FreeBarrett_ @CommanderXanon Blessings to Both of You...Hope the day is going well and weekend is great =) `99@FreeBarrett_ Also wouldn't mind seeing a White House Petition To Pardon Barrett created. I can't do it for security reasons, but will push.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@FreeBarrett_ @CommanderXanon Great idea..please keep us in the loop and let us know how we can help.@CommanderXanon yes, a pardon campaign is on the table too. Already thought of it =)
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousLaw professor Orin Kerr examines BB's sentence—the judge made errors that could cut both ways. http://t.co/omtlWriNoZ
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@shinynhappy I like your tweets =) Following :)US Court "Clarifies" aspects of Barrett Brown sentencing http://t.co/AAJqWijLQ0http://t.co/ElduTMn1eq Barrett Brown sentencing documenthttp://t.co/eJsikKyz8O Family ditches Nanny Cam after being haxedhttp://t.co/YfGXImptdY Stone Sour - Bother [OFFICIAL VIDEO]@shinynhappy @JNXAnonymous Kewl =)@anon99percenter @JNXAnonymous Yes, I went & looked before follow. I'm kind of picky. That's why I keep my numbers little after 7 years 😉
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousStone Sour - Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero http://t.co/hFh5i1nRwH@shinynhappy @JNXAnonymous No prob..I think our Brother has chosen to be part of the Hive...so..its all good with me@anon99percenter @JNXAnonymous saw this. I followed. :) make it good ;)
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter thanks man (: i'm gonna try
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousRT @DataM_AE: TY! @TM_CE @ezstreet @bwdmagazine @28_o0 @LibertySurfer @planetMitch @FreedomFOA @ES_VIVIR_ @s_ttz @anon99percenter
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter Awwww TYVM dear but u are the angel sweetie..we luvs ya more than u ever know world need have ur back at this time <3 <3 <3
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousMicheal Kiske Amanda Somerville - If I Had A Wish http://t.co/ZJiX70Q3EhFor one of the kindest, best persons I ever met==> @CarolaAnkar Michael Kiske - My Guardian Angel http://t.co/hyrlsfbQJF@JNXAnonymous Sending DM@sampuzzo Thanks Brother...Hope the day is going well and that the weekend is a good one :)#FF @MikeHudema @montanamissoula @anon99percenter @TheWordAnonOps @CharlesMunn1 @havewhatusay @PaulBegala @purplehullpea @progressivepush
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@NotOnTwtr I dont recall seeing it before...thanks..reading :)@anon99percenter I probably sent u this before: Teixobactin - new antibio https://t.co/gFz9NBYQHT
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@gofundme @anon99percenter 99!! cares about children , people , animals
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@NotOnTwtr Yeah..opportunistic infections get rampant because of so many broad spectrums being usedIS Launches Surprise Attack on Kirkuk, Killing Top Kurdish Commander http://t.co/K42nGCwFNm @OpDeathEaters @YourAnonGlobal @anon99percenter
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter Been exposed to MRSA before, klebsiella and clostridium difficile. Rampant in hospitals, nursing homes. Wash + sanitize.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@NotOnTwtr Yeah...that was bad...cellulitis spreads quickly..so you are lucky it was caught quickly@anon99percenter It Was bad at first. #BrokenFoot Received 0.5mg of Dilaudid twice in hospital. Works instantaneously - but not for the all!
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@CarolaAnkar Agreed...sending you kind thoughts for a full recovery anyway..take care
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@Bendigobloke tyvm dear, im sick as (¤(/)/!#¤)(!)(¤ but someone who gives his lives for others need help so i have to try save and help
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@CarolaAnkar ping post above URGENT! @linalalalundh @lnlovewithlove @Nanook__ @AnonNamaste @OpTigerStorm @PreciousThing @_Cryptosphere
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@CarolaAnkar ping post above URGENT! @GatorLeague @LulzSecMafia @HeartPowered @hot_poppy2412 @roseh59 @ImaTigerrr @MariaMiaow @k8ertot11
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@CarolaAnkar ping post above URGENT @akaWACA @Savetheanimal14 @ARCrusade @AnonymousE01 @MaLrw3 @magik_erik @haloefekti @allanimalrights
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@CarolaAnkar ping post above URGENT @AnonswedenInfo @lokwauk @_Anonymous_swe_ @RayJoha2 @AnonPir8 @OpFunKill @OpPinkPower @AnonJackAzzz
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