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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@KanCityShuffle You're welcome!@KanCityShuffle This guide outlines how the process should go. https://t.co/W6hZrZ8tOj@KanCityShuffle It *should* offer to update the existing Login, but that safety net is there just in case.@thayerve My day has certainly been brighter since you joined the team, Virginia! My blue light glows a little more, now!@KanCityShuffle …a copy in the Passwords category until the Login gets updated.@KanCityShuffle When you say forget, is it just not updating the login? If you used the generator in 1P mini & clicked Fill, it saves…@KanCityShuffle Is this on Mac or iOS?@mikesax Nice! Thanks for the shout-out!@dtanzer We're working to make high-res better with 1Password for Windows.@j05e If you enable my clear clipboard settings in 1P > Settings > Security, that may lend a hand.@dtanzer I love you too. ❤️@j05e Ugh, that's a horrible bug in iOS that Apple needs to fix. A restart or copying something else seems to kick it into gear.@dannyrodri Glad to see that arrived! Wear them like you would use the Strong Password Generator, early and often.@EnzoAmata Definitely, but we need to make sure our data format will sync well with it, otherwise that'd be a total bummer.@EnzoAmata We've been checking out their stuff. No promises, but we're intrigued.@devtank Are you signed into the same Apple ID you used to purchase with? If so, check the Purchased tab.@FlowTraderES Yep, I took some classes and learned a little bit of two-step. 💃@thelegalartist @getjustin As momma always said, strong security requires strong passwords. https://t.co/4NYPQU4DNm@lukei4655 Yep, we changed that a while back as many folks would get confused by the separate timeouts and never see PIN in certain setups.@lukei4655 PIN won't time out unless the wrong PIN is entered or the device is restarted.@SteveStreza Let's try this. Disable Touch ID in the app (Settings > Security). Restart device. Re-enable Touch ID in the app.@iosonoio89 You're welcome!@brianb Aw, shucks. You're going to make my icon turn red. Thanks, Brian! 😊@NathanBowers It's now part of the multiple vault system. Settings > Vaults > Add demo vault.@diegoalvess You're welcome!@rknLA It will ask for the Master Password of the sync vault and merge it in. It will use the most recent Master Password.@diegoalvess Please email us a Diagnostics Report AND brief description of the issue so we can better assist you: https://t.co/Jyvt5guel9@diegoalvess I think we need to take this beyond 140 characters…@rknLA Anytime you sync to another vault, a merge is done. So when you sync to Dropbox, it would merge. You would not end up with two.@dlebouc De rien!@dlebouc Yep! Here's that guide! https://t.co/y47ps0JRMr@ellenbeldner ❤️🔐@diegoalvess Do you have any antivirus/firewall/VPN/proxy blocking localhost ( We've made a request to Apple for a revealed secure input field or at least a way to opt out of QuickType learning.@ellenbeldner Thanks for the feedback. We definitely hope to make search more prominent down the road.@diegoalvess Screenshot of this?@Jeff_Hatz …mirror the text in a display field with that reveal workaround. No other way to do it. We've tried.@Jeff_Hatz …learns *everything* you type, unless it is a secured text field. The catch 22 is secured fields have to be concealed. So we…@Jeff_Hatz In Edit mode, tap Reveal Password, and it will display. We aren't fond of this, but there's a reason. iOS 8's new QuickType bar…@iosonoio89 I mean…keep your eyes peeled in the *near future*. wink wink hint hint.@dlebouc You're welcome!@JohnsonKristenA I love you too. ❤️@timhibbard Even better!@timhibbard Nice! When you ship, please send us stuff for our directory! https://t.co/XFjTZbLel3@dlebouc iOS can connect to a shared vault, but the setup for sharing needs to happen on Desktop. https://t.co/fjFSj88Scr@Deepcover96 The bug you are describing is sadly not one we can fix, as it is a bug in iOS itself. :(@Deepcover96 The bug we fixed was where it showed up on the home screen if you exited the app before the prompt loaded.@siluah It's on the to-do list! We want that, too.@rcbeiler I hear you loud & clear.@diegoalvess Please try this: https://t.co/LTqvURIkT0@diegoalvess The extension is just fill/save scripts. The helper provides all the data and interface for it.@logansmcansh You're welcome!@UltraNurd You're welcome! That @jxpx777 is a swell guy!@designatednerd I'd love that, too. That said, I can understand the design decisions there by Apple for security.@rknLA Doing Wi-Fi sync will only merge, not overwrite an entire vault.@rknLA Or 2) set up blank vault on Mac and Wi-Fi sync the phone. The get dropbox setup and change syncing to that.@rknLA A couple ideas here. 1) look up dropbox password on phone version, get Dropbox setup on computer, link 1P to that vault.@andersnoren @Krogsgard It's dangerous out there. You shouldn't go alone. We should stick together.@martinlthornton Glad to hear it unstuck! Sadly, the Touch ID API is still quite buggy. Needs some Apple love.@raphaelfabeni @_weslleyaraujo I don't pre-announce sales, but I do post here when I have one on. All I'll say is keep your eyes peeled soon@brianb Glad to see I am in such good company. ❤️🔐@timothyforkner Nobody's going to be able to pinch you come St. Patrick's day!@tdhopper Sanity Maintainer is one of my lesser known features. 😘@bushwhack @getcloak Cloak & I should start up a comedy routine. ;)@conorgriffin Actually, it closes the app. The smooth exit animation can only happen when the Home button is pressed, unfortunately.@iosonoio89 Keep an eye out, as I sometimes have sales and I do announce them here.@activeOtwo You're simply awesome. ❤️🔐@peymojo Are you on Mac App Store version or webstore version on Mac?@sukurinseba Not *yet*.@minchik The Mac extension API's are not as robust as iOS's are. It's just not quite possible yet. We'll see how things mature.@danieldavanzo Yep, it's in beta testing right now.@thepoch Share > Vault Name > Move/Copy will be your friend.@zipkid Aw shucks! I'm glad you had a great experience with my support team! ☺️@marciton Not at this time, no. We're very much still looking into it, though.@avivby @dayoneapp It's definitely an bug in iOS. I don't have a Radar handy, but we've reported it to Apple. Workaround: what Day One said.@KoolKoder I may be biased, but I am pretty fond of me.@MrChrisPeters Please see: https://t.co/6GD9mVt0C9 https://t.co/sshuiTp6ps https://t.co/z9gpv705w0@MikeBeas Just logged out and back in on my iPhone. Email filled after selecting login. Tapped next. Password was pre-filled. Next. Success!@SteveStreza Are you seeing this behavior in the extension or the main app?@SteveStreza 2) You tap Enter Password on the Touch ID prompt. Or 3) the device is restarted.@SteveStreza Touch ID falls back to Master Password under a few conditions. 1) Touch ID fails to get a successful read (3 attempts) …@rcbeiler We’re together now, and that’s all that matters. Let’s never be apart again. ❤️@WillianMax I like you, too. Everyday. ❤️@chriswongtv Yep, it's a stuck cache. Restart the device to clear it and you should be good to go from there on.@diegoalvess Have you tried restarting the computer? That will make sure the helper restarts, which is sometimes necessary after an update.@RedhiveBuzz Thank you for letting me know you are interested in this! :)@logansmcansh Try removing the TOTP field from your item, save, then re-add it to the item.@paperlock Which platform is this on? (Workflow leads me to presume iOS, but I want to be sure).@aemeredith @benwebster Work/life boundaries have no better separation than big ol' separate vaults. ;)@UltraNurd If this is on desktop, I suggest trying a manual save via the extension: https://t.co/aSbXWJ3SDV@ZacDavies I definitely recommend having a secure place (like me) as well as a printed hard copy in a safe place (like a safe).@devtank Did you previously purchase from the Mac App Store or from my website?@realnzall Thanks! My team is working through the overnight backlog right now in the forums. Someone will be with you there soon!@matthewwithanm It's a popular request! I'll add your vote!
@realnzall It may be best to bring this up with my Windows specialists. You can start a discussion in http://t.co/K9Ce6tj9D3@seanparmelee You're welcome!@realnzall However, here is our full guide for autotype. https://t.co/kUbFLFuTWe@realnzall If memory serves, Steam is Flash-based. I'm not sure autotype can properly target that type of program.@seanparmelee Please email us a Diagnostics Report AND a brief description so we can better assist you: https://t.co/Jyvt5guel9@seanparmelee Same version I'm running. Maybe we should get a look under the hood.
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